There Must Be an Original Person

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1731

Adam and Eve came into being from the invisible dual characteristics of God. Those two characteristics, which are invisible, together make up the one being. They are harmonized based on true love. In this state, God stands in the masculine position, and created His son and daughter to be in the objective position to His dual characteristics. Thus, when they grew up and became husband and wife centering on love, God on high could come down to where they were. He would stand as the invisible Parent and they as the visible parents, were to be united through true love. (222-317, 1991.11.6)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1212

From the Principle you know about the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance. Even if you have established the foundation of substance, that substance is not to be offered to God. It serves as a foundation for the Messiah, that is, a substance that can welcome the Messiah. (43-187, 1971.4.30)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 4

The Mission of the True Parents

Section 1.  The Position of the True Parents

    The world has passed through many eras: the eras of imperialism, emperors and kingdoms. After they passed came the children’s era of democracy and the servants’ era of communism. Because these eras were not governed by the law of love, we can conclude they were products of a false world. The original world was to come into being as the extension of an original heart. Then, there must be an original person. But where is that original person? It should be understood that the term “person,” here includes both man and woman. Continue reading “There Must Be an Original Person”

The Wise Person Takes Possession of the New Era of Hope

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1571

How is the communist world faring? I told Gorbachev to take down the statues of Lenin and Marx. In the whole history of communism, there was no one but myself who dared to say such things. The communist leaders of the Soviet Union clamored, “How dare he talk of Godism in front of us? How dare he speak so arrogantly?” Regardless of how much they hated me, the communist world declined to its present situation. The person they feared the most in the world became their only hope. There is no other hope for them. So I told them plainly, “Listen to my words and follow, for there is no other way to go.” (202-351, 1990.5.27)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1232

Up to now I have not told you, “Oh, you must absolutely obey my words.” We must comply with the historical course. The historical course is a course of providential history trodden for the sake of God. It is for that reason that I have been teaching you about the course of the providence of restoration. I did not teach that for the sake of Rev. Moon of the Unification Church. That is why I, too, am going that way. We are heading toward the purpose of God, the Subject, and toward the purpose of humankind, the object partner. These objectives have not been accomplished, so the Unification Principle and Unification Thought advocated by the Unification Church today, in this age, are calling upon people to complete them. (71-66, 1974.4.28)

Richard: We are not talking about fulfilling the purpose of Rev. Moon, put the purpose and ideal of God.

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 2

The Messiah and True Parents

Section 2. The Messiah, the True Parent

2.1. The Messiah is the True Parent

    What kind of person is the coming Messiah? He stands as an embodiment of faith, hope, and love for the individual, and for the entire family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. Only when he stands in this position, can the faith, hope, and love that still remain unfulfilled in human history finally bear fruit. Otherwise, faith, hope, and love will be unable to bear fruit. His words are not just those of one individual. Even in your case, when you speak with such conviction, the content of the words you speak as an individual will be related to world history.
    What kind of person is a wise person? He is the first to understand and recognize the global era and the time of hope. The wise person is the one who can bear the responsibility of being the first to recognize it, analyze it, criticize it, and take action. In this way, he takes possession of it. Although he comes as an individual, when the Messiah appears on earth, he is not just an individual. He is the fruit of faith, hope, and love that the whole world desires. This is his value. All the paths of history are connected to this fruit. In other words; past, present and future are all connected to it. Furthermore, all individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world are connected, and both heaven and earth are connected to it. (13-142, 1964.01.01)

The Messiah is the True Parent and we are to be true children. We must stand in the same realm of destiny and participate in it. (55-97, 1972.04.23)

The Messiah Comes as the True Parent

Cheon Seong Gyeong 205

    What is it that you desire? You want to be people of the heavenly kingdom or children of the heavenly kingdom. This must be your desire. If you become people and children of the heavenly kingdom, the heavenly kingdom will naturally appear.
    Then, what kind of world is the heavenly kingdom? Is it a democratic world? Democracy is a means and a transitional ideology to make regime change easier when the Lord comes. When the Lord appears on earth, all the people of the world must follow him. The people as a whole must go before the Lord. Then, this would be convenient for organizing all the nations of the world into one nation.
    But democracy cannot unify the world. The experiment is already over. Can America itself lead the world? America itself is doomed. So the question is how to save America and guide it to govern the world. If this is God’s will, it has to be handled through the philosophy of the Unification Church, “Rev. Moonism.” Until this happens, there is no way for America to survive, and the bridge to the heavenly kingdom cannot be built by the American people.

