The Rogue Servant Seduced His Master’s Daughter

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 325

A human being is the body of God, who is assuming physical form. Since we are the physical body of God, we are the external God. God wishes to bestow such a privilege on us. (39-340, 1971.1.16

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1131

What kind of a being was Satan originally? The devil was actually a servant of God. Yet, this scoundrel of a servant seduced the master’s daughter. This was the Fall. The Fall as recounted in the Bible describes it as Eve having eaten of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but this fruit was not a literal fruit. The rogue servant seduced his master’s daughter. She was supposed to fulfill God’s ideal by raising sons and daughters who would inherit His lineage, but the archangel, created as a servant, seduced the master’s daughter; that became the origin of the Fall. How in the world can such a thing happen? Heaven and earth ended up this way. If you study the Principle, you will generally understand these complex matters. (85-308, 1976.3.4)

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The Seasons of Life

2. Maturity and Old Age

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

What period of human life is most important? It is not childhood. It is the years when you are passing through young adulthood and into middle age, that is, between your twentieth and fortieth year. Especially during a person’s twenties, before age thirty, he should lay the groundwork for his life’s activities and secure a solid foundation for his life. He should also create the conditions upon which he can move forward and pursue his goals. Anyone who fails to do these things is bound to live as a mediocre, unremarkable person during his thirties and into his forties. (22:314, May 12, 1969)

The period in a person’s life when he is capable of the greatest amount of activity is from his twenties to his forties, perhaps his fifties. These twenty to thirty years are a person’s peak years. But once a person crosses forty, he usually starts to decline. From this perspective, you should think about how little time you have left to work for God’s Will. (33:186, August 12, 1970)

Of all the precious seasons of life, the bloom of youth is beyond compare. When we enter the prime of life we have burdens to carry, and if we cannot keep up the fight, we know that our descendants, who are the fruit of that, will be miserable. Therefore, only if we live vigorously during the prime of life, and continue into old age, will our family have in its bosom descendants who will be able to greet new springs, see new summers, and prevail through the following winters without difficulties. (31:139, May 3, 1970)

Sexual Promiscuity is a Principal Cause of the Downfall of Numerous Heroes

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#74 The Family Rooted in Absolute Sexual Ethics Part 9-with Yun-A Johnson
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Cheon Seong Gyeong 856

If you wish to meet with someone who is millions or billions of miles away, that person will immediately appear. Even though the Kingdom of Heaven is vast, when you prepare your heart and say that you would like to meet with some-one you love, he will appear before you. How wonderful that is! Isn’t that great? When he appears in front of you, you will immediately know which level you are on; you will know if you are higher or lower than he. Even if he is your closest friend, if your level of love is higher than his from heaven’s point of view, he will bow to you as soon as he comes to you. Even your own mother or your ancestors who lived on earth long ago will bow to you. Such a place is the spirit world. (206-138, 1990.10.3

Cheon Seong Gyeong 264

What is the local-level breakthrough (tong ban gyeokpa) we are pursuing? We must unite South and North and offer the Republic of Korea to God as the homeland of all humankind. This must be done in God’s name and in True Par-ents’ name, centered on the achievement of victory in all nations. This is why we have been investing everything. It is for this reason that we are now like a group of beggars. Why beggars? Because we already offered everything decades ago. Now we must unite South and North, and in God’s name and in True Parents’ name we must take back all ownership historically claimed by Satan. We must restore the ownership to the throne of God, the Original Parent, so that Korea will emerge from this as the first ancestor nation among all nations through-out history. Working to bring this about is my final purpose of love. (211-126, 1990.12.29)

The Human Fall

3. Corruption of Sexual Love

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Sexual love caused human beings to fall. Therefore, our sexual organs are most fearful things. Religion holds adultery to be the cardinal sin. Is free sex in America and throughout the world the expression of God’s philosophy of the Kingdom or the devil’s philosophy of hell? It is the philosophy of hell run rampant, creating hell both on earth and in heaven. Everyone who follows this trend is doomed. (261:304, July 24, 1994)

