You Must Hold Revivals in Your Hometown

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1623

    God’s joy before the Creation, and the great stimulation of love He felt when harmonizing with His partners in love thereafter. Even if He were to dance and dance for a thousand or tens of thousands of years, that joy would not come to an end. But could God dance alone? Would He want to sing alone? We were born because of love and we live to become the objects of the Lord of love who will unite the universe and have dominion over it. Then we too would be able to be lords of love. Seen in light of God’s intense hopes at the time of Creation, God’s beloved object partners are superior to Him, are to stand in a position above Him.
    Consequently, when we call out, “Heavenly Father” He comes to us, and when we tell Him, “Come on,” He follows in our wake and never complains. Even when He is made to follow us for thousands of miles, He will gladly continue to walk behind us. Words cannot express the joy felt by parents following their children. When heaven and earth harmonize with and welcome their children even more than themselves, the parents will be so pleased that even their cells will burst forth in peals of laughter. (215-109, 1991.2.6)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1794

   Men and women are horizontal. They are level. The union of man and woman is to be engrafted, based on vertical, lifelong and eternal love. As men representing east and women representing west have lost the central line, they will seek to graft into this, so they must absolutely get married. Aren’t there many in America who oppose marriage? There are many who, like homosexuals or lesbians, dislike having children. Those without children have lost out when they pass on to the spirit world. This is the formula of the universe. (163-88, 1987.4.19)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 8

The Three Great Subjects Principle and the Proclamation of True Parents

Section 4. Keeping True Parents’ Photograph

4.1. The reason for keeping True Parents’ photograph

    Now, you should go back to your hometowns and restore your families and relatives. You must hold revivals in your hometown. As you hold revivals, you should also all work on the district level. If you want to be a tribal messiah, you should display my photo. Pictures of me should not be just given away for nothing. Frame a few hundred photos and distribute them, saying they are good pictures. Get people’s permission to go into their homes and find the best places in the best rooms to hang them up. Continue reading “You Must Hold Revivals in Your Hometown”

You Cannot Bring About the Kingdom of Heaven without True Parents

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1227

Nowadays believers are forgetting that they are going the way of restoration through indemnity. Why did Adam and Eve fall? It is because they forgot about the course of the portion of responsibility. They fell because they forgot about the reality. While the realm of the portion of responsibility remains incomplete, human beings stand in a position where they cannot but groan; moreover, they are not in the position to freely enter this realm. Since human beings are fallen, in order to reach the position where they can freely fulfill their portion of responsibility, they must emancipate themselves from the historical realm of the Fall. Otherwise, people cannot walk the path of restoration. (142-82, 1986.3.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1266

You were born of the lineage of false parents, driven away from God, and have no connection to true parents. Therefore, in order to free yourselves from this lineage, you must stamp it out and uproot it. Only when you do so, and totally change the lineage, can you enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (22-271, 1969.5.4)

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Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 5

The Kingdom of Heaven and True Parents

Section 3. The Kingdom of Heaven is Possible Only Through True Parents

    You cannot bring about the Kingdom of Heaven on your own. It requires the coming of the True Parents. You need to become one with the Holy Spirit and harmonize with the love of Jesus. Only then will you have the possibility to engraft to the olive tree on God’s side. However, since this is a spiritual engrafting, it is only partial; a complete engrafting cannot take place until the True Parents come in the era of the Second Coming and fully engraft you. Continue reading “You Cannot Bring About the Kingdom of Heaven without True Parents”

Tribal Messiahs Must Save Their Families and Tribes

Happy Day of God’s Eternal Blessing!

