Christ Has Returned in Korea

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2167

Not only that, you have to be able to
be victorious, and not lose in the fight
with Satan during the course of estab-
lishing God’s nation and God’s purpose.
Then, starting from the individual, you
have to connect the family, society, peo-
ple, nation, and world into one. In other
words, you have to be able to fight and
win over Satan in whatever situation you
are put. If you go into society, you have
to be able to fight and win over Satan in
any environment that society presents
you with. If you go out into the nation,
you have to be able to step forward, take
responsibility for that nation’s worst
problem, then fight and win over the
satanic forces involved.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1123

Adam and Eve were to be the body
of God. They were to be the horizon-
tal parents, while God was the vertical
Parent. We should eventually discard
this horizontal body, enter the original
homeland vertically, and live in atten-
dance to the eternal King in the heaven-
ly kingdom. Had Adam and Eve not fall-
en, then through perfecting themselves,
they would have become God’s body and
the king and queen of love. They would
have fulfilled their portion of respon-
sibility connecting the realms of direct
and indirect dominion on earth through
the love of God. (213-190, 1991.1.20)

Exposition of the Divine Principle
3 Color Edition-The Red part


If Christ comes again as a man born on the earth, he will certainly be born among a people who are chosen by God in accordance with His predestination. Where is the place God has chosen for Christ’s return? Who are the people chosen to receive him?


Some Christians expect that Christ will come again among the Jewish people, based on several passages from the Bible:

“And I heard the number of the sealed, a 144,000 sealed, out of every tribe of the sons of Israel,” and “Truly, I say to you, you will not have gone through all the towns of Israel, before the Son of man comes.” However, to interpret these verses in this way is to misunderstand God’s providence. On this matter, Jesus uttered the parable of the vineyard: “Hear another parable. There was a householder who planted a vineyard, and set a hedge around it, and dug a wine press in it, and built a tower, and let it out to tenants, and went into another country. When the season of fruit drew near, he sent his servants to the tenants, to get his fruit; and the tenants took his servants and beat one, killed another, and stoned another. Again he sent other servants, more than the first; and they did the same to them. Afterward he sent his son to them, saying, ‘They will respect my son.’ But when the tenants saw the son, they said to themselves, ‘This is the heir; come, let us kill him and have his inheritance.’ And they took him and cast him out of the vineyard, and killed him. When therefore the owner of the vineyard comes, what will he do to those tenants?” They said to him, “He will put those wretches to a miserable death, and let out the vineyard to other tenants who will give him the fruits in their seasons.” Jesus said to them . . . “Therefore I tell you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a nation producing the fruits of it.” —Matt. 21:33-43

Who became the chosen people after Jesus’ crucifixion? They were none other than the Christians who inherited the faith of Abraham and took on the mission which Abraham’s descendants did not complete. The chosen people who should lay the foundation for Christ at the Second Advent are not the descendants of Abraham, but rather the Christians who have inherited the faith of Abraham.


Which nation, then, will inherit the work of God and bear its fruits? The Bible suggests that this nation is in the East. This indicates that the seal of the living God will be placed on the foreheads of the 144,000 in the East, where the sun rises. These chosen ones will accompany the Lamb at his return. We can thus infer that the nation which will inherit the work of God and bear its fruit for the sake of the Second Advent is in the East. There Christ will be born and received by the 144,000 elect of God.


 Since ancient times, the nations in the East have traditionally been considered to be the three nations of Korea, Japan and China. Among them, Japan throughout its history has worshipped the sun goddess, Amaterasu-omi-kami. Japan entered the period of the Second Advent as a fascist nation and severely persecuted Korean Christianity. China at the time of the Second Advent was a hotbed of communism and would become a communist nation. Thus, both nations belonged to Satan’s side. Korea, then, is the nation in the East where Christ will return. As the nation to which the Messiah returns, Korea had to meet the following qualifications.

