Declaration Day of the Realm of Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth

Happy Proclamation of the Cosmic Realm of Rest for the Parents of Heaven and Earth! Find a special reading from this Holy Day below.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
August 9, 1997
Report from KoreaUnofficial notes from August 9, 10 and 11, 1997

Richard: Stacey, Sarah and I were in Korea on the day that this holiday was proclaimed. We also lived in the neighborhood in Washington, DC where the 36 million couples Blessing was held on November 29, 1997, and we participated in that Blessing.

At the Kuri Training Center outside Seoul, at seven seconds past seven minutes past seven on the seventh day of the seventh month of 1997, True Father prayed to offer up the victory of meeting the 3.6 Million pre-blessing goal, and creating a new holy day. The official title of the holy day has not yet been established in English, but it will be something like the title below. (Later, in the subsequent conferences, True Father set the new goal of us achieving the 36 Million within 8 months, by next April, and the 360 Million by January 2001. At the time of the declaration, there were over 8 Million Couples who had received the pre-blessing, with Korea leading with a total of 1.05 Million, followed by the Philippines with 950,000, Nigeria with 750,000 and Ghana with 650,000. They received prizes as the top four: $400,000, $300,000, $200,000, $100,000, and True Father said these prizes would be multiplied by 10 for the top four winners in the 36 Million Blessing. No specific country or continent goals were set). Throughout his prayer, True Father was overcome with tears. Afterwards, he told Chung Hwan Kwak that he was crying so deeply that it completely overwhelmed his mind. All the participants (whom True Father estimated were 7,000 in all, representing the whole world) were moved by the great emotion True Father showed in his prayer. Clearly this was no ordinary occasion, but one of cosmic moment. True Father also said later that this was the most important proclamation he had ever made. The content of his prayer was summarized by a translator later. Christianity should have embraced True Father in 1945. Because they did not, he had to go the seven-year course to indemnify their failure, and then restore all things through all levels in the 40-year course. Now, through the victory of the 3.6 Million Couples, we have the national foundation to protect the tribe, family, couple and individual, for the first time in history. Thus, it is now possible to declare the realization of the cosmic realm of rest for the True Parents. The goal was achieved through the cooperation of the spirit world and the angelic world. Now we can go ahead to achieve the blessing of 36 Million and 360 Million Couples, and thus the whole world, liberating all families in the world from Satan. This is a day of thanks and celebration, and the declaration of victory. After the prayer, the ceremonies of a holy day were performed, with bows, the recitation of the pledge, the prayer of True Parents and the cutting of a cake. At 10 am, True Parents’ returned and True Father delivered a speech in which he explained the significance of the day and the proclamation. Unofficial notes from the simultaneous translation of Lyn Kim follows. Proclamation of the Cosmic Realm of Rest for the Parents of Heaven and Earth The idea of True Parents existed before the creation. The ideal of creation was for all things to exist in pairs, and for humankind in couples, so that true love could flow. In puberty, men and women are drawn to each other, attracting God, who dwells in the unity of man and woman. When they are one, they transcend themselves to become like God. The internal nature of God was expressed in Adam; the external in Eve. Hence, the unity of Adam and Eve brought together the internal and external aspects of God. They did not realize this; they did notunderstand how frighteningly important their relationship was. They should have been one in God, realizing Heaven. The fall prevented the realization of the ideal of True Parents. Men and women need to experience love but in order to experience an object you must have senses. Likewise, if there is no object there can be no existence. Therefore, God had to create, and He created us with five senses so that He could relate to us. People don’t know how much God seeks love. God as all-knowing and all-powerful is superseded by God as the center of love. Christianity is working for the salvation of individuals because Jesus was single and could not establish a family. Individual salvation, however, represents only the angelic level. We are the religion of t he Completed Testament Age, centered on saving families. We need to get Satan out of the foundations of everything, which he has occupied and dominated. Once Satan is out, we can create the family of God. In the past, various people tried to use the True Parents. For example, former president of Korea Chun Doo Hwan. But he betrayed me and now he is ruined. I told his predecessor, President Park, to do the Sae Maoul (Village Renewal) movement. He took the ideal from me. President Noh Tae Woo is also useless. I am prospering while all of them are declining. Kim Young Sam is dominated by Christians. He promised them that he would destroy the Unification Church. All those who have not fulfilled their promises to mehave fallen into disgrace. The True Parents should be the center of the world. I