How can God’s love be linked to this world? True love coming down from above brings unity by the most direct and shortest path, making a 90-degree angle. Once that direct connection is made with the vertical God, the love of human beings can correspond to it—true love traveling by the most direct and shortest path. Induced by that vertical love, a man and a woman move on the horizontal plane toward the vertical line, creating a right angle: this is love’s final destination. What was the Human Fall? It bent this right angle. (218:219, July 29, 1991)

God’s purpose of creation, described in the blessings “be fruitful and multiply,” (Gen. 1.28) can be achieved only through love. Accordingly, from the viewpoint of God’s purpose of creation, love should be the most precious and sacred act. But because the sexual act was the very cause of the Fall, people often regard it with shame and even contempt. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Fall 1.3.2)

There is ample evidence which helps us recognize that the root of human sin stems from sexual immorality. We know that the original sin has been perpetuated through lineal descent from one generation to the next. This is because the root of sin was solidified by a sexual relationship that binds one in ties of blood. Furthermore, those religions which emphasize the need to purge sin regard fornication as a cardinal sin, and they have taught the virtues of chastity and restraint in order to curb it. This is an indication that the root of sin is found in lustful desires. The Israelites performed the rite of circumcision as a condition for sanctification. They qualified themselves as God’s chosen people by draining blood, because the root of sin lies in having taken in through an unchaste act the evil blood which permeates our being.
Sexual promiscuity is a principal cause of the downfall of numerous heroes, patriots and nations. Even in the most outstanding people, the root of sin—illicit sexual desire—is constantly active in their souls, sometimes without their conscious awareness. We may be able to eradicate all other evils by establishing moral codes through religion, by thoroughly implementing various educational programs, and by reforming the socio-economic systems that foster crime. But no one can prevent the plague of sexual promiscuity, which has become increasingly prevalent as the progress of civilization makes lifestyles more comfortable and indolent. Therefore, the hope of an ideal world is an empty dream as long as this root of all evils has not been eradicated at its source. Christ at his Second Advent must be able to solve this problem once and for all. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Fall 1.5

Lust Requires for its Consummation Darkness and Secrecy

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The Richard Urban Show:
#74 The Family Rooted in Absolute Sexual Ethics Part 9-with Yun-A Johnson
#73 State Legislators, Do Your Job!

Exodus 24

 Then Moses wrote down what the Lord had said.

The next morning Moses got up early. He built an altar at the foot of the mountain and set up a large stone for each of the twelve tribes of Israel. He also sent some young men to burn offerings and to sacrifice bulls as special offerings[a] to the Lord. Moses put half of the blood from the animals into bowls and sprinkled the rest on the altar. Then he read aloud the Lord’s commands and promises, and the people shouted, “We will obey the Lord and do everything he has commanded!”

Psalm 69

You know how I am insulted,
    mocked, and disgraced;
    you know every one
    of my enemies.
20 I am crushed by insults,
    and I feel sick.
    I had hoped for mercy and pity,
    but there was none.
21 Enemies poisoned my food,
    and when I was thirsty,
    they gave me vinegar.

22 Make their table a trap
    for them and their friends.
23     Blind them with darkness
    and make them tremble.
24 Show them how angry you are!
    Be furious and catch them.
25 Destroy their camp
    and don’t let anyone live
    in their tents.