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The Third World War Is Inevitable

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 445

The family encompasses history, the
present and the future. So what is the
ultimate point that God has sought for
six thousand years? It is the family – the
family where love is interconnected and
where all are united in love. Everything
that exists comes under its dominion.
We cannot cut our relationship with
this absolute source of love. The estab-
lishment of such a family was the orig-
inal mission that God gave Adam and
Eve at the time of creation. God did not
want them to merely end up as a man,
Adam, and a woman, Eve, but instead
dreamed of a new family where they
would be united. This is the first start-
ing point towards establishing men and
women. Thus to be able to enter the
Kingdom of Heaven safely, you have to
find a family and within the realm of
that family in this world, enter and live
in a place where you can feel satisfied in
God’s love. Only then can you go beyond
this world as well.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1154

Christians believe that Adam and
Eve fell by eating the fruit, after the
serpent incited them with whispered
words. They have no idea of the work-
ings of fundamental principles. You
cannot imagine how sad, miserable
and frustrated God is because of this.
He is sadder, more frustrated and more
miserable than anyone in history. The
moment Adam and Eve ate the fruit of
the tree of the knowledge of good and
evil God’s heart nearly burst with dis-
tress. And yet, God could not help lov-
ing them. You must understand this.
(21-141, 1968.11.17)

Exposition of the Divine Principle
3 Color Edition-The Red part



At the consummation of human history, Satan’s side and God’s side will strive until they each attain sovereignty over a world. This is why the democratic world and the communist world stand confronting each other. Consequently, it became inevitable that there be world wars, first to divide and then to unify these two worlds. The First and Second World Wars had the providential purpose of dividing the globe into the communist world and the democratic world. Afterward, yet another war must take place to bring about their unification. This conflict is the Third World War. It is inevitable that the Third World War take place; however, there are two possible ways it may be fought.


 The Third World War is the final conflict in the providence of restoration. Through this war, God intends that the democratic world bring the communist world to submission and build the ideal world. During the Third World War, God’s side is to found the perfect Abel-type view of life based on the new truth and complete the worldwide completion-stage foundation for democracy. God’s side is then to guide all of humanity into one unified world.


What are the internal, providential causes behind the Third World War? First, the war has to take place to fulfill the worldwide indemnity condition at the completion stage to restore God’s three great blessings. Second, the Third World War has to take place to have the people on God’s side overcome Jesus’ third temptation on the world level. Third, the Third World War has to take place to lay the completion-stage foundation for the restoration of God’s sovereignty.


God intends to restore through indemnity the entire providence, which was prolonged to the third stage. The providence of restoration can be completed only after fallen people restore their heart toward God through God’s life-giving Word, are saved both spiritually and physically, and inherit God’s lineage.19 The victories of God’s side in the three world wars will fully restore through indemnity all these aspects of the providence of restoration. They will make possible the realization of God’s ideal world, for which God has labored with unremitting tears over the centuries of human misery since the Fall.

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The First World War Laid the Foundation for the Second Advent of the Messiah

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 202

Originally, when God as the Parent
created Adam and Eve, He reaped the
benefit of having children. At the same
time, He enabled the children to ben-
efit by having parents. God’s hope was
to raise His children to perfection. Had
this happened, it would be possible to
say that God would have harvested both
Adam and Eve.
Then, why do we need parents and
why do we need children? God is spir-
itual and human beings are physical.
The parent-child relationship is also like
The invisible God bears fruit through
the visible child and then enters into the
heart of the child to reveal His value as
the visible God. The invisible God bears
fruit within the child’s heart and the
fruit of the child is then produced. It is
possible to transfer the fruit of the father
to the child. And thus, for God, both His
fruit and the parent’s fruit are produced.
They have equal value.
Then, why are parents and children
needed? Even though God possesses
love, He needs a partner to share His
love. We as children also need a partner
to share our love. This partner relation-
ship between parents and children is like
the relationship of heaven and earth. It is
a vertical relationship.

