How Much Have You Empathized With God’s Situation?

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2007

Do you know where the providence
has come to at the present time? The
first goal is to have the basis on which
we can bring about the restoration of the
homeland in heaven’s nation and liber-
ate God’s Kingdom on earth. This must
be done even if you have to sacrifice time
with your family and relatives. Even if
you end up as a refugee, this must be
accomplished. (300-309, 1999.4.11)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1059

You should offer all your devotion in
witnessing to your parents. There is no
greater happiness than receiving heav-
en’s blessings with them, in the presence
of God’s will, and creating a protective
fence as a Blessed Family. (16-329, 1966.7.31)

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Part 1
God and Creation

Chapter 1

Divine Love and Compassion

3. God’s Loving Heart toward Humanity

When Israel was a child, I loved him, and out of Egypt I called my son. The more I called them, the more they went from me; they kept sacrificing to the Baals, and burning incense to idols. Yet it was I that taught Ephraim to walk, I took him up in my arms; but they did not know that I healed them. I led them with cords of compassion, with the bands of love, and I became to them as one who eases the yoke on their jaws, and I bent down to them and fed them.
Hosea 11.1-4

In the perilous round of mortality, In continuous, unending misery, Firmly tied to the passions As a yak is to its tail; Smothered by greed and infatuation, Blinded and seeing nothing; Seeking not the Buddha, the Mighty, And the Truth that ends suffering, But deeply sunk in heresy, By suffering seeking riddance of suffering; For the sake of all these creatures, My heart is stirred with great pity.
Lotus Sutra 2 (Buddhism)

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

How hard is it to educate just one child? Children share their parents’ flesh and blood. Their hearts are linked to their mother, so when mother cries they cry too. Their hearts are naturally connected to their father, so they respond to his cares and sorrows. Even so, it is still extremely hard to teach and raise them, is it not?
Then consider the magnitude of God’s task. Today’s human beings are not God’s children. Although God cries out in bitterness, they act as if they do not hear anything. Although God weeps with grief and sorrow, they just ignore it. This is because human beings stem from Satan’s flesh and blood. They may sense God’s grief, yet all they do is praise Him. They may notice that other people are perishing, yet still they laugh and make merry.
Think how difficult it is for God, who has to train workers and raise leaders from among such people. Without a heart of utmost compassion, God would not have even a foothold to develop His providential work. Yet it is God’s heart to consider every single detail—from one to one hundred to one thousand to even ten thousand—in arranging things for you. (42:257, March 21, 1971)

God elected Cain and Abel, Noah, and many other families as He pursued the providence of restoration. At every dispensation God led of this providential history, His heart was fretful beyond description. Nevertheless, controlling His feelings, God endured with great patience.
Who on this earth today feels the fretful heart of our patient God? Who would hug God and weep with Him? Anyone who knows God’s heart like this and shed tears would understand: God rejoiced at the time of the creation of all things in heaven and earth, but due to the Human Fall God now grieves; His sorrow encompasses all in heaven and earth. (4:239, May 18, 1958)

[Until the coming of Jesus], what had been God’s heart toward humanity? He did not have the attitude to live for His own sake. Although we fallen human beings deserved to suffer and die, God poured out all of His heart and strength to save us. Persevering through the four thousand years of Old Testament history, He fought every step of the way to separate humanity from Satan. You should understand the nature of God who loved us, persevered for us and fought for us with an unchanging heart…
During Jesus’ life of 33 years, he did not try to distinguish himself before the people, but in silence he sought to experience the heart of God… At difficult moments Jesus might have felt the urge to seek his own welfare, but because he was ever immersed in God’s heart, he could not even think of doing it. Jesus knew that God had persevered for four thousand years for the purpose of finding one man—Jesus himself. Knowing that, Jesus spent thirty years preparing himself, so that he could emerge as the man of substance who could liberate God from that history.
God never made excuses for His situation or complained about His suffering, not to anyone. Because Jesus was trying to understand everything about the heart of God, when he was lonely he too persevered and never made any excuses. You should follow the example of his life. (1:78, May 27, 1956)
Even though human beings sinned, God does not accuse us, saying, “Hey, you! Why did you sin?” He knows the situation of sinners. He cares about humanity more than for Himself. He comes in sorrow to sorrowful people, in suffering to suffering people, and in sympathy with those who feel victimized and angry.
How much have you empathized with God’s situation? God comes into our sphere of life in this way. Not only that—he comes to us with His heart: “Although you betrayed Me, I am your Father. With a father’s heart I have been searching for you for six thousand years.” (9:231, May 29, 1960)

