He Will Prosper Without His Knowing How He Did It

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Joshua 22

10-11 The tribes of Reuben, Gad, and East Manasseh reached the western side of the Jordan River valley[a] and built a huge altar there beside the river.

Richard: Our “altar” is Home Church, where we can build the Kingdom of God together with our neighbors.

Micah 5

A few of Jacob’s descendants
survived and are scattered
    among the nations.
But the Lord will let them
cover the earth
like dew and rain
    that refreshes the soil.
At present they are scattered,
    but later they will attack,
as though they were fierce lions
    pouncing on sheep.
Their enemies will be torn
to shreds,
    with no one to save them;
they will be helpless,
    completely destroyed.

Jesus Whom God Wanted To Find

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 18, 1959

Matthew 23:29-39

The world of heart transcends the distance of history. It transcends time and space. No matter how great an authority is or how fearful a power, it cannot block that road of love. Even the highest mountain and the whole of Heaven and earth cannot block that love. In traveling that path of heart, there cannot be any obstruction.

The central being of heart is Jesus. Therefore, he said that love will survive to the end. Because Jesus came representing God’s heart and lived in the world of the heart, his influence today is expanding. Only by becoming a group who can say that Jesus’ heart is our heart, that his mind is our mind, that we cannot separate from him for eternity can we go over any condition of the secular world with him. Then we can become his disciples and family. In the early church, Jesus’ disciples could not become members of his family. The most important problem that we must solve in this hour is to ask whether we have become people who can freely go over that boundary line into being of Jesus’ family; who can go over any obstacle and go forward for Jesus’ sake.

Where will Jesus, whom God wanted to establish, go? Where will Jesus, whom God wanted to establish on earth, stand? If this is not solved, Jesus will have nowhere to stand. Jesus, who is supposed to come to earth, will have nowhere to stand. He must come and do the will of God, but he will not have any companion. They will kill him again. They will drive him to the cross again. They will cause him anguish again. That is why we must go through the heart of the family, the heart of children, and the heart of a bride. We must be filled with longing. Since the day of promise has yet to come, we must be filled with longing and possess a desperate heart. If a person can master his feelings, transcend any awareness or any concept and experience a certain force that leads him in one direction with infinite power, he will enter the Kingdom of Heaven without fail.

Jesus came two thousand years ago. He came to this earth. But who met Jesus? A person might have met Jesus centering on Jesus himself. But there was no one who met the Jesus who had crossed over the level of the individual, then the family, then the society, then the nation and the world and who could rule over all of Heaven and earth. In order to solve this kind of problem, you must be filled with a certain heart. You cannot solve this problem without entering the world of the heart. If there were something that could solve that problem, if there were something that could move your heart, you would be pulled into it. If you see a person coming out of a church totally vexed, do not go to that church again.

Our mind seeks the world of the heart. Even radio waves do not just operate anywhere. They operate where there is a receiver. They operate where there is a reciprocal relationship. It is the same with people. If there is a person with a true conscience, a true loving standard, and a foundation of Heaven’s heart, then wherever or whenever he goes and even in an unfair and sorrowful place, he will have a way to survive and prosper without his knowing how he did it. He will prosper even when he is misunderstood. That prosperous way does not come about in a comfortable place. No one achieved an historical revolution, an historical discovery, or an historical success in a comfortable place. They began from a place where they met with death face to face. God comes to you in that place.

Therefore, when someone is about to face God, he will meet an incident. He will collide with a material problem, a problem with other people and a problem of the heart. At that time if he can turn and shout, “This is the path I will go” and goes forward, he will be able to lead people who are agonizing over numerous problems and affairs. Jesus was able to do that. When he was helping with the carpentry work of Joseph, he did not lead a comfortable life. His heart passed through a course of infinite hardship and sorrow. In a course that was historical, connected to the age and connected to the future, he crossed over in his mind all the hills of hardship and pain that mankind had gone through. Because he was able to establish a victorious standard in a showdown against Satan, he could proclaim that he was the Messiah. This is not written in the Bible.

Richard: I have to say that this year Stacey and I collided with adversity. Both of us literally faced life and death situations, and God brought us through. Praise to God, and our thanks to all of our friends and supporters!

Jesus Did Not Come to Die

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Judges 3

These are the nations the Lord left to test all those Israelites who had not experienced any of the wars in Canaan (he did this only to teach warfare to the descendants of the Israelites who had not had previous battle experience): the five rulers of the Philistines, all the Canaanites, the Sidonians, and the Hivites living in the Lebanon mountains from Mount Baal Hermon to Lebo Hamath. They were left to test the Israelites to see whether they would obey the Lord’s commands, which he had given their ancestors through Moses.