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1965

Lineage and ownership must be con-
verted to God’s side. Japan has inherited
Satan’s ownership. Adam must become
the master ahead of Satan. Before Adam
becomes the master, God must become
the owner. But God has not yet become
the owner. Adam has not become the
owner. In order to recover the owner-
ship that Eve lost, she must go out to the
world and put everything in order. That
is why ownership must be returned to
God’s side. In order to have that owner-
ship returned, it cannot be brought to
me directly. It must be brought through
my children, through Mother. It must be
done in reverse, the way it is done in res-
toration. (229-154, 1992.4.11)

Exposition of the Divine Principle
3 Color Edition-The Red part



Wars break out due to such factors as conflicts of political and economic interests and clashes of ideology. Yet these are merely external causes. There are also internal causes of wars, just as there are internal and external motives for every human action.

What are the internal, providential causes of the world wars? First, the world wars have resulted from Satan’s last desperate struggle to preserve his sovereignty.

Second, the three world wars have occurred in order to fulfill the worldwide indemnity conditions to restore the three great blessings.

Third, the three world wars have occurred so that all humanity may overcome on the world level the three temptations by which Satan tempted Jesus.

Fourth, the world wars have taken place to fulfill the worldwide indemnity condition to restore God’s sovereignty.



In the political sphere, the First World War was a conflict between Abel-type democracies, which pursued the goal of the providence of restoration, and authoritarian states where Cain-type democratic ideals were thriving and which stood in opposition to the goals of the providence of restoration. It was fought between the imperialist nations on God’s side and the imperialist nations on Satan’s side. In the sphere of religion and ideology, the Cain-type nations included Turkey, a Muslim nation persecuting Christianity, and its allies, Germany and Austria-Hungary. They fought the Abel-type nations of Great Britain, the United States, France and Russia, which generally upheld Christianity. At the conclusion of the First World War, the Abel-type democracies had gained victory at the formation stage.


The question of which nations are on God’s side and which are on Satan’s side is decided based on the direction of God’s providence of restoration. Those who are in line with the direction of God’s providence or are acting in concert with that direction, even indirectly, are on the side of God, while those who take an opposing position are on the side of Satan.

In the First World War, the Allied Powers led by Great Britain, the United States, France and Russia were Christian nations; moreover, they had been fighting to liberate the Christians under persecution in Turkey. Thus, they stood on God’s side. On the other hand, Germany and Austria-Hungary, the leading Central Powers, supported Turkey, a Muslim nation which persecuted Christianity. Therefore, together with Turkey, they stood on Satan’s side.


What were the providential, internal causes of the First World War? The First World War had to take place, first, to fulfill the worldwide indemnity condition to restore God’s three great blessings at the formation stage. Second, the First World War took place in order to have people on God’s side collectively overcome Jesus’ first temptation on the world level. Third, the First World War took place in order to lay the formation-stage foundation for the restoration of God’s sovereignty.


The victory of the Allied Powers in the First World War fulfilled the formation-stage indemnity condition to restore God’s three great blessings worldwide. By overcoming Jesus’ first temptation on the worldwide level, they fulfilled the indemnity condition to restore God’s first blessing worldwide. The victory of democracy also established the formation-stage foundation for the restoration of God’s sovereignty and laid the foundation for the birth of the returning Christ, who is destined to be the Lord of God’s world.

In conclusion, with the victory of God’s side in the First World War, the foundation was laid for the Second Advent of the Messiah. From that time, the formation stage of the dispensation of the Second Advent commenced.