know all the presidents of South America. If I call them, they will come. I don’t need money, power, only God’s true love. We need a family that is one, ending Satan’s rule. You are like thieves who cannot be forgiven; you use the animal and vegetable kingdoms for yourselves, when they are from God. You take them as if they were yours. You cannot imagine what God went through to establish the True Parents, the family and lineage. Korea is the only country in which only the man establish the lineage. Korean women have suffered more than any other women. Korea has made all the conditions to restore history. It’s a country in which parents are honored more than anywhere else in the world. God needs filial piety and fidelity, and therefore He chose Korea. We now have 8 Million Couples, so we can achieve 36 Million by November 29.In South America, we can become one with Christianity, for this purpose we have been working with George Bush and Gerry Falwell. We do not have a sectarian doctrine, just principles of God. In the past, there were no families in the spirit world. Now, through the blessing, we are making families that can continue in the spirit world. There is no place that cannot receive the blessing now. Stop hiding.Go to the leaders and ministers of your country and tell them this is the way to reverse the fall. Ours is a religion for families, not individuals. Thus, it is of benefit to society as a whole. True Mother has done a 16-city speaking tour, including addressing the Moon and Han tribes. Through her life of faith and sacrifice, True Mother has become the Holy Mother. Heaven is empty. We need to fill Heaven with families. Through the fulfillment of conditions on earth, God should be able to move back and forth between heaven and earth, without facing barriers. This is the day on which God and True Parents can rest. The conditions to create a realm of rest for God are accomplished in eight stages: individual, couple, family, tribe/ancestors, nation, world, cosmos and God. True Parents have accomplished this, but all families must achieve it through restoration. We need fidelity and absolute sex. We need true love. Without true love, there is no fidelity and true family. A true family must have fidelity and purity. In Korea, the first son inherits the role of the parents, not other relatives, such as uncles. Koreans talk about dying a lot. Korea has in its folk songs the things about life which concern God. The FFWP [Family Federation for World Peace] was formed so late. Already there are so many other religions. Many of the existing religious organizations have attacked us, but we have come out stronger. The ideal of the realm of rest for us is to have the peace to be able to have the wife at home and to be able to spend time with her, to be able to relax and enjoy all things together. There will be unchanging heaven and earth in peace. If you want, you will be able to sleep during the day. You will be able to be like a flower, living in harmony with your surroundings. The wife can take care of the children while the husband can dominate the whole world and take care of the family. The True Parents have shed more tears than anyone. We must become true parents, true teachers and true lords. North Korea’s Juche doctrine denies the value of people, whereas our teaching values all people and seeks to bless them. Even if you die for your mission, your children and grandchildren will follow you and bring it to completion. If we die on the way to God, we will be in His eternal embrace. Everyone said 3.6 Million Couples was impossible. The fact that we made the goal shows that it wasGod’s will. By getting so many couples, people have to bow down before us. Now that we have achieved the goal, are you going to sit around eating, or be unfaithful to your spouse? Now is the time to rush forward to complete the mission. The father has to be big and strong, like the sky; the mother has to be close and detailed. When God created, he needed a form that would enable Him to be the father of a family and the world. And God needed a body for the female side. Adam and Eve should have observed the behavior of animals and known what to do themselves. If the Archangel had waited, he could have participated in the joy of Adam and Eve. Perhaps the Archangel held Eve close to him to put her to sleep. Being that close, a sexual feeling could have developed, leading eventually to the fall. Eve went to Adam to be saved, but God could not accept their relationship and they were cast out of the garden. After what they had done, the consequences became inevitable. So we lost true love at the very beginning. I have a foundation which is frightening, enabling me to proclaim God’s rest. I don’t seek to please anyone. I scold leaders of business groups, anyone. The head of Samsung, for example, is just a leader of a business group. My foundation is worldwide. Who would you follow? I fight with the rod of God’s truth. Our truth must go out to the whole world, to all mankind. It is not just the doctrine of a small church, I am a king of the world, including the academic world. God has had no place to rest on earth because all things were separated after the fall. Can we have world peace if mind and body are disconnected and husband and wife are fighting? True love is the most important thing to God. You must know this. When Adam and Eve fell, husband and wife and the whole world were lost. God had lost what could not be lost. Everything came under Satan. There