The Human Fall

3. Corruption of Sexual Love

Lust requires for its consummation darkness and secrecy; and this not only when unlawful inter- course is desired, but even such fornication as the earthly city has legalized. Where there is no fear of punishment, these permitted pleasures still shrink from the public eye…
    Even the parental duty, done as it is in accordance with Roman law for the procreation of children, and, therefore, is both legally right and morally good, looks for a room from which all witnesses have been carefully removed. It is only after the best man and bridesmaids, the friends and the servants, have gone from the room that the bridegroom even begins to show any signs of intimate affection… Not even the children who have been born because it was done are allowed to be witnesses while it is being done. Yes, it is a good deed; but it is one that seeks to be known only after it is done, and is ashamed to be seen while it is being done. The reason can only be that what, by nature, has a purpose that everyone praises involves, by penalty, a passion that makes everyone ashamed…
    Now, in the Garden, before the Fall… the passions of anger and lust were never so roused counter to the commands of the rational will that reason was forced, so to speak, to put them in harness. It is different now, when even people who live a life of moral and religious self-control have to bridle these passions. This may be easy or difficult, but the bit and bridle are always needed. Now, the present condition is not that of healthy human nature; it is a sickness induced by sin…
    No one, then, should dream of believing that the kind of lust which made the married couple in the Garden ashamed of their nakedness was meant to be the only means of fulfilling the command which God gave when He “blessed them, saying: Increase and multiply, and fill the earth.” (Gen. 1.28) The fact is that this passion had no place before they sinned; it was only after the Fall, when their nature had lost its power to exact obedience from the sexual organs, that they fell and noticed the loss and, being ashamed of their lust, covered these unruly members. But God’s blessing on their marriage, with the command to increase and multiply and fill the earth, was given before the Fall. The blessing remained even when they had sinned, because it was a token that the begetting of children is a part of the glory of marriage and has nothing to do with the penalty for sin…
    We conclude, therefore, that, even had there been no sin in the Garden, there would still have been marriages worthy of that blessed place and that lovely babies would have flowered from a love uncankered by lust. Unfortunately, to show just how that could be we have no present experience to help us. Nevertheless, when we consider how many other human organs still obey the will even after the Fall, we have no reason for doubting that the one unruly member could have done the same, as long as there was no defiance from lust. After all, we move our hands and feet to their appropriate functions whenever we choose and with no rebellion on their part… But the peculiarity of the passion of lust which we are here discussing is that the soul can neither sufficiently control itself so as to be free of lust, nor in any way control the body when lust takes over the control of sexual excitement in defiance of the will. This defiance is precisely what makes both lust itself and the organs it controls such sources of shame. Saint Augustine, City of God14.18-23 (Christianity)

You must know, monks, that after the floods [that put out the conflagration that ended the last cosmic cycle] receded and the earth came back into being, there was upon the face of the earth a film more sweet-smelling than ambro-sia. Do you want to know what was the taste of that film? It was like the taste of grape wine in the mouth. And at this time the gods of the Abhasvara Heaven said to one another, “Let us go and see what it looks like in Jambudvipa now that there is earth again.” So the young gods of that heaven came down into the world and saw that over the earth was spread this film. They put their fingers into the earth and sucked them. Some put their fingers into the earth many times and ate a great deal of this film, and these at once lost all their majesty and brightness. Their bodies grew heavy and their substance became flesh and bone. They lost their magic and could no longer fly. But there were others who ate only a little, and these could still fly about in the air. And those that had lost their magic cried out to one another in dismay, “Now we are in a very sad case. We have lost our magic. There is nothing for it but to stay here on earth; for we cannot possibly get back to heaven.” They stayed and fed upon the film that covered the earth, and gazed at one another’s beauty. Those among them that were most passionate became women, and these gods and goddesses fulfilled their desires and pleasure in one another. And this was how it was, monks, that when the world began love-making first spread throughout the world; it is an old and constant thing…
    And the gods who had returned to heaven looked down and saw the young gods that had fallen, and they came down and reproached them, saying, “Why are you behaving in this unclean way?” Then the gods on earth thought to themselves, “We must find some way to be together without being seen by others.” So they made houses that would cover and hide them. Monks, that was how houses first began.
    [Now the people] seeing this thing of husbands and wives had begun, hated and despised such couples and seized them with the left hand, pushed them with the right hand and drove them away. But always after two months or maybe three they would come back again. Then the people hit them or pelted them with sticks, clods of earth, tiles or stones. “Go and hide yourselves! Go and hide yourselves properly!”
That is why today when a girl is married she is pelted with flowers or gold or silver or pieces of clothing or rice, and the people as they pelt her say, “May peace and happiness, new bride, be yours!” Monks, in former times ill was meant by these things that were done, but nowadays good is meant.
    Ekottara Agama 34 and Ch’i-shih Ching4(Buddhism

How Could the Original Sin Arise From Eating a Literal Fruit?

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The Richard Urban Show:
#74 The Family Rooted in Absolute Sexual Ethics Part 9-with Yun-A Johnson
#73 State Legislators, Do Your Job!

