Hell Is a Place Where Everyone Is Totally Self-Centered

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1 Peter 4

Dear friends, don’t be surprised or shocked that you are going through testing that is like walking through fire. 13 Be glad for the chance to suffer as Christ suffered. It will prepare you for even greater happiness when he makes his glorious return.

Ezekiel 22

17 The Lord said:

18 Ezekiel, son of man, I consider the people of Israel as worthless as the leftover metal in a furnace after silver has been purified. 19 So I am going to bring them together in Jerusalem. 20-21 I will be like a metalworker who collects that metal from the furnace and melts it down. I will collect the Israelites and blow on them with my fiery anger. They will melt inside the city of Jerusalem 22 like silver in a furnace. Then they will know that I, the Lord, have punished them in my anger.


  1. Torments of Hell

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Hell is a place where everyone is totally self-centered, each insisting that he or she is the best and highest. With that attitude, they argue and fight continually. (360:185, November 16, 2001)
Hell is the realm of Satan’s love. Satan adores only hatred, jealousy, division and destruction. That is why only these things fill Satan’s realm. These characteristics of Satan manifest as wars. (214:282, February 3, 1991)
Hell is full of people who are proud of their power, their money and themselves. A person’s original mind desires to love and be loved, and to pursue goodness. The people living in hell do just the opposite, and face continual conflict. Yet being in hell does not remove the human desire to be loved. Actually, the yearning for love is felt even more strongly. (102:160, December 17, 1978)
What, then, will you do in the afterlife? Will you eat? Yes, you will eat. But it should be centered on love. Those who do not have love cannot open their mouths, no matter how much they try. That is the law. If you love only yourself and not the whole, you may try to eat, but your mouth will not open. If you try to eat with chopsticks, the chopsticks will swerve sharply to the right or the left. It is a miserable existence. In the spirit world, anything is possible with love, but only with love. Otherwise, nothing is possible. (207:94-95, November 1, 1990)
In the spirit world, most people dwell in various levels of hell. How did they end up living there? Some failed to practice filial piety as befits good sons and daughters. Some had the mission of patriots yet did not fulfill their mission and live for the sake of their country. Some were chosen to become saints and live for the sake of the world, but they did not attune themselves to that rhythm and hence failed to reach that level. (147:183-84, September 21, 1986)
The accusations we could face in the spirit world are far more fearful than the severest persecution on earth. Because I know that earthly persecution, no matter how heavy, is easier to endure than the accusations in the spirit world, I am clear about the path I should go. (189:247, April 9, 1989)
Heaven is a world of light, and hell is a world of darkness. You may have enjoyed your earthly life, but once you arrive in hell the darkness will quickly overcome you. It is like drinking: for awhile you are in high spirits, but later you feel regret as your conscience tells you it was the wrong thing to do. It will also ask, “Where are you going?” People who suffer continually from pangs of conscience belong to the world of darkness. If only their conscience were pleased with them; then they would display the original nature within themselves to relate to the world of light. (400:104, December 28, 2002)
This world is in chaos. How about the spirit world? The same confused people live there; therefore, the spirit world must likewise be in chaos. It is logical. A thief with a criminal record cannot just drop his bad habits when he crosses over to the spirit world. There too he would be a thief, wanting to own things without making effort to earn them. People like him are unable to fit in with heaven, so they went off and formed the realms of hell. God did not create hell. Human beings formed hell. Do people design their new house to be a garbage dump? No! They build a nice house, but after living in it for a while it becomes like a garbage dump. Hell is like that. (148:28, October 4, 1986)
Many people on earth think that there are only two different places: heaven and hell. But in reality there are many different levels, from very evil places to very good places. Heaven is a place of com-fort, but life in any of the levels below heaven is difficult and uncomfortable because the people fight each other continually, everyone insisting on their own opinion. Each region is filled with people who are of the same type, so after awhile living there becomes tedious.
    For example, people who on earth were accustomed to stealing things dwell in a region of the spirit world where people are always suspicious, thinking that everyone around them is looking to steal from them. Their lives are forever filled with distrust and anxiety. Likewise, people who on earth were accustomed to fighting live in a region where fighting goes on continually…
    If you descend further into the lower regions, you come to regions of hell that are suffocating, dark and scary. They smell horribly, worse than the smell of rotten meat or fish. Deformed figures appear in front of you, biting each other, yelling at each other with hate-filled voices. There is a region filled with burning holes, and in each one a wrathful person is held fast. The worst regions are reserved for those who were sexually corrupt or who committed suicide. They seem to be filled with snakes, but on close examination each snake is an ugly deformed human being slithering about. People living on the earth do not realize how frightening the regions of hell really are. They would not be able to stand it even for a minute…
    From the Kingdom of Heaven to hell, the various regions of the spirit world have colors of differing hues. The Kingdom of Heaven is a bright realm, transparent and white. It is without any stain, clean like flawless white jade. But as we descend the colors become darker and darker and dirtier—first beige, then darker shades of purple. Descending to still lower regions the color becomes brown, then gray, dark gray, black, and pitch black. The more sins committed, the darker the color. Also, spirits who committed many sins with a certain part of their body show dirtier and darker colors on that part. (Heung Jin Moon, Message from the Spirit World, January 1, 2002)
People who denied God on earth are more pitiful than people who starve to death. Those who died of hunger may, depending on their merit, be granted a certain standing in the other world. But atheists have no standing because they deny the spirit world exists. They become wandering spirits, wandering about the spirit world like clouds. Just as clouds gather and produce rain, they gather and create evil influence. They dwell in hell and inflict pains there. (205:355, October 2, 1990