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The Original Nature Not Only Pursues External Values; It Also Seeks Internal Values

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2325

Eve’s fall was due to her failure to
pursue absolute faith and absolute love.
Thus, the principle of restoration through
indemnity dictates single-hearted devo-
tion of one mindset for the sake of God
to restore absolute faith and absolute
love based on conscience. Everything in
the world goes against God, and so we
need to cut ourselves off from and deny
them absolutely. (275-30, 1995.10.30)

Richard: Yes, very true. The failure of Christians to understand this point clearly from the Divine Principle viewpoint is causing the world to suffer, since there is not an effective response to the push for relaxed sexual mores and homosexuality.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1348

After the Blessing of the 124 Couples,
I conducted a special dedication ceremo-
ny. Christ at his Second Advent comes as
the resurrected substantial being with
the mission of establishing the founda-
tions on levels of the individual, family,
tribe, and people – the work of God that
remained incomplete at the time of Jesus.
I carried out this work over the past three
years. This period corresponds to that
of restoring children (vertical period).
During this period, I was called as the
resurrected substantial being in order to
fulfill this mission, just as Jesus intended
to save the followers of Judaism and the
Jewish people. (13-11, 1963.9.12)

Richard: To find the nature of the millennial Kingdom that is here and expanding, we first need to understand God’s purpose of creation described in Genesis 1:28, and much more clearly in the Divine Principle, Principle of Creation.

Exposition of the Divine Principle
3 Color Edition-The Red part


The period of religious and ideological conflicts refers to the 140 years beginning with the secure establishment of Protestantism at the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 and ending with the French Revolution in 1789. As modern people continued to pursue the internal and external desires flowing from their original nature, they could not avoid divisions in theology and disputes among philosophies which arose as they exercised freedom of faith and thought.  For this to happen, the two views of life which would later mature into these two worlds had to be developed in this period.


 The pursuit of the external aspects of the original nature first aroused a movement to revive the ancient heritage of Hellenism and gave birth to the humanism of the Renaissance. Renaissance humanism opposed medieval culture by elevating the dignity of human beings and the value of the natural world over devotion to God and religious dedication. The medieval mind had prized obedience to God while belittling the natural world and regarding the human body as base and even sinful. The Renaissance established a new perspective on life, one which exalted the value of human beings and nature and sought to understand them through reason and experience, logic and experiment. Spurred by the progress of natural science, this view of life gave rise to two major schools of modern philosophy: rationalism, based on the deductive method and empiricism, based on the inductive method.

The Renaissance launched these two currents of thought, which were rooted in humanism. Instead of facilitating the internal inclination to seek God, it gave birth to a view of life which encouraged people to follow only external pursuits. This blocked their path to God and led them toward Satan’s realm. For this reason, it is called the Cain-type view of life.  In this way, the Cain-type view of life, which budded after the Renaissance and grew through the Enlightenment into atheism and materialism, matured into the godless ideology of Marxism, which became the cornerstone of the communist world of today.


The original nature, however, not only pursues external values; it also seeks internal values. As medieval people were prompted by their original nature to pursue internal values, a movement arose to revive Hebraism which bore fruit in the Protestant Reformation. The Reformation spawned philosophies and religious teachings which developed a multi-dimensional view of life seeking to realize the God-given, original nature of human beings. We call this the Abel-type view of life. Even as the Cain-type view of life led away from God and faith, the Abel-type view of life guided modern people to seek God in a deeper and more thoughtful way. The Abel-type view of life was maturing to form the democratic world of today.


            At the outset of this new period—the period of maturation of politics, economy and ideology—the two views of life matured, taking their separate paths. As they matured, they founded two different forms of society with distinct social structures: a Cain-type society and an Abel-type society. This period lasted from the French Revolution, through the Industrial Revolution, to the end of the First World War.



Those espousing the Cain-type view of life championed the Enlightenment and gave rise to the French Revolution, thus establishing Cain-type democracy. It completely blocked the inclination of the human spirit to seek for God. As it continued to develop with its sole focus on the external aspects of life, it would later be systematized into Marxism in Germany and Leninism in Russia, eventually forming the communist world.


