Husband and Wife Should Create a Love Nest with God in the Middle

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1456

You will not be able to find the path of salvation in following your present habitual lifestyles. You need to walk a completely new path of atonement. The providence of salvation is that of restoration, and the providence of restoration is that of re-creation. In accordance with this, in order to be recreated, you need to be restored to the original position before the Fall, the state of complete self-denial. In such a state, there would be no self-awareness, no habits, and no surnames like Kim or Lee, as at present. You need to attain such a state of emptiness. Taking into consideration God’s original standard of creation, you can see that every being created by Him was initiated from a state of non-being. (213-98, 1991.1.16)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1059

Parents should set a good example in their life of faith. In the family, they should show their children how fervently they practice all aspects of a life of faith, including prayer life and family services. They should help the children recognize how important the time for Pledge is. They should not just hold Pledge service at that particular time, but as parents, they should also teach their children about God’s will. (31-269, 1970.6.4)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
True God
Chapter 2

God and the Work of Creation

Section 4. The Ideal of Love is Fulfilled in the Family
4.1. God’s ideal of creation is the completion of the four-position foundation

    What is God’s purpose of creation? He did not create Adam and Eve just to look at them. He did not create men and women just so they could get old on their own and die. It was so that they could grow to maturity and, through their hearts that long to relate to the opposite sex, build the true Kingdom of Heaven on earth with God at the center. It was so that they could create a love nest with God in the middle. Here a man, Adam, represents heaven, and a woman, Eve, the earth; this is heaven and earth. Thus, although they are two, their horizontal union unifies heaven and earth. When they achieve unity through God’s love, the cosmos will be unified automatically. (21-43, 1968.9.1) Continue reading “Husband and Wife Should Create a Love Nest with God in the Middle”

The Most Important Work of the Unification Church is the Blessing

Announcing, the site for finding your eternal match.
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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1442

    You need to restore 160 couples in order to connect them to the world. Jacob had 12 family members, Moses had the 72 elders, Jesus had the 120 followers, and the returning Lord has 160 head disciples. That means that they are the head disciples. Jesus called his followers his disciples. The words “head disciple” are being used for the first time by me. No one else knows about that.
    Since Japan is the Eve nation, True Father has taught it every secret he knows. I have taught you things that even Korean leaders have never heard of before. So, if you do not fulfill your responsibility, it will be on your heads. If you fail to liberate 160 families, you cannot inherit the victorious realms of the first, second, and third Adam. If you fulfill only the realm of the first Adam, you cannot form a connection with the second or third Adam. However, the returning Lord has fulfilled the missions of the first, second, and third Adam, and will engraft you as long as you have laid the foundation of formation, the realm of the first Adam. (265-127, 1994.11.20)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1417

    The most important work of the Unification Church today is the Blessing bestowed upon you as couples. The Blessing of couples is the seed of love planted by God in Adam’s couple. As such, it should be disseminated.
    All of you gathered here know what cell reproduction is, don’t you? In that tiny cell is contained the whole tree, is it not? When you sow it, a whole tree grows from it. The roots, branches, leaves, stems, flowers – in fact, all parts that make up a tree are contained in that cell. The conceptual blueprint is contained in it.
    Couples are blessed to become the embodiments of True Parents, and through their children, reach out to the nation and world, becoming its roots; just as the roots and leaves of a tree absorb essential elements and control the tree’s carbon assimilation and the separation of elements from the air, Blessed Families should perform similar functions. A tree takes in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen to its surroundings. Isn’t that strange? How can it do that? That is an expression of the harmony and beauty of creation. The universe is a world of love – it is not a cold-hearted and desolate place, but an enclosure of love. Just as the seeds are all wrapped in a shell, God also wants to reside in that realm of love that is the universe – the enclosure of love – with His plus and minus dual characteristics.
    For God to dwell enwrapped in the universe of love, there must be unity in love between Him as the subject and the universe as His object. He can only be enveloped by the love that is shared by the two sides in the process of giving and receiving. That is why love is eternal and great. It is also boundless. Wouldn’t you want to rest in such a place? The conclusion is the same. That is the seed of God’s love. You must return to that seed.