The Israelites lived among the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites. They took their daughters in marriage and gave their own daughters to their sons, and served their gods.

The Israelites did evil in the eyes of the Lord; they forgot the Lord their God and served the Baals and the Asherahs. The anger of the Lord burned against Israel so that he sold them into the hands of Cushan-Rishathaim king of Aram Naharaim,[a] to whom the Israelites were subject for eight years. But when they cried out to the Lord, he raised up for them a deliverer, Othniel son of Kenaz, Caleb’s younger brother, who saved them. 10 The Spirit of the Lord came on him, so that he became Israel’s judge[b] and went to war. The Lord gave Cushan-Rishathaim king of Aram into the hands of Othniel, who overpowered him. 11 So the land had peace for forty years, until Othniel son of Kenaz died.

Richard: There could be a parallel here. As a nation, we have turned far away from God. So could the troubles we are experienceing as a nation be a way for us to give penance? Could President Trump be someone God has inspired to fight against the corruption of “the swamp”, and help bring the nation back to a closer alignment with God?

1 Chronicle 5

23 The people of the half-tribe of Manasseh were numerous; they settled in the land from Bashan to Baal Hermon, that is, to Senir (Mount Hermon).

24 These were the heads of their families: Epher, Ishi, Eliel, Azriel, Jeremiah, Hodaviah and Jahdiel. They were brave warriors, famous men, and heads of their families. 25 But they were unfaithful to the God of their ancestors and prostituted themselves to the gods of the peoples of the land, whom God had destroyed before them. 26 So the God of Israel stirred up the spirit of Pul king of Assyria (that is, Tiglath-Pileser king of Assyria), who took the Reubenites, the Gadites and the half-tribe of Manasseh into exile. He took them to Halah, Habor, Hara and the river of Gozan, where they are to this day.

Richard: Interestingly, God repeats his warning in the first reading; the nation and the people suffer due to unrighteousness in the eyes of God.

Jesus Whom God Wanted To Find

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 18, 1959

Matthew 23:29-39

What is the sorrow of Jesus? Where did the three disciples who were with Jesus in the hills of Gethsemane go? Where did his beloved parents and younger siblings go? Jesus longed for them all. If Jesus’ tribe had attended him centering on Joseph’s family, Jesus would not have died, but he was chased out by his family, by John the Baptist whom God had prepared, by the religious body, by the race, and by his disciples. Thus, he had to die. Without knowing these circumstances, people say that Jesus came to die. If what I say is true, people who have been believing that Jesus came to die are crucifying Jesus a second time.

Jesus is looking for people. He is seeking beloved younger brothers and sisters. Where did my beloved parents go? Where are my brothers? Where are my relatives? Where is my tribe? Where is my church? Where is my religion? In order to dissolve this sorrow, Jesus has been praying for two thousand years, “Heavenly Father, please forgive us again. I did not complete my mission as the representative of the world. I did not complete my mission to lead the Israelites. I did not complete my mission to lead the church. I did not complete my mission to lead the tribe and family. Therefore, please forgive us.” This is the truth.

What is the sadness of God? When God saw that Jesus was being betrayed by his own blood brothers, how much did He grieve? When God saw that even Jesus’ parents, who had brought him up, did not know him but separated themselves from him, how much did God grieve? After preparing for thousands of years, God sent Jesus to Joseph’s tribe. What did He feel when that tribe, which was supposed to rejoice and attend Jesus, betrayed him? What did God feel when the Jewish religion expelled Jesus? What did He feel when the Israelites betrayed Jesus? You should realize that God’s heart burst in pain when Jesus was rejected by individuals, by his brothers and sisters, by his family, by the people He had prepared, by the church, by society and by the nation.

God promised to send Jesus again. He will surely come, and he will take responsibility for this age. You who are facing the Last Days share the common fate of attending the one who comes. If the age of attending him is coming, what frame of mind should you have in order to attend him? You cannot attend him by merely believing in the Bible. When Jesus came the people of his time believed only in the Old Testament and thus failed to attend him. Moreover, you cannot attend him just by blindly believing in God. People failed to attend the prophets in the Old Testament age as well as in the New Testament age. Who is to say that the same thing will not happen in this age? We must reach the position of sons and daughters. We must become a family of Jesus. Without that we cannot attend Jesus.