nothing left to love for God. Now humanity has fallen to the level that grandfathers have relations with their granddaughters, brothers with their sisters, and so on. Satan has claimed everything precious to God. Adam fell at the age of 16. At 17 or 18, he could have been blessed by God with Eve. When the Fall reached as far as Adam (from the Archangel through Eve), God had to the very beginning. This has been the course of restoration. God could not forget what He had lost, the very thing that could not be lost. There was no one He could love. Everything was Hell. He could not touch His own creation, the clouds, the universe, because it had been claimed by Satan. However, at the same time He could not discard His own creation. He had to take responsibility for those he had created. He had to love those He could not love. He had to sacrifice those close to Him, His own sons and daughters, for those He could not love. God has had to overcome obstacles higher than high and deeper than deep in order to restore True Parents. The Old Testament era failed, so did the New, but God went on. He had to start again and again, with so much suffering and shedding so many tears. God chose Israel, but it was lot. It is incredible to be able to participate at this historic occasion, the establishment of a true family through the realization of cosmic rest for the parents of heaven and earth. At the fall, even the animals went to Hell. The world wars were to pay indemnity to restore the world. Now the world is beginning to bow before conscience. At this time, God is making a foundation even for Christians to come back into the providence. We offer three cheers of Mansei on this day, but the time must come when the whole world offers three cheers of Mansei. We have to love all the creation, the air, the animals, the plants, centered on God. For this reason, True Parents go to nature, to inform the creation how happy it will be to return to God. Nature, for its part, is delighted to meet the representatives of God on earth, the True Parents. We need to develop the leisure industry that can enable people to enjoy the creation. We will create natural areas where people will be moved by the beauty of nature. They will learn about God through nature. Nature has suffered at the hands of people, who in their ignorance have exploited it. Because of the fall, nature could not receive love through people. The purpose of creation is to be one with God. Man and woman must be one with each other and one with nature. Everything was separated from God and from everything else through the misuse of the sexual organs of Adam and Eve. Now all things must be restored through absolute sex. God protects the Unification Church because the purpose is absolute love. Your mind and body must become one, centered on true love. You need to reach the point where you can be naked and still centered on God. A women dreams of having a husband who will not hurt her. God has looked for this standard of husband, too. Arirang is a song about the search for the peak of love. We have passed 12 peaks through the blessings: 3, 36, 72, 124, 430, 777, 1800, 6,000, 30,000 took the blessing to the world level in the formation stage, 360,000 in the growth stage and 3.6 Million in the completion stage. No one believed wecould achieve 30,000 couples. Likewise for the 360,000 and 3.6 Million. If you have absolute faith and obedience, even if you go to jail, its ok in trying so hard to release God’s heart. There is no one as pitiful as me. I have no family, no brothers, only God. I gave up resting and playing. I worked and prayed while others rested and slept. Those who opposed me have now come into the Unification Church. I had to go the lonely way to be the son of God and restore the sins of the world. I have been betrayed so many time, but I have had to keep going. There will come a day when women will beg to be restored, so that they can be freed from their course of suffering. Mother and I have tried to make it possible for Korea to be blessed as the chosen nation. We need to bring the dominion of God. We are now building planes and boats and we are developing 400 square miles of land in South America. We will be able to feed the hungry people in Africa. We need to prepare an age in which I can go anywhere in the world. We have to have the heart to reach all people on earth. We have to go to the person who is our greatest enemy to heal the heart. Husband and wife must love each other so much, not like the enemies of the past but in a relationship in which God can dwell. Man must be able to bring woman back to God. You must have dominion over your body so that it brings a climax to your partner and no one else. You must not get involved in gambling. If you do, cut off your hand! You must not get involved in things in which Satan can get involved in. You have to be loving with your wife. If you go to someone else, you are inviting the punishment of heaven. Are you going to follow spiritual or physical love? Women must keep purity until marriage. God cannot rest until couples become one. This is such a difficult moment in history. There is a great battle between the realms of heaven and hell. You must offer devotion. If you are at a meeting of the most beautiful people on earth, you should not be interested in them for yourself, only in your spouse. Even if yourmother-in-law and husband are difficult, you have to go that way, until you reach the beauty, the port of glory and victory. All my life