Cheon Seong Gyeong 265

How will you deeply experience True
Parents’ heart and God’s love and heart?
This is the issue. The question is how
to enter that state. For this you have to
become the Adam and Eve who have not
fallen, free from Satan’s accusation. How,
then, will you become liberated from the
satanic world? You have to win in the bat-
tle with Satan. To achieve this, how hard
will you have to work and how much will
you have to suffer? Jacob and Moses were
each deceived ten times. Jesus Christ was
also deceived in the same manner. It was
the same with me. We must overcome
this. We will come to know God’s heart
through this. We will come to know the
Parents’ heart. Otherwise, we will nev-
er know. Without this experience, Satan
will never leave you alone. As long as you
do not triumph over Satan, you will nev-
er be able to know True Parents’ heart or
God’s heart.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1358

In 1970, the 777 Couples from ten
nations around the world were blessed.
They are the ‘three sevens’ couples; three
times seven equals twenty-one. The 777
Couples represent the whole world and
also formation, growth, and completion;
through their Blessing, any family could
inherit the right to enter heaven freely.
Such is the significance of this number.
Having thus blessed the 777 Cou-
ples, I can now travel anywhere in the
world with my family: Germany, Afri-
ca – anywhere on earth. That is to say,
I can fulfill God’s will wherever I go.
Every place is the same. Since the way is
open for anyone to come to me, it follows
that I can also go to any nation. The 777
Couples Blessing in 1970 made it possi-
ble for my family to go anywhere in the
world. I have laid the foundation upon
which, if Korea continues to oppose me,
I can take my family to any nation of my
choice to realize God’s will; accordingly,
I can now proceed into the global era.
(75-152, 1975.1.2)

The Human Fall

2. Catastrophic Consequences of the Human Fall

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

How could the original sin arise from eating a literal fruit? If the first ancestor committed sin by eating a fruit, what could bequeath that sin to thousands of generations of his descendants? The generations are related through lineage. If the root of sin is planted in the lineage, the sin continues forever by the law of heredity. Only a problem of love could make this happen. Wrongful love was the cause of the Human Fall. (23:167, May 18, 1969)

Love is supposed to bring human beings to perfection. However, when something goes wrong with love, even God steps back. Then it becomes a serious problem. In this respect, we discover that something went wrong with love. Nothing else could become such a serious problem for God, for humankind and for history. The failure of love was the greatest catastrophe in the whole universe. (128:87, June 5, 1983)

Were you to truly know love, you would be well acquainted with everything. You would not only know the facts of the earth plane, but also your spiritual eyes would be open and you would under-stand the cosmos in all its dimensions. You would reach the level where you could experience God directly. God endowed human beings with the potential to develop their senses of love to that degree.
However, Adam and Eve fell before they could reach that level. (137:129, January 1, 1986)

When Adam and Eve were in adolescence, at the age of 16, 17 or 18, their eyes were not supposed to wander about. They were supposed to look into each other’s eyes and say, “You are the one I have been looking for! It was you all along!” Gazing into each other’s eyes filled with mystery and touching each other’s noses, they would have felt a spark of electricity. Would their minds and body have been completely united at that moment? Yes they would have been.
    When a man and a woman become one in the mind and the body and establish goodness in the universe, they are like flowers in full bloom. The fragrance of their love fills the entire universe, enthralling all its creatures. Every creature stretches its body and perks up its nose to smell the alluring scent. What about God? He would exclaim, “Wow! This is awesome!” Even God is captivated. He is naturally drawn to them. He gives them all His attention. He urges them on.
    Up to the moment when God joined Adam and Eve, they were not prepared to experience the electricity of love. They would have felt clumsy around each other; their physical touch would have come as a shock. But once their minds and bodies would be totally united in God’s love, once the three—God, Adam and Eve—would be united as one, they would have experienced love like a flash of lightening. At that moment, they would have become the nucleus of the universe. They would have orbited about each other in love, forming the nucleus for governing all things by love. Yet Adam and Eve were derailed from this orbit…
    Had Adam and Eve become the nucleus, God would have nestled them in His bosom. He would have been with them always. Even if His body tried to leave, His feet would have stayed with them. The couple would have been inseparable, ever embracing each other. Their sons and daughters would have been connected to them by cords of love, and wherever they went they would come together again… The families, tribes, peoples, nations, and world descended from them were supposed to be established from that nucleus. As descendants of a man and woman in complete oneness, they too would have embraced one another in true love as they built their own families, tribes, peoples, nations and world. What a wonderful world it would be! Everything would be marvelous. It would be the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Don’t you think so?
    Am I a dreamer, or do I speak truth? My elucidation of the Human Fall as the reason for the [corruption] of love is logical and correct, based upon a proper assessment of history. Knowing it, we can resolve all human problems. Even so, it is not an easy task.
    Because the nucleus of love was not established, and instead the Fall occurred, the whole world became contrary to God’s ideal, its unity shattered into pieces. Stemming from that initial disorder, all human beings became separated from one another. We cannot deny that the world today is beset by divisions. That is to say, we are all fallen. It is only appropriate to conclude that we are living in the world that resulted from the Fall.
    Since people live in a condition of separation, they deny that God exists. Moreover, they deny their parents, their brothers and sisters, their husband and wives. The world is in chaos. In such a state, human beings can never achieve oneness by their own efforts. Although there are always people who seek for the ideal, they cannot possibly attain it… Meanwhile, others despair, saying that humanity is facing destruction, that there is no hope, and that utopian ideals are merely vain figments of the human imagination. (128:88, June 5, 1983)

