The Basis of Value Must Be Focused on God’s Heart (Shimjung)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2225

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#124-Richard Urban – Solving Today’s Problems with a God-centered and Abstinence-Centered Worldview

    I am eagerly awaiting the appearance of people who pledge to fulfill their duty of loyalty and filial piety to God across the length and breadth of the Korean peninsula, on behalf of the thirty million Korean people.
    I had already pledged this before you were even conceived, and I had already trodden this path when you were not thinking of doing it even in your wildest dreams. If you say you are a person of many tears, then I will say that I have shed more tears than any of the thirty million people of this race. Just having someone come to me and saying one word can cause me to burst into uncontrollable tears.
    I am a very pitiful person from the worldly point of view. How pitiful am I? However wide heaven and earth may be, I have no place where I can lay my mind to rest. I can understand Jesus’ heart when he said, “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” (13-35, 1963.10.16)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1321

Did you know that during the past two or three years the Unification Church has reached an international level? Are you aware of this? Then how did we attain such a level? By earning a lot of money? By witnessing to many people? It was through the Blessing. When was the 360,000 Couples’ Blessing held? It was in 1995. The 30,000 Couples Blessing? It was in 1992. The 30,000 Couples came in 1992 and the 360,000 Couples in 1995. Next came the Blessing of the 3.6 Million Couples. Who would have believed at the time of the 30,000 Couples Blessing, that at the next one we would bless 360,000 couples? It was the same after the Blessing of the 360,000 Couples. After that Blessing, it took us less than three years to hold the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing. We did it in two and a half years. It wasn’t even that long. When I first issued the instructions to prepare for the Blessing of 3.6 million couples, not one person believed that it would actually happen. I can’t speak for God, but even I was in doubt. Think about it. Is one finger the same as ten, or not? How many hills are there? There are ten hills to climb. During the three years I worked in Jardim, Brazil, I declared the era of the Second Generation in which absolute faith is paramount. Now the time has come in which you have no choice but to believe, even if you don’t want to. (291-152, 1998.3.11)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

Principle of Creation

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War Does Not Bring Peace, But Only Begets More War

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#120 – Why is Society in Such a Mess?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2392

The reason God cannot live together with people on earth is that a unified view has not been established in the families. Once a unified view is established, God can come back and live together with them. When you say “true love,” there should be one integrated concept of the oneness of minds and bodies, of husbands and wives, and of sons and daughters. If these three can create unity, the family of true love will become the starting point of God’s Kingdom on earth and in heaven. When you unite into one centering on God and True Parents, you can build God’s Kingdom on earth and in heaven. Where does God’s Kingdom on earth start? It starts from you and your family, and from your children. (260-185, 1994.5.8)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1438

Only by receiving the Blessing will it be possible to register into the Kingdom of Heaven. Through this, humankind can finally inherit the Kingdom of God. They can form heavenly families, tribes, a people, nations, world, and cosmos. Therefore, the Kingdom of Heaven is formed, and they become citizens of that kingdom by being registered in it. Originally, the relatives of the first parents should have been registered in the kingdom. However, because those parents fell, we had to pass through numerous periods in history, and gather those to be registered from the entire world. That is why you need to restore through indemnity the unfulfilled mission of Jesus, by accomplishing your duties as tribal messiahs. In order to do so, you need to take responsibility for each nation in the world and dedicate that nation to the Kingdom of Heaven. (269-303, 1995.5.1)

The Futility of War

WAR DOES NOT BRING PEACE, BUT ONLY BEGETS MORE WAR. World War I was billed the war to end all wars, yet less than thirty years later Europe was engulfed by World War II. Understanding this truth, the greatest saints taught the doctrine of non-violence. They willingly suffered blows without retaliating in kind. This is the highest teaching for establishing a peaceful world. The ideal of God’s Kingdom cannot be built in any other way.
Nevertheless, in the vicissitudes of history, when people encounter cruel aggressors, God permits them to defend themselves. Between the two parties in such a conflict, God aligns Himself on the side of the defender and against the aggressor. Hence through history, the aggressor who initiated war thinking he will win ended the loser. This again shows the futility of war as an instrument of national policy

1. The Path of Non-Violence

Then they came up and laid hands upon Jesus and seized him. And behold, one of those who were with Jesus stretched out his hand, and drew his sword, and struck the slave of the high priest, and cut off his ear. Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place; for all who take the sword will perish by the sword.”
    Matthew 26.51-52 Continue reading “War Does Not Bring Peace, But Only Begets More War”

Why Is Fighting Evil?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1333

The 36 Couples are chosen to represent countless good ancestors entrusted with missions in the providence of restoration and, as their resurrected incarnations, have the responsibility to substantially restore on earth all that they had failed to achieve vertically through- out history. You must know that the 36 Couples represent the world’s 3.6. billion people. (40-185, 1971.2.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1239

