Engage in the Battle on Behalf of Jesus

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Galatians 6

6Nevertheless, the one who receives instruction in the word should share all good things with their instructor.

7Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.

Isaiah 3

10Tell the righteous it will be well with them,

for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds.

11Woe to the wicked!

Disaster is upon them!

They will be paid back

for what their hands have done.

Richard:  A strong message from God, encouraging those who are on the path of righteousness, and warning those who are doing evil.  We must all make effort to fight against evil in our environment.  It is not good enough just to enjoy life with your family.  We must engage in the greater battle.

Let Us Become the Brides Who Reclaim What Was Lost to Jesus

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 4, 1957
Chung Pa Dong Church
Seoul, Korea

John 12:44-50

Where then does the difficult problem, in the course of faith, lie today? The problem is whether we can set certain conditions based upon which we can inherit the internal grief which Jesus could not express and the foundation he laid as he toiled for the sake of the people of that time.

If you, who are living in the Last Days, want to reclaim the lost words of Jesus, you will have to make a firm determination and pledge that you will not fall down, no matter what kind of ordeals and persecutions you face on this earth. At any cost, you will certainly fulfill the will of God on behalf of Jesus.

In the past, Satan tried to kill Jesus and force him to forsake his life. In the same way, when you try to live on behalf of the will of Jesus today, the same kind of environment will unfold before you. To put it another way, just as Jesus’ family, religious group and nation forsook the works of Jesus, the same circumstances will dawn upon you.

You have to understand that it was a disciple of Jesus who sold Jesus to the enemies and put him on the cross, while trying to find a comfortable place for himself. The people were ignorant of the fact that Jesus was the very Messiah God had chosen, and they betrayed and persecuted him. In addition to that, you have to understand that satanic history has not been brought to an end, since the bitter grief of God was engendered due to that faithlessness. Therefore, in your course of faith today, the same phenomena will occur as when the people forsook the words, the works and the life of Jesus Christ.

Accordingly, today Satan is forcing you to stay within the limited realm of the individual level. The will of Jesus is connected to individuals, families, a society, a nation and the world. Satan is blocking your way, so you cannot exceed the limit of the individual realm in the environment of your daily life. For this reason, when you find yourself in a living environment similar to that of the time of Jesus, you must put your life on the line and fight to escape.

Likewise, you should realize that when you try to represent the words of Jesus and fight with Satan, you will suffer difficult situations no one else can understand. Even if you find yourself in that kind of situation, you must overcome it by setting some direct condition which represents the life of Jesus.

What then must you, who have been leading your life of faith centering on the ideology of a bride, do? On behalf of Jesus, you must actualize the ideology revealed through the entire life of Jesus, in other words, the ideology of universal hope. You must unmistakably understand that, when you do that, you can enter the position of the bride of Jesus.

Where are you dwelling today? You must not be stuck in your own individual realm and remain in the environment of lament. You must overcome that kind of environment. Even if your beloved parents and beloved younger brothers, as well as all the people you love, oppose you, you should be able to follow the footsteps of Jesus, who overcame all such opposition. If you cannot do that, you will not be able to be restored as original men, and the existence of the Unification Church today will have no value.

If you understand that the history of the dispensation is proceeding according to these rules and principles, you should join in that path. After entering that path, you must make an effort not to satisfy your own desires, but to live for the sake of the whole.

You should find the words that can replace the lost words of Jesus. You should lead a life that can replace the life of Jesus. Even when the will given to him was not being realized, Jesus did not lose hope about all the authority and power of Heaven and earth God had promised him. You have to learn from this character of Jesus.

Thus, you should learn to thoroughly reflect upon yourself, whether you have become a bride who can always attend the bridegroom Jesus by following in his footsteps. You must reflect upon what kind of environment in which you are living and whether you are crossing some pass. By doing so, after passing through the course of the bloody trail that believers must travel through, you must greet the Lord who is coming again amid glory.


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