If the first human beings did not fall, they would have received God’s vertical love, and they would have become, as it were, the bodies of God. It would be as if God were the bones, and Adam and Eve the flesh.
    God would be the internal Parent in the internal position, and Adam and Eve the external parents in the external position. The internal and the external would become one through love… Without the union of vertical and horizontal love, no one can be perfected.
    Our first ancestors should have become the human beings whom God intended to create according to His original Will. We should have descended from such persons. We should have been born from persons with a divine nature. Then we would possess both God’s divine nature and our parents’ human nature.
    Adam and Eve could become perfect and bear perfect fruit only when connected to the love of God. Without that connection, it is not possible. The connecting point of God’s vertical love and Adam and Eve’s horizontal physical love was to be the very root of our ancestors’ lineage. All of humanity was supposed to have arisen from that beginning point.
    The Fall, however, severed man’s love, woman’s love and God’s love. Because of the Fall, man’s love, woman’s love and God’s love were not connected. If there had been no Fall, man and woman would be tied together by God’s love—without doubt.
    Why do a man and a woman try to become one? They do it for love. What do they want after uniting in love? They want to receive God’s blessing. That is the purpose. (184:71, November 13, 1988)

Zeus Devised the Worst Punishment He Could Think of and Invented Woman

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The Richard Urban Show:
#71 Do Not Concede or Consent

1 Peter 1

22 You obeyed the truth, and your souls were made pure. Now you sincerely love each other. But you must keep on loving with all your heart. 23 Do this because God has given you new birth by his message that lives on forever. 24 The Scriptures say,

“Humans wither like grass,
and their glory fades
    like wild flowers.
Grass dries up,
and flowers fall
    to the ground.
25 But what the Lord has said
    will stand forever.”

Our good news to you is what the Lord has said.

Mark 14

22 During the meal Jesus took some bread in his hands. He blessed the bread and broke it. Then he gave it to his disciples and said, “Take this. It is my body.”

23 Jesus picked up a cup of wine and gave thanks to God. He gave it to his disciples, and they all drank some. 24 Then he said, “This is my blood, which is poured out for many people, and with it God makes his agreement. 25 From now on I will not drink any wine, until I drink new wine in God’s kingdom.” 26 Then they sang a hymn and went out to the Mount of Olives.

Richard: We are standing on the foundation of Jesus’ sacrifice, and on the successful foundation of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent (see Peace Message 10). Righteousness will prevail, but we must fulfill our own responsibility, not the least of which is to understand the New Expression of Truth and act accordingly.