Richard:  Rev. Moon clearly teaches about God’s will, and very specifically about absolute sexual ethics.  These teachings, and especially the movement for absolute sexual ethics, should have been taken up by all families, and especially by Christian leaders and churches.  With this teaching, there is no confusion about whether homosexuality is right or wrong.  It is clearly against God’s ideal of creation.
    But overall, people did not listen.  Instead, we have seen a steady decline of sexual moral values, and moral values in general.  Homosexuality was made ‘the law of the land’ through the ridiculous Obergefell decision
    Justice Samuel Alito wrote in his dissent

“If a bare majority of Justices can invent a new right and impose that right on the rest of the country, the only real limit on what future majorities will be able to do is their own sense of what those with political power and cultural influence are willing to tolerate. Even enthusiastic supporters of same-sex marriage should worry about the scope of the power that today’s majority claims.”

    When we embrace goodness, and particularly absolute sexual ethics, as taught by Rev. Moon, then we will become God’s children who are in line with His will and heart.  Then this nation will be saved, not any other way.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1566

Now that the vertical and horizontal eight-stage indemnity has all been completed, the Ceremony of the Settlement of the Eight Stages could be performed on August 31, 1989, in Alaska, the most northerly location in the West. It is the northernmost place. On the first day of September, I declared “the ideology centered on the Heavenly Father” at the same place. The ideology centered on the Heavenly Father is simultaneously the ideology of salvation by love as well as the ideology of parental love. This parent-centered ideology is all about a life lived by giving love. Satan cannot oppose anything based on love. If he cannot oppose the path taken by the Unification Church, we can rapidly expand worldwide. (199-157, 1990.2.16)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 1

What is a true parent?

Section 5. What Is a True Parent?

5.1. The two tablets of stone and True Parents

    When God led the Israelites out of Egypt there was a pillar of fire and a pillar of cloud. The pillar of cloud led them during the day and the pillar of fire led them at night. What did they signify? They represented a man and a woman and showed, symbolically, that in the Last Days parents would come and that the Israelites would serve them. Those who did not follow the pillar of fire and pillar of cloud would all perish. The Israelites wandered around aimlessly in the wilderness for forty years. Out of concern that they would perish, God called Moses to Mount Sinai. He had him fast for forty days and gave him two tablets of stone. They symbolized Adam and Eve – that is, True Parents. Why were the two tablets of stone placed in the Ark of the Covenant? The two tablets of stone symbolized Adam and Eve as the central figures who could complete the work of God’s will. This is why they were placed in the Ark of the Covenant. (134-172, 1985.4.7) Continue reading “The Messiah Comes as the True Parent”

Be a True Parent like God is a True Parent

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 551

    Since the society, nation and world in which we live are far from ideal, all manner of suffering occurs, and good and evil are at cross-purposes.
     If we took a random sample of a hundred men, it would reveal that one hundred percent of them jostle among themselves in “an every man for himself” struggle within their circumstances to cope with the demands of their mundane affairs.
    Therefore, in our daily lives, we all acutely lack the confidence that we can complete the day’s work that we planned in the morning. With a wider scope of activities we would need proportionately more drive and determination to bring a victorious result in our everyday life. Lacking these, that day cannot be victorious. Such days turn into months and months into years.
    We also lack environments conducive for meeting our monthly goals. To end a month victoriously, we need the drive and determination necessary to achieve breakthroughs in tackling both the details and complexities of that month. Without them, we cannot conclude our monthly activities victoriously.
    Getting through a year successfully requires us to be equipped with a fighting spirit or driving force that can thrust aside all the challenges of each and every one of its 365 days. We can then celebrate that year victoriously. If we live a year like that, and continue in this vein, it will eventually add up to ten, and then twenty, and then thirty years, and that eventually becomes our life path. (31-30, 1970.4.12)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 744