Father! We have been like pitiful orphans,
knocked about this way and that,
ignorant of our purpose, our direction, and our historical situation,
unable to grasp the center of life, pushed here and there—
still Thou didst hold on to us.
Yet we did not know that Thou wast there,
sorrowful when we were sad,
not averse to toiling day and night to seek us out,
even as we were ensnared and groaning in the realm of death. (5:337, March 8, 1959)

God Drives Away Flies for a Cow that Has No Tail

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Acts 20

20 When the uproar had ended, Paul sent for the disciples and, after encouraging them, said goodbye and set out for Macedonia. He traveled through that area, speaking many words of encouragement to the people, and finally arrived in Greece, where he stayed three months.

Johah 2

[a]From inside the fish Jonah prayed to the Lord his God. He said:

“In my distress I called to the Lord,
    and he answered me.
From deep in the realm of the dead I called for help,
    and you listened to my cry.
You hurled me into the depths,
    into the very heart of the seas,
    and the currents swirled about me;
all your waves and breakers
    swept over me.
I said, ‘I have been banished
    from your sight;
yet I will look again
    toward your holy temple.’
The engulfing waters threatened me,[b]
    the deep surrounded me;
    seaweed was wrapped around my head.
To the roots of the mountains I sank down;
    the earth beneath barred me in forever.
But you, Lord my God,
    brought my life up from the pit.

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Part 1
God and Creation

Chapter 1

Divine Love and Compassion

2. Divine Mercy

God is All-gentle to His servants, providing for whomsoever He will.
Qur’an 42.19

God is the best to take care of man, and He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy!
Qur’an 12.64

If we are faithless, he remains faithful—for he cannot deny himself.

2 Timothy 2.13

No one is more patient over injury which he hears than God.
Hadith of Bukhari and Muslim (Islam)

God drives away flies for a cow that has no tail.
Yoruba Proverb (African Traditional Religions)

God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted
beyond your strength, but with the temptation
will also provide the way of escape, that you may
be able to endure it.
1 Corinthians 10.13

God charges no soul save to its capacity;
standing to its account is what it has earned,
and against its account what it has deserved.
Our Lord! Take us not to task if we forget, or
make mistake.
Our Lord! Charge us not with a load as that
which You laid upon those before us.
Our Lord! Burden us not beyond what we have
the strength to bear. Pardon us, forgive us, and have mercy on us.
Qur’an 2.286

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

What is God? God is the existence that absolutely lives for others. (175:158, March 16, 1988)

No matter what happens in the human world, God is patient because He is who He is. He sees tragic and heart-breaking things, yet He remains calm and composed, never losing His dignity. If God were to open His mouth and express His suffering, He could pour out tragic stories for millions of years, weeping all the while. Would God weep out of self-pity? No, God weeps only for humankind, His
children. (124:60, January 23, 1983)

What kind of being is God? Does He say, “I am God Almighty! I created you to serve Me, to love Me and sacrifice everything for Me”? Such a being cannot be God.
In fact, God has set the tradition of humbly serving and loving the world. His tradition is that of changing diapers and cleaning up the baby’s feces, and washing the dirt off a sick and infirm old man. That tradition should form the core of our education. (116:90-91, December 20, 1981)

God, the Creator of the universe, still remembers the wonderful process by which His creation unfolded, how each creature arose and what He did to further their development. He invested such great love for His creation; love was the motivation, and love the goal. Even though humankind fell, God just cannot put aside His abiding love for human beings; to do so would be against His Principle and His standard of love. Therefore, when He sees fallen people living
in misery, He does not condemn. Rather, He is merciful to them. (115:320-21, November 29, 1981)

God Exists for Love

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Luke 2

Suddenly many other angels came down from heaven and joined in praising God. They said:

14 “Praise God in heaven!
Peace on earth to everyone
    who pleases God.”