Some of the Sinful Are Cut With Saws

WV Elections 2020 Candidate Interviews

The Richard Urban Show:
#64-Who Can be Trusted on Character, President Trump or Joe Biden?-Hunter Biden’s Self Enrichment
#65-Freedom vs. Opression: Trump Vs. Biden

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 578

We are headed for a certain destina-
tion whether we know it or not, even as
we move and even as we rest. Not just
you, but this nation, this world and even
heaven and earth are headed there as
well. This is an undeniable fact.
Where will you go after this life?
This is an important issue that people
must resolve. Religions and philosophies
arose historically to do this. You, there-
fore, cannot deny that you, too, are all
caught up and driven by this destiny.
That being always the case, where
are our bodies and minds trying to go?
Further, where are our lives inclined
towards and where are our hearts try-
ing to go? Our wishes, hopes, and ide-
als…Where are they trying to go? Even
if we cannot resolve these issues, we are
destined to go in any case.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1915

The era of the Pacific civilization is
coming, because Western Civilization
and oriental civilization must recover
the lost body of the father. Jesus came as
the father, but the body of that father was
killed. We must recover this body and
make it one with the legacy of spiritual
salvation within the sphere of Christi-
anity. That is why the Lord comes to the
East. Centering on the coming Lord, the
Korean peninsula is like Italy. Until now,
Italy has never been destroyed. For over
two thousand years, it has survived as
a powerful nation. That is because Italy
is a counterpart nation for the coming
Lord. Based on that standard, the Lord
returns to the Pacific era, centering on
this Korean peninsula; but it is the Pacif-
ic Ocean era rather than the Mediterra-
nean Sea era. He returns to the vast envi-
ronment of Asia through the connection
of the Korean peninsula. If the Korean
peninsula is the male sexual organ, then
Japan is the female sexual organ. They
are bound to become one. The age of a
unified world comes when they are unit-
ed. That is why Korea is called the Adam
nation, and Japan the Eve nation. (251-147,


No one likes to thing that they or their loved  ones are destined for hell. yet it is a painful truth that most people live out their lives far away from the original standard of God’s love. the human condition is too often this: we allow our thoughts and desires to be captive to the will of the flesh; our mentality is continually self-seeking; we habitually ignore the promptings of conscience. We betray those we love and then run away from facing the consequences, as well as the truth about ourselves. having lived this way for seventy-plus years, is there any hope of fitting in to the crystal-clear society of heaven?
    What is hell? some traditions describe it as a place deep underground, with rivers of fire and sulfur. some say that hell is but a state of mind, yet as anyone knows who has experienced the pangs of intense loneliness, remorse, shame, guilt, or loss, such states of mind can be excruciatingly vivid. Furthermore, it is said that in the spirit world it will not be possible to avoid such feelings, as is usually done while in the body, through such devices as forgetting, rationalization, or losing oneself in sense-pleasures or drink. there is no respite from unpleasant feelings, which remain to torture the unfortunate soul continually. to describe such pain beyond comprehension, scriptures use concrete images: burning fire, boiling water, bitter cold, being crushed, hacked and dismembered, trampled, burned, and eaten alive.
    We conclude with several passages that hold out the possibility of rescue from hell. the eastern religions regard all states of hell as purgatories, designed to mete out punishments for a period of time, that evil karma might be burned up and the soul have a future opportunity to find the path. Father Moon teaches that God did not create hell; indeed its very existence is an affront to God’s goodness and a nail driven into his loving heart. if we have sufficient love, we will do whatever it takes to turn others away from hell. We will even, like Jesus who “harrowed hell” during his three days in the tomb or the Hindu hero Vipascit, rescue the people imprisoned in its dungeons. 
1. Torments of Hell
Hell, where their worm does not die, and the
fire is not quenched.
    Mark 9.47-48

