Even Amidst the Vortex of Good and Evil, Reject Evil and Promote Goodness

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1990

To achieve His will, God does not
choose and use something twice. If
America were removed, however, the
cultural spheres of the Unification
Church and Christianity, and the Uni-
fication Church and Judaism would
be separated. That is why I reluctant-
ly chose America. The reason I have
to go and fight in America is because I
chose America, and in order to make
up for America’s failure, I brought along
Japan, the Eve nation. Adam’s sin that
was sown bore fruit in the world. This
must all be ruthlessly cast away. Origi-
nally there was God, Adam and Eve, and
the three archangels. Considering this,
Korea is the Adam nation, and Japan the
Eve nation. That is why we have cross-
cultural “exchange” marriages. Adam
and Eve married on their own. As a con-
sequence, the world of death was creat-
ed. However, the second generation of
the Korean people and Japanese people
must come into a cross-cultural mar-
riage. Let the government oppose us if it
wishes. (197-269, 1990.1.19)

Richard: Thank you Rev. Moon for choosing America again, and for your victorious work for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1189

As God carried out the dispensa-
tion for restoration, His grief lay in the
fact that the firstborn son was on Satan’s
side. That is why human history is dis-
eased. What kind of disease does it suf-
fer from? It has a love related disease. The
first son was born after humankind went
astray due to the disease of love. If we are
not aware of this fact, we won’t reach the
time when we are able to ascend to the
individual position where we can again
achieve harmony, even if we spend bil-
lions of years in search of the principled
standard. (136-126, 1985.12.22)

Richard: Right now, most everyone is concerned about the Covid-19 virus. Yet, all humankind has a much more fundamental disease. The first human ancestors, Adam and Eve fell, introducing this disease and passing it on from generation to generation. Yet, most are not even aware of this mortifying situation. See here: https://inspiration.visionroot.org/2020/01/31/no-one-has-known-the-root-of-sin/
and here: https://inspiration.visionroot.org/2020/02/01/there-is-no-freedom-without-responsibility/
for the Divine Principle study on the Fall of Man.

Exposition of the Divine Principle
3 Color Edition-The Red part


 The Kingdom of Heaven on earth is a society whose structure is formed in the image of a perfect person. Likewise, fallen society may be regarded as formed in the likeness of a fallen person. We can better understand the history of societies built by sinful humanity by examining the inner life of a fallen person. Since human society is composed of individuals who are constantly at war within themselves, interactions among them cannot help but be full of discord and conflict. Human history has consisted of people’s conflict-ridden social relationships constantly changing with the course of time. Hence, it has necessarily unfolded in strife and warfare.

Progress in history originates with individuals who, even amidst the vortex of good and evil, make determined efforts to reject evil and promote goodness. Therefore, the world toward which history is progressing is the Kingdom of Heaven, where the goal of goodness will be realized.

Meanwhile, on the basis of his relationship of blood ties with the first human beings, Satan has worked through fallen people to realize, in advance of God, a perverted form of the ideal society which God intends to realize. As a result, in human history we witness the rise of unprincipled societies which are built upon twisted versions of the Principle. At the end of human history, before God can restore the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, Satan will have built an unprincipled world in a distorted image of the Kingdom: this is none other than the communist world.


 Some historians have held that the first society built by fallen people was a primitive collective society. Due to the activity of the original mind calling people to respond to God’s providence of restoration, divisions between relative good and evil surely arose in primitive societies under satanic sovereignty.

God called Abraham out of the sinful world to be the standard-bearer of goodness and blessed him with descendants who would uphold the Will of God. God raised up Abraham’s descendants into the first Israelite clan society. They entered Egypt as a clan society, but by the time they left Egypt for Canaan, they had grown into a tribal society. Israelite society in the period of the judges was a feudalistic society.

The providential purpose of the feudalistic society of early Israel was to lay a foundation for the establishment of a monarchic society with greater territory and more powerful sovereignty. The monarchic society amalgamated the smaller units of political and economic sovereignty secured by the earlier feudalistic society into a single territory with a large population, a strong economy and a well-defended sovereignty. This was done with the establishment of the united kingdom of Israel founded by King Saul. Jesus was to come as the King of Kings. God built the monarchic society in Israel to prepare a strong enough foundation for him to come as the Messiah and rule as King of Kings.

