Claim Back Jesus’ 30 Years as a Bride of Christ

Enjoy the Kingdom Report with Pastor Hyung Jin Moon:

Hebrews 8: 4

If he were on earth, he would not be a priest, for there are already priests who offer the gifts prescribed by the law.

John 4

48“Unless you people see signs and wonders,” Jesus told him, “you will never believe.”

Richard:  The word cautions and implores us to believe in Jesus and to recognize him at his Second Advent.

Let Us Become the Brides Who Reclaim What Was Lost to Jesus

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 4, 1957
Chung Pa Dong Church
Seoul, Korea

John 12:44-50

Moreover, you have to understand that, at the same time Jesus’ words were rejected, the sacrificial course of the thirty years of his life was also forsaken. In other words, you have to understand that, although it is true that the words of Jesus were abandoned, Jesus himself was also abandoned. As a result, the thirty years of his life were rejected.

Today when you are to become the brides of Jesus, what must you do? You should be able to claim back, through your own self, the thirty years of his life course, which were abandoned.

Although Jesus lived in the family of Joseph for thirty years, there was no one who welcomed what he was doing. He did not live in an environment where he was free to visit anywhere he wished. There was an enormous gap between the life he led and his will and words. Because he could not find even one person with whom he could share all of his situation, Jesus could not speak all the words he wanted. Instead, he silently carried on with his life while doing the work of a carpenter.

Moreover, Jesus was the central hero who could fulfill the will that God had tried to accomplish by sending numerous prophets. In other words, Jesus was the center of the people and the center of the religion. Furthermore, he was not only the center of the individual, he was also the center who represented the whole.

Yet Jesus was not only the master who represents everything on the earth. He also understood that he had to dominate the spirit world. As all of these things were undermined, he led a more and more sorrowful life. As one can see, the responsibility for Jesus losing his life rests with the Israelites of the past, Judaism, Joseph’s family, John the Baptist and the beloved disciples of Jesus.

You who have learned this fact, what must you do? You should be able to comfort Jesus, who is returning as the hopeful bridegroom of all people on behalf of the world. He comes on behalf of the people, on behalf of the countless religious groups, on behalf of the numerous families today, and on behalf of his beloved disciples.

Moreover, you have to realize that as God has been working with this earth through the Holy Spirit, He has been longing for the appearance of someone who exerts all of himself to feel the anguished heart that Jesus felt deep in his bones and flesh.

The Faithful Believers of the Last Days Who must Become the Representatives of Jesus

To spread the words of the new gospel, Jesus shouldered the worries and difficulties of the Israelites, even as he suffered faithlessness and persecution wherever he went. However, there was not even one person, at that time, who considered the words and works of Jesus as his own. Jesus single-handedly shouldered all the worries of the people. This is the reason you today must cleanse all the sins that the chosen people committed by abandoning the words and work of Jesus. You must establish the ideology of Jesus on the earth. Moreover, you must find and rectify the ideology of Jesus, who tried to become the friend of all created things on behalf of the will of Heaven.

When we examine this from the biblical perspective, what level of truth did Jesus come to the earth with? Due to the faithlessness of the people of Israel, Jesus passed away without being able to manifest the entire, eternal ideal of God. What then is the ideal of Jesus? His ideal is to realize the one nation, one world and one ideal garden by joining Heaven and earth together. However, we have to understand that, indeed, this is not an easy thing.

If there is a nation, then there must be one national ideology. Moreover, there will also be political institutions whose purpose is to govern the nation. There are some policies. Furthermore, there is some official procedure, based upon which the policies are set. We can understand that, as a result of this, all citizens can lead their particular lives centering on those official guidelines.

You must understand that in order for a nation to establish a national ideology, it must pass through a complicated process. The individuals who are to achieve the great tasks of the heavenly principles have the responsibility to claim back the words, the life and the works of Jesus. However, you should know that because there is no one has completed this responsibility, the ideology of Jesus could not be manifested on the earth. This has caused great sorrow for God. Furthermore, you must take after the examples of the people who demonstrated loyalty toward Heaven for the purpose of constructing the new Heaven and earth, in other words, to construct the Kingdom of Heaven.

Among the words that Jesus spoke to his beloved disciples, the most important are “You are my bride.” In other words, when he came to the earth, Jesus implanted the ideology of the bride and bridegroom.

For this reason, today you must pass through the position of the bride and bridegroom. After that, you must transcend your families, your society, and your nation to link up with the world and reach a state of oneness with the ideology of the Father, the Creator, who represents the heavenly principles. You have to clearly understand that if you have some inadequacies in the course of your advancement, you will cause a corresponding amount of sorrow for Jesus.

What then must the faithful believers who are living in the Last Days do today? They must restore the words that can connect them with the heart of Jesus. At the same time, they must restore the ideology of his life and works. By doing so, they must become the people who can step beyond the family to be linked with the society, the nation, the world and the whole universe.

Because Jesus should have secured the ideology of Heaven and because God tried to elevate Jesus as the master of the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus took responsibility for the will of God and introduced the new ideology to construct the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth.

To inherit this mission, Jesus turned away from all his personal paths and walked this path, representing the one religion and God. You must keep in mind that this is the reason he single handedly walked a lonely path and left behind words of lament and wistfulness toward human beings.

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