As for the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted,
as for murderers, fornicators, sorcerers, idola-
ters, and all liars, their lot shall be in the lake
that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the sec-
ond death.
    Revelation 21.8

There is a stream of fire from which emerge
poisonous flames.
There is none else there except the self.
The waves of the ocean of fire are aflame
And the sinners are burning in them.
    Adi Granth, Maru Solahe, M.1, p. 1026 (Sikhism)

Hell is before him, and he is made to drink fes-
tering water, which he sips but can hardly swal-
low. Death comes to him from every side, yet he
cannot die—before him is a harsh doom.
    Qur’an 14.15-16

Hell will lurk in ambush
to receive home the arrogant,
who will linger there for ages.
They will taste nothing cool in it nor any drink
except hot bathwater and slops,
a fitting compensation
since they have never expected any reckoning
and have wittingly rejected Our signs.
Everything We have calculated in writing.
“So taste! Yet We shall only increase torment
for you!”
    Qur’an 78.21-30

Some of the sinful are cut with saws, like fire-
wood, and others, thrown flat on the ground,
are chopped into pieces with axes. Some, their
bodies half buried in a pit, are pierced in the
head with arrows. Others, fixed in the middle
of a press, are squeezed like sugarcane. Some
are surrounded close with blazing charcoal,
enwrapped with torches, and smelted like a lump
of ore. Some are plunged into heated butter, and
others into heated oil, and like a cake thrown
into the frying pan they are turned about. Some
are thrown in the path of huge maddened ele-
phants, and some with hands and feet bound
are placed head downwards. Some are thrown
into wells; some are hurled from heights; others,
plunged into pits full of worms, are eaten away
by them…
    Having experienced in due order the
torments below, he comes here again,
purified. 21
    Garuda Purana 3.49-71 (Hinduism)

Then the man of unwholesome deeds boils
in water infested with worms. He cannot stay
still—the boiling pots, round and smooth like
bowls, have no surfaces which he can get hold
of. Then he is in the jungle of sword blades,
limbs mangled and hacked, the tongue hauled
by hooks, the body beaten and slashed. Then
he is in Vetarani, a watery state difficult to
get through, with its two streams that cut like
razors. The poor beings fall into it, living out
their unwholesome deeds of the past. Gnawed
by hungry jackals, ravens and black dogs, and
speckled vultures and crows, the sufferers
groan. Such a state is experienced by the man
of unwholesome deeds. It is a state of absolute
suffering. So a sensible person in this world is as
energetic and mindful as he can be.
    Sutta Nipata 672-76 (Buddhism)

There men were dismembering one another,
cutting off each of their limbs, saying, “This
to you, this to me!” When asked about it, they
replied, “In this way they have treated us in the
other world, and in the same way we now treat
them in return.”
    Satapatha Brahmana 11.6.3 (Hinduism)

