Participate in the Self-Restoration Movement

Rev. 5:12

11 As I looked, I heard the voices of a lot of angels around the throne and the voices of the living creatures and of the elders. There were millions and millions of them, 12 and they were saying in a loud voice,

“The Lamb who was killed
    is worthy to receive power,
riches, wisdom, strength,
    honor, glory, and praise.”

13 Then I heard all beings in heaven and on the earth and under the earth and in the sea offer praise. Together, all of them were saying,

“Praise, honor, glory,
and strength
    forever and ever
to the one who sits
on the throne
    and to the Lamb!”

14 The four living creatures said “Amen,” while the elders knelt down and worshiped.

Psalm 30

I will praise you, Lord!
    You saved me from the grave
    and kept my enemies
    from celebrating my death.
I prayed to you, Lord God,
    and you healed me,
    saving me from death
    and the grave.

The World of Ideology Which We Seek

Sun Myung Moon
May 4, 1958

When we think about ourselves, we who must march toward this goal, where did the existence called “I” come from? From whence did he come and where is he headed? How far does he have to go? These are the problems we must resolve without fail. Continue reading “Participate in the Self-Restoration Movement”

Toil in Place of Jesus

Deuteronomy 14

24 But suppose you can’t carry that ten percent of your harvest to the place where the Lord chooses to be worshiped. If you live too far away, or if the Lord gives you a big harvest, 25 then sell this part and take the money there instead. 

Matthew 18

15 If one of my followers[b] sins against you, go and point out what was wrong. But do it in private, just between the two of you. If that person listens, you have won back a follower. 16 But if that one refuses to listen, take along one or two others. The Scriptures teach that every complaint must be proven true by two or more witnesses. 17 If the follower refuses to listen to them, report the matter to the church. Anyone who refuses to listen to the church must be treated like an unbeliever or a tax collector.[c]

Who Will Eliminate the Debt of 6,000 Years?

Sun Myung Moon
April 28, 1958

You have toiled, up to this point, for the sake of your own salvation, not for the sake of God. There has been no one to date who completely indemnified his sin and about whom God could feel happy. What kind of person will he be who can comfort God by having indemnified all of his historical debt? He will be a person who toils of his own accord while belonging to the realm of the goodness of Heaven. He will not let the Father be concerned over his sin. In that sense, the more such vanguards of the new era emerge amongst the people of a nation, toiling for the sake of the will of Heaven, the better chance the people of that nation will have to take possession of Heaven’s ideology of absolute authority and educate the world.

Although Jesus went through the path of crucifixion to fulfill the will of salvation, he could not comfort God completely and succeed in fulfilling the will of total salvation. For that reason, we who are faced with the last days have to attain that while we wear this physical body.

Jesus wishes the faithful believers of the last days to seek and attain the level of such a heartistic standard. He also wishes them to become people who can toil in his place. You must know that only when you become such people will you, for the first time, be able to stand before Heaven as the qualified ones who have indemnified all debts incurred throughout history. Jesus left without being able to say everything he wanted to say after coming to this earth. Jesus said,

“I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.”
(John 16:12)

Today, in this transitional period in history, Heaven wishes to see people emerge who can, not only indemnify such an enormous debt as this, but bless the individual with God. Filled with delight and happiness, holding hands, they can bless the denomination, the people of the nation and the humanity of the world. Going further, they can bless the many spiritual beings in the spirit world. You must know this clearly.

Accordingly, you must now realize that you, the infinitesimal beings of today, have such an enormous connection with Heaven. You must also know that each of you must become a person who has the confidence to step forth as the one sacrificial being who has cleared away all the debt left before Heaven and earth. You then will meet the requirements of having indemnified all historical debts for the first time.


Persue the Cosmic Heavenly Kingdom Ideology

1 Cor 9

Are we the only ones who have to support ourselves by working at another job? Do soldiers pay their own salaries? Don’t people who raise grapes eat some of what they grow? Don’t shepherds get milk from their own goats?

1 Kings 1

Solomon answered, “If Adonijah doesn’t cause any trouble, I won’t hurt him. But if he does, I’ll have him killed.” 53 Then he sent someone to the altar to get Adonijah.

After Adonijah came and bowed down, Solomon said, “Adonijah, go home.”

Who Will Eliminate the Debt of 6,000 Years?

