Become One in Heart

Deuteronomy 3

18I commanded you at that time: “The Lord your God has given you this land to take possession of it. But all your able-bodied men, armed for battle, must cross over ahead of the other Israelites. 19However, your wives, your children and your livestock (I know you have much livestock) may stay in the towns I have given you, 20until the Lord gives rest to your fellow Israelites as he has to you, and they too have taken over the land that the Lord your God is giving them across the Jordan. After that, each of you may go back to the possession I have given you.”

Richard:  This could be a formular for my own life.  God has given me the inspiration to travel throughout the United States, starting in 2019 and talk about entrepreneurship (, and God centered teaching (  I could stay for one or two weeks at each location, teaching family and friends.  On this foundation, I can return to the land God has given us.

2 Chronicles 25

7But a man of God came to him and said, “Your Majesty, these troops from Israel must not march with you, for the Lord is not with Israel—not with any of the people of Ephraim. 8Even if you go and fight courageously in battle, God will overthrow you before the enemy, for God has the power to help or to overthrow.”

9Amaziah asked the man of God, “But what about the hundred talents I paid for these Israelite troops?”

The man of God replied, “The Lord can give you much more than that.”

10So Amaziah dismissed the troops who had come to him from Ephraim and sent them home. They were furious with Judah and left for home in a great rage.

Richard:  There has to be a clear separation of good and evil.  The Family Federation and the  Sanctuary movement cannot just collude on certain projects, saying,  “We will agree on certain principles but disagree on others”.

God’s Power Is Revealed Where One Heart And One Will Have Been Realized

Sun Myung Moon
November 10, 1957 (Sunday Evening)

Acts 4:27-5:11

For Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the victorious miracle of resurrection took place only when they became one, centering on the heart of the Father. The ardent heart and will of the Father must become one with yours so that the silent powers on both sides, that are trying to bring this to pass, are moving in the same direction. At that moment, God can act in His full authority, in a way which exceeds all your concepts.

Therefore, God moves amid the prayer that two people are offering with a united heart. Consequently, I have formed the trinities. The problem is to what extent you have become one in heart and soul, centering on your trinities. You must keep in mind that those who did not achieve the one will centering on one heart, in spite of that being their mission, are standing in the same position as Ananias and Sapphira. To carry on the last battle today and forget everything else, we must achieve it with the whole united power, as well as one united mind and will.

If we are to set a motto, it is, “Let Us Become One in Heart and Will.” To reach the state of one heart and one will, you must learn to forget material things, social prestige, social position, power and authority, and every such thing.

Since this has been blocked off, only when you learn to bravely overcome this will you be able to perform miracles like those the apostles performed with the help of the Holy Spirit, who appeared inside the upper room to destroy the ignorant enemies. You must also pray with the same heart, “Please let us become one in heart, one in will, and manifest it through united actions.” This is the motto we must shout out at this time. If there is someone who blocks this and prevents its fulfillment, then he is the very enemy of Heaven.

Do you long for the realization of the great will today? If you do, then you must become united in heart. Do you want the appearance of the great glory? Every one of you must become united. Where there is unity in heart, everything can pass through. Infinite persistence is also possible.

Accordingly, today you must quickly become one in heart. Do you have some element in your heart that prevents it from becoming united? You must take this as your enemy and see it as the great Satan. This will drag you to hell. Satan will snatch you away. This will become the condition by which you will be made to stand on the stage of judgment.

With the determination to eliminate these kinds of conditions from your life and bring order to your environment, your minds and will must become one. We must become united until the moment when we can subjugate Satan as the representatives of the mind and will of the Father.

This must end not just in this hour today. If for ten years that which belongs to Satan remains, then until the fulfillment of the Father’s will, you must be able to unite with one person for ten years. For ten years, you must be able to unite with a thousand people. We must offer our entire life to fight with Satan. By eventually vanquishing Satan, we must manifest the glory of the Father while we are alive. You must keep this in mind.


Had the heart and will of the Father and Adam become one, there would never have been this history of sorrow today, in which two worlds are in conflict with each other. The Father’s grieving and sad heart dwells in our hearts today. Our original minds recognize this, but our fallen natures, centered on ourselves, deny it. We know that the original mind and the selfish mind are always in conflict within us, so please allow us to cope with our hearts and make them become one with the heart of the Father.

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