Thus, we must be sons and daughters of the historical God. We must reach the position of binding a relationship with God’s heart. In this age do you think you will enter the Kingdom of Heaven just by going to Church with a Bible in your hands? Let’s see where you will go. I have often seen this kind of image. Ministers who have been boasting that they will go to the Kingdom of Heaven are in a desolate place spiritually. There are lots of people like that. Do not boast. Even if they are devoted to making their church prosper, it doesn’t mean that they are sons and daughters of God. Even if people respect you, saying that you have a Ph.D., it doesn’t mean that you are a son or daughter of God.

Similarly, if even the apostles could not become Jesus’ sons and daughters or his family members, who among the people on earth would be able to claim that he or she is Jesus’ son or daughter, that he is Jesus’ brother or sister? Why couldn’t the apostles take those positions? It is because they did not recognize the historical Jesus. They did not recognize the Jesus of the age.

Thus, for us to become his sons or daughters today, we must know the God of the six thousand years of history. We must know the historical Jesus. We must believe in the God of the age, who is leading the 2.7 billion people who comprise mankind. We must believe in the Jesus of the age. Moreover, we must believe in the Jesus of the future, the future that is unfolding from this moment into a form that is 180 degrees different from what we now know. Do you think that Jesus will come and lead people just the way they are? No. He will overturn them. At that time the spoken words, the written words, and everything will be different. That is the essential point here. You must become a better disciple than the apostles were, a better bride than the apostles, and a better brother to Jesus than the apostles were.

We Are Not Church Members but Family Members

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1973

Britain is the Eve nation, America
is the Abel nation, and France is the
archangel nation. The mother should
embrace the son, searching for these
nations. Since what was lost has been
found in this way, following this pat-
tern, the father should be recovered.
We are searching for the Adam nation
because the Adam nation is the nation
of the coming Lord, and that is the Kore-
an peninsula.
Why the Korean peninsula? It is
like the Italian peninsula. That which
was lost centering on the Vatican must
be restored through indemnity. That
which was lost in the west centering
on the Italian peninsula must be found
in the east. For this reason, the Kore-
an peninsula becomes a global concern.
The Korean peninsula is the border-
line between death and life. The North
and South were divided between com-
munism and democracy, with Kim Il-
sung in the north and Sun Myung Moon
in the south. This is the reality. In the
north, don’t they call Kim Il-sung,
“Father”? Don’t people in the south call
me “Father” or “the True Parent”? Who
will liberate this situation? The presi-
dent cannot solve the problem. Thus, it
rests in my hands. (201-52, 1990.2.28)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1702

The fundamentals of the universe are
love, life, and lineage. We are their fruit.
Within us is the center of love, which
safeguards life. Based on that, history
and tradition are connected through
lineage. This is why you need all three.
You have all three of them within you,
do you not? You have love, life and lin-
eage. The three combine into one to give
birth to a new person. (190-223, 1989.6.19)

Jesus Whom God Wanted To Find

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 18, 1959

Matthew 23:29-39

After Jesus resurrected, whom did he find? He found a party of disciples who had betrayed him. Who knew Jesus’ heart when he had to forgive his disciples and receive them with happiness in order to carry out the providence of salvation? No one. This caused infinite sorrow for Jesus. Even though he was sorrowful, he had to go find them. He had to make at least a spiritual base on earth. Therefore, he had to find them again.

The apostles, who were chosen as representatives, betrayed Jesus; the disciples, who represented mankind, also betrayed him. This meant that all mankind betrayed him. That is why Jesus stopped Mary Magdalene when she tried to hold onto him. Humankind betrayed a sorrowful Jesus. Among the apostles, whom we regard as great people, was there anyone who did not betray Jesus? You who believe in them are of the same race of betrayers. Is there anyone who did not betray Jesus? No. Because we are a race of betrayers, we live a life of faith that repeatedly commits betrayal. We live a life of sin.

Since we have become a group of people who must be forgiven by Jesus when he comes again, when will the sorrow of Heaven end? We must know Jesus. Jesus tried to establish an historical relationship and a relationship with the age and the future. Jesus left behind a sorrowful story of tribulations on earth. It is the mission of the bride to carry the burden of that sorrow.

You long for Jesus to come, crying, “Come, oh Lord! Take my bag full of sin! Come, Jesus.” Why do you long for him? Isn’t it for your own wealth and well-being? He who establishes his own viewpoint or his own objectives when dealing with Heaven will one day become a betrayer. No matter what the viewpoint of a faith or ideology is, unless God and all things of the cosmos deem that viewpoint to be correct, no religion, no person can say, “Follow me.” No one can say, “You must believe in our religion. You must follow this Church.” Go ahead and pass by the Unification Church however much you like. We are in this kind of situation.

