Love Rules Supreme at the End of the World

Congratulations to Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Mrs Hyung Shil Kang on the occasion of the Cosmic Perfection Blessing and Holy Marriage of True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity on September 23, 2017!

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CSG 435

Humankind continues to be plagued
by conflicts based on power or knowl-
edge. The time when the war of love
can be waged has not yet come. This is
why religious leaders say that their time
will come when the end of the world
approaches. When the end of the world
comes, the power of the fist and the power
of knowledge will pass away, and only the
power of love will remain. The final age
of worldly supremacy is none other than
the Last Days. Can a strong elder brother
come home and be the boss there? No.
No matter how strong the elder brother
may be, he cannot be the boss when he
comes home. He may be a world champi-
on in the ring, but he cannot be the boss
at home. Even when an elder brother has
several hundred doctorates, can he come
home and be the boss? No, not even then.
Why not? Because his parents are there.
(50-134, 1971.11.6)

CSG 1699

When seeking the fundamentals of
the universe, we arrive at the concept
of subject and object. Even the smallest
woman sitting here has power within
her, does she not? Would the power in
this small woman desire to be the weak
power of a small man, or the strong
power of a big man? This is the case for
the man too; if he were a small man,
he would yearn for the power of a big
woman. Why is this so? It is to attain a
balance. Balance is the issue; you need
to be perfectly perpendicular on a hori-
zontal base. That is why the term ideal
of reciprocity arises; it is from there that
the ideal of reciprocity is derived. (216-9,

To Whom Do You Belong?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 16, 1958

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The Nature of Love

CSG  486

In the relationship of husband and
wife, if their love is joined through a
strong force, they must be joyful and
feel their partner is lovely, no matter
what that partner does. If the wife says
that she hates the smell coming from
her husband’s body or if the husband
thinks or feels that he hates the way his
wife moves, this is only because a per-
fect love has not been realized between
them. This married couple only joined
together for some superficial purpose or
interest. (Blessed Family – 887)

Job 7

13 I go to bed, hoping for rest,
14 but you torture me
    with terrible dreams.

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