There Are Three Stages of Life

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Huge Win For Parental Rights-Court Mandates Religious Vaccination Exemptions in Mississippi

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2233

God created heaven and earth, not just to see human beings, but for the sake of love. God cannot possess love by Himself, nor can He feel it on His own. Certainly, He contains love, but He cannot experience the kind of love that overflows with the joy of being in perfect harmony all by Himself. No matter how beautiful a flower may be, it must give off a fragrance; no matter how sweet its fragrance is, the wind must blow for that fragrance to be spread about. So, as the flower needs the wind, God, too, needs an object partner who will stimulate Him. (210-223, 1990.12.23)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1309

What is the responsibility of the 36 Couples? They are to act as a shield against accusation that has resulted from all the mistakes of past history and up until this time. In other words, they must become the perfect protective fence that can block Satan out completely. That is why these families should practice the new tradition and ideology, which are completely separated from Satan. Centering on these traditions, the 72 Couples and 120 couples must expand. Considering all this, you should realize how important the responsibility of the 36 Couples is. (28-60, 1970.1.3)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

Principle of Creation

For today’s study, please view slides 152 to 155 below about the growing period and the human portion of responsibility.
The spirit only grows and only receives either good or bad vitality elements while a person has a body on earth. The spirit is like the fruit and the body is like the tree. See the study below, pages 152 to 155.

How Did the Devil Bring About the Fall?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 867

When you are in the spirit world, do you think that you have to urinate or not? Why don’t you go there and find out? I can tell you that you will have to urinate, even in the spirit world. However, those who disagree should go there and find out for themselves. Then what about bowel movements? Do you think we do that there or not? You do everything there, but it will immediately return to the elements. Scientists say that there are 107 basic elements in the universe, although the number is constantly increasing. Anyhow, urine and feces will return to their elements. That is why you do not have to wash in the spirit world. If you wave your hands with the heart of love, everything will go back to its original place. If you ask something with a heart of love, it will come out. With the heart of love, the mobilization of all kinds of things is possible. (212-30, 1991.1.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1261

How did the devil bring about the Fall? Through the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Where did they cover themselves after eating the fruit? Did they cover up their mouths or their hands? Didn’t they cover up the sexual parts of their bodies? This became the seed that sowed evil. They fell before they had fully matured, while they were still adolescents. As the lineage of humankind in world history stemmed form this act, in the Last Days the phenomenon of such relationships will thrive. The time will come, that, across the world, young people destroy the ethics of love. They will hide in the shadows, just like Adam and Eve, and have no fear of heaven. That will be the time when the era of Satan’s worldwide dominion will come to the earth. That is when we will be faced with the iron hammer of God. (200-227, 1990.2.25)
Richard: I would say that we are experincing this right now. I explained in Saturday’s Forum that we need to have a parent-driven grassroots movement to teach sexual abstinence before marriage to our youth. I also said that we need to understand the Unification Principle.

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

Principle of Creation

For today’s study, please view slides 8 to 11 below.

“I Am Acting on Behalf of God”

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1470

Where is the righteous path in life?
From where did human beings origi-
nate? They were born from love; then
what path should they follow in life?
It is that of love. For what should they
die? The logical conclusion is love. What
kind of love is that? It is that which can
be welcomed by the macrocosm, not just
the microcosm. The purpose of life can
be perceived as originating in the heart
of the macrocosm and approved by God,
the angelic world, all creation, all peo-
ple, and our parents. That purpose is to
live in the universe, to love in it, and to
die in it. (83-164, 1976.2.8)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1265

What do true parents signify? They
are the symbol of hope for everyone.
They are the absolute symbol of hope for
fallen humankind. They are the fruit of
past history, the center of this era, and
the starting point of the future of hope
which connects to the world we live in
today. (35-236, 1970.10.19)

Richard: Learn more about True Parents.