I have gone the opposite direction to the general flow of humanity. In this way, I have been able to make progress more quickly. I have tried to go beyond the mountain of opposition. If parents fight, it creates a problem for the children. Parents have to make the way for God to come into the family. No people are that way yet. You are all failures. You must make a place for God to rest in your couple. You must be one for 1000 years or 10,000 years for God to be able to rest in your couple. I think we have 7,000 people here so I will take your agreement as representative of the agreement of all humanity. From family to tribal level, you have to forget what cannot be forgotten, to invest in what cannot be invested in. Through creating unity through the eight stages, all will become one. The order of love has been broken because Adam and Eve fell. The collapse of the contemporary world has occurred to open the way for the spread of the foundation of the individuals, families, tribes, nations, the world and cosmos. Get the 3.6 Million Couples to find ten couples each and we will reach 36 Million. Get people in your lineage to do likewise. Focus your prayers and efforts on your 160 tribal blessed couples, not on the large figure of 36 Million. You can do 10 families in 2 days. I have cried a lot because you have not followed the way of God. Chung Hwan Kwak comments: True Father said this was the most important proclamation in Unification Church history. The cosmic realm of rest is currently just of True Parents. We can still be attacked by Satan, and Satan can laugh at our families, tribes, nations, etc., because they are not at the true standard. True Parents’ proclamation was of the beginning of the era of rest. Chung Hwan Kwak said that he felt that he was still very distant from True Father’s heart, and had to repent about the standard of his own family. We need to look at ourselves and our families. True Father showed how restoration goes from the individual to the couple to the family, etc. True Father said that in his proclamation prayer he wept so deeply that he could not control his own mind and body. I felt judged by those words. The proclamation should be a point of new beginning. You have all worked so hard for the 3.6 Million blessing. I wish to express my thanks. Because of you I could tell True Father that the goal had been met early. So often we do not achieve the goals set for us, it was a joyful moment when the goal was reached on July 15. When I called True Father in Alaska, he said Mansei, and ordered that a celebratory banquet be held. There have been so many miracles related to the 3.6 Million Couples in many countries. This because of True Parents’ foundation. We need to have q heart of gratitude. True Father said that all the events of this blessing should be recorded in a special book about it. In 1995 I originally pledged 210,000 couples for the 3.6 Million Blessing. At that time True Father scolded me and added a one to the beginning, making it 1.2 Million. Now, miraculously, that target has already nearly been met. True Father especially wanted Korea to fulfill its goal. Through True Mother’s tour, there has been an outpouring of spirit, and over the last 20 days there has been an explosion of blessings. Please keep going. Tell members about True Father’s appreciation for their efforts and success. In Korea, many were blessed at banquets or other ceremonies organized for relatives and other groups as an opportunity to explain the blessing, with the people often invited for a meeting of family members, etc. The explanations and conduct of the pre-blessing ceremonies have set a good standard for the world, being quite comprehensive. I have been worried about the often radical methods used for the pre-blessings around the world. However, when I reported about one instance to Father, he was just so happy about the result. People are now blessed in the streets, in stores, in homes, on beaches, everywhere. The providence is expanding wider and wider. As leaders we need to be concerned how we can teach people, so that they can reach a suitable level for the blessing. We also have to educate couples to the point that they can go out and bless ten more couples, so that we can reach our goals. Those of you who do not educate couples as you go along will find it increasingly difficult to build a strong and wide blessing foundation in your country. I have received quite a few reports questioning the blessing practices of other leaders and members. I have not answered these faxes because in general they do not reflect the understanding that we are in a new providential age in which True Parents’ blessing is offered to almost anyone, anywhere. The old procedures no longer apply in many cases. For example, in some cases the holy wine is given to onespouse, who takes the rest home for the other spouse to drink later. Korean members have been on fire to achieve their goals because they were told they would not be able to attend True Father’s speeches if they did not achieve the 160 couples. The main point to keep in mind is that True Parents want to give the blessing to as many people as possible as soon as possible, and therefore the method is not the main thing. The top ten countries are: Korea 1,050,000; Philippines 950,000; Nigeria 750,000; Ghana 650,000; Sudan 505,000; Taiwan 487,000; Russia 286,000; Mexico 230,000; USA 220,000; Zaire 173,000. True Father’s heart and mind are full of the 36 Million and 360 Million