We must know the circumstances of Jesus. We should know the Jesus of God’s hope and the Jesus of His original desire. We should know who we are, we who seek Jesus. We should not endeavor to display ourselves but should become younger brothers or sisters of Jesus who can receive the love of Jesus before our death. In order to join Abel, you must become a younger brother. Before we die we must become beloved disciples to whom Jesus can open up all of his heart. We must become disciples to whom Jesus can hand over everything and who can inherit everything. In the Bible Jesus said, “I still have a lot to tell you, but you are not able to handle it now.” Today we should long for the coming of Jesus, the Jesus whom God wants to find, the Jesus whom we must attend, and the Jesus who wants to find himself. We should know and serve that Jesus.

You should not just become a disciple of Jesus. You must become his sons and daughters. Even the apostles will bow their heads to the victorious sons and daughters of Heaven. If there is a person Jesus can embrace, saying, “My beloved younger brother, my beloved family,” the apostles will become his servants. You must come to the level where even the apostles can kneel down to you and bow. Some people might say that it is heretical to say these things, but those are the words of people who do not know. The word “bride” does not pertain to the apostles. It is not a word that is approved for the apostles. If Jesus had approved that, why would he come again? It is a word designated for people of the future. Think about it. The term “children” is not the designation of the apostles but of the sons and daughters of the future who do not betray Heaven.

Many saints have come and gone since Adam, but none among them could be a son of Jesus. There is none who can become the true, direct descendant of Jesus. That only happens after Jesus comes again. You should know this.

Who will Jesus look for when he comes to this earth again? He comes to look for younger brothers and sisters. He comes to find parents. He comes to find his tribe. He comes to find a race. He comes to find citizens. He comes to find a world. But he does not want to find the world as it has been until now. That is why Unification Church uses the term “family.” We are not church members but family members.

God Desires the World He Originally Intended

Cheon Seong Gyeong 493

Let’s suppose some parents come
forward with the idea of revolutionizing
parental love and reinventing human
history, claiming, “Even though we are
parents, we will not love our children.”
Yet, the moment their baby’s umbilical
cord is cut, a loving heart will naturally
arise in them. Every life form, wheth-
er on a higher or lower level, is created
in such a way that it cannot but love its
young. Thus, since the act of loving their
children inspires parents to invest and
use their lives as stepping stones, it is
clear that parental love brings us closest
to an eternal and unchanging standard.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1474

God created humankind for the sake
of love. Why were human beings creat-
ed? They were created because of love.
The reason human beings are different
from other forms of creation is that they
were created as God’s sons and daugh-
ters. They were created as object part-
ners who can receive love directly from
Him. Such is the privilege of human-
kind. (132-245, 1984.6.20)

Jesus Whom God Wanted To Find

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 18, 1959

Matthew 23:29-39

Today, after two thousand years have passed, what would the desire of God be? It is to find Jesus again on earth. We think that Jesus fulfilled the purpose of his coming on earth, went to the right side of God, and with the glory of God, bowed to Him in victory. But that is a big error.

When Jesus was departing, he sent the Holy Spirit to this earth. After sending the Holy Spirit, he has prayed ever since in the spiritual world to represent the heart of Heaven and to appear as God’s original desire. He is praying to take responsibility for his uncompleted mission.

What was the content of Jesus’ prayers? What was the purpose of his praying? What was Heaven trying to find through Jesus by preparing for four thousand years and sending him? It was victory, not the Jesus of the cross but the Jesus of glory. Jesus prayed to fulfill that will of God.

The question is how does Heaven perceive Jesus? How does Jesus perceive Heaven? How should the people of the future face Jesus, who wants them to believe in him? The way a believer receives Jesus, the way Jesus receives God, the way God meets Jesus, and the way God meets the people should all be the same. The place where people fulfill their purpose by moving with one goal is a place of victory and glory, not a place of sadness and pain. It is a place where all of Heaven and earth can rejoice. Heaven is longing for that one day, for Jesus to progress to that day, and for citizens who can attend God and Jesus as their greatest pride. This was the reason for God’s sending Jesus to the earth and the reason for making people believe in him. But that purpose has not been fulfilled on this earth even now.

Therefore, he must come again. He must come again. Where is the garden of glory that Jesus built with his victory? Where is the world where God can rejoice? It only remains in the hearts of God and Jesus.