Strengthening Families and Communities Forum
#139-Father Bayo & Ayano Adrien

Cheon Seong Gyeong 684

In order to secure a victorious realm n the spirit world, that victorious realm must first be established on earth. This was the purpose of Jesus’ coming and this is why Christianity must restore and establish the victorious realms in both the spirit world and on earth and inherit he realm of the archangel. That is the mission of Christianity. Because there has been no substantial perfection in Christianity, only spiritual perfection, Christianity emerged placing prime importance on the spirit world.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 180

    Who is the one who represents this historic mission? He is the one called the Savior and the Messiah. As one who saves, what does he save? He does not save the body, but fulfills the hope of ideal love for us.
    Then, what does he have to do? What kind of person does the Messiah have to be in order to fulfill our hopes? Surely, he has to come as the True Parent. The Messiah must come as the True Parent. Christianity believes in Jesus as the Mesiah and Savior. What does he have to do order to come as the True Parent? He cannot do it alone. He must come as a man representing the True Parent.

Prayer at the Declaration of God’s Eternal Blessing

True Father Sun Myung Moon July 1, 1991
Chil Il Jeol: 7.1. Day Hannam-dong Residence, Seoul, Korea

Beloved Heavenly Father! Today is July 1, 1991. We understand that the year 1991 is the very last crucial moment in the dispensational transition period. From the very first day of this year until the end of June, we have persevered through many complications and difficulties, and are now finally entering the month of July. Now that the first half of 1991 has passed, we understand that the second half of this year is the time in your providential history when we can reach the summit of new hope to enter the world of freedom and peace in Your kingdom. Now, the resentments caused by the North-South division of the Korean peninsula and all the suffering and struggle brought about by East- West complications have all been dissolved by the True Parents. All historical conflicts sown by the false parents have been victoriously overcome by the True Parents, and the era has arrived in which the communist and free worlds, and North and South Korea, can unify. Heavenly Father! Thank you for allowing me to perform the Declaration Ceremony of God’s Eternal Blessing on this day, bringing to a culmination the sacrificial effort You have offered, together with everything representing Your providential history, and thus celebrate together this day of victory, liberation and glory. The overall meaning of providential history dictates that without having fulfilled the mission of tribal messiah, one’s family and nation cannot be connected to the providence. We are so grateful to be able to
welcome this day on which we can declare ourselves to be tribal messiahs. We are truly grateful that as of
this day we are free to proclaim ourselves as the kindred of the True Parents.

We are thankful that you protected each of our courses of faith up to this point, and that as of this day, July 1, 1991; we are finally able to eliminate the grievous course of historical indemnity. We are aware that now is the time of declaration to reclaim the liberated world of original nature. This world will emerge when the left and right wings unite and when North and South Korea, plus the religious realm and the political realm inherit right of kingship in the parental realm, attending the Creator God and the horizontal True Parents who are the original parents. We should not stop there, however; centering upon the true love of original nature, we should fulfill the obligations of true love, which is the center for the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and the whole universe. We understand that by so doing, we must become the foundation for the families living on earth who are the representatives of Your kingdom as originally intended. This is the absolute purpose and goal following the one absolute direction. In order to bring this to pass, we have been issued the order to advance and carry out this solemn task, which means breaking through in the local neighborhood activities (tong-ban gyeokpa). With this in mind as the final destination, all of us should realize that from the first of July we are entering a new era of world history when we should march forward in full force to save our families and our tribes. Moreover, I have designated this day, the first day of July, to be the one on which we can apply and declare ourselves to be tribal messiahs across the world. All those who have applied to become tribal messiahs should not look to one side or look back, but, rather, follow the destiny You have given them directly and fulfill their missions as Blessed Families. This is to first restore and establish in their families the standards of the right of the eldest son, right of the parent and right of kingship that were lost by Adam and Eve, and then firmly establish a victorious legacy that no one, not even Satan, can affect in any way. Please help us to never forget that such is the mission given for each Blessed Family to fulfill. In Your presence, there is no free world or communist world, no South or North, and no Satan. I declare in the name of the True Parents to both the spiritual and the physical worlds that all the works of evil will be cleared away and buried forever alongside fallen history, and that Your victorious and liberated kingdom will be established on earth. I therefore beseech You to let us become a shield for all generations
to come. I proclaim this in the name of the True Parents at this time on this day of the first of July! Amen!
I proclaim this in the name of the True Parents! Amen! I proclaim this in the name of the True Parents!
Amen! Amen! Amen!

