God Made Endless Efforts to Build a Relationship With Fallen People

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2060

Do you want me to supply you with
money when you are doing you tong
ban breakthrough activities or do you
want to supply your own money while
you are working? Who is a patriot? Is it
the person who works receiving money
and a monthly salary, or is it the one
who makes the effort to love as he goes
the path of hunger, cold and lack of rec-
ognition? Answer me! It’s the second
one, isn’t it? Now that you understand
this much, please work hard in your
tong ban breakthrough activities. (200-
213, 1990.2.25)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1751

For what purpose were human beings
born? To seek the path of love. So the
sexual organs men and women have do
not belong to them. The organ dangling
from man’s body is not his. However, he
regarded it as his possession. Woman is
not the owner of her sexual organ; it is the
man’s. The owner of the sexual organ on
man’s body is woman. You must under-
stand this amazing fact that, in this way,
the love organs and their owners were
interchanged. (143-66, 1986.3.15)

Let Us Love Heaven and Become Patriots

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 1, 1959

Matthew 5: 33-48

Originally, human beings were to love Heaven, yet they fell to the lowest possible place, they have been working to recover it all in the opposite way. Originally, they should have received God’s love and formed love relationships with siblings, spouses and parents, but they became fallen people instead. Therefore, even if one proudly insists that he is a true parent, a true spouse and a true brother, no one has forged a true relationship with God.

Because this is the nature of the clan to which we belong, we do not have any basis to claim that anything we govern belongs to God. This world, which was created to be God’s world, does not even belong to human beings. It has become Satan’s. How pitiful! People must emerge who experience the sorrow Heaven feels as He beholds this situation. There must emerge those who experience the sorrow of humanity. Otherwise, there is no way to undertake a movement to liberate this world from Satan’s bondage.

To conduct such a movement, God has worked to strengthen the influence of the conscience in people. Because human beings, whom God should have governed, were lost, He sent central figures in each age. Taking responsibility for all human problems, God sent the central figures who revealed the mission of humanity in the time they lived. These were the prophets and sages of history. Continue reading “God Made Endless Efforts to Build a Relationship With Fallen People”

Form a Relationship with the Son to Connect to the Father

Acts 3

The time of prayer was about three o’clock in the afternoon, and Peter and John were going into the temple.[a] A man who had been born lame was being carried to the temple door. Each day he was placed beside this door, known as the Beautiful Gate. He sat there and begged from the people who were going in.

The man saw Peter and John entering the temple, and he asked them for money. But they looked straight at him and said, “Look up at us!”

The man stared at them and thought he was going to get something. But Peter said, “I don’t have any silver or gold! But I will give you what I do have. In the name of Jesus Christ from Nazareth, get up and start walking.” Peter then took him by the right hand and helped him up.

At once the man’s feet and ankles became strong, and he jumped up and started walking. He went with Peter and John into the temple, walking and jumping and praising God. Everyone saw him walking around and praising God. 10 They knew that he was the beggar who had been lying beside the Beautiful Gate, and they were completely surprised. They could not imagine what had happened to the man.

Job 19

I am skin and bones—
    just barely alive.
21 My friends, I beg you for pity!
    God has made me his target.
22 Hasn’t he already done enough?
    Why do you join the attack?

Let Us Become Beloved Children and Receive the Seals

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 14, 1958

John 10:31-36

Who shattered our father-son relationship with God? Sadly, this relationship cannot be restored with heavenly strength or with our strength alone. There must be nothing that provokes your anger more. We should be the children who can feel the sorrow, pain and grief of losing the loving Father and being unable to serve, meet or follow the parents who should be served eternally. Coming down the road of misfortune, God has been trying to find people who could share joy as His children, but we knew nothing about His sorrow. We are unable to be called children of God due to our fallen lineage, though theoretically we are sons with an inseparable blood relationship. In real life, we have countless elements of the enemy within us. Continue reading “Form a Relationship with the Son to Connect to the Father”

Joy Will Come Only After Experiencing Sorrow

Cheon Seong Gyeong 486

The value of sons and daughters is
such that they are an encapsulation of
love, not exchangeable for anything in
the world. Through sons and daugh-
ters, parents will experience the heart
by which God created the first human
ancestors, Adam and Eve. This is why
the parents rejoice when they look at
their children, singing out, “You are my
love, whether I look at you this way or
look at you that way.”
No matter what your baby does,
who is born through love, you do not
hate him but simply love him. This is
because he is part of your body, made of
your own blood and flesh and your love.
Whether he pees, takes a poop, or has a
runny nose, he is simply cute and lovely.
It is because love is dissolved into such
things. (Blessed Family – 894)

Matthew 1

Jesus Christ came from the family of King David and also from the family of Abraham. And this is a list of his ancestors. 2-6a  From Abraham to King David, his ancestors were:

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah and his brothers (Judah’s sons were Perez and Zerah, and their mother was Tamar), Hezron;…

Let Us Become Beloved Children and Receive the Seals

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 14, 1958

John 10:31-36

What then must I do? I must resolve God’s sorrow by restoring myself, my family, my society, my country, the world and the universe into being acceptable to God. In this way, I should dominate all things with God’s authority and serve God. This is the crucial task you should pursue throughout your life. If you cannot relate to God this way, you will have nothing to do with God, even when God comes to the world, the country, the society or the family. Continue reading “Joy Will Come Only After Experiencing Sorrow”

Replace the Sorrow, Anguish and Anger of the Father with Your Own

Genesis 47

Then Joseph brought his father Jacob and introduced him to the king. Jacob gave the king his blessing, and the king asked him, “How old are you?”

