Be Ready to be Expelled

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CSG 1654

Why should we practice true love?
It is because the universe originated
from the principle of true love. There-
fore, through this love you can form
a relationship with everything in the
universe. This is only logical. So in this
kind of relationship, if one is positioned
above, the other would be below, if one
is on the right, the other would be on the
left. This is how everything in the miner-
al, plant and animal worlds is arranged.
God created a world in which everyone
would desire to give as the origin had
done, and therefore it can be understood
that the universe is a place where every-
thing exists in order to give to others.
In this sense, everything is trying to be
absorbed into a being which stands at a
higher level than itself. From this view-
point, where would the source of conti-
nuity of the universe be? All existence in
the universe carries out actions, which
are guided by the desire to give, based on
love from a higher level. (128-291, 1983.9.11)

CSG 1950

How did Great Britain gain control
over the oceanic rights of the world?
Britain, an oceanic nation, was the Eve
nation. Since it was a female nation and
an island nation, it opened up and con-
trolled the oceans of the world. That is
how it made America its colony. Ameri-
ca is like a son to Britain, so Eve should
be the one to give birth to an ideal hus-
band. Otherwise, an ideal husband can-
not be born. (119-241, 1982.9.13)

What Is God Going to Do with Exiled Humanity?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 30, 1958

You must not expect that you will forever possess the materials or honor you possess now. You have to understand that philosophy, politics, economics and all these things will cause great change. If what Jesus talked about 2,000 years ago is not the consensus, then nothing today can be maintained as part of the new age.

Therefore, if you cannot represent the universal ideology and the entire providential will of God as a citizen of Heaven, you will not be able to stand as the bride of Jesus who is to come. Accordingly, today you must not stand in the position of satisfying your own individual desires and live only for the sake of this people. You must become someone who can shed tears for the sake of the people, the nation, the world, and beyond that, the cosmos. God has been conducting the providence until today to raise this kind of person. Continue reading “Be Ready to be Expelled”

We enter Heaven Only as Couples and Families

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CSG 673

In the Unification Church, we nev-
er think that you can receive salva-
tion as an individual. We do not go to
heaven as individuals. Nobody can go
alone. That’s the rule. From the Gar-
den of Eden, Adam and Eve were to go
to heaven together. Were the husband
and the wife to go there alone? Couples
and families not united cannot go there.
That being the ideal, what kind of heav-
en would it be, if the father went to hell
and the mother to heaven? We must go
to heaven as couples, families, clans, and
entire nations. (50-61, 1971.10.30)

Isaiah 23

Its people have spread
    to distant lands;
its merchants were kings
    honored all over the world.
Who planned to destroy Tyre?
The Lord All-Powerful planned it
    to bring shame and disgrace
to those
who are honored
    by everyone on earth.

Richard:  I just got an image in my mind as I was watching a slide show of the massive flood damage in Houston Texas.  This is the very city where the lesbian mayor demanded that pastors give copies of their sermons to check for forbidden anti-homosexual content.  And now it has been hit be a literal flood judgement.  I pray for all those who lost their lives or have been displaced and lost their belongings. Continue reading “We enter Heaven Only as Couples and Families”

A Worldwide Christian Movement Must Emerge to Establish God’s Kingdom on Earth

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Daniel 11

18 Afterwards, this proud king of the north will invade and conquer many of the nations along the coast, but a military leader will defeat him and make him lose his pride. 19 He will retreat to his fortresses in his own country, but on the way he will be defeated and never again be seen.

2 Chronicles 34

31 After Josiah had finished reading, he stood in the place reserved for the king. He promised in the Lord’s name to faithfully obey the Lordand to follow his laws and teachings that were written in the book. 32 Then he asked the people of Jerusalem and Benjamin to make that same promise and to obey the God their ancestors had worshiped.

Richard:  Our current society, although ostensibly Christian, does not honor God in daily life int the proper way.  Rich and powerful bankers and oligarchs try to lord over the peon masses, so to speak.  Yet President Donald Trump is trying to break this wicked mold, and all holy hell is breaking loose as evil forces on both the left and right try to stop him.  We should pray for and support our President.

Continue reading “A Worldwide Christian Movement Must Emerge to Establish God’s Kingdom on Earth”

Jesus Did not Come to Bring Peace but a Sword

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Acts 15

22Then the apostles and elders, with the whole church, decided to choose some of their own men and send them to Antioch with Paul and Barnabas. They chose Judas (called Barsabbas) and Silas, men who were leaders among the believers. Continue reading “Jesus Did not Come to Bring Peace but a Sword”