There are divers regions in the hollows on the
face of the globe everywhere, some of them
deeper and also wider than that which we
inhabit, others deeper and with a narrower
opening than ours, and some are shallower and
wider; all have numerous perforations, and pas-
sages broad and narrow in the interior of the
earth, connecting them with one another; and
there flows into and out of them, as into basins,
a vast tide of water, and huge subterranean
streams of perennial rivers, and springs hot and
cold, and a great fire, and great rivers of fire, and
streams of liquid mud, thin or thick… pour into
a vast region of fire, and form a lake larger than
the Mediterranean Sea, boiling with water and
mud; and proceeding muddy and turbid, and…
after making many coils about the earth plunge
into Tartarus…
    And when the dead arrive at the place to
which the genius of each severally conveys them,
first of all they have sentence passed upon them,
as they have lived well and piously or not… Those
who appear to be incurable by reason of the
greatness of their crimes—who have committed
many and terrible deeds of sacrilege, murders
foul and violent, or the like—they are hurled
into Tartarus, which is their suitable destiny,
and they never come out. Those again who have
committed crimes, which, although great, are
not unpardonable—who in a moment of anger,
for example, have done violence to a father or
mother, and have repented for the remainder of
their lives, or who have taken the life of another
under like extenuating circumstances—these
are plunged into Tartarus, the pains of which
they are compelled to undergo for a year, but at
the end of the year the wave casts them forth…
and they are borne to the Acherusian Lake, and
there they lift up their voices and call upon the
victims whom they have slain or wronged, to
have pity on them, and to receive them, and to
let them come out of the river into the lake. And
if they prevail, then they come forth and cease
from their troubles; but if not, they are carried
back again into Tartarus and from thence into
the rivers unceasingly, until they obtain mercy
from those whom they have wronged: for that
is the sentence inflicted upon them by their
    Plato, Phaedo (Hellenism)

There Is No Need to Worry About What to Eat

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2 Kings 8

While Gehazi was telling him that Elisha had brought a dead boy back to life, the woman and her son arrived.

“Here’s the boy, Your Majesty,” Gehazi said. “And this is his mother.”

Lamentations 1

19 I called out to my lovers,
    but they betrayed me.
My priests and my leaders died
while searching the city
    for scraps of food.


3. Heaven’s Delights

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

What is it like to live in the other world? There is no need to worry about what to eat, where to live or what to wear. Anything is possible just by thinking about it or wishing it. People eat in the spirit world. They can feel the pulse in the veins. Although theirs is a spiritual body, they can feel it just the same as the pulse in a physical body.
    Whatever you want to eat, it immediately appears. Make a list of the foods you would like to enjoy, and they will be set out on the table before your eyes. Where does it come from? The spirit world is active and self-organizing; it assembles the elements that are needed. What is the governing and active force that can mobilize the whole? It is not power, nor is it knowledge or money. It is love, only love.
    God is supreme, yet if you call for Him with deep and heart-felt sincerity, He immediately replies, “Yes, my child. What do you want?” If you ask, “Where are you?” God answers, “Where else could I be, other than in your heart?” God is the origin of all creation. God is in the root of heart. In heaven, if you wish, you can hold celebrations millions of times a day. In the ecstasy of love, whatever you desire is done at your command. (194:42, October 15, 1989)
Dogs can follow their masters to the heavenly realms. Pets and beloved articles can accompany their owners wherever they go. (78:337, June 10, 1975)
Are there automobile factories in the other world? Here on earth, people are proud of their Mercedes Benzes. Will you brag about your car in the spirit world? Cars are not necessary over there…
    By the power of your imagination alone, you can have anything you want. If you wish for a car encrusted with diamonds, it will appear. Yet why would you need a car? Even without a car, you can travel billions of light years in an instant. As long as you have the heart of true love, that is enough. (207:94-95, November 1, 1990)
When God created this vast universe, there were neither cars nor food. Yet, just as the Creator God made all kinds of things to realize the ideal of true love, we too, centering on love, can create by exercising our original innate powers and abilities.
    Centering on love, when you think of something in your mind, whatever you name will appear before your eyes. You can gather millions of people for a banquet and request particular dishes, and they will appear on the table. If you want to wear a golden formal gown, you can have it, too. How fantastic! After such a delicious meal, your tongue might hang out!
    What would your tongue do at that point? It wants to taste true love. It wants to reach a higher plane, jumping up and up, exclaiming, “I like it! I like it! That is enough for me. Now I want to enjoy these things with my loving spouse.” As long as you are standing within love’s sovereignty, standing as one of God’s companions, whatever you desire can be realized in a moment.
    Everything looks beautiful, everything sounds wonderful, and you feel content with everything around you. Sleeping is sound and sweet, and waking up is wonderful.
    Yet in the spirit world you do not need sleep. Even in the middle of the night, every cell of your body can dance. Each cell is like your partner; it dances accompanied by melodies whose beauty far surpasses any earthly music…
    In heaven, love connects you with everything. You breathe the air of love, eat the food of love, and wear the clothes of love. God your Parent provides you with all these, out of His true love. (217:293, June 2, 1991)
Do you think that people urinate in the spirit world? I am telling you that we do; when you get there you will see for yourself. What about defecating? Yes, we do, but afterwards the waste immediately returns to its elements. [There are 107 known elements in the universe.] Hence, it is not necessary to clean it up. With a mind of love, all you do is make a motion with your hand and all the waste returns to its origin. (212:30, January 1, 1991)