Uniting Heaven and Earth

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

God created human beings to live both in the spirit world and on earth through the harmony of spirit and flesh. God, who is spirit, communicates with the human spirit; the human spirit communicates with the flesh; and through this harmony of spirit and flesh a person attains dominion over the creation. This is the Principle of Creation. (2:80, March 3, 1957)
The spirit world transcends time and space. Hence, if we are united in our mind and body, if our mind and body are in resonance, we can experience telepathy. It is like tuning our radio to a certain frequency; then we can hear the sound.
    In that state of resonance, when you desire to go somewhere, you will be taken there in spirit. If you want to see someone, that individual will appear instantaneously before your eyes. If you are close to that person, he or she will appear with a friendly appearance, but if you have a hostile relationship, he or she will appear as an enemy. Regardless, the vision will be something unforgettable. (187:311, February 12, 1989)
God began His creation from His own essence, investing for the sake of love, investing repeatedly and forgetting what He had invested. Therefore, if God’s partner is to receive it, he must likewise invest and forget. Thus there is investing from above and also from below. In this way, heaven and earth join together harmoniously and become one. They become one centering on the love that can embrace and move heaven and earth. This generates great power. (237:130, November 13, 1992)
The universe does not of itself have internal sensibility toward God. Hence, God does not govern the universe directly. Rather, God endowed human beings with sensibilities to all things in the universe and gave them the mandate to rule over the universe directly. God created the human body with elements from the physical world—such as water, clay and air—to allow us to perceive and govern it. To make it possible for us to perceive and govern the spirit world, God created our spirits with the same spiritual elements that compose the spirit world… Human beings, composed of flesh which can dominate the physical world and spirit which can dominate the spirit world, likewise have the potential to rule both worlds.
    God created human beings to be the mediator and the center of harmony of the cosmos. When a person’s flesh and spirit unite through give and take action and become God’s substantial object partner, the physical world and spirit world can also begin give and take action with that person as their center. They thus achieve harmonious integration to construct a cosmos that is responsive to God. Like the air that enables two tuning forks to resonate with each other, a true person acts as the mediator and center of harmony between the two worlds.
    However, due to the human Fall, the universe has lost its master. St. Paul wrote, “the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God” (Rom. 8.19) —that is, people who have been restored to the original state. Tragically, with the Fall of human beings, who should have served as the center of universal harmony, the give and take between the physical and spiritual worlds was severed. The two worlds have been rendered utterly unable to achieve integration and harmony. Since they remain divided, Paul continued, “the whole creation has been groaning in travail.” (Rom. 8:22) (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Creation 6.2)
The spirit world and the physical world should be united by true love. Yet because true love did not appear, the spirit world and physical world were not united; because true love did not appear, the mind and the body of each individual were divided; and because true love was not erected, religions and politics were separated.
    Through true love, all can be united. Through true love, individuals, families, societies, nations, the world and cosmos can be connected. We must make it happen. Otherwise, we cannot inherit the original Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world and on earth. (216:105-06, March 9, 1991)
If there is a man who can gain dominion over Satan, he can liberate both the spirit world and the physical world. (161:243; February 22, 1987)
You should be able to mobilize the spirit world. However, when you reach such spirituality, you will face things that are difficult for you to handle. In that situation, your attitude should be, “I am acting on behalf of God.” It is not enough for you to do things by your own power; the question is how you can mobilize the spirit world, and carry out your mission in multi-dimensional ways. (102:117, November 27, 1978)
There are people in this world who can perform wondrous feats. Some can fly through the air. Some can walk on water. Some can travel thousands of miles in an instant. Soon the day will come when I will summon them from the Himalayas and other places where they are pursuing the path to enlightenment. (60:195, August 17, 1972)
To restore the physical world and spirit world means to bring them back to their original state. It may cost me 70 to 80 years of my life to restore both the earthly world and the spirit world. I could have become a successful businessman, yet there is no greater business than this. I have spent my entire youth trying to accomplish it. (15:146, October 3, 1965)
Without unifying the spirit world, it is impossible to bring unity on the earth. If unity is not attained on earth, oneness will also not be found in the spirit world. They share a common destiny.
    It is a very good thing that Western people are marrying Asians and Asians marrying Westerners. When their ancestors look down from the spirit world, how pleased they are! Why? In the spirit world, white people have clustered only among white people, black people dwelt among other blacks, [and yellow people lived only with others of the yellow race]. The spirit world has been all divided, therefore on earth the races have been in conflict continually. But because earthly people are now marrying interracially, those in the spirit world are being softened up to the idea of becoming one, and unification is proceeding there. All are being unified, making one world. Like the prayer, “Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven,” because this is happening in the spirit world, even more of the same will occur on the earth. (99:188, September 18, 1978)

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Interview with John King-Independent Candidate for Sheriff-Jefferson County WV

The Richard Urban Show #52
Why Abstinence Matters – Interview with Kuku Miriam Afanga

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1755

When you actually stop to think
about it, you thought that treasures were
stored up there in heaven. But it turns
out that you had treasures all along in
your bodies. You came to understand
that the original palace is a part of your
body. Aren’t the love organs the original
palace that can attend God? Where is the
pathway that makes the love connection?
Is it in the fingertips? Where is it? What
is it in a man? What is it in a woman?
It is the male and female organs, where
the most distasteful substance can also
be found. Where does urine come out?
From the sexual organ. This is the case
for both women and men. If that unclean
urine thus excreted were to mingle with
love, would it still be unclean or would
it become clean? Then how wonderful
would it be to drink urine steeped in
true love like iced tea! (178-125, 1988.6.1)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 428

Individual perfection results from
the continuous give and take action
between the mind and the body, based
on the foundation of love established by
God at the beginning. Both the mind and
the body should grow, mature, and then
unite completely. Perfection can only
be achieved when one’s life is rooted in
love, when it matures centering on love,
and when that love puts out buds and
bears fruit on that foundation. When
the foundation of love is established in
this way, God can then come and reside
there, connected through love. Until love
fully matures, the foundation to bear its
fruits cannot be established.