Jeremiah 50

37 Then your chariot horses
and the foreigners in your army
    will refuse to go into battle,
and the enemy will carry away
    everything you treasure.
38 Your rivers and canals
    will dry up.

All of this will happen,
because your land
    is full of idols,
and they have made fools
    of you.

Richard: We see in the reading above that those who honor God will prosper and those who oppose God and worship “idols” (money, power, godless ideologies, etc) will perish.

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Part 1
God and Creation

Chapter 1

Divine Love and Compassion

1. Love: The Essence of God

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

God is the Lord of love. He exists to spread love throughout the universe and make it eternal.
(298:304, January 17, 1999)

God is the Womb of love. He is the Source of love’s emotion, out of which emanates parental love, children’s love, sibling love, love of kin and love of country. These different kinds of love are like branches and leaves growing from the main trunk. They are like waves that eventually turn into ripples. The further away from the Source, the fainter the emotion becomes.
(50:267, November 8, 1971)

How does it feel to experience the realm of God’s love? It is like walking through a garden on a warm spring day. You see all different kinds of flowers and become intoxicated with all their fragrances. Lying on the grass, you feel something indescribable as you look up at the sky and see the towering cumulus clouds shaped like clumps of cotton. You feel your cells dancing, breathing. God’s love is the wellspring of power and happiness for all beings; it endows each one with the
energy of life. God’s love is the absolute requirement for faith. It is the necessary element for joy, pleasure, peace, and everything else human life desires. Moreover, God’s love is the principle of the spirit world.
(24:325, September 14, 1969)

What is God’s heart? It refers to God’s perfect foundation for love. All of God’s creations welled up from His heart, as did all His ideals for them. Thus, God’s heart is the perfect foundation for everything. God’s heart also springs forth into the perfect completion of everything. There can be no perfection or completion apart from God’s heart. (82:292, February 1, 1976)

God is the Subject of heart. For this reason, God can feel limitless sorrow as well as limitless joy. Just because He is God doesn’t mean that He possesses only joy and positive emotions. When God is sad, His heart of sorrow is deeper and wider than any person can ever comprehend. (11:89, February 12, 1961)

God exists for love and lives for love. God does not live for Himself, but for love. Likewise, all things are born from love. Thus, in the world of love, there cannot be a concept that we should live for ourselves. (303:287, September 9, 1999)

He Who Abides in Love Abides in God

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 487

Many people oppose Rev. Moon, the
man who goes to America to educate and
train American young people, even stay-
ing up all night and sometimes dancing,
singing, and having fun with them? I do
this in order to expand the realm of sup-
port that is connected to me.
Because the expansion of the uni-
versal realm of support starts with me,
I push forward without fear, even if I am
opposed and have to go to prison.
No matter how much you sing joy-
fully and say this and that, do you like to
live alone? When one partner of a mar-
ried couple dies, the other grieves and
weeps. Do you think a person can pre-
pare his own path? Why do we say that
a person is miserable if he is without a
spouse? It is because he cannot experi-
ence the occasion in which heaven and
earth can rejoice.
He has deviated from the regulation
of the law of heaven and earth. Clearly,
only through universal law does the for-
tune of heaven and earth turn, and are
the requirements of happiness and its
motivation determined.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1310