After the fall of Judah, God kept the throne of Israel vacant and put the Jewish people under the control of successive gentile empires for most of the period leading up to the coming of the Messiah. Most notably, God placed them in the Hellenistic cultural sphere, which laid the ideological framework for democracy. God fashioned Israel’s society in the form of democracy in order that when the Messiah came, he could be hailed as their king by the will of the people, who should have welcomed him wholeheartedly. However, the Jewish public did not so elevate Jesus. Without public support, he was crucified. Consequently, at the consummation of the providence which had begun two thousand years earlier with the calling of Abraham and his descendants out of the sinful world, its purpose was attained only spiritually.

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There is No Freedom without Responsibility

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2106

You should not return home to live a
comfortable life alone. Upon your return
you should first organize the church.
Your sons and daughters should not be
objects of public scorn. They should not
be beggars relying on others for their
livelihood. You should assist them with
their living situations and teach them
the new tradition which was created by
shedding blood and sweat in order to
establish a foundation of truth and jus-
tice. Moreover, you will live only when
you invest yourself to save your clan and
they, in return, establish a foundation
for your settlement. Without inheritors
who are willing to sacrifice themselves,
the national foundation on which this
land of South Korea can remain as a
basis for the Kingdom of Heaven would
not exist. (177-163, 1988.5.17)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1554

The only ideology that should remain
is Godism, which provides us with the
absolute ideal of love and the realm of
heart for our brothers and sisters in all
nations. Only Godism and no other
should govern this world! Amen! (137-196,

Exposition of the Divine Principle
3 Color Edition-The Red part


Satan is the name given to the Archangel Lucifer after he fell. When
the first human ancestors fell, they bound themselves in blood ties with
Lucifer. They formed a four position foundation yoked to Satan, and
thus all humanity became the children of Satan. Adam and Eve while still immature, however, they
fell and formed a four position foundation centering on Satan. Con-
sequently, this world has come under Satan’s sovereignty.
Even Satan cannot perpetrate his evil activity unless he first finds an object partner with whom he can
form a common base and engage in give and take action. Satan’s object
partners are evil spirits in the spirit world. The object partners to these
evil spirits are the spirit selves of evil people on the earth, and the vehi-
cles through which these evil spirit selves act are their physical selves.
Accordingly, the power of Satan is conveyed through evil spirits and is
manifested in the activities of earthly people.
4.5 SIN
Sin is a violation of heavenly law which is committed when a per-
son forms a common base with Satan, thus setting a condition for give
and take action with him. Sin can be classified into four kinds. The first
is the original sin. The second is hereditary sin. The third is collective sin. The fourth is individual sin.
Eve inherited from the Archangel all the proclivities incidental to his
transgression against God when he bound her in blood ties through
their sexual relationship. Adam in turn acquired the same inclinations
when Eve, assuming the role of the Archangel, bound him in blood ties
through their sexual relationship. These proclivities have become the
root cause of the fallen inclinations in all people. They are the prima-
ry characteristics of our fallen nature. The primary characteristics of the fallen nature can be divided
broadly into four types. The first is failing to take God’s standpoint. The second is leaving one’s proper position. The third is reversing dominion. The fourth is multiplying the criminal act.
First, there is no freedom outside the Principle. Second, there is no freedom without responsibility. Third, there is no freedom without accomplishment. It cannot be that freedom caused the human Fall.
God, being omniscient and omnipotent, must have known about the
deviant acts of the first human ancestors which were leading to their
Fall. Why, then, did God not intervene to prevent the Fall?

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No One Has Known the Root of Sin

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Job 9

25 My life is speeding by,
    without a hope of happiness.
26 Each day passes swifter
than a sailing ship
    or an eagle swooping down.
27 Sometimes I try to be cheerful
    and to stop complaining,
28 but my sufferings frighten me,
because I know that God
    still considers me guilty.
29 So what’s the use of trying
    to prove my innocence?
30 Even if I washed myself
    with the strongest soap,
31 God would throw me into a pit
of stinking slime,
leaving me
    disgusting to my clothes.

Job 15

15 Eliphaz from Teman said:

Job, if you had any sense,
you would stop spreading
    all of this hot air.
Your words are enough
to make others turn from God
    and lead them to doubt.
And your sinful, scheming mind
    is the source of all you say.
I am not here as your judge;
your own words are witnesses
    against you.