The Marriage of Adam and Eve Is God’s Marriage

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2063

We should do Tong-ban breakthrough activities, do you understand? In your village, if you think about the people according to each clan, and you have one hundred homes, how many ban (home neighborhoods) does that make? Only by going down to the ban will you move a Mr. Lee of the Lee clan, or a Mr. Pak of the Pak clan. In this way you can move everyone in the area. Since it was in the family that the seeds were sown incorrectly which led to its ruin, it is in the family that you must harvest the results and make a heavenly family that can prosper. Your destiny rests in fulfilling this. Let’s bring this matter to a closing point. (210-291, 1990.12.25)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1124

    Until now, people have not understood their portion of responsibility and so have not understood the twists and turns of the past. Why were good people sacrificed while things went well for evil people? If you look at history, why is it that dictators ruled the world, while even when a good king did emerge he was not able to unite the world? Only the dreams of unifying the world that dictators have advocated are recorded. That is because this is Satan’s world.
    Because the realm of the human portion of responsibility was invaded, even if we look at all humanity, at all the people in the earthly world, and even at all the ancestors who were here and who went to the spirit world, there has not been a single person who could fulfill this portion of responsibility. This can be understood through the Principle. I did not just randomly put these concepts together. If we do not understand the issue of human responsibility, we cannot resolve all the complications of history. Why has history been one of war? Through the fulfillment of the portion of responsibility, conditions of goodness can overcome the conditions of the evil world. We must carry on the fight, grappling with those who have become part of the fallen satanic world. That is why history reflects the conflict between good and evil. (137-266, 1986.1.3)

Principle of Creation

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The Universal Family Stems from God’s Ideal of Creation

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2044

The local breakthrough movement that we are unfolding is not for a political purpose, but is our effort to make sure that there is a system of thought and a structure that can correspond to the time of the unification of North and South Korea. The Communist party moves with a structure, so let’s prepare our position to be well matched with theirs. (Unification of North and South Korea – 664)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1206

The way of restoration is the way by which people return to their original state, and therefore one cannot go this way without setting indemnity conditions. Indemnity conditions must be set by a man, not by God. If a person is sick, he must take medication in order to recover, even if the medicine tastes bitter and he does not like it. Good medicine tastes bitter. Something bitter becomes a truly good medicine. Setting indemnity conditions is difficult, like taking bitter medicine. However, unless indemnity conditions are set, restoration can never be accomplished. The way of salvation is the way of indemnification and restoration. Indemnity means going the route opposite to that of the Fall. It means going the reverse way. (92-254, 1977.4.18) Emphasis added.

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

Family Pledge

Family Pledge Verse 3

i. 천일국 주인 우리 가정은 참사랑을 중심하고
ii. 사대심정권과
iii. 삼대왕권과
iv. 황족권을 완성할 것을 맹세하나이다.

Family Pledge Verse 3

i. Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk,
ii. pledges to perfect the Four Great Realms of Heart,
iii. the Three Great* Kingships,
iv. and the Realm of the Royal Family, by centering on
true love.

* For the word translated as “Great,” True Father used the Chinese
character “dae” which means Generation.

Family Pledge Verse 4

i. 천일국 주인 우리 가정은 참사랑을 중심하고
ii. 하나님의 창조이상인
iii. 천주 대가족을 형성하여
iv. 자유와 평화와 통일과 행복의 세계를
완성할 것을 맹세하나이다.

Family Pledge Verse 4

i. Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk,
ii. pledges to build the universal family encompassing
heaven and earth,
iii. which is God’s ideal of creation,
iv. and perfect the world of freedom, peace, unity and
happiness, by centering on true love.