Jacob answered, “I have lived only a hundred thirty years, and I have had to move from place to place. My parents and my grandparents also had to move from place to place. But they lived much longer, and their life was not as hard as mine.” 10 Then Jacob gave the king his blessing once again and left. 11 Joseph obeyed the king’s orders and gave his father and brothers some of the best land in Egypt near the city of Rameses. 12 Joseph also provided food for their families.

Ezra 8

35 Those who had returned from exile offered sacrifices on the altar to the God of Israel. Twelve bulls were offered for all Israel. Ninety-six rams and seventy-seven[o] lambs were offered on the altar. And twelve goats were sacrificed for the sins of the people. 36 Some of those who had returned took the king’s orders to the governors and officials in Western Province. Then the officials did what they could for the people and for the temple of God.

Richard:  Let us offer gratitude to God by working to save His lost children.

Let Us Become Beloved Children and Receive the Seals

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 14, 1958

John 10:31-36

We have the tradition and connection left behind by the believers in history. If anyone forgets this, it would be an ungrateful betrayal of the universe, which incorporates the heavenly way and the human way. Now is the time to realize this.

In the internal life of faith, what is the first thing you should feel and find before the heavenly way? It is not joy, happiness nor glory. Since humanity has brought sorrow to Heaven, the first thing to find is heavenly sorrow, which has been ruling the earth. You should know that despite time and place, the seekers of the truth are the ones who are carrying the cross and establishing the altar of heavenly appeal under unjust oppression to remove the heavenly tears. Continue reading “Replace the Sorrow, Anguish and Anger of the Father with Your Own”

God Experienced Grief at Adam’s Fall

CSG 291

You don’t know how rigid religious
dogmatists can be. Syria belongs to the
Islamic cultural sphere. I brought an elite
group of leaders from Syria to East Gar-
den and we shared the Divine Principle
with them. Our Unification Church is
not a branch of Christianity but its main
trunk. Because Jesus brought salvation
by being sacrificed in the role of the son,
Jesus himself must have parents, and
because Jesus did not have a son of his
own, his authority as a parent must be
restored. For this reason the term “True
Parents” is so wonderful.
Established Christian churches are
making a big fuss because I said that
Jesus is my disciple, but they will see
everything when they go to the spirit
world. Why do I say such things, when I
know clearly that doing so will cause me
to be inundated with curses?
How about the established Christian
churches? Through Unification Church
members, I will clean up anything that
is unclean in their back rooms and
hold worship services transcending all
denominations. After this, I will go to
the spirit world. I will go there after com-
pleting that trans-denominational wor-
ship. You may not know this, but there
are already a large number of ministers
using our Principle. Some of them read
the Divine Principle on a blanket and
when a deacon or elder comes in, they
quickly hide it underneath the blanket,
and then take it out again when they
leave, and read it all night. They memo-
rize it and diligently use it.
Autumn leaves do not fall all at once.
Do they fall all at once? They do not.
They fall one by one, rather than as a
whole bunch. Although they fall one by
one, before long the tree, once clothed
with green, is left with no leaves. Wheth-
er they know it or not, I am dealing with
things in that way. (213-34, 1991.1.13)

CSG 1954

Now you must not think about any
success or goal that centers on your own
self. The reason I demand Japan’s suc-
cess is to obtain success for the entire
world. If you, of all people, can stand
together and carry out the heavenly
mission of restoring Japan, we would
not need even twenty more years. Sac-
rificial offerings will be needed contin-
uously in order to fulfill that mission.
Sacrificial offerings should not be made
from their own subjective viewpoint. In
dealing with the whole, they should be
determined existentially centering on
God. That is the mission of a sacrificial
offering. To become a sacrificial offering
you must absolutely refrain from put-
ting forth your own subjective perspec-
tive. (15-84, 1965.9.29)

Let Us Be Persons of Forbearance

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
May 11, 1958

The title of the sermon today is “Let Us Be Persons of Forbearance.”

There are premonitions of the last days in the Bible. The fact that it is difficult to lead a life centered on faith in the last days is thus recorded. Therefore, to become a champion in overcoming this difficult period of confusion, each of you must become a person who forbears to the end. I pray that this may be the hour when, knowing this fact yourselves and feeling it from the depth of your hearts, you may receive the blessing.