Sun Myung Moon
April 28, 1958

Jesus prayed at Gethsemane, “not as I will, but as thou wilt” (Matthew 26:39) The “will” in this case included not only the ideology of the past, the present and the future; it also included the ideology of the creation.

Whenever an individual tried to stop Jesus from giving, he would cut that individual off. Whenever a family tried to stop him, he would cut off that family. If society stopped him, he cut off that society. If the state stopped him, he cut off that state. Accordingly, when the time comes when Jesus wishes to give for the sake of Heaven and earth and there happens to be something that stops him from doing it, he will cut that off.

We have stepped forth indemnifying the comprehensive will of Heaven today, hoping for the world of the ideology of Heaven. As Heaven has raised us up and loved us for 6,000 years, we must become people who possess such a mind also. We must remember that Heaven wishes each of us to become such a person.

The principle of the world is the law of give and take. Accordingly, the people of a nation who cares for the world will govern the world. When you come to the end of your life, in that fatal hour, what kind of word will you leave behind before you die? Dying on the cross after having been crucified and hounded as a heretical ringleader, Jesus said, “It is finished.” (John 19:30) As Jesus fought with Satan at the risk of his life, he worried about the people of the world. Accordingly, each of you should become a person who can pray on the day you breathe your last breath, “Father, it is finished.”

What kind of person will Jesus seek on this earth? He is seeking one leading character who will inherit his mission, crying out, “Father! Jesus!” who can say, “It is finished.” We should open our minds and become people who do not worry for the sake of today’s people of this nation, but for the sake of tomorrow’s people of this nation. We should step forth as people who worry not for the sake of today’s world, but for the sake of tomorrow’s world. We must go a step ahead.

What is the reason? Since we have come to know the will of Heaven ahead of others, we should seek the one worldwide ideology that men on earth do not know. Accordingly, one figure has to appear who can have such a mind and step ahead, surmounting the reality. Only when he can indemnify the realistic sorrow of Heaven and tread over all things that are historically inconsistent will he be able to set up the conditions to indemnify all the perplexities of history and liquidate them. For that reason, once you penetrate the mysteries, you will come to realize that Jesus in Heaven is envious of the faithful believers of the last days. The billions of believers in the spirit world, including God, are envious of them. Besides that, this land and all human beings in the course of history are searching for this kind of person, transcending time and place.

Therefore, you must now discern if this is the time for the providential dispensation for the world or for the individual or for the people of a nation. You must also discern if it is time to live for your own sake or for the sake of something else. When you can live pursuing the cosmic heavenly kingdom ideology beyond the world and you call for God, God will then bestow the blessing of the whole world upon you. Yet because they have not scaled the hill of creating a new world, making great strides, human beings today are still under the control of history and the habitual environment leading to the present.

Who has the courage to cross over that? We do not mind walking the path of crucifixion, the path of tribulation. We should go over any kind of path. We should cross the path that Jesus Christ left, the last path of Golgotha, without dying. You should not become a person like Mary Magdalene, who was rejected when she tried to seize the resurrected Jesus. If there had been one person who could guide the way, clinging onto Jesus at the time, if there had been one true disciple on earth, we would not have found the Bible so difficult to understand. We would not have struggled in the unknown world of faith.

Center on Heaven’s Ideology

Exodus 16

19 Moses told them not to keep any overnight. 20 Some of them disobeyed, but the next morning what they kept was stinking and full of worms, and Moses was angry.

Mark 14

27 Jesus said to his disciples, “All of you will reject me, as the Scriptures say,

‘I will strike down
    the shepherd,
and the sheep
    will be scattered.’

28 But after I am raised to life, I will go ahead of you to Galilee.”

29 Peter spoke up, “Even if all the others reject you, I never will!”

30 Jesus replied, “This very night before a rooster crows twice, you will say three times that you don’t know me.”

Who Will Eliminate the Debt of 6,000 Years?

Sun Myung Moon
April 28, 1958

Who is responsible for the future? It is each of you today. God cannot be responsible. If God had been able to take responsibility, the long period of 6,000 years would not have been necessary. God does not carry out the responsibility and mission fully. We must carry them out today.

