The Separation of Powers Is a Structure of the Ideal World

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 103

    Human beings need to be in parent-child relationships, husband-wife relationships, and brother-sister relationships. In other words, these three relationships must meet at one point. There is one central point. The central points for above and below, left and right, and front and back should not be separate. If the central points are different, the balance between the relationships of above and below, left and right, and front and back will be shattered.
    Eventually, therefore, the positions of above and below, left and right, and front and back, together with the one central point, form the number seven. Forming the number seven means to become one with God through perfect true love and to form a family in which everything becomes a perfect sphere and achieves harmony and unification. (299-114, 1999.2.7)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 487

Why do you feel good when you see your beloved wife? When you are alone, you cannot stand in the position in which you are supported by the spherical four directions of the universe. But with your spouse, you make a horizontal love relationship where you have give and take with her and establish a position where you can contact the vertical power of the universe. Thus, the one who has a spouse becomes infinitely happy through the supportive power of the universe. This is why when you see your beloved wife, your entire mind becomes focused and you cannot see anything but her. So you dance and sing with her, spinning round together. Why do you dance, sing and rejoice? To expand the realm of support. (Blessed Family – 901)
Richard:  Wow!  What a beautiful description of marriage.

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Principle of Restoration

The Period of Preparation for the Second Coming of Christ

The third sub-period of the period for the preparation for the second coming of Christ is the period of maturation of politics, economy and ideology.  This period lasted for 130 years, starting from the time of the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution in England until the end of the First World War (1789-1918). 
The French revolution exemplified Cain-type democracy which was the foundation for communism.  When Christians fought absolutist forces in England and the United States in pursuit of freedom of religion, this formed abel-type liberal democracy.
The separation of powers is an important concept of democracy.  The structure of the ideal society is similar to the structure of the human body, where the stomach, heart and lungs all have different, but related functions, centered on the brain. 
The Industrial Revolution that began in England arose in order to restore a living environment suitable for an ideal society. 
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2 thoughts on “The Separation of Powers Is a Structure of the Ideal World”

  1. Richard,

    Thank you so much for your posts. Thank you for your commitment to convey Father’s Word to us.

    Just a comment about the separation of powers—there was never meant to be a separation of powers. And as far as democracy goes, it was never God’s plan. God wanted a monarchy…Kingship. Unfortunately, because all the kings were fallen self-centered kings who kept the blessing for themselves, the people revolted and democracy sprang into existence. Private ownership — one of the key points of democracy is the bane of God’s ideology. Father abhored private ownership. Everything is public—created for the sake of creating love. IOWs, for others. Keeping the blessing — taking things and using things for myself is a sin…and TF was pretty clear about that. The owner of love is the partner…all things was supposed to be used to create love centered on the partner. Democracy is a very self-centered ideology—centered on individual rights…and was the alternative to communism. However, Father promoted Godism — centered on the whole purpose. By centering on the whole purpose, the individual is automatically taken care of. By focusing on the individual, it will never fulfill the whole purpose.

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