Blessings. He would like to reach 3.6 billion by 2000. (Single blessings cannot be counted). Please put an extra effort into bringing unmarried young people, or recently married couples, which wewant to use for the RFK stadium. Each country should send at least one couple to the stadium blessing, preferably a new couple (matched by True Father or recently married and blessed if there is no matched couple available). Matters such as visas, air travel and hotel reservations should be checked into from now. The younger couples will probably be placed on the stadium field, with older ones taking up the stands. Everything in the blessing will be in the media, including the matching, indemnity stick, etc., so that the whole world will know what the blessing is about. All the practical arrangements for the eight conferences at the WCSF [World Culture and Sports Festival] are being completed. We will distribute a CD with 120 of True Father’s speeches and other material. Later, all of True Father’s words will be put on one CD, which will be a great resource for all our ministers, leaders and those researching True Father’s words and life. There will be a program for accessing various topics, etc. True Father has invested a lot in technology in Korea so that we can use state of the art techniques for dissemination of the world and publicizing True Parents’ activities and projects. Some points and reports from the leaders’ conference with True Father August 10 and 11 True Father on August 10, 1997 In the future there will be no translation into Korean. Only those who can understand Korean will be invited to conferences. To the Japanese present, True Father said: You must learn Korean in three years. The Japanese way is not heaven’s way. Study Korean, study Korean, study Korean. When you go to the spirit world you should speak Korean, however in the spirit world one uses the language of the heart and therefore earthly languages are not so important. You should spend three times the amount of time you consume eating in studying Korean. Culture comes from language. Korean is a step above Japanese. Your descendants should know the language of your hometown. Those who have not studied Korean have felt it is not important. The Korean National Messiahs must teach Korean for three years. They must raise up someone can become the president of the country. For myself, I still have the mind to study the contents of the book. You need Korean and Japanese leaders to understand True Parents’ tradition. If you can understand me, it is different. If the Korean National Messiahs don’t learn the language of their mission countries, they should go home. You can’t just sit in your country and say you only want to teach the principle or only meet the top people. You have to help the unfortunate people as well. You have to be willing to be educated. Dr. Pak thought he was great, so I had to put him down, so that he could become a true person. True Father August 11, 1997 This is the time for National Messiahs to take responsibility. Opportunities pass, so this opportunity must be grasped by the National Messiahs. We will mobilize the spirit and angelic worlds, so that unimaginable things will take place. National Messiahs can mobilize these forces, since they are in the position of ambassadors of True Parents. They are in the position of True Parents for their country. They have to have a connection through good ancestors to be able to mobilize the spirit world. The National Messiahs have a position that is higher than that of the leaders of the nation they are assigned to. This is the age of instant indemnity. If you make mistakes, your family will suffer. For God to work in your country you should be a master of recreation. Pay attention to people at lower levels of society. They tend to be more honest. If you block the blessing, National Messiahs and members will pay. The National Messiah is so important that if he does well or not will affect the nation. The National Messiahs should make more conditions and make more effort than the religious leaders of their countries do.God is the master of absolute faith and belief in His own world. God made all things through love, and all things have been waiting to meet their rightful owner. You should be the owner, for love. You should seek to make your objects greater than you. You have to believe with a heart of love. You have to obey with a heart of love. Love is greater than faith and obedience. Faith and obedience lay the foundation for love. If someone has good merit, with one mistake this can be erased. The proclamation of cosmic rest is good condition. All have to bow their heads in front of it, including God. You can go to heaven if you are grateful all the time. I cannot deny my blood relationship with you. You can do what I ask, and go where I go. Members are connected to True Parents through the blessing. Men and women go into circular movement as they become one. You have to feel as if your country was your own body. Were you blessed by force of from your own desire? You were drawn to the Unification Church. You should make a condition of harmony; brothers and sisters should be reconciled first. If you ignore this, you must pay. For example, if a wife is betrayed by her husband and goes to the spirit world with resentment, the husband must pay for that. You have to make a new beginning for your family and your nation, otherwise you and your nation will be ruined. You must leave behind old habits. America did not