    Just as the good ancestors were able to enter the life-spirit level from the formspirit level when Jesus came upon the earth, your ancestors, too, have entered the realm which gives them the special privilege to return to earth through the conditions you have made. When you understand this and become victorious branches, you stand in a position of having created life, and consequently, your ancestors will help you. In this way, you should be the base through which thousands of generations of your good ancestors can return.
    The time of Jesus was the era in which the spirit world helped conditionally for the sake of resurrection to the life-spirit level. But now is the era in which they help unconditionally for the sake of resurrection to the divine-spirit level. Since such an era has come, there is no greater blessing. In other words, the spirit world is helping. (14-21, 1964.4.19)

Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

Whatever I do — whether it be farming or something else — I’m confident that I can make a living. Now that I’ve become 90, Satan can’t follow me. I need to live until 104 years of age before I go quickly to handle the split between the spirit world and heaven. I need to unify the spirit world and the physical world. With that purpose I’m driving Ambassadors for Peace and religious leaders of peace on this earth, “You’ve created all these denominations! Now, you as ancestors of tribes have to overcome these numerous divisions through unity!” I hurl lightning bolts proclaiming these things. I want to achieve unity based on the UN constitution if possible, even within one week. Because of this, the world is becoming brighter.

I intend to accomplish this by the year 2012. The 12th year can turn into either night or day, so I need to complete everything in the 12-year period; then God’s fatherland and hometown will be restored in the ideal era of the liberated realm. Knowing this, are you going to side with me or not? You whites, don’t be proud; and you blacks, don’t be discouraged. You’re brothers and sisters to each other.

If we are to gather together all that our father and mother scattered thousands of years ago, how are we going to do it? We should go all the way down from the top, turn things around and match everything well, so that there is only one peak. If we do it, there will be only one peak in the world. Those who cannot stay on this summit will lose the value of their existence.

Some time ago someone said something about planting the flag of the Unification Church on the top of the Himalayan Mountains. My arm, your arm! The left arm is mine, and the other arm is also mine. [A play on words relating to the fact that Nepal sounds like arm in Korean.] Las Vegas, where is this place of all gamblers? Nevada… land and ocean! Your ocean, my ocean! [Another play on words. Nevada sounds like the Korean word for ocean.] The center of your arm and my arm and the center of your ocean and my ocean are one, so the unified world cannot but come about! Aju!

God is our parent. He wears a crown and a royal gown. What does he want to do with his newly born sons and daughters? Even while wearing his royal gown, he would like pick them up and give them a ride on his shoulders. And he’s going to like it even if they poop or pee in that moment. If you don’t manage to reach such a position, you are losers.

The Blessing Is the Core Factor that Can Unite Us into One Absolutely.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 213

In order to be a True Parent, one must love the world of Cain. This Cain world is the world of the eldest son. The Cain world is just like the world of the fallen eldest son. Therefore, without the True Parents making a condition of having fully given the love of Heaven even amid the opposition of this world, the satanic world cannot be restored. The eldest son must be loved first. Since Satan is the eldest son in principle, if God wants to love Abel, He must establish the condition of having loved Satan, the eldest son, first. Without showing such love to Satan, there is no way for Him to love the second son. This is according to the Principle. So the path that the mother, Eve, should walk is to unite Cain and Abel and return to Adam. Therefore, no matter how universal a love Mother wants to receive, I cannot give such love. That is her situation. (124-73, 1983.1.23)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 607

What will happen from now on? People will offer their properties to heaven. Live for others – for the higher cause and for the greater good. Live for the world and for God, and to liberate humankind. Make people change to the new lineage. Because the lineage got entangled, God has been powerless until now. As we have now entered the era of conversion, you need to know that the free heaven and earth are approaching and therefore sow seeds of goodness. Know clearly how you should act. From now on, be a throng possessing eternal life that can be linked to the clan of the Messiah, the citizens of heaven and the eternal Kingdom of Heaven. (203-185, 1990.6.24)

Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

The USA is composed of 260 million immigrants that have come together as one nation, but the West is not united as one, is it? They are from 12 nations, but Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain are enemies. How can they become one? The bloodline must become one first.