The Jewel Trees Have Many Hundreds of Thousands of Colors

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 194

There have been many religions, but
what has been their mission? Their mis-
sion is to find one particular person.
Many religions talk about attaining sal-
vation and other such matters, but they
are seeking to find the one person able to
rise to the highest point in the world, the
one person who has even gone beyond
that point. They want to bring this per-
son into existence. In this way, the cen-
ter of all religions is one specific per-
son; he is the Messiah. In other words,
all religions have been looking for one
person, and this one person, the central
being, is the Messiah, the Savior. When
the Messiah comes, he does not come to
his position immediately. He has to ful-
fill a seven-year course. The Messiah is a
man. This Messiah has to come and gain
victory over Satan by going beyond the
blood relationship of the satanic world.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1558

The many ideologies which came
into existence up until this time failed
to keep to one unchanging direction.
The United States as well as the Soviet
Union, democracy and communism, all
focused on themselves, and have con-
tinued thus to this very day. The same
is also true of religion: the direction
taken by religion is not the one desired
by God. Whatever the time or age, the
many religious denominations failed to
keep the same course, and instead spread
out in all directions. Until now, not one
organization, leader or nation, held the
course desired by God. Therefore, from
this day on, everything from the indi-
vidual to the family, society, nation,
world, universe and cosmos, should
keep to one eternal and unchanging
direction. The ideology that embodies
this concept is head-wing thought, or
Godism. (203-27, 1990.6.14)


3. Heaven’s Delights

He who enters paradise will be in affluent cir-
cumstances and will not be destitute, his cloth-
ing will not wear out and his youth will not pass
     Hadith of Muslim (Islam)

The Pure Land (Sukhavati) is fragrant with
many sweet-smelling odors, rich in manifold
flowers and fruits, adorned with jewel trees,
and frequented by flocks of various birds with
sweet voices, which have been produced by the
miraculous power of the Tathagata. The jewel
trees have various colors, many colors, many
hundreds of thousands of colors. They are com-
posed of varying combinations of the seven pre-
cious things: gold, silver, beryl, crystal, coral,
red pearls, and emerald… Their roots, trunks,
branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits are pleasant
to touch, and fragrant. And when these trees
are moved by the wind, a sweet and delightful
sound proceeds from them, which one never
tires of hearing…
     Many kinds of rivers flow along in this Pure
Land… whose banks are lined with variously
scented jewel trees, and from them hang
bunches of flowers, leaves, and branches of all
kinds. When beings wish to indulge in sports full
of heavenly delights on those riverbanks, then
as they step into the water, the water rises as
high as they wish it to—up to the ankles, or to
the knees, or to the hips, or to their sides, or to
their ears. If beings wish the water to be cold, for
them it becomes cold; if they wish it to be hot,
for them it becomes hot; if they wish it to be hot
and cold, for them it becomes hot and cold, to
suit their pleasure.
     Those rivers flow along, full of water scented
with the best perfumes, covered with lilies, lotus,
and all manner of beautiful flowers, resounding
with the sounds of peacocks, sparrows, parrots,
ducks, geese, herons, cranes, swans, and others,
with small islands inhabited by flocks of birds,
easy to ford, free from mud, and with golden
sand on the bottom. And all the wishes those
beings may think of, they will be fulfilled, as long
as they are rightful.
    Larger Sukhavativyuha Sutra 15-18 (Buddhism)