After the blessing of the internation-
al holy grounds, I performed the Bless-
ing of the 430 Couples. This number
corresponds to the 430 years of captiv-
ity of the Israelites in Egypt, and also
the 4,300 years of Korean history. This
Blessing signifies the beginning of a
new history. Moreover, the 430 Couples
also represent all families in the world.
Afterwards, while I was carrying out my
second world tour, I blessed 43 couples
in the United States, Europe and Japan.
I could then connect those 43 couples to
the 430 Couples on the world level. By
doing this, I was able to connect the vic-
torious foundation I had established in
Korea to the world, including the West-
ern world.
By accomplishing all this, all the
families in the world, not just the mem-
bers of the Unification Church, could
now stand in a position to receive heav-
enly fortune right then and there. That is
why the gates of heaven are now open to
all families on earth. (52-131, 1971.12.26)

Richard: Wow! This is great news. The gates of heaven are open to all families on earth, not just Unification Movement families. See this presentation about the Holy Marriage Blessing: .

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Part 1
God and Creation

Chapter 1

Divine Love and Compassion

Of all God’s attributes, love is the most attractive and compelling. Most people who believe in God do so because of the mysterious moments when they felt His love, comfort and grace. It moved their hearts to faith, even amidst the mind’s doubts. Because of the Creator’s love, the creation is a benevolent place that upholds and protects life. Indeed, the good creation is an expression of that love. Love is the essence of God; it is even more than that. As Father Moon teaches, love is the very motivation behind God’s creation; it is the “why” of God. Love is also the reason God has pursued the history of salvation through many tortuous paths. Love teaches God to be patient and forgiving with us ignorant creatures who long ago lost our way and became inured to the gracious melodies of the Spirit. Despite our deafness and blindness, God never ceases to embrace us and lead us forward.

1. Love: The Essence of God

God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.
1 John 4.16

My mercy embraces all things.
Qur’an 7.156

To love is to know me, My innermost nature, The truth that I am.
Bhagavad-Gita 18.55 (Hinduism)

The Great Compassionate Heart is the essence of Buddhahood.
Gandavyuha Sutra (Buddhism)

Lord! You are the uninvoked savior, motiveless compassionate being, a well-wisher even when unprayed, a friend even when unrelated.
Vitaragastava 13.1 (Jainism)

Bright but hidden, the Self dwells in the heart. Everything that moves, breathes, opens, and closes lives in the Self. He is the source of love and may be known through love but not through thought. He is the goal of life. Attain this goal!
Mundaka Upanishad 2.2.1 (Hinduism)

Love is the firstborn, loftier than the gods, the Fathers and men. You, O Love, are the eldest of all, altogether mighty. To you we pay homage! Greater than the breadth of earth and heaven, or of waters and Fire, You, O Love, are the eldest of all, altogether mighty. To you we pay homage!… In many a form of goodness, O Love, you show your face. Grant that these forms may penetrate within our hearts. Send elsewhere all malice!
Atharva Veda 9.2.19-20, 25 (Hinduism)

O good man! Compassion acts as parent to all beings. The parent is compassion. Know that compassion is the Tathagata. O good man! Compassion is the Buddha Nature of all beings. Such a Buddha Nature is long overshadowed by illusion. That is why beings cannot see. The Buddha Nature is Compassion. Compassion is the Tathagata.
Mahaparinirvana Sutra 259 (Buddhism)

The Bull of Dharma is born of compassion;26 Content of mind holds creation together. Whoever understands this is enlightened; How great is the load under which this Bull stands!
Japuji 16, M.1, p. 3 (Sikhism)

O Son of Man! Veiled in My immemorial being and in the ancient eternity of My essence, I knew My love for thee; therefore I created thee, have engraved on thee Mine image, and revealed to thee My beauty.
Hidden Words of Bahá’u’lláh, Arabic 3 (Baha’i Faith)

God Loves Human Beings Infinitely

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2009

It is sad to be a citizen of a country
with no sovereignty. Jesus was very con-
cerned about this point. He told people
not to worry about where their food,
drink or clothes would come from; that
these are the matters that the ungodly
are always concerned about. He said,
“Your Father in heaven knows that you
need all these things. Instead, above
everything else, be concerned with his
Kingdom and with what He requires,
and He will provide you with all these
other things.” Did Jesus say save your
son first, or save the nation first? He said
to save the nation that God is seeking.
(34-337, 1970.9.20)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 628