The Blessing Ceremony of the Unification Church is not simply a wedding through which a man and a woman come together and form a family. Until now, all weddings were solely for the sake of the people getting married. But our wed- ding ceremony is significant and necessary to set a condition to indemnify the past and return joy to God. Therefore, we conduct our ceremonies in a sacred and splendid manner. Divine Principle clearly explains to us that our wedding ceremony alleviates God’s bitter grief that was caused by the Fall of Adam and Eve. It goes beyond the standard of husband and wife, which Jesus was unable to attain. (22-212, 1969.2.4


The Peace of God

Teachings of True Father Sun Myung Moon

God is the King of love, the King of peace and happiness and the Core of the ideal. Therefore, when human beings are blocked in their search after such things, there is no other way except through God. (72:11, May 7, 1974)

If people are quarreling and God appears in their midst, they change and want to help each other. (330:267, August 20, 2000) Continue reading “Why Is Fighting Evil?”

A New Era Has Begun, the Era of Cheon Il Guk

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#116 – Michael Marshall – The Radical Change in Family Relationships and Marriage from being Centered on Child Welfare to being Centered on Self Pleasure

Senator Ron Johnson Hearing on COVID-19 Vaccine Safety-Dec 7, 2022; What they are, how they work and possible causes of injury.
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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2102

Section 1. Determination for a New Start

We cannot perish or die. We have to survive and live on, right? There is no free ride on this road of survival. We have to overcome our enemies. When we overcome our enemies, we will see the Kingdom of Heaven. We must return to our hometowns and be victorious over our enemies, and on that day the domain of the Kingdom of Heaven will emerge. The realm of the unified people will also emerge. Thus, now is a good opportunity to accompany True Mother, return to our hometowns and kindle a fire in the hearts of ten million people. With this in mind and on this foundation, the people should serve and attend even the lowest stratum of society. Our North and South Korean countrymen should share everything they have like brothers and sisters, making a new start. Here there is no nation. Was there a nation during the time of Cain and Abel? Was there a nation or not? We should not receive support from the nation. If we received support from the nation, everything would perish. (219-339, 1991.10.13)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1189

Cain represents Satan’s side. It is the position of the elder brother. Abel represents God’s side. This is the battle. Originally, God would have loved the firstborn son, and then the younger son. Due to the Fall, the first son, Cain, stands on Satan’s side. He belongs to Satan’s side. In order to save him, God designated Abel. God designates Abel to restore the right of the firstborn son. This cannot be achieved by force; you have to inspire people by love. You have to achieve restoration by melting them with love. If you cannot stand in the position of having loved them, if you cannot win their heart through offering your love, then you will not be in a position to truly love your own son or daughter. As viewed from God’s ideal of creation, the firstborn son was originally to be loved first rather than the second child. (140-38, 1986.2.1)


World Citizenship

Teachings of True Father Sun Myung Moon

Everyone longs to live in one unified world that transcends nationality. This longing springs from the inner world of the heart. It calls out from the ideal and heart of true human beings. It is also the heart and hope of God. (115:177, November 10, 1981) Continue reading “A New Era Has Begun, the Era of Cheon Il Guk”

Salvation through Religion Is No Longer Required

Senator Ron Johnson Hearing on COVID-19 Vaccine Safety-Dec 7, 2022; What they are, how they work and possible causes of injury.
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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1606

The era for the unity of Christianity has already passed. Since the restoration of the right of the eldest son and right of the parent has been completed, we have entered the era, not just for the unity of Christianity but for the unity of the world. Therefore, as of April 10, we should put aside the name “Unification Church” and instead work under the name of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. (283-11, 1997.4.8)

With the completion of the mission of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, the mission of religion has been brought to a conclusion. For the first time in human history, we have entered a new era that does not require salvation through religion. The objective of the Family Federation lies in transforming families into ideal families, thereby restoring and perfecting God’s ideal of creation and establishing the ideal heavenly world. (283-9, 1997.4.8)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1189

As God carried out the dispensation for restoration, His grief lay in the fact that the firstborn son was on Satan’s side. That is why human history is diseased. What kind of disease does it suffer from? It has a love related disease. The first son was born after humankind went astray due to the disease of love. If we are not aware of this fact, we won’t reach the time when we are able to ascend to the individual position where we can again achieve harmony, even if we spend billions of years in search of the principled standard. (136-126, 1985.12.22)


Unity and Community

1. Unity as God’s People and God’s Family

Teachings of True Father Sun Myung Moon

God’s greatest desire is that all humankind, all five colors, would wish to unite and live together with God eternally. (93:15-16, May 8, 1977)

More than outward agreement, the important thing is to achieve inward unity, unity of heart. (60:34, August 1, 1972) Continue reading “Salvation through Religion Is No Longer Required”