Exposition of the Divine Principle
3 Color Edition-The Red part

The Fall of Man

All people have an original mind which inclines them to reject evil
and pursue goodness. Yet, even without our being aware of it, we are
driven by evil forces to abandon the goodness which our original mind
desires and to perform evil deeds which, in our innermost heart, we do
not want to do. As long as these evil forces assail us, the sinful history
of humanity will continue unabated. In Christianity, the master of these
evil forces is known as Satan. We have been utterly unable to liquidate
the forces of Satan because we have not understood Satan’s identity or
how he came to exist. This explanation of the human Fall will clarify
these issues.
No one has known the root of sin, which lies deep within and cease-
lessly drives people toward the way of evil. On the basis of the Bible,
Christians have held to a vague belief that Adam and Eve’s eating the
fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was the root of sin.
Adam and Eve fell when they ate the fruit of the tree of the knowl-
edge of good and evil. Many Christians to this day have thought that
this was the fruit of an actual tree. Why should we stubbornly adhere to a literal interpretation of the fruit when
so much of the Bible makes use of symbolism and metaphor? We would
do well to abandon such a narrow and old-fashioned attitude of faith.
To learn what the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and
evil represents, let us first investigate the tree of life, which stood next
to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden.
The tree of life in fact symbolizes a man who has fully
realized the ideal of creation. Perfected Adam was to be this ideal man.
The tree of life thus symbolizes perfected Adam.
The tree of the knowledge of good and evil, standing beside the tree of
life, 14 was this tree which, by fulfilling its good purpose, represents the
ideal woman, perfected Eve.
In the Bible we read that a serpent tempted Eve to commit sin. 17
What does the serpent symbolize? We are left with the con-
clusion that the spiritual being represented by the serpent was originally
created with a good purpose, but later fell and became Satan. The serpent, which tempted human beings and
sinned, is an angel.
And the angels that did not keep their own position but left their proper
dwelling have been kept by him in eternal chains in the nether gloom until
the judgment of the great day; just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the sur-
rounding cities, which likewise acted immorally and indulged in unnat-
ural lust, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire.
— Jude 6-7
From this passage we can infer that the angel fell as a result of an illic-
it sexual relationship.
We read that before they fell, Adam and Eve were both naked, and
were not ashamed. 19 After the Fall, however, they felt ashamed of their
nakedness and sewed fig leaves together into aprons to cover their
lower parts. Adam and Eve’s sexual parts were the source of their shame
because they were the instruments of their sinful deed.
We can deduce that the illicit sexual relationship must have involved the angel and human beings.
What does the fruit of this tree represent? It signifies the
love of Eve. Eve should have borne good
children through her godly love. Instead, she bore evil children through
her satanic love. Accordingly, Eve’s eating of
the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil denotes that she
consummated a satanic love relationship with the angel which bound
her in blood ties to him.
The root of sin was not that the first human ancestors ate a fruit, but rather
that they had an illicit sexual relationship with an angel (symbolized by
a serpent). Consequently, they could not multiply God’s good lineage
but instead multiplied Satan’s evil lineage.
Angels were created by God prior to any other creation. God created angels to be His retainers, who would assist Him in creating and sustaining the universe. in Hebrews angels are referred to as “ministering spirits.” The Bible often portrays angels honoring and praising
God. Let us investigate the relationship between human beings and angels
from the perspective of the Principle of Creation. Because God creat-
ed us as His children and gave us dominion over all creation, 37 we are
meant to rule over the angels as well.
God created human beings with two components: the spirit self
and the physical self. The human Fall likewise took place in two dimen-
sions: the spiritual and the physical. The fall which took place through
the sexual relationship between the angel and Eve was the spiritual fall,
while the fall which occurred through the sexual relationship between
Eve and Adam was the physical fall.
Lucifer, feeling as though he were receiving less love than he deserved, wanted to grasp the same central position in human society as he enjoyed as the
channel of God’s love in the angelic world. This was why he seduced
Eve, and this was the motivation of the spiritual fall. Lucifer, who left his proper position due to his excessive desire, and Eve,
who wanted to open her eyes and become like God 44 before the time
was ripe, formed a common base and began give and take action. The
power of the unprincipled love generated by their give and take led
them to consummate an illicit sexual relationship on the spiritual plane.
Eve then seduced Adam with the hope that by uniting with him, her intended spouse, she could rid herself of the dread and once again stand before God. This was Eve’s motivation which led to the physical fall. Adam responded and formed a common base with Eve, and they began give and take action with each other. The power of the unprincipled love generated in their relationship induced Adam to abandon his original position and brought them together in an illicit physical relationship of sexual love.