For that reason, Jesus came to this earth representing humankind. Centering on the soul and body, he had to liquidate all the debts of 4,000 years of history. There was not to be any debt subject to the ridicule of Satan after the time of Jesus. However, since Jesus died without being able to fulfill the will, many human beings have inherited that debt again as an unpaid burden. As you look back on this, you must realize that Jesus could not lift up his head before God and has built an altar of atonement, praying. Continue reading “Center on Heaven’s Ideology”

No One Understood the Grieving Heart of Jesus

1 John 5

16 Suppose you see one of our people commit a sin that isn’t a deadly sin. You can pray, and that person will be given eternal life. But the sin must not be one that is deadly. 17 Everything that is wrong is sin, but not all sins are deadly.

Psalm 74

Our God, why have you
    completely rejected us?
    Why are you so angry
    with the ones you care for?
Remember the people
    you rescued long ago,
    the tribe you chose
    to be your very own.

Who Will Eliminate the Debt of 6,000 Years?

Sun Myung Moon
April 28, 1958

For that reason, though Jesus spoke for that era, he also spoke for all the people who had come and gone in the history of 4,000 years, billions of spirit people. The word that Jesus transmitted was the word for the descendants of countless numbers of generations throughout eternity in the future. Jesus spoke the word with such a conviction. Continue reading “No One Understood the Grieving Heart of Jesus”

Jesus Stepped forward to Clear Away all Historical Debt

Proverbs 6

But they will be struck
by sudden disaster
    and left without a hope. 

16 There are six or seven
kinds of people
    the Lord doesn’t like:
17 Those who are too proud
    or tell lies or murder,
18     those who make evil plans
    or are quick to do wrong,
19 those who tell lies in court
    or stir up trouble
    in a family.

Psalm 119

Our Lord, you are eternal!
    Your word will last as long
    as the heavens.[b]
90 You remain faithful
    in every generation,
    and the earth you created
    will keep standing firm.
91 All things are your servants,
    and the laws you made
    are still in effect today.

Who Will Eliminate the Debt of 6,000 Years?
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
April 28, 1958

Today, you neither know nor realize that you must pay off the debt you are carrying. However, to let humankind clear off the debt they bear and be able to move forward in one direction, God, the Creator of humankind, has unfolded a providence throughout the long course of history. He has done this though humankind does not think of or even dream of having such a concern. If you come to understand God’s providential dispensation as such, you should examine yourself in a probing manner to determine with what attitude of mind you should express your appreciation. Continue reading “Jesus Stepped forward to Clear Away all Historical Debt”

We are Indebted to our Parents, the Land and God

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Acts 20

20 When the riot was over, Paul sent for the followers and encouraged them. He then told them good-by and left for Macedonia. As he traveled from place to place, he encouraged the followers with many messages. Finally, he went to Greece[a] and stayed there for three months.

Psalm 19

The Lord’s instruction is right;
    it makes our hearts glad.
His commands shine brightly,
    and they give us light.

Who Will Eliminate the Debt of 6,000 Years?
Sun Myung Moon
April 28, 1958

Matthew 18: 15-35

When Someone Sins

15 If one of my followers[a] sins against you, go and point out what was wrong. But do it in private, just between the two of you. If that person listens, you have won back a follower. 16 But if that one refuses to listen, take along one or two others. The Scriptures teach that every complaint must be proven true by two or more witnesses. 17 If the follower refuses to listen to them, report the matter to the church. Anyone who refuses to listen to the church must be treated like an unbeliever or a tax collector.[b]

Allowing and Not Allowing

18 I promise you that God in heaven will allow whatever you allow on earth, but he will not allow anything you don’t allow. 19 I promise that when any two of you on earth agree about something you are praying for, my Father in heaven will do it for you. 20 Whenever two or three of you come together in my name,[c] I am there with you.

An Official Who Refused To Forgive

21 Peter came up to the Lord and asked, “How many times should I forgive someone[d] who does something wrong to me? Is seven times enough?”

22 Jesus answered:

Not just seven times, but seventy-seven times![e] 23 This story will show you what the kingdom of heaven is like:

One day a king decided to call in his officials and ask them to give an account of what they owed him. 24 As he was doing this, one official was brought in who owed him fifty million silver coins. 25 But he didn’t have any money to pay what he owed. The king ordered him to be sold, along with his wife and children and all he owned, in order to pay the debt.