The Blessing is the core factor that can unite into one absolutely. How easy is it to inherit the bloodline? You would have to inherit it even if it means having to give up your possessions, your life, your nation. In short, everything. It is something that cannot be achieved even if the hundreds of nations and hundreds of races living on this planet offered everything they have simultaneously, and yet that very thing is happening right.

In the ticking of a second, the outside and the inside is decided. Centering on the one second, the sphere is formed in all directions of east, west, north and south.

The round ball of Peace Cup! In the “Peace Cup” Cain and Abel appear. The Peace Cup of mother and father — only when that takes place can the mother and father become the pouch that can embrace all heaven and earth in this world. That is one great round ball, and thus could the East and the West all enter that pouch together and have the flesh and blood of the one father and be born bearing the essential elements of the father. They failed to be born before the father. Instead, they were born of the mother, and inherited her flesh and blood, and so they cannot forget their mother.

In the last days, the sperm will enter all at once, and, centering on the Will of God, all of the 6.5 billion human population will become one overnight. How many men and women are there? 3.25 billion men and women can, through marriage, become of the same flesh and blood, that is to say, become fellow brethren. How simple is restoration! Now we are living in a country wherein all heaven and earth can become one within a week, nay, within three days, and so that is possible.

Will you take part in this or not? [Yes!] The nation, the fatherland and the homeland, where such a thing can take place will come to be, and you should give up the US or other UN nations composed of immigrants and offer everything you have and exchange it with the bloodline, and become beings of a value so great that it is comparable to a thousand times, ten thousand times the value of your life, and double the lives of the 6.5 billion human population. Only then can you come to stand at the top as a perfected tribe over 6.5 billion people. The world of the logical outcome where such a thing is possible, that is, the restored Kingdom of Heaven, will come to be.

The place we returned from yesterday is Atlantic City. It is the central region between the Northern and Southern USA. What is New York? York refers to a Zelkova tree [Neutinamu in Korean]. New York, the Zelkova tree of the new Garden of Eden! A Zelkova tree, together with the pine tree and the bamboo, lives for a thousand years, whereas all other trees die out within a few years.

There is a golf course we own in Mt. Seorak named Pine Ridge Country Club. We also bought a golf course in Yeosu. They are the Cain-type and Abel-type golf courses. The US cannot become the kingdom of golf courses. In the golf world, Korean men and women stand out. In the sports loved by the US, the ratio of Eastern players to Western players is steadily rising.

There will come a time when they won’t be able to beat Asians in basketball. Did you know that our University of Bridgeport basketball team ranked number one? When can blacks exert their power? Who was it that carried the cross of Jesus? Simon something was it? It is Simon. [Simon of Cyrene] Yes, it was the Simon tree, and he could have gone on for thousands of years. Who was the king of boxing? It was Muhammad Ali.

And who was the really excellent singer who died recently? [Michael Jackson.] He may have Asian blood in him. Even in the case of the Mafia, only when the Spanish Mafia and the white Mafia are united could they lead the Asian Mafia. If they do not become one, they cannot lead the Asian Mafia.

Hawaii means “Finish your work!” How can all the work be finished since there are so many walls? It is a place where all walls have been broken down, and Eve has been placed in the position of the woman, for which reason the women there are open sexually and dance and play naked. Theirs is the way to return to the Garden of Eden, and first they dance with their shoulders, then their hips, and finally with their feet, which causes them to roll around and do the snake dance like this. There is no one who cannot dance, is there? At a party, all the five races would dance all kinds of dances.

They are entwined like snakes, and in winter snakes of all colors stay together underground. Three kinds of snakes are entangled together. They are entwined with one another to keep their temperature. For several months they do not eat. Be it a snake or anything else, they can survive not eating for three to four months. Even fish can live without eating for a few months. That is also the case for people who live by the sea.