Know Jesus Who Went the Way of Golgotha

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Leviticus 7

The sacrifice to make things right is very sacred

Ezra 5

 We were told that their people had made God angry, and he let them be captured by Nebuchadnezzar,[c] the Babylonian king[d] who took them away as captives to Babylonia. Nebuchadnezzar tore down their temple, 13-15 took its gold and silver articles, and put them in the temple of his own god in Babylon.

Richard:  God will judge those who follow false doctrines.

Where Is the Refuge in Which Heaven Can Dwell?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
January 12, 1958

Matthew 8: 18-22

What was the grief of Jesus? It was the sorrow of not having a place of rest. Moreover, his sorrow was not having even one believer who could inherit the will of his mind and body. Not only did he have no one who could inherit his words, it was Jesus’ sorrow that he did not have even one person who could attend his body as the body of God. This was the sorrow of God and the sorrow of all humanity.

Consequently, God and Jesus have been saying in the 2,000-year course of history since then, “I am your bridegroom and you are my bride,” and he has been entrusting his body to you who are like the bride. Jesus is hoping to usher in the one day of peaceful rest. You have to understand that, to found this one day, God and Jesus have been fighting from the background with concern.

If you live by the words of God, what must you do? First, you must create an environment in which you can become intoxicated with the words of God. You must then attain the qualifications of the bride who can relate with Jesus, the bridegroom. Even in this moment, right now, God is longing for the appearance of someone who can become Jesus’ spouse.

God is trying to entrust Jesus to you, the prince of Heaven, the master of all things, and the Savior of all humankind. At that moment, you must stand in the position of the bride who can attend Jesus as the bridegroom. Only if you connect with the ideology of Jesus, the life of Jesus and the historical will of Jesus in this way can you become completely one with him.

Moreover, if you now shoulder the historical mission to realize the substantial being through the words, you must possess the words of Jesus as your own. You must consider the body of Jesus as your own. Not only that, the desperate heart of Jesus, who lived for all the humanity of the world, must rise in your minds and bodies. This is why for 2,000 years until now Jesus has been looking for the bride who can represent his ideology and attend him as the bridegroom. You have to understand that, even in this hour, Jesus is searching to find the true brides who, as the substantial beings who represent his will, can overcome everything about which he is concerned and can comfort Jesus.

Are you aware of the fact that Jesus, who lived the thirty years of his life to give everything he had, shouldered the cross and traveled the path of Golgotha from a position of being betrayed by the nation, the people, his tribe, his family and even by his beloved disciples? Do you understand Jesus’ heart? Do you understand that situation? Moreover, do you understand the hope of Jesus? Who understands?

Jesus remained unchanged toward Heaven, even in the position of death. Bearing the cross on his back, he crossed over the path of the world Golgotha for the sake of the people. If you are ignorant of this Jesus, you cannot meet the one who is coming again with the ideology of world salvation.

Jesus went the path of Golgotha on behalf of the people. Jesus should have lived peacefully in the environment of the people, but because they were faithless, he had to walk the way of the cross for their sake, instead. Jesus should have reaped the victory of Heaven, but because the people betrayed him and he was driven out from the sect, the society and the family, he did not have any place to turn. He came with the hope of Heaven toward the earth, but all of that was undermined, and he was in a sorrowful situation. The result was that he had to walk the way of the cross alone on behalf of the people.

Therefore, you must understand now that the fate of the 2,000-year history since Jesus was to pioneer the path of Golgotha on the level of the world. You must also understand that Jesus has been struggling to cross over the path of Golgotha on the level of the world through the second Israel on the world level, as the bridegroom whom you long to meet.

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