Jesus came as the King of all Kings. He came to deeply love, to embrace and to make an unbreakable relationship with the chosen people of Israel, the nation of Judah. He came to form an iron connection with them, where, if they died he would also die. If they lived he would also live. To form this relationship, he shouted and cried. But the people violated that relationship and abandoned him on the cross. When this happened the mutual goal of Jesus and the Israelites was not fulfilled. God tried to establish a turning point of life and death through Jesus, but that standard was not fulfilled in the physical world. Thus, Satan again invaded the world of men.

Therefore, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are spiritually leading this world. They have battled innumerable times for two thousand years. God’s work was to find Jesus. But because Jesus and the chosen people did not become one, they lost him. Thus, Heaven abandoned the Israelites and God established a spiritual Israel and promised them a Messiah. After Jesus departed God promised to send the Messiah again spiritually, and He carried out a movement of restoration for the failed Israel. That is the two-thousand- year history after Jesus until now.

Then what kind of time is now? They say that these are the Last Days. What are the Last Days? The Last Days are a time when the day of Heaven’s hope is near. The Last Days are a time when God establishes Jesus again and fulfills His desire. What is God’s desire? It is the world that He originally intended. God longs for the fulfillment of the world of the original ideal on this earth through Jesus. Then, in these Last Days, are you who are living in the satanic world of sin prepared to attend Jesus whom God is looking for? God is hoping in the Last Days for a world where Jesus can have full dominion. The world should become a world God would want to show to Jesus. God has persevered for six thousand years, longing to be able to show off His chosen people and chosen children to Jesus. But this world became a world God could not show off to Jesus.

If Jesus comes to this earth again, he should reign as King of Kings, leading the people of this earth, and he should return glory to God. Moreover, we should liberate the historical sadness and sorrow and attend Jesus as the prince of victory. We should give glory to Heaven representing him. But the people of this earth do not know this.

The Second Coming is the One Who Comes in Place of Jesus

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1987

Britain was the Eve nation. Adam’s
family was lost due to the failures of Eve
and her two sons, Cain and Abel. Since
Cain and Abel failed to unite, they fell.
Britain, in the form of a global nation,
was the fruition of the restoration of that
incident. Britain is an island nation. The
island nation always longs for the land.
This symbolizes Eve, the mother. Amer-
ica is the country born from the Eve
nation, centering on the Anglo-Saxon
race. That is why it is Abel. France is the
archangel. Although France was the ene-
my, having opposed Britain and Amer-
ica, in the last days there will be unifi-
cation centering on the allied nations
of Britain, America and France. (277-34,

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2069

We must return to the hometown of
our origin! This is based on the Princi-
ple. How can you deny this? It’s the logi-
cal conclusion. Those who don’t think
so raise your hands. Can you deny this?
There is no way, other than the way of
obedience and submission. That’s why
we are doing that in Korea, at this time.
By returning to your hometowns, you
must complete the foundation for the
nation upon the foundation of having
completed the tong ban breakthrough
activities in you area. This is done by
starting in each family and raising them
through the formation, growth, and
completion stages.

The Father and I

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 12, 1959

John 14: 1-19

God is not a God for America, nor a God for England. He is not a God merely for the democratic world. He is our God and my God.

Heavenly Father longs for believers, the brides who can be a part of the world of the heart of the historic Father and sing of its value. Wouldn’t that be so? Such an individual cannot be bought even with billions of dollars. Such a person cannot be bought with earth or Heaven. Jesus has said that such a person has value greater than that of the cosmos.

Fortunately, today we were given a talk on the relationship between father and son from Heavenly Father. But the question is: how much have I attended the Father? How filial have I been? We have to relate to Heavenly Father as a filial child on the individual level and as a loyal subject on the national level. Isn’t that true? The traditional three bonds and the five moral disciplines in human relations in Asia all make sense. They are to teach this concept. Filial piety and loyalty towards Heavenly Father is the same thing. One cannot be filial to Heavenly Father if one does not first become filial toward one’s parents. One cannot be a loyal subject toward Heavenly Father if one does not first demonstrate loyalty to the nation. This world is the same toward Heavenly Father. The content is different, but the world of the heart is the same.

Unification members! For us, denomination means nothing. Our name means nothing. This church building and our houses mean nothing. People are the issue. The people with heart are the real issue. There are billions of people in the world, but only one person draws your heart. Isn’t that so? It is the same for God. What is the first thing that God, who moves all things of the cosmos and dominates the great universe and the created world, still desires? More than a multitude of people, He longs for one individual who can give all his heart and then forget about his giving. Wouldn’t that be true? Heavenly Father dreams of one such person more than He dreams of a mere multitude. Therefore, Jesus was sent after four thousand years. And after six thousand years, the Second Coming is one who comes in place of Jesus.