The Messenger of God said, “While I was at
Mecca, the roof of my house opened and Gabriel
entered. He opened my chest, washed me with
the water of Zamzam, brought a golden basin
full of faith and wisdom and emptied all of it
into my chest. After that he closed it, took me
by the hand and raised me towards the lowest
    “When I arrived at the lowest heaven,
Gabriel said to the doorkeeper, ‘Open.’ ‘Who
is there?’ he asked. ‘Gabriel,’ the angel replied.
‘Is there anyone with you?’ responded the
doorkeeper. ‘Yes,’ replied Gabriel, ‘Muhammad
is with me.’ ‘Has he been commanded?’ added
the doorkeeper. ‘Yes,’ said the angel.
    “When the doorkeeper had opened to
us, we rose up within the lowest heaven, and
suddenly we saw a man sitting, having some
spirits on his right and others on his left. Every
time he looked to the right he smiled, but as
soon as he looked to the left he wept. He said,
‘Welcome virtuous prophet and virtuous son.’
‘Who is this?’ I asked Gabriel. ‘This man,’ he
replied, ‘is Adam, and those spirits on the right
are destined to Paradise, while the spirits on his
left are destined to hell. That is why, when he
looks to the right, he smiles, and when he looks
to the left, he weeps.’
    “Then Gabriel raised me up to the second
heaven and said to the doorkeeper, ‘Open.’
He asked the same questions as the first, and
then opened to us.” The Prophet found in the
various heavens Adam, Idris, Moses, Jesus, and
    “Then the angel raised me until he brought
me to a height where I heard the beating of
wings… Then Gabriel led me away and brought
me to the Lote-Tree of the Boundary, which is
covered with unspeakably beautiful colors. Next
I entered Paradise. There are domes of pearls,
and the sun there is made of musk.” 20
Hadith of Bukhari (Islam)

For all there is heaven; earth is heaven, and sea
heaven; and animal and plant and man; all is
the heavenly content of that heaven: And the
gods in it, despising neither men nor anything
else that is there where all is of the heavenly
order, traverse all that country and all space in
    To “live at ease” is there; and, to these divine
beings, verity is mother and nurse, existence
and sustenance; all that is not of process but
of authentic being they see, and themselves in
all: For all is transparent, nothing dark, nothing
resistant; every being is lucid to every other, in
breadth and depth; light runs through light.
And each of them contains all within itself, and
at the same time sees all in every other, so that
everywhere there is all, and all is all and each
all, and infinite the glory. Each of them is great;
the small is great; the sun, there, is all the stars;
and every star, again, is all the stars and sun.
While some one manner of being is dominant in
each, all are mirrored in every other.
    Plotinus, Enneads 5.8.3 (Hellenism)

Then they went out upon the narrow road and
had not gone far when a brilliant light appeared.
It was then that they smelled the fragrant odors
of the flowers along the road. Delicious looking
fruits were growing on the wayside, and every
kind of bird flew in the air above them. The
most marvelous and beautiful things were on
every hand. All these things were on the heaven
road. Eniaiehuk.
    They continued on their journey, and after
a short time they came to a halt. Then spoke the
messengers, “This place is called The Spring, and
it is a place for rest.” Then behold, he saw the
spring and he thought that he had never seen so
beautiful and clear a fount of water. Then said
the four, “This is a place of refreshment.” One
of the four drew a bottle from his bosom, so it
seemed and it was, and dipped it in the spring.
Then he said, “You must partake first,” and so
he took it, but when he looked at it he thought
it was not enough. So he said, “I think that this
is not sufficient.” When he had said this, the
messengers looked at one another and smiled,
and one said, “Truly it is enough. If it lacks,
there is still the spring and the vessel may be
refilled.” So all took and drank, and all the drink
that all wished was in the bottle… Eniaiehuk.
    They proceeded on their journey, and had
gone but a short way when they saw someone
coming toward them, and it was not long before
they met. He saw it was a dog, and when they
met, the dog began to wag its tail and sprang
upon him. Then he recognized the animal as
his own dog, appearing just as it had when he
had decorated it for the sacrifice in the New
Year’s ceremony. Then said the four, “This thing
attests to the value of our thank-offering to the
Creator.” So they said. Eniaiehuk.
    They took up their journey again, and in a
short time came to a halt. In the distance before
them a man appeared to be coming, and soon
he came nearer. Then he saw that the man was
guiding two others, one on either side. As he
looked, he saw that one was the daughter of
Gaiant’waka, and it appeared that she was a
large child. With her was Ganio’dai’io’, his own
son, an infant. The son and the daughter greeted
one another. One could see that they were not
strangers, for they were friendly. Moreover a
fourth person was leading them all. Eniaiehuk.
    Now that person spoke and said, “I brought
them with me to testify to the truth that those
of the lower world when they pass away come
The Code of Handsome Lake 112-116
(Native American Religion)

The inhabitants of paradise will eat and drink
in it, but they will not spit or pass water or void
excrement, or suffer from catarrh.
Hadith of Muslim (Islam)

The Kingdom of Heaven Is an Extension of Family Life

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Numbers 34

16 The Lord said to Moses, 17 “Eleazar the priest and Joshua son of Nun will divide the land for the Israelites. 18 One leader from each tribe will help them, 19-28 and here is the list of their names:

Caleb son of Jephunneh
    from Judah,
Shemuel son of Ammihud
    from Simeon,
Elidad son of Chislon
    from Benjamin,
Bukki son of Jogli
    from Dan,
Hanniel son of Ephod
    from Manasseh,
Kemuel son of Shiphtan
    from Ephraim,
Elizaphan son of Parnach
    from Zebulun,
Paltiel son of Azzan
    from Issachar,
Ahihud son of Shelomi
    from Asher,
and Pedahel son of Ammihud
    from Naphtali.”