26 The official got down on his knees and began begging, “Have pity on me, and I will pay you every cent I owe!” 27 The king felt sorry for him and let him go free. He even told the official that he did not have to pay back the money.

28 As the official was leaving, he happened to meet another official, who owed him a hundred silver coins. So he grabbed the man by the throat. He started choking him and said, “Pay me what you owe!”

29 The man got down on his knees and began begging, “Have pity on me, and I will pay you back.” 30 But the first official refused to have pity. Instead, he went and had the other official put in jail until he could pay what he owed.

31 When some other officials found out what had happened, they felt sorry for the man who had been put in jail. Then they told the king what had happened. 32 The king called the first official back in and said, “You’re an evil man! When you begged for mercy, I said you did not have to pay back a cent. 33 Don’t you think you should show pity to someone else, as I did to you?” 34 The king was so angry that he ordered the official to be tortured until he could pay back everything he owed. 35 That is how my Father in heaven will treat you, if you don’t forgive each of my followers with all your heart.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

There should come a time when you feel you are carrying a historical debt within yourselves. When we are born on earth, we first receive the blood and flesh of our parents. After that, our lives are benefited by the earth. Going further than that, in our minds, we begin to realize that eternal Heaven has formed a connection with us and has protected our lives thus far.

Although people of all sorts and conditions appear outwardly to be in a happy position, why are they unable to feel happiness in reality? The cause resides not in those people themselves. It is because they have a reciprocal relationship with something, yet are not able to comprehend it. Continue reading “We are Indebted to our Parents, the Land and God”

Carry out the Task of Jesus as Historical People

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CSG 2449

3.2. The Three Great Kingships
3.2.1. The Three Great Kingships
are the basic framework of the ideal
of creation
Originally, if Adam achieves per-
fection the father of the heavenly king-
dom also achieves perfection, and if Eve
achieves perfection, the mother of the
heavenly kingdom is likewise perfected.
If they become the owners of the family,
the kingship of the heavenly kingdom
on the family level will emerge. There-
fore, Adam and Eve are to become the
King and Queen of the individual level,
of the family level, tribal level, national
level and world level. (201-130, 1990.3.27)

Isaiah 52

What a beautiful sight!
On the mountains a messenger
    announces to Jerusalem,
“Good news! You’re saved.
There will be peace.
    Your God is now King.”
Everyone on guard duty,
    sing and celebrate!
Look! You can see the Lord
    returning to Zion.
Jerusalem, rise from the ruins!
    Join in the singing.
The Lord has given comfort
to his people;
    he comes to your rescue.
10 The Lord has shown all nations
    his mighty strength;
now everyone will see
    the saving power of our God.

Let Us Become the True Sons God Wants
Sun Myung Moon
April 20, 1958

Although the toilsome efforts you have made until now have been to attain your own salvation, they are not what God can rejoice over. There has not been even one person among the historical figures of the satanic world who has toiled in such a way that God could rejoice over it.

What kind of person can indemnify all the historical debts, alleviate the grief of God and comfort Him? They are probably the spearheads of the new history who can say that in all their actions they have worked only for the sake of the will of goodness inside the realm of Heaven.

The nation that has many such people will be able to possess the ideology of God’s almighty power and dominate the world.

Although Jesus walked the path of the cross for the sake of saving humanity, he has never realized the will of salvation, comforted God and rejoiced with Him. We in the last days must accomplish this while we possess our physical bodies.

What does Jesus yearn for from the faithful believers of the last days? He wants us to become the people who can go seeking the internal heavenly standard and comfort God, who has been comforting us for 6,000 years. He wants us to become the people who can work for Jesus, who has been toiling for the sake of humanity for 2,000 years. You have to understand that only when you become such people can you finally stand confidently before Heaven as the worthy ones who have paid indemnity for all the debts owed to Heaven.

Jesus could not speak all he wanted when he came to the earth. This is why he said, “I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.” (John 16:12)

Therefore, in this period of historical transition, God wishes for the emergence of true people who can pay indemnity for the great debt of the whole and who can give the blessing to the humanity of the world from a position of joy and glory. God wishes for those who can bring the blessing to this people, bring the blessing to this church, and bring the blessing to individuals. Further, they must bless the countless spirits in the spirit world.