Where are the sons and daughters who long for and call to Heavenly Father as “Father”, who wander in search of the other children? The day God finds such sons and daughters is the day of hope and the day of liberation. In religious terms, such a day is called the feast day of the lamb.

Recognize Your Lamentable State

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2083

The paths of the North and the South
are crossing now. Because the two are
going in opposite directions, one want-
ing to go south and the other wanting
to go north, their goals are different.
The issue of how to unite is a serious
one. Who is to take the lead in this mis-
sion? The North will object if the South
takes the lead, and the South will object
if the North takes the lead. Breakdown
will occur again if each one adheres
to its own way. The question is how to
approach this issue. There must be a
Korean who loves North Korea more
than anyone else in the South. That is
the only solution. The plan for unifica-
tion can come about only through some-
one who is more loyal than anyone else
in the South and someone who is more
loyal than anyone else in the North. Is
there any other way? There is not. (61-125,

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1598

All true created beings in the world
possess ideal love, the love of original
nature, centered on God, and so we must
become families based on absolute cou-
ples, children, siblings and parents. This
is the second Jardim declaration. As well
as absolute faith, love and obedience,
God’s nature includes the qualities of
being absolute, unique, unchanging and
eternal. Since these are God’s attributes,
it naturally follows that He desires His
object partners also to possess these four
attributes. Moreover, since He wishes
for His object partners to be superior to
Him, He would look for more absolute-
ness, more uniqueness, more eternality
and more immutability in His object

The Path In Search of the Original Homeland

Rev. Sun Myung Moon July 5, 1959

Because of this, everyone is in a pitiable state. The time has come for a man to stand before humankind and teach them how pitiable they are. This is needed. The time has come for a leader who can command the people to be concerned about themselves. The time has come for a leader who can shed light on how lamentable it is to be in such a pitiable state and how the people must weep over this, clinging to Heaven and earth. He must lead them to think about what their end is, where are they going, and how they can triumph over the ever-changing environment and reach the end of the journey.

Revolutionary new cultures have appeared during certain historical periods. The people who led them had a new ideology, a new purpose, new happiness, and new freedom. These people toiled to stop the patterns of the times in which they lived and to shed light upon the pitiable state of man. They were people of mission who influenced their respective times and were needed during a specific era or age.

Our era is the age of a new world. Therefore, something new must appear which can galvanize the people of the world and say, “You should be an example for humanity. You should feel sorry for remaining as you are and not knowing where to go.”

Jesus came two thousand years ago and said that he was the son of God. The Jews, who took pride in being the chosen people, could not apprehend the appearance of the Messiah, in spite of the fact that they had eagerly awaited him. They had received the benefits of numerous prophets in their long historical course of four thousand years. Yet only after they sent Jesus to the cross did they realize that he was the Messiah, and they were placed in a sorrowful position.

We call Jesus the Savior. What kind of savior? A confident savior who could say, “I will take your sorrow upon myself.” He said, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matt. 11:28) We should be grateful for those words. Those were the words of the greatest prophet, for the sake of humanity.

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Recognize the One Person Who Will Represent the Future Together with History

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2367
You must understand that the Family Pledge
 is the result of extracting
from the Principle all the essential con-
tents needed to establish families. You
must recite the pledge before you pray,
in order to check you and your family’s
internal situation, and you should try
to correct things accordingly. You must
actualize the Family Pledge. In the past,
we had My Pledge. Now what do we
have? We must have the national and the
world pledges in the future. Of course,
the Family Pledge includes all of these.
(260-305, 1994.5.19)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1269

Among Christians, there are a few
who believe that the Lord at his Second
Advent will literally come on the clouds.
If you think you can be saved because
you believe, even if you don’t know any-
thing, your belief cannot be considered
as true faith. There would be no need for
the Unification Church if it were that
easy to be saved. (Blessed Family- 509)

God’s Will Which We Must Untangle

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
June 14, 1959

Matthew 10

Matthew 18

Father, who moves this earth! Please forgive the sorrowful sin of history, which must be indemnified. Although countless people praised You, sad history has passed for six thousand years without fulfilling Your will. When we think who is responsible for all this, we cannot lift our heads. However, we ask You to have sympathy on our poor hearts and please preside over us personally.