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Now the Time of Ordinary Membership Will Come

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1544

If you focus on spirituality in religion,
you will reject materialism. In attaching
importance to its spiritual civilization,
the Orient rejected materialism. That
materialism was embraced by the West.
Many nations in the West, including the
United States, have managed to achieve
a high standard of living because they
secured all the natural resources of the
East as their own and used them to
develop and advance Western Civiliza-
tion. However, they have reached their
limit. The spiritual civilization of the
Orient has also reached its limit. The
Orient has gradually come to pursue
Western material civilization, while the
West has come to pursue Oriental spiri-
tual civilization. Consequently, we have
reached the time when these two civili-
zations are engaged in a mutual cultural
exchange. (Blessed Family II – 381)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1261

How did the devil bring about the
Fall? Through the fruit of the tree of
knowledge of good and evil? Where did
they cover themselves after eating the
fruit? Did they cover up their mouths
or their hands? Didn’t they cover up
the sexual parts of their bodies? This
became the seed that sowed evil. They
fell before they had fully matured, while
they were still adolescents. As the lin-
eage of humankind in world history
stemmed form this act, in the Last Days
the phenomenon of such relationships
will thrive. The time will come, that,
across the world, young people destroy
the ethics of love. They will hide in the
shadows, just like Adam and Eve, and
have no fear of heaven. That will be the
time when the era of Satan’s worldwide
dominion will come to the earth. That
is when we will be faced with the iron
hammer of God. (200-227, 1990.2.25)

Members Who Will Live In God’s Family

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 27, 1959

Matthew 12: 46-50

Ladies and gentlemen, your love and longing for your friends will all fade away. Families and friends will all fade away. The right path is the one on which longing for heavenly friends and heavenly family members moves your emotions. Forgetting about even your hunger, you should look for heavenly family members, overcome all your grief, and be concerned even about the descendants of the future, appealing to God on their behalf. Those who have this mind-set will never decrease. Ladies and gentlemen, you are probably well aware of the international situation. Many people see that the years 1959 and 1960 are an historical transition. We feel that the time of the historical transition has come. We know that we have arrived at the forked road of life and death and the point of despair and mourning. They have invaded the sphere of our life. Here we can feel the division ideologically. The same is true for our world of faith, family and society.

Moreover, when we look at the situation of Korea, we can see that there is no country more miserable than this. Where do you set the standard of peace? The world will fade away. The society, country and people will all fade away. Our people do not possess anything, and we cannot even look for it. Now I think that the only way to save this people is to mourn over their historical sins and the mistakes of the present era and raise two hands and call on the Father.

Who among the people gathered here will be mobilized? Not the older people. The churches must take the risk of the new changing the old. Since we know this, Christians should not entrust their churches to the present leadership. Such a time will come. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a place for ministers and elders. The Kingdom of Heaven is a place for truly faithful sons and daughters. The churches have become as they are because we entrusted them to the hands of ministers and elders. Christians of the world should unite and claim back the possession of their churches and honor them as their own. Such a movement will take place. God will make this happen.

Young men of great ideals, such a time will certainly come. Look! Before the liberation of Korea, people praised this and that minister. The time of ministers passed, and there came a time of elders when people praised this or that elder. Then blew the wind of the deacons. Now the time of ordinary membership will come. Such phenomena will certainly take place. We should not entrust this church to them. The Unification Church has arisen from that fervent movement. Although people may be cursing us, you wait and see. History will certainly change its course. We need brave young men and women. Otherwise, in the Last Days we will become miserable people who will betray once more the approaching new world of heavenly ideals and cause great grief to Heaven. You should be concerned about this.

We should become sons and daughters of burning zeal and shoulder the historical grief of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and our ancestors. We should take responsibility for this age. We should become sons and daughters who can call God our Father and preserve the dignity and name of being members of the heavenly family, sons and daughters of God. We should understand clearly that God and humanity are searching for people who can confidently command the entire universe.


Father, I have spoken the words. Most sorrowful and grieved Father, please forgive our ancestors who were ignorant of You.