The Spirit World

2. The Many Levels and Realms in the Spirit World

The entire spirit world appears as one person. When this gigantic Person becomes one with God as its Subject partner, then the entire spirit world and physical world will melt together. When God jumps, the earth will jump. When God laughs, the earth will laugh… The spirit world is structured and functions as one person. Saints take the role of eyes and ears. (91:280, February 27, 1977)

In the spirit world, everything is linked centering on God. Although people have different ranks and inhabit different regions, they all know that they should follow God and make Him their center. Even spirits in the lower realms have an alignment toward God, reflected in their life goals like a concept of faith. (161:220, February 15, 1987)

Just as people in earthly society have different ranks, there are also different ranks in the spirit world. You do not know much about spirit world now, but when you understand its geography, you will rec-ognize that it contains thousands of different levels. (91:269-70, February 27, 1977)

In the spirit world, there is an abundance of flowers wherever you go. Amazingly, the flowers are laughing and dancing. Yet they receive human beings depending upon the level of their perfection: laughing and dancing, or dancing but not making any sound, or standing still, etc. On seeing them, you will finally realize: “Ah, I wish I would have understood the Father’s love and practiced it!” Yet by then it would be too late. That is why I am training you and educating you to pass the tests on earth, to help you be tuned to the right frequency of love. (227:100, February 10, 1992)

The spirit world is still incomplete. Its hierarchical system was originally supposed to be centered on God, the True Parents and true children. Everyone was supposed to have a position in this hierarchy, but it is not realized yet; neither is it the case on earth. The hierarchy must be established on earth first. If the conditions on earth are met, then the spirit world will automatically follow…So far, the spirit world has been organized hierarchically into the Buddhists Club, the Confucians Club, the Muslims Club, the Christians Club, etc… Now, as the work of the True Parents on earth proceeds at the worldwide level, the boundaries between all the religions are disappearing. The movement for unification will progress on earth, along with similar activities in the spirit world. (161:223, February 15, 1987)

Barriers divide the spirit world. There are no nations like Korea, Japan and America; however, there are different realms based on the different religions. Those who practiced Buddhism [on earth] dwell in the Buddhist realm. Those who practiced Confucianism dwell in the Confucian realm. Those who believed in Jesus live in the Christian realm. Those who followed Islam enter the Muslim realm, and so forth. With the passage of time, the people of each group built up their respective realms and surrounded themselves with walls. These walls, products of the Fall, stand firm until the day of Christ’s return, when he comes to break them down. (89:101, October 4, 1976)

The Quality of Your Internal Life Will Be Visible in the Spirit World

The Richard Urban Show
#52 Why Abstinence Matters – Interview with Kuku Miriam Afanga

Cheon Seong Gyeong 263

God is the greatest teacher for fallen
people. Among teachers, He is the great
King of teachers, because there is noth-
ing God does not know. Among parents,
God is the First, in other words, the True
Parent. As a king, He is the King of all
kings. God is the best teacher and the
first parent. If He is the First Parent,
would He be a false parent or a true par-
ent? He is the True Parent. This True
Parent was unable to be a True Parent
because of the Fall. In the Unification
Church we close our prayers by saying
“I pray in the name of the True Parents.”
God is the first True Parent.
Richard: Families Blessed in Marriage by Rev. and Mrs. Moon pray in their own names, as they have inherited the mission to be Tribal Messiahs.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1642

Why does God exist? For what pur-
pose does He exist? It is for the sake of
love. Thus, the Almighty God needed
to create the object partner of His love.
Until this time, the essential ideal of cre-
ation that the process of creation was ini-
tiated for the sake of love was unknown.
The entire world of creation came into
being because of love. (208-235, 1990.11.20)


The Spirit World

1. The Spirit World Corresponds to the Physical World

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Human life does not end with the death of the physical body. It continues in the spirit world, where saints and sages and also all of our ancestors live as spirit selves. It is a form of human existence of a higher order than in life in the physical body. This earthly world where our physical bodies dwell is only a minuscule part of the infinite and eternal world—the fundamental world that God created. (July 10, 2003)

You should clearly know God and the spirit world. Even if fallen people forget about everything else, they should know these two well. The [heavenly] spirit world is the eternal fatherland, our eternal original home. However, we cannot establish this original home once we arrive at the spirit world; we must do it while on earth. (398:145, December 9, 2002)

Do you know that the Bible mentions the third heaven? Saint Paul saw it fourteen years before [he wrote the epistle]. During those fourteen years, Paul built himself up, holding onto his experience of seeing the third heaven. Paul not only talked about the third heaven; he could keep going because he had glimpsed a realm higher than the world around him. (62:47, September 10, 1972)

The spirit world is connected with the physical world. The focal point and common factor linking them is true love. (137:54, December 18, 1985)

The quality of your internal life on earth will be visible in the spirit world. Love is central, because the love within God and human beings joins them like the cells of the body. In the spirit world we each become one of the cells. Once you enter that dimension, God will surely come inside your heart. When you call, “God!” He will answer in your heart, “Who is calling me? What do you want?” (218:129, July 14, 1991)

Where is the spirit world? Is it outside your body, or does it come inside your body? It penetrates even inside your body. You are walking around with the spirit world on your shoulders; you are carry-ing it and holding it wherever you go. Can you get away from it? Impossible. That is why my heart is always confident wherever I go, and why opposition cannot affect me. (162:116, March 30, 1987)