From their very origins, the democracies which emerged in England and the United States were different from the democracy born out of the French Revolution. The latter was a Cain-type democracy founded by atheists and materialists, who were raised in the Cain-type view of life, as they attempted to dismantle absolutism and feudalism. The English and American democracies, on the other hand, were founded by sincere Christians, the fruits of the Abel-type view of life, and were born out of their victorious fight with absolutism to win religious freedom. Hence, these are Abel-type democracies.

Although there were external causes of these English revolutions, such as the citizens’ desire for political freedom from the ruling class including the nobility and the Anglican priesthood, the more internal cause was the drive to gain religious freedom.

Many Puritans and dissenting Christians who had been persecuted in England emigrated to the American continent to obtain religious freedom. They founded an independent nation in 1776 and established American democracy. Born out of the Abel-type view of life, Abel-type democracy has developed from these beginnings into the democratic world of today.

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Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universally Shared Values Will be Realized in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

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Cheong Seong Gyeong 1511

God is the vertical parent who has
true love for humankind. There is only
one such vertical and perpendicular
relationship. It is absolute. There cannot
be two such relationships. If the verti-
cal Parent were left standing alone, He
would collapse. Therefore, the horizon-
tal parents need to be found and con-
nected to the vertical Parent. To go into
more detail, the Creator is the verti-
cal Parent of true love, and the created
Adam and Eve are in the position of His
children, as well as the horizontal par-
ents. Adam and Eve are His substantial
embodiments. When they are giving
and receiving at the place where they
resonate together in union, a central
point comes into existence and the cen-
ter of that couple’s realm of resonance is
established. This is the origin of life from
which you were born. (183-40, 1988.10.29)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1474

God created humankind for the sake
of love. Why were human beings creat-
ed? They were created because of love.
The reason human beings are different
from other forms of creation is that they
were created as God’s sons and daugh-
ters. They were created as object part-
ners who can receive love directly from
Him. Such is the privilege of human-
kind. (132-245, 1984.6.20)

Exposition of the Divine Principle
3 Color Edition-The Red part


With the progress of history, feudalistic society developed into monarchic society.  In the sphere of religion, monarchic Christianity, which followed feudalistic Christianity, was a spiritual kingdom which transcended national borders.  Absolute monarchies flourished until the French Revolution in 1789.  In the progress of economic history, feudalism was followed by capitalism, which was accompanied by the age of colonial expansion.


The age of monarchy gave way to the age of democracy. We recall that the purpose of monarchic society was to construct a kingdom which could support the Messiah and his reign. When this dispensation was not accomplished during the Christian empire, however, God began a process that would eventually tear down monarchic societies and raise up democracies in their place in order to commence a new providence for rebuilding a sovereign nation fit to receive the Messiah.

The democratic movements which rose against the absolute monarchies of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries gave rise to revolutions in England, America and France. These revolutions destroyed monarchic societies and gave birth to today’s democratic societies.

The progress of history in the religious sphere moved to the stage of democratic Christianity after monarchic Christianity was shattered by the Protestant Reformation of 1517.

The progress of history in the religious sphere moved to the stage of democratic Christianity after monarchic Christianity was shattered by the Protestant Reformation of 1517. Similarly, with the progress of economic history, socialist ideals arose which undermined imperialism and fostered a democratic form of economy.


In seeking for a socialistic society on Heaven’s side, their original mind has drawn them to the ideals of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values. The world in which these ideals will finally be realized is none other than the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, under the leadership of the returning Christ. Since Satan mimics God’s providence in advance, the satanic side has advocated “scientific socialism” based on the theories of dialectical and historical materialism and has built the communist world

For the paths of religion, politics and economy to converge and realize God’s ideal, a new expression of truth must emerge which can completely integrate religion and science. The religion founded upon this truth will lead all of humanity to become one with God in heart. Such people will build an economy in accordance with the divine ideal. These will be the foundations for a new political order which can realize the ideal of creation. This will be the messianic kingdom built on the principles of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values.

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