The Human Fall

2. Catastrophic Consequences of the Human Fall

When Zeus was angry with mankind, he devised the worst punishment he could think of, and invented Woman. Hephaestus, the smith of the gods, was instructed to form her from the earth and make her irresistibly beautiful. Each of the gods gave her his own special gift of skill, and from this she was called Pandora, “all gifted.”
    When she was perfected with every gift and arrayed in all her loveliness, this treacherous treasure was taken down to earth by Hermes, the messenger god, and given to Prometheus’ foolish brother Epimetheus. Now Prometheus had warned his brother not to accept anything from Zeus, even if it looked like a gift sent in friendship; but Epimetheus as usual acted first and thought afterwards. He accepted the maiden from Hermes and led her into his house, and with her a great jar—some say a box or chest—which the gods had sent with her, telling her to keep it safely but never open.
    This was too much for Pandora, who among her gifts was endowed with feminine curiosity. After restraining it for a little while, she at last gave in and lifted the lid from the jar, and from that moment began the sorrows of mankind. For each of the gods had stored in it the worst thing he was able to give, and wonderful as had been the gifts with which they endowed her, just as dreadful were the evils that rushed eagerly from the jar in a black stinking cloud like pestilent insects—sickness and suffering, hatred and jealousy and greed, and all the other cruel things that freeze the heart and bring on old age.
    Pandora tried to clap the lid on the jar again, but it was too late. The happy childhood of mankind had gone forever, and with it the Golden Age when life was easy. From then on man had to wrest a hard living by his own labor from the unfriendly ground.
    Only one good thing came to man in the jar and remains to comfort him in his distress, and that is the spirit of Hope.
    Myth of Pandora’s Box (Hellenism)
In the olden days, when God still lived among men, Death did not live among men. Whenever he happened to stray onto the earth, God (Imana) would chase it away with his hunting dogs. One day during such a chase, Death was forced into a narrow space and would have been caught and destroyed. But in his straits he found a woman, and promised her that if she hid him he would spare her and her family. The woman opened her mouth and Death jumped inside.2When God came to her and asked her if she had seen Death, she denied ever seeing him. But God, the All-Seeing One, knew what happened, and told the woman that since she had hidden Death, in the future Death would destroy her and all her children. From that moment death spread all over the world.           Hutu tradition (African Traditional Religions)
If Adam had not sinned, he would not have begotten children from the side of the evil incli-nation, but he would have borne offspring from the side of the Holy Spirit. But now, since all the children of men are born from the side of the evil inclination, they have no permanence and are but short-lived, because there is in them an element of the ‘other side.’ But if Adam had not sinned and had not been driven from the Garden of Eden, he would have begotten progeny from the side of the Holy Spirit—a progeny holy as the celestial angels, who would have endured for eternity, after the supernal pattern. Since, how-ever, he sinned and begat children outside the Garden of Eden, these did not take root.
    Zohar, Genesis 61a (Judaism)
After [they fell] God clothed Adam and Eve in garments soothing to the skin, as it is written, “He made them coats of skin (עוֹר, ‘or) [Gen. 3.21]. At first they had coats of light (אוֹר, or), which procured them the service of the high-est of the high, for the celestial angels used to come to enjoy that light; so it is written, “For you made him but little lower than the angels, and crowned him with glory and honor” [Psalm 8.5]. But after their sins they had only coats of skin, good for the body but not for the soul.
    Zohar 1.36b (Judaism)
The deities Izanagi and Izanami descended from Heaven to the island Ono-goro and erected a heavenly pillar and a spacious palace.
    At this time Izanagi asked his wife Izanami, “How is your body formed?” She replied, “My body, though it be formed, has one place which is formed insufficiently.” Then Izanagi said, “My body, though it be formed, has one place which is formed to excess. Therefore, I would like to take that place in my body which is formed to excess and insert it into that place in your body which is formed insufficiently, and thus give birth to the land. How would this be?” “That will be good,” said Izanami. “Then let us, you and me, walk in a circle around this heavenly pillar and meet and have conjugal intercourse,” said Izanagi. “You walk around from the right, and I will walk around from the left and meet you.”
    After having agreed to this, they circled around; then Izanami said first, “How delightful! I have met a lovely lad!” Afterwards, Izanagi said, “How delightful! I have met a lovely maiden!” After each had spoken, Izanagi said to his wife, “It was not proper that the woman should speak first.” Nevertheless, they commenced procreation and gave birth to a leech-child. They placed this child into a boat made of reeds and floated it away.
    Then the two deities consulted together, “The child which we have just borne is not good. It is best to report this before the heavenly gods.” So they ascended together and sought the will of the heavenly gods. The gods thereupon performed a grand divination, and said, “Because the woman spoke first, the child was not good. Descend once more and say it again.
    Kojiki 4.1-6.1 (Shinto)