Accordingly, you must realize now that you, such an extremely small person, have this great karma. You must become the people who can step forward as a unified sacrifice before Heaven and earth. Only then can you finally become the people who have set the condition of having paid indemnity for all the historical debts. You must keep this in mind.



Create the Second Ideology of Goodness

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CSG 1283

The individual perfection we speak
of today is not the absolute and com-
plete perfection of the individual. It is
conditional. You must understand that
this perfection is a conditional perfec-
tion in the process of restoration. That
is why, though they stand in the posi-
tion of parents, they do not truly know
about God’s realm of heart. They have
not experienced the great power of lov-
ing each other so much that the hus-
band cannot give up his wife and the
wife cannot give up her husband even in
exchange for the universe. The love they
share is so strong that it can hold heaven
and earth together.
That is why those families who have
received the Blessing must bear in mind
that until they cross over from this fall-
en realm, they are only in the realm of
conditional perfection. They are not in
the realm of the perfected Kingdom of
Heaven. Since they are only living in that
conditional realm of perfection, once
they pass on to the spirit world, they
need to go through certain formalities.
Only after they go through due formali-
ties and reach complete perfection can
they receive their passports and enter
the Kingdom of Heaven. (100-144, 1978.10.9)

CSG 1567

The democratic era of today is to do
with a philosophy of brotherhood. In
relation to the Principle, this age is cen-
tered on Cain and Abel; the Principle
corresponds word for word. Cain will
have everything in his possession tak-
en away by God in the end. Already he
has been deprived of his head and body.
Now, with nowhere to go, he is trying
to take over the democratic world cen-
tering on the proletariat. However, he
is not having much success. With the
coming of autumn, fruits have begun
to ripen on the trees, but with no one to
harvest them, they are being left to rot.
Soon, his side will dwindle into noth-
ingness. It is all about the restoration of
brotherhood. The purpose of the phi-
losophy of brotherhood is to find the
true Adam. This work has been long in
its undertaking. (205-178, 1990.9.1)

Let Us Become the True Sons God Wants
Sun Myung Moon
April 20, 1958

Jesus could assert his internal ideology through his path of suffering throughout the thirty-odd years of his life on earth. Yet in the dimension of daily life, he could not fully rectify goodness. Confronting evil in the satanic world, he introduced the notion of goodness through the sacrifice of indemnity. Nonetheless, because no true man has emerged, Jesus has been praying in Paradise until this moment for the sake of fighting evil. Please do not boast that you have accomplished something. Although the good that you have performed can serve as a condition to indemnify evil, it cannot become the eternal foundation for the goodness of the world. No matter what kind of authority you wield or what kind of position you occupy in the world, you will not be able to boast. Continue reading “Create the Second Ideology of Goodness”

God’s Great Indignation

We successfully concluded the STAR Interfaith Leadership Training Conference!  Thank you for your prayers and participation.  Here is a picture:

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Galatians 5

22 God’s Spirit makes us loving, happy, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, 23 gentle, and self-controlled. There is no law against behaving in any of these ways. 24 And because we belong to Christ Jesus, we have killed our selfish feelings and desires. 25 God’s Spirit has given us life, and so we should follow the Spirit. 26 But don’t be conceited or make others jealous by claiming to be better than they are.

Psalm 94

When I felt my feet slipping,
    you came with your love
    and kept me steady.
19 And when I was burdened
    with worries,
    you comforted me
    and made me feel secure.
20 But you are opposed
    to dishonest lawmakers
21     who gang up to murder
    innocent victims.

22 You, Lord God, are my fortress,
    that mighty rock[b]
    where I am safe.
23 You will pay back my enemies,
    and you will wipe them out
    for the evil they did.

Richard:  This could well apply to the Merck company and their production and promotion of harmful vaccines and other drugs, too.  Watch this interview with Dr. Chanda Adkins of West Virginians for Health Freedom:

Let Us Become the True Sons God Wants
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
April 20, 1958


When we pioneer the ideology that can bring joy to everyone in the sinful world in which we live, God performs His works. What must we, who were created by God, do to remain inside the heart of God? It is possible only when we unite our minds and bodies, can assert ourselves before God and emerge as the ones who have perfected the blessing given to Adam. In other words, we must be in harmony with God as a second Adam figure. If you cannot accomplish this, you cannot forge a relationship of heart with God. Continue reading “God’s Great Indignation”