In meeting people, do not think of
taking advantage of them or trying to
use them for your benefit. Never do that.
If their original character is crushed, it
will take half a year to three years to
repair it. That is why your actions are
crucial. If you take advantage of others,
you will be placed in a more hellish place
than the usual hell. Those who under-
stand such consequences do not even
think about doing selfish deeds. (204-304,

The Toil of God as He Tries to Raise up His Beloved Children

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 11, 1959

John 3: 11-21

1 Corinthians 7:28-29

The title of the speech that I want to reflect upon together with you is “The Toil of God as He Tries to Raise Up His Beloved Sons and Daughters.” I will speak upon this topic.

Love is what every existing thing in Heaven and earth needs the most. It is true that the one love is most important in Heaven and true love centering on men is most important in the human world.

In Christianity they talk about God’s love. They believe that Jesus is someone who showed God’s love to human beings. We know very well that if there is any love worth longing for in the human world, it is the love of Jesus. If there is some love worth longing for in Heaven, it is God’s love. Likewise, our hope is to connect with God’s and Jesus’ love. The problem is, what is that love like? The original purpose of creation was for the first human ancestors to live centered on God and to live by God’s eternal love. However, we learned through the Principle that due to the Fall, they could not build a relationship of love with God. Instead they built a relationship of love with the enemy Satan.

If we recognize that the center of life, ideals and value for all created things is the love of God, people who cannot experience the love, ideals and life of God do not have any relationship with Heaven. This is true even if they talk about love, life and ideals. Why is humanity living in such a miserable state? It is because they lost the life, love and ideals of God. We have to experience this deep in our minds.

If someone longs for God’s life, love and ideals, no matter how sorrowful he is, he has the hope of revival. Given that God works to save people who are disconnected to His love, life and ideals, what providence would He conduct? We have to understand that in His work God moves the heart which longs for the true life, the heart which is thirsty for love, and the heart which is deprived of ideals.

How much have you longed for the love, the life and the ideals of God in your mind? If you do not have such a heart, there is no way to find God’s love. If such a shock does not explode from your mind, you cannot connect to the life, love and ideals of God, no matter how abundant they are.

The Last Days are nearing. People say universally that the end of the world is coming. There is no one in this world you can cling to and say that he or she can satisfy the hunger of your mind and give you life. There is no one who can be the only one you longed for in your heart, the only one who can fill you. The same thing holds true even in the sphere of ideals. We have to build a relationship with God’s life, love and ideals. Otherwise, we can only conclude that in the Last Days of history we cannot become a person of true love, life and ideals.

What is the purpose for which we are seeking a religious path and life? It is to possess the life, love and ideals of God. God and Jesus seek this kind of a person. Only when someone appears with this quality, a person God and Jesus can bless and recognize, will true love, life and true ideals be established in this world.

God loves human beings infinitely. He has been seeking them since the day they fell. To what extent does God love them? You cannot fathom this based on your own concepts alone. Even in the fallen world, parents love their children. If their beloved children are threatened by death, parents will overcome any pain or fear to save them. They do not hesitate to do anything, even to die. Even fallen people have such deep love for their children. Moreover, there are people who do not spare their own lives for the sake of their beloved.

Then would God’s love be only as great as a parent’s love for his children? If love is something which emboldens one to overcome any difficulty including death and brave any kind of sacrifice, then what about God’s love? You cannot compare it with fallen people’s love toward their children. We have to understand that the love God had for the original human beings was incomparably greater than the love found in the fallen world.

Human beings today feel pain and mourn when their beloved children or people precious to them die. Some even lose their sanity. In some extreme cases, people may die. If people mourn even on the earth, if they can lose their sanity and even die over the loss of their beloved, what about God? Think about it.