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
True God
Chapter 2

God and the Work of Creation

Section 3. The Ideal of Love to Be Attained Through Adam and Eve
3.2. Husband and Wife Stand as Second Creators

    When a woman is expecting a baby, a new world emerges for her. When the baby starts moving, she has so much hope. This is how women should be. They have many dreams, like the ones God had when He created. To have the thought “I hope my child grows up and becomes so and so in the future” is in keeping with the heart God had when He prepared to create Adam and Eve. Such are women’s three-dimensional dreams. With the thought “I am not alone. The entire world is in the hands of my child, and he or she is growing in my womb,” her mind embraces the whole world in love. (228-263, 1992.7.5) Continue reading “The Most Important Work of the Unification Church is the Blessing”

Completion Can Only be Achieved through One’s Partner

Strengthening Families and Communities Forum:
#125-Urban Life Training as a Solution to Family Breakdown

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2205

    What God had hoped from His children, Adam and Eve, was to see them become filial children, patriots, saints, and a divine son and daughter when they grew up. God hopes that you will do the same, but have you ever thought that you must become a filial child in your family, a patriot in your nation, a saint in the world, or a divine child in heaven and earth?
    Viewed historically, all the saints and great religious leaders have taught people to become filial children, patriots, saints, and divine children. Religions that do not teach this will not endure for long. In any case, that is the predestined course that humankind is following.
    Destiny is to do with such things as the relationship between the parents and the children. You cannot change that destiny. There are some things in your fortune that you can change, but you cannot change those aspects of destiny.
    If you do not understand these things, you will not be able to fulfill the role of true parents in your families. As true parents, you should teach your children how to become filial children, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters. You have to teach them to fulfill all these with you and beyond that in front of God. (287-23, 1997.8.10)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1264

Who are true parents? If Adam and Eve had not fallen, God would have bestowed His vertical love on them, and Adam and Eve would have become the body of God. They would have represented the body of God. God would have been like the bones, and Adam and Eve like the flesh. God can have a mind and body through Adam and Eve. He would have become the internal parent in the internal position, and Adam and Eve would have become the external parents in the external position. The internal and external parents must become one through love; at that place, we come to have external parents and attend the internal parents in heart. With the union of love between God and Adam and Eve, then true parents – the perfected man and woman – would emerge. There can be no perfected human beings if there is no union through love. (184-71, 1988.11.13)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

Principle of Creation

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World Peace Starts From Your Own Family

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The True Foundation Day For The Nation Of The Unified World

October 3, 1995

Selected excerpts:

What is the topic Father is speaking on today? [Father writes on the board.] Is there any non-Korean who is able to read what Father has written? Repeat after me, Gaechunjul. Gae means opening, like opening a flood gate. Chun means Heaven, Jul means occasion, season or event. When we open the gate, are we talking about opening it 360 degrees, 180 degrees or just 90 degrees? What is it? (360.) What is the point which can give you the room for 360 degree opening. From zero point coming back to zero point. Is it knowledge and money? They are all related to a one way concept. Then what is it? When it comes to the concept of love, even making love, you begin from zero point. Then when it is over you return to zero point. It is like conquering the top of the man’s head and coming back again to the bottom.

As we age, do we have to go up higher and higher or lower and lower? Higher up to God. Every day bigger. When you make love, if you become smaller in terms of the scale, can you conquer God? (No.) Father is referring to the practice of love centered upon your individual self here [indicating to the board]. You create love as an individual and expand your love to the family level, tribal level and all the way up to God. It takes eight different stages. If we look from the vertical view [Father is drawing on the board] this expansion is flattened and will look like this [indicating to the board]. From the individual to God makes this shape. Don’t you want to become the representative axis here? You embrace one another as husband and wife and you also embrace your children. Father concludes that through embracing and hugging as husband and wife you are learning how to embrace your children. Would you be opposed to that? (No.) When you have a lovely baby do you want to embrace your lovely child only once a day, or each hour, or every minute possible? Any minute possible. Don’t you feel that you want to keep your mouth on your lovely baby twenty four hours a day. This is a mother’s heart.

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The Family Federation for World Peace Has Made Its Place All Over the World

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Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for Parents of Heaven and Earth

August 9, 1997
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Since we understand that where there is bones; flesh can be added, we have to remember that we should follow wherever there is true love. Amen. [Amen] Let me go back to my point now …. We have a simple conclusion. Your mind and body should be a comfortable dwelling place for God. You should unite your mind and body. That’s it.

   Where is the point of unity? It is where you make 100 percent of love to your spouse whom you have been longing to meet for thousands of years, the embodiment of loving God you have been dying to embrace for thousands of years. The first one is in the position of Satan and the second indicates that we should find the original path of love. Therefore, restoration is not possible in the love of elder son ship. It is only possible in the younger son ship of love ….

 Restoration providence does not work in the lineage of the first wives. It works in the lineage of concubines and illegitimate children. Why? They are two kinds of mothers and their children; fallen mother and her children and restored mother and her children. Two mothers cannot go into the kingdom of heaven together side by side. Continue reading “The Family Federation for World Peace Has Made Its Place All Over the World”