29 These are the men the Lord commanded to help Eleazar and Joshua divide the land for the Israelites.

Jeremiah 25

The Lord has sent prophets to you time after time, but you refused to listen. They told you that the Lord had said:

Change your ways! If you stop doing evil, I will let you stay forever in this land that I gave your ancestors. I don’t want to harm you. So don’t make me angry by worshiping idols and other gods.


2. Fellowship with the Saints and Our Ancestors

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The Kingdom of Heaven is an extension of family life. (Way of God’s Will 1.8)
The Chinese character “heaven” (天) is written by combining two characters: the character 二means “two,” and 人 means “person.” In other words, heaven consists of two people. All beings in heaven live in mutual relationships with corresponding entities. (92:309, April 24, 1977)
In heaven you do not age, since you are in the supreme state, your mind intoxicated with love. My mother should be old by now, but when I glimpse her [in the spirit world] she looks beautiful, as she did in the prime of her life. (201:103, March 11, 1990)
What is heaven like? It is a realm centered on love. There you enjoy being loved. You enjoy receiv-ing love endlessly and never tire of it…
    Captivated by love, the sleepers awaken, the deaf hear and the dumb speak. There are no barriers to communicating with anyone, and you can continue speaking endlessly for tens of millions of years. All your cells and all your senses are activated one hundred percent. (102:160-61, December 17, 1978)
In the afterlife it is no problem to travel hundreds of millions of miles in an instant. The power of love is the speediest. If you call someone whom you are yearning to see with true love, that person will immediately appear before your eyes. It doesn’t matter that your beloved is a hundred million light-years away. As long as you have love, you can see that person any time. A mother at one end of the universe and a son is at the other end can meet each other in an instant. If you long to meet a person who lived tens of millions of years ago, he or she will appear immediately. Past and future do not exist in heaven. Only the present exists. A thousand years ago is as the present. Such is the spirit world, transcending time and space. (194:133-34, October 17, 1989)
What is the best way to greet God, returning joy and glory to Him? In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve would have greeted God best by loving each other in God’s presence. Likewise, in the spirit world, a couple stands before God wearing their wedding garments; then they embrace and make love, and in that moment they become one with God. That is the best way to greet God. (314:25, December 30, 1999)
The Kingdom of Heaven is a world of relations. Therefore, our entire family should be included. So should all members of our clan and all the people of our nation. (18:331, August 13, 1967)
If only parents were to enter heaven without their children accompanying them, it would not be heaven. In the Kingdom of Heaven, parents enjoy the love and support of their entire family. They live together and relate with each other with God as the center.
     Thus, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven by ourselves. Parents and children enter heaven together. Suppose you were in heaven while your mother was in hell and screaming for help, “My child, please save me!” Would you say, “Heaven is wonderful, but Mother, you deserve to be in hell and suffer in pain”? Heaven is not such a place.
     According to God’s purpose of creation, all family members, parents and children, should dwell together in heaven. Not only your immediate family, but also your clan and your entire nation should enter there. Everyone in the world should dwell together there. (15:265, October 17, 1965)
In the spirit world you do not need formal introductions. On meeting someone, you immediately know who he or she is. That person may have lived a thousand years ago or even many millions of years ago, yet still you will recognize him or her. People believe that biblical history is 6000 years, but that number is only symbolic. When you know the spirit world, you will understand the actual length of human history. It could stretch back millions or tens of millions of years.
     You can call for an ancestor from a certain era, and he or she will appear in front of you. You recognize that person at a glance, without speaking a word. You instantly grasp all the essentials, including the manner of respect you should use when addressing him.19 Hence, you do not need formal introductions like on earth. Everyone automatically observes the hierarchical order.
     What can keep the order? By living with love. Love determines position. Therefore, unless you become a child of God, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (208:142-43, November 17, 1990)