We know that we should understand and cry for the Father’s sorrow over not having found the sons and daughters You long for. Forgive us. We are in the miserable situation of seeking our satisfaction alone.

Jesus looked at his own mother and younger brothers and sisters and said, “Only those who live by the will of my Father are my brothers and mother.” We do not have original parents; we do not have original brothers and sisters; we do not have original children or spouses. We long for original parents, brothers and sisters, children and spouses. Please let us become sons and daughters who forget about our own dignity and search for them out of intense yearning.

Please let the movement to honor the Father and enjoy life in the heavenly family unfold in Heaven and earth. Please let revolutions of heart and love take place which can unite people with this ideal and force them to move forward and respond. If Your sons and daughters who participate here feel something in their hearts, please let that become the guiding light of their lives and the source of transformation. Father, this is our sincere prayer.

Thank You for having governed over everything. We pray in the name of the Lord. Amen. 

Open Your Heart and Be Newly Born

Cheon Seong Gyeong 576

When receiving the Blessing, Uni-
fication Church couples pledge to live
as eternal families. I am the one who
governs eternal families and the eter-
nal nation. I am setting the standard of
families in the eternal nation. Those of
you who keep your promise can inherit
that family, as well as that eternal nation.
(205-359, 1990.10.2)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1190

There are seven horizontal stages you
have to pass through from the individ-
ual to the family, tribe, people, nation,
world, and heaven and earth, before
reaching the final position of God. There
are also eight vertical levels beginning
with the servant of servant’s position. On
the foundation of restoring the rights of
the firstborn son in the course of seven
of these eight levels, you must attain the
position of the original, unfallen first-
born son. Adam and Eve were the first
son and the first daughter. The first son
and daughter have to pass through the
realm of dominion based on accom-
plishments through the Principle. Then,
they must be connected to the realm of
direct dominion based on love and pos-
sess the right of the firstborn son. Such
connection is impossible with the love
of the younger child. They are not con-
nected with the love of the second child.
Therefore, you must return to this posi-
tion and restore the right of the firstborn
son going up stage by stage. This is the
battle to be fought. (138-134, 1986.1.19)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1261

How did the devil bring about the
Fall? Through the fruit of the tree of
knowledge of good and evil? Where did
they cover themselves after eating the
fruit? Did they cover up their mouths
or their hands? Didn’t they cover up
the sexual parts of their bodies? This
became the seed that sowed evil. They
fell before they had fully matured, while
they were still adolescents. As the lin-
eage of humankind in world history
stemmed form this act, in the Last Days
the phenomenon of such relationships
will thrive. The time will come, that,
across the world, young people destroy
the ethics of love. They will hide in the
shadows, just like Adam and Eve, and
have no fear of heaven. That will be the
time when the era of Satan’s worldwide
dominion will come to the earth. That
is when we will be faced with the iron
hammer of God. (200-227, 1990.2.25)

The Person Who Will Serve the Grieving Father

Sun Myung Moon
May 24, 1959

Matthew 23: 1-39

If you want to become heavenly sons and daughters, then you have to rise as the pioneers of the liberation movement to liberate God and humanity from their sorrows, representing all humankind over whom God has wept. You have to arm yourself with a mental and ideological weapon to charge against the enemies as soldiers in the heavenly battle. You have to go forth and arm yourself not with a selfish ideology, but with an ideology that can embrace the cosmos. You have to realize that is the only way for you to become heavenly sons and daughters.

Now Heavenly Father has opened the door of providential restoration, and He is looking for the individual representative, the family representative, the representative of the race, and the national representative among the believers of the last days. Where are such individuals? Such an individual, such a family, such a nation, and such a world as God seeks are nowhere to be found. One should not be self- centered. That is why, even when you do hold onto your life-consciousness, do not forget to possess the life-consciousness of the world and heavenly law. Such awareness is needed. It is foolish to live according to the awareness derived from one’s limited experience as if it were all the value in life. History will laugh at such a person. This age and heavenly law will also laugh. World-consciousness exists, transcending our awareness. Heavenly-consciousness exists, transcending world-awareness. Therefore, you should open your heart and be newly born so that you can transcend world-awareness, go over the hills of pain and suffering felt through heavenly-awareness and finally say, “Heavenly Father, please receive us.” Continue reading “Open Your Heart and Be Newly Born”