God Had to Raise One Person and Sanctify Him

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2314

God wants to have even sinners
become His sons and daughters. Just
because your fiancée might not have
such a pretty face or is Japanese or is a
little short, can you think, “Oh, I don’t
like her”? You men should be convinced
that you would go to the highest place
in heaven if you took the ugliest woman
and sacrificed yourself for and served
her more than anyone else. You should
understand that you would then become
the greatest husband and a saint of a
husband. Unification Church members
should be capable of having that level of
thought. (116-95, 1981.12.20)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1415

There could have been only one kind
of marriage feast held in the Garden of
Eden, one based on Principle. Human-
kind received Satan’s blessing through
the Fall. This is our greatest grief; we
should have received God’s Blessing
instead. Think for a moment how the
people on Satan’s side – his innumera-
ble descendants – rejoiced on this feast
day of fallen marriage, how much they
delighted in it, and how much they ate
and drank in celebration of it. All of
these actions have added to God’s sor-
row. Marriage became an important
means and source of expanding the
satanic world. On account of this, ascet-
ics placed much emphasis on celibacy.
All marriages performed from ancient
times to this day are a source of sorrow
to God. They have left conditions that
sadden Him, and not one of them has
left behind any point that can give joy to
Him and form a connection with Him.
(158-276, 1967.12.29)

Richard:  Although this may be somewhat bitter news, the great hope is that God wants to save all people and has made available the Blessing of Marriage to all people:  http://visionroot.org/resources/marriage/.


Sun Myung Moon
June 14, 1959

John 3: 1-15

What kind of strategy is needed to fulfill this dispensation? God had to raise one person and sanctify him. Because people on this earth cannot establish a relationship with Heavenly Father as they are, He had to choose a people as He persevered through dispensational history. We know well the history of God’s dispensation of the chosen people. God chose Noah, Abraham and Moses for this purpose.

God’s heart desired to complete the four-thousand-year history by raising Jesus and resolving all historical heartaches through him. Therefore, Jesus was essential and indispensable for God and the Israelites, whom God chose for the historical dispensational will. Not only the chosen people, all those who live in the world then, needed Jesus. Even all things which existed in heaven and earth then necessarily needed Jesus.

If we accept the existence of God, the central ideology which humankind desires, which will realize the joyful environment, must start with and from one principle standard. That would be an iron rule of the dispensation.

We cannot solve any problem without using a formula. Likewise, one principle standard must be established which will enable us to rigorously reject the historical resentment and introduce happiness into the hearts of humankind. If not, then even if there is some happiness, some ideology and life in God, they cannot make any relationship with humankind. For that reason, God toiled to educate the Israelites in heart to represent His heart. Their happiness was to represent God’s happiness. They were to uphold the ideology of God’s nation. Accordingly, God sent Jesus after four thousand years of the dispensation in order for Israel to build the garden of happiness and goodness by which they could connect with God in a real and substantial way.

Fight the Internal Battle

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CSG 487

Why does a woman cry when she los-
es her husband? It is not for some vague
reason that she is sad after losing her
Love embraces all four directions. At
the same time, there has to be relations
of front and back, and left and right.
Because love is like this, the husband
stands next to his wife in a relationship
of left and right, and realizes a love that
embraces the four directions. When
such a wife loses her husband and falls
from the position of being supported by
the universe into a position of having no
support, she feels the pain of his loss, as
well as the pressure from the universal
power. (Blessed Family – 901)

CSG 410

How important is your life on earth?
You only live once. It is a short moment,
but you only live once. Compared to
eternal life, earthly life is but a point in
time. It is too short. During this period,
you need to prepare for the spirit world
where you will live after earthly life.
With this idea you should stand in the
center and control and overcome every-
thing. Otherwise, you cannot achieve
perfection. You should know this. (207-99,

The True Shepherd and His Flock; the False Shepherd and His Flock

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
April 6, 1958

Centering on ourselves, we must reach the one standard where our minds and bodies can become one and fulfill the providential will. If you understand this kind of path and are living according to the providential will, you will feel joy. Only when our bodies follow and reflect our minds can we claim to represent the heavenly principles. If you can be recognized as this kind of person, you can become happy and form a relationship of love with God. Your minds and bodies can relate with Heaven and earth, centering on the heavenly principles.

Therefore, by uniting your minds and bodies centering on your minds, you must possess the power that can overcome any conflicting element you may encounter. In this way, no matter what kind of situation you are in, you can stay in a safe place. You must understand that it is God’s will to bring these kinds of people together to form a family, a church, a nation and the one united world. They are then to form a relationship with God Himself. Continue reading “Fight the Internal Battle”