We may easily think of God as the master of glory. We may also easily think that since God is almighty, He should be in control of all the activities of humankind. However, even after having gone through 6,000 long years of history, God has not yet realized one day of glory. He has not had even one day when He could practice His authority in governing humanity. When we think of this, we must remember that God has deep apprehensions, deep sufferings and deep pains that no one can ever comprehend. Continue reading “God Experienced Grief at Adam’s Fall”

Exert Yourself to Build God’s Kingdom on Earth

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CSG 2120

In the future we will have to be reg-
istered. When the North and South are
united, the families of the Unification
Church around the world, those Blessed
Families who have been active, will all
go beyond the tribal level and become
registered. If the North and South are
united through my power, heavenly law
will establish the loyal officials of the
Unification Church around the world as
the representative people and the peo-
ple who provide the seed. Who would
oppose this? Historically speaking, who
would oppose me, when I have worked
as hard as I have for the sake of the inde-
pendence of Korea and the return to
hometown in Korea? (197-212, 1990.1.14)

Jeremiah 35

12-13 Then the Lord told me to say to the people of Judah and Jerusalem:

I, the Lord All-Powerful, the God of Israel, want you to learn a lesson 14 from the Rechabite clan. Their ancestor Jonadab told his descendants never to drink wine, and to this very day they have obeyed him. But I have spoken to you over and over, and you haven’t obeyed me! 15 You refused to listen to my prophets, who kept telling you, “Stop doing evil and worshiping other gods! Start obeying the Lord, and he will let you live in this land he gave your ancestors.”

16 The Rechabites have obeyed the command of their ancestor Jonadab, but you have not obeyed me, 17 your God. I am the Lord All-Powerful, and I warned you about the terrible things that would happen to you if you did not listen to me. You have ignored me, so now disaster will strike you. I, the Lord, have spoken.

Continue reading “Exert Yourself to Build God’s Kingdom on Earth”

Comfort the Sorrow of God and Jesus

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CSG 1932

The reason why human beings are
still unable to make true peace is because
they are ignorant of true love. Why? The
answer, as mentioned in the Bible, is that
humankind has separated from God.
Due to the Fall of the first human
ancestors, Adam and Eve established
the first family without God’s blessing.
Peace has been absent from this world
ever since. Instead, divisions, conflicts,
and struggles have come to rule this
world. In the individual, the struggle
between mind and body, the conflicts
between husband and wife at the family
level, and the struggles between societies
are accepted as normal, everyday life.
It is my conviction that all human
Chapter 3 • The Pacific Rim Era and the Island Nations Federation 1933
problems are caused by the fundamental
loss of true love. The fall of humankind
meant the loss of true love. Consequent-
ly, Jesus came as the King of true love
in order to restore the love that Adam
and Eve had lost. By the same token, the
Lord at his Second Advent is coming in
order to restore true love. That is the log-
ical conclusion, seen from the view of
the providence of salvation.

CSG 1700

Why were human beings born? No
one is born for him or herself. Human
beings are born for a greater purpose
than just themselves. Those who live
only for themselves are acting contrary
to the fundamental principle of their
birth. People who live in this way are
deserters, dropouts, degenerates, and
destroyers. Did you learn this in school?
Those who say they were born for them-
selves are not wanted by this universe.
(221-313, 1991.10.27) Continue reading “Comfort the Sorrow of God and Jesus”

Feel God’s Sorrow

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Exodus 1

The Hebrews kept increasing 22 until finally, the king gave a command to everyone in the nation, “As soon as a Hebrew boy is born, throw him into the Nile River! But you can let the girls live.”

2 Kings 19

You let your officials
    insult me, the Lord.
And here is what you
    have said about yourself,
“I led my chariots
    to the highest heights
    of Lebanon’s mountains.
I went deep into its forest,
cutting down the best cedar
    and cypress trees.
24 I dried up every stream
    in the land of Egypt,
and I drank water
    from wells I had dug.”

25 Sennacherib, now listen
    to me, the Lord.
I planned all this long ago.
And you don’t even realize
    that I alone am the one
who decided that you
    would do these things.


Continue reading “Feel God’s Sorrow”

Jesus Was Driven Out

Leviticus 23

32 This is a time of complete rest just like the Sabbath, and everyone must go without eating from the evening of the ninth to the evening of the tenth.

Psalm 21

23Ye that fear the LORD, praise him; all ye the seed of Jacob, glorify him; and fear him, all ye the seed of Israel.

Richard:  We are seeds by lineage.  Through Christ at the Second Advent we can physiclly join God’s lineage through the Blessing of marriage.

Continue reading “Jesus Was Driven Out”

The Death of Jesus Caused God Indescribable Sorrow

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Exodus 1

1These are the names of the sons of Israel who went to Egypt with Jacob, each with his family: 2Reuben, Simeon, Levi and Judah; 3Issachar, Zebulun and Benjamin; 4Dan and Naphtali; Gad and Asher. 5The descendants of Jacob numbered seventya in all; Joseph was already in Egypt.

Jeremiah 47

The Anakim who survive[a]
    in Gaza and Ashkelon
will mourn for you
by shaving their heads
    and sitting in silence. Continue reading “The Death of Jesus Caused God Indescribable Sorrow”