develop in the providence because the leaders there had the attitude of “you must obey me”. The US also sucked money from Japan. I made all the conditions for you. If you do not make matching conditions you will be accused. There are many in the Unification Church who went against me and died a miserable death. Only the parents of heaven and earth should rest, because they have made all the conditions to do so. The king must be at the level of the poorest people. Without suffering cannot pay indemnity. When you go to South America as a National Messiah you must be South American, not Korean. You should visit suffering people and poor people. If you have money, don’t think about using it for your family and yourself. Think about using it for the nation. If you have no money, God will fill your wallet. It is amazing how this works. Love flows to a world of peace and love. We want to become the object of God, to become perfect. The mind and body must become one, a unified pair; likewise husband and wife. If husband and wife can’t become one, they can’t go to the world peace, the level plain. You have to love even if you die three times. Without vertical love, you cannot be one on the horizontal level. Your orientation has to be from the vertical. Only a 90 degree angle takes you to God. Anything else leads to Satan. As husband and wife, you are free to do whatever you want. In the act of love, if the husband is vertical, the wife can turn 360 degrees. Faces with a nose bent to the left usually belong to a liar, whereas a twisted mouth usually implies susceptibility to disease. The body should be balanced. Shoes should wear out evenly. In the world of true love, vertical and horizontal oneness will expand. To National Messiahs: Don’t get into arguments; Don’t claim everything for yourself; Pray to find good people, more capable than yourself; You have to fulfill your mission even if you die; You have to really invest yourself; You have to give and give and give again so Satan cannot accuse you;If you need money, you should take loans if necessary; You have to be willing to die for God’s will; You have to bring heaven and earth together; Don’t turn our good foundation upside-down. My resentment is that I could not give more. Be willing to support your continental director. If he does more for your country than you do, then it becomes his responsibility. You are parents for your nation, so you cannot fight. You have to raise your members. If you keep them for your own projects, you will be destroyed. True Father then established prizes for the four top nations: Korea $400,000, Philippines $300,000, Nigeria $200,000, Ghana $100,000. He said: I would like to give $100 million. In the next 8 months do 36 Million Couples; then 19 months after that do 360 Million (by January 2001). True Father to Japanese members: Indemnity should be paid by women. Japan as the Eve nation should solve the money problems of the world. The resentment of women is that there are no true men, only Archangels. Japan was made Eve in order to restore women, because Satan claimed the world through a woman. By reclaiming women we can reclaim all from Satan. In the expansion of the blessing providence, after the 3.6 Million Blessing was achieved the path of blessing expansion is no longer uphill. It now goes down hill, such that the providence for the blessing should expand very rapidly. The reason for this is that God now has the way to claim authority, and all Satan has will be destroyed. Only the Cain realm can be destroyed because there is a condition to project the Abel realm. We have gone beyond the tribe level in the blessings, therefore members can go to other countries to win their own 160 couples. Families from different nations should live together in a condominium style home. Korean is the language that should be used by the families from different countries. The 160 people represent around seven generations, hence restoring 160 couples represents restoring seven generations of your family. Please make money and give it to me, I will give it to the nations in need. If we don’t go strongly the way of indemnity, Satan does not back off. True Mother has toured Korea three times, and Korea has now won first prize (for blessings). Therefore Korea has qualified as the homeland of faith. Don’t be someone who cuts down the leader. Just do your own mission. Do you have the Hari Kiri spirit? Because you do not you are not succeeding. True Father then gave the official instructions. Highlights: 1. About the proclamation: We must cross 12 peaks on the path of blessing. Those ahead are the 36 and 360 Million Couples. Once 3.6 Billion is reached, heaven will come down on earth. II, Establish the right to settle as a family. Mind and body must be one; husband and wife must be one; parents and children must be one. All family members must be one in heart. You must educate your tribe. Be a model for it. III. This is the age to restore kingship: family and tribe have to become one. Internal and external relations must become one. We have to train people how to love nature. IV. Begin to educate all federation in your country. National education must be global in perspective. All families must get a worldwide viewpoint. We must educate the elderly. V. Make an airplane company in 185 countries. This will be complimentary to the new newspaper providence. Form an advisory board for the newspaper. Connect to martial arts and cultural people in your country. Make a federation of