Shift Away From Self-Centered Thinking

Acts 17

The Jewish leaders were jealous and got some worthless bums who hung around the marketplace to start a riot in the city. They wanted to drag Paul and Silas out to the mob, and so they went straight to Jason’s home. But when they did not find them there, they dragged out Jason and some of the Lord’s followers. They took them to the city authorities and shouted, “Paul and Silas have been upsetting things everywhere. Now they have come here, and Jason has welcomed them into his home. All of them break the laws of the Roman Emperor by claiming that someone named Jesus is king.”

The officials and the people were upset when they heard this. So they made Jason and the other followers pay bail before letting them go.

Richard:  This sounds like the radical left’s game plan:  send Antifa out to intimidate Trump supporters and decent God loving people.

Songs 6

My dearest, the cities of Tirzah
and Jerusalem
    are not as lovely as you.
Your charms are more powerful
than all of the stars
    in the heavens.[a]
Turn away your eyes—
    they make me melt.
Your hair tosses about
as gracefully as goats
    coming down from Gilead.
Your teeth are whiter
    than sheep freshly washed;
they match perfectly,
    not one is missing.
Behind your veil are hidden
    beautiful rosy cheeks.[b]

Let Us Love Heaven and Become Patriots

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 1, 1959

Matthew 5: 33-48

If we are to be part of the people who sincerely love Heaven, as descendants of fallen people who must follow this destiny, our minds that seek goodness must explode within us so that we can feel the sorrow of Heaven which lies deep inside everything. We must become people who complete the responsibility to alleviate this sorrow. Unless such a group of people emerges, there is no way that the great will of the providence can be accomplished.

Yet human beings have been battling until now, based only upon themselves. They have been fighting, centering on their families, nations, lands and peoples. Yet this is not Heaven. God has been toiling to become our God, for the sake of our world and humanity. On the contrary, humanity on the earth has been searching for their own self-centered families, their own self-centered nations, and land they can rule based upon themselves. This has been the course of history until now.

Due to the fall, human beings have lost the heavenly heart, conscience, body and all things. Still, they are not aware of this incredible truth. Instead, they have been pursuing material things, their bodies, their minds, and their love, all centered on themselves. If there had been no work done by God to grab these people and drag them through the way in which they can transcend themselves, humanity surely would have perished. They would have been destroyed.

We must be eternally grateful toward Heaven, who has been directing us in our daily lives, through our minds, to awaken us. Fallen people, living selfishly until today, have fallen to the lowest possible state. However, fallen people face the destiny of restoration, by which they must return to their original state.

Your body is to fulfill cosmic value. Everything you possess is a sacrifice which can connect with the cosmos. Yet human beings have been ignorant of this truth. The heart of love you possess can connect with the heavenly heart. You have to understand that God has been laboring until now to build a relationship with ignorant people who stand opposed to Heaven.

All things which commonly took place in the course of history until now were battles fought for the individual’s sake. The battles were fought for their people and their territory. People have not gone any farther than to fight for the sake of their territory, their people, and their sovereignty. All the battles have been fought based on selfishness. Yet if we do not go beyond such battles, humanity will inevitably be doomed.

Countless peoples and nations have declined. Many people have demonstrated love and loyalty to their nation or people, their territory and the sovereignty of their era. Where did all these patriots go? All the patriots whose names are recorded in history have disappeared. Although there were many patriots in sovereign nations throughout history, their heart of integrity has disappeared.

When we examine history, we find that many people have fought to seize land and remove borders. What we must realize is that the original, ideal world ultimately cannot be built by these means.

After the passage of the imperialist age when land is seized and expanded, what must we seek? After the age of imperialism, we must seek people. Such a time will come. Ideology and beliefs are necessary to find people. However, if we try to take land based on ideology and beliefs, the ideology will not live. You cannot deny the historical trend which sought a new ideology after the great crisis of the First World War. After the age when battles are fought over the land, there will come an age when battles are fought over people. It is the time when battles will be fought with ideologies.

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