We now kneel in Your presence with disheveled minds and bodies. Loving Father, please subjugate this hour, for we know You should be our sole owner. You are the only one who can see through all our situations.

Humankind has struggled to search for You in the course of history, yet none attended and lived with You on the earth. Is there anyone piece of land that belongs to You? Is there any one family that is Yours? Any one people? Any one nation? Nothing on this earth is claimed as Yours.

We dare to understand Your sorrowful heart. We know Your sorrow is that You cannot stand as the owner of this earth even though You are the actual owner, and that You cannot take the authority over this land, even though You should do so.

You worked without being able to take responsibility for humankind on the earth even though You should do so. You were in the position to directly subjugate and command us throughout our hearts, yet You could not do so. You should rejoice over us as the fruits of goodness, yet You could not find any one person, any one day. We did not know in what a sorrowful situation You were involved.

Please permit us to be Your sons and daughters who can be connected to Your sorrowful heart even if we have to lose everything on this earth at this moment. We sincerely desire to feel Your situation and difficulty from the standpoint of Your real children, to shed tears when You shed tears, and to experience hardships when You experience hardships. Father, You toiled for a long time to find and to establish such a person, yet You have not met the central figure who can represent humanity, heaven and the heavenly law.

We know that in the midst of all this, You formed the Israelites through a long historical process and sent the substantial Messiah who represents You and who works centering on Your heart to this earth. The Israelites, however, did not attend the Messiah and did not live together with him; as a result, they have wandered throughout the world. Today, as we face the last days, we are expecting the day of the Lord’s Second Coming. We know that you are searching for one who feels heartache when You feel sadness, one who fights with You, knowing Your situation; one who sings together with You representing Heaven’s joy. Father, there are countless people living on this earth, yet they have not recognized the one person who will represent the future together with history and the age. Please forgive them at this time.

Continue reading “Recognize the One Person Who Will Represent the Future Together with History”

A Champion of Love Must Come Who Can Embrace and Love Humanity

Ruth 4

13 Boaz married Ruth, and the Lord blessed her with a son. 14 After his birth, the women said to Naomi:

Praise the Lord! Today he has given you a grandson to take care of you. We pray that the boy will grow up to be famous everywhere in Israel. 15 He will[c] make you happy and take care of you in your old age, because he is the son of your daughter-in-law. And she loves you more than seven sons of your own would love you.

16 Naomi loved the boy and took good care of him. 17 The neighborhood women named him Obed, but they called him “Naomi’s Boy.”

When Obed grew up he had a son named Jesse, who later became the father of King David. 18-22 Here is a list of the ancestors of David: Jesse, Obed, Boaz, Salmon, Nahshon, Amminadab, Ram, Hezron, and Perez.

Lamentations 4

17 Our eyes became weary,
    hopelessly looking
for help
from a nation[e]
    that could not save us.
18 Enemies hunted us down
    on every public street.
Our time was up;
    our doom was near.
19 They swooped down faster
    than eagles from the sky.
They hunted for us in the hills
and set traps to catch us
    out in the desert.
20 The Lord’s chosen leader[f]
    was our hope for survival!
We thought he would keep us safe
    somewhere among the nations,
but even he was caught
    in one of their traps.

The Grieving Father, Son and Daughter as They Try to Establish the Kingdom of Heaven

Sun Myung Moon
May 17, 1959

John 14:1-24

Your heart must be captivated by a subject of goodness, a purposeful entity of goodness, and the world of ideology. You must be enraptured by it. When you have become so, it is certain that you may search for the world of the purpose. When someone is content to lead his whole life according to his concepts, derived from his subjectivity and understanding through rationality, he will surely fall into his trap.

Once you realize, looking deeply into your heart, that this outpouring of emotion is itself an undeniable truth body and a real, existing entity, this is cosmic evidence, historical evidence, and ideological evidence that you are connected to the cosmos. It becomes certain that you are becoming an objective being in relation to one subject.