universities. Make a federation for high school students, and one for elementary students as well. True Father to Japanese: Because you can’t make the money I need I can’t do what is necessary to restore the world. Chung Hwan Kwak’s Points There will be the holy wedding of Young Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim on September 5 in New York. After the Japanese sisters win 180 couples in their mission country, they should return to Japan to do the same with Japanese couples. However, they must coordinate with their central figures. Chung Hwan Kwak said he would talk to True Father about what the ideal time would be for their mission in their country. When the sisters return to Japan, they should return to the organization they left, either the Unification Church, Buddhist group or Korean Unification Church. When they return to Japan, the sisters will be under a Japanese leader. We must follow the proper procedures for getting and keeping visas. The Japanese foreign ministry has become very negative due to several abuses of the normal procedures for getting and renewing visas. The impression we have made is that we do not follow rules. Chung Hwan Kwak also mentioned that National Messiahs should respect the system set up by True Parents. They should go through the continental director as necessary, The person who is the Continental Director is not important; the structure or system itself is important. You should inform the Continental Director and WMD [World Mission Department] if you leave your country. There are 6000 Japanese sisters that have been assigned to go to mission countries, but only 340 have gone so far. Generally, their leaders are asking them to stay until certain pressing obligations have been met. Once the sisters have fulfilled their goals they are free to go to their mission. Korean National Messiahs should not seek to press the sisters to go before they are released by their Japanese central figures. Please understand that because of True Father’s heavy demands on Japan it is very difficult for the Japanese leaders to meet all their obligations. The Japanese sisters who have already completed three years in their mission country should continue there to help the new sisters find their way. After three years they have learned the language and become useful, so True Father wants them to continue. Also the three years should be calculated as time spent in the country, not just time assigned to the country. Internally, the Japanese sisters who are posted for the WFWP represent the FFWP and True Parents. In Japan the system of financial responsibility for the blessing is somewhat changed. it is no longer the responsibility of the person giving the blessing (Spiritual Parent) to make sure that the blessed couple pays the donation; rather the couple itself is responsible. Under the old system, because the donation wasset at such a high level, it was actually a disincentive for members to give the blessing. National Messiahs should act wisely, according to the situations they find in their countries. Thus, whether they should live together in the same home, for example, depends on the situation in their country. The level or standard of the pre-blessing varies a lot from country to country. In general, do the best you can, giving as much education as possible and completing the condition as fully as possible. The basic education for blessed couples is the three speeches True Father has given recently, and which have been published as a set, and the family pledge. However, one cannot follow a strict interpretation of the rules in this age. True Father dares Satan to challenge him. He has the foundation to give the blessing in any way he sees fit.On November 29, the ceremony will be broadcast at 10 am Washington time. Other participants will have to adjust their schedules to be able to participate at the same time. However, Chung Hwan Kwak believes there will be a dispensation for the blessing to be extended for a certain period. A new satellite is being studied for use this time. Depending on the local legal and social situation, you can change the name of HSA to FFWPU in your country. Reports: CIS and China: Dr. [Joon Ho] Seuk, Continental Director for CISThe blessing has expanded rapidly recently, and several countries are interested. In China, we have nowpublished a textbook based on True Father’s teaching, which is being used widely. Since missionary movements are not allowed in China, this is a good opportunity for us to offer a system of ethics and morality for Chinese society. Russia: Mrs. [Hyun Shil] Kang, National Messiah for Russia She said that the goal seemed impossible at first, but the members really put everything on the line and worked day and night to do the blessings. After a while, the whole situation opened up and the numbers began to increase rapidly, with many miracles occurring. USA: Joong Hyun Park [Pak], Continental Director Mr. Park has reported many breakthroughs in the US regarding the pre-blessing. In particular, a number of religious groups and Christian denominations have come to embrace the blessing, and their leaders are now taking the initiative to spread the blessing to their members. Among these, is a large Baptist denomination, the church of Al Sharpton, a prominent New York activist and recent mayoral candidate there, Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, and others. Even 10 Indian chiefs have been blessed.

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