Believing in the existence of Heavenly Father, we should strive for the day when our subject, Heavenly Father, trusts in us, His objects, one hundred percent. We should strive to reach that goal with one hundred percent faith. This is the last significant problem that humankind has to solve. Continue reading “A Champion of Love Must Come Who Can Embrace and Love Humanity”

Become Heroes of this Age and the Future

Watch the latest Richard Urban show:  The Returning Lord Should Not Judge Humankind With His Rod Of Iron

Cheon Seong Gyeong 439

We have a saying that refers to serv-
ing both parents and grandparents.
How many levels are there? There may
be five generations in a family, but nor-
mally there are four – your grandfather,
your father, your own couple and then
your sons and daughters. With this in
mind, the Unification Church Princi-
ple introduces the three stages of for-
mation, growth and completion. This
teaching deals with living in harmony
and declares, “All goes well if there is
harmony in the family.” Why is this? Is
it because it sounds nice? Is it because
someone wanted to be poetic? No. That
is not the case. Harmony in the family
means that four generations revolving
around the grandparents unite – top and
bottom, east and west, north and south,
front and back, and left and right – and
will live together in the joy of laughter.
(139-12, 1986.1.26)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1187

he Ceremony of the Settlement of
the Eight Stages signifies that the histor-
ical course of vertical indemnity and the
course of horizontal indemnity that went
through the stages of individual, family,
people, nation, and the world. That is the
vertical and horizontal courses consist-
ing of eight stages are completed. Due
to this, the right of eldest son has been
restored, and the course of indemnity for
all humanity is abolished. That is what
I have done by holding this ceremony.
The right of the eldest son is restored; the
Parents are embracing all humankind.
Thus, an end is brought to the history
of war and struggle that was necessary
in order for the right of the eldest son to
be restored in the realm of parental love.
The time has come when indemnity is
not needed and we can reach harmony
in love. In order to achieve this, I had to
hold the Ceremony of the Settlement of
the Eight Stages. By holding this cere-
mony, the Parents forgave both the elder
and the younger son, so that next we can
enter the age of the realm of forgiveness
for the fallen parents. (193-173, 1989.10.3)

Richard:  Wow!  “the course of indemnity for
all humanity is abolished”.  That means that we can now establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, instead of having an endless cycle of restitution.

The Path of Faith Which Should be Examined Carefully

Sun Myung Moon
April 12, 1959

Matthew 11: 1-30

What kind of age is the present one? It is the age when good and evil are intersecting, merging into the good. What will happen as we find ourselves in this age? What kind of world will come into being when good and evil cross each other and merge into one? What kind of world will come after this world passes? These are curious problems. Conscientious young men and women today should pause and understand the existence of Heaven, the hopes of all things of the earth, and that they themselves, and not the world, are the locus of hope.

God has been working to solve these problems for us. If Adam and Eve had not committed sin in sight of God and had not gone the sorrowful course of the fall, Adam would have been serving God’s will even now, after six thousand years. Have you ever thought about this? If Adam had received God’s blessing, served God’s will, took the responsibility for God’s providence and lived with God, we would have avoided the tragedies of the murder of countless saints, ancestors, and people of goodness.

For what do we hope and long? What are we trying to find? It is the character that is not fallen, that can remain eternally in history, the one that can make order of history and establish the ideal of goodness. If such a character appears in the last days, we will not lament. We will not despair. Continue reading “Become Heroes of this Age and the Future”

We have a heavenly mission to restore the authority of goodness

Revelation 5

“You are worthy
    to receive the scroll
and open its seals,
    because you were killed.
And with your own blood
    you bought for God
people from every tribe,
    language, nation, and race.
10 You let them become kings
    and serve God as priests,
and they will rule on earth.”

2nd Chronicles 18

“We could ask Micaiah son of Imlah,” Ahab said. “But I hate Micaiah. He always has bad news for me.”

“Don’t say that!” Jehoshaphat replied. Then Ahab sent someone to bring Micaiah as soon as possible.

The Ideal Kingdom of Heaven, Our Hope

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
February 22, 1959

Matthew 3: 1-17

As we break apart the road of resentment that remains on earth, we must have a sincere desire to see the ideal world for which Jesus yearns in his heart. Only then can we meet the substance of that ideology.

After the first Israel perished, the second Israel, the Christians of the world, have worked hard to create that nation, race, land and authority, and are waiting for their leader to appear. Reality does not coincide with that ideal. There is no greater sadness than this.

What is a patriot? A patriot feels miserable when he sees the citizens of his nation in pitiful situations. He feels more pain than if his body was being dismembered when he sees his land trampled upon by other nations. He feels it more keenly than the leader of his nation when he sees the leader being treated unfairly and put in a miserable position.

What words are these about being brides who must meet the Prince of Heaven? We have the appearance of disloyalty, ugliness and sin and cannot even face the words. Therefore, we should have humble hearts. When we see the rights of the citizens of Heaven being infringed and Satan trampling this land, we must fight to recover them even if we die. We have a heavenly mission to restore the authority of goodness. Continue reading “We have a heavenly mission to restore the authority of goodness”