Absolute Faith Is the Place of Self-Negation

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2288

    Mothers and fathers should love each other and their children and educate them by manifesting themselves as representatives of the nation, the cosmos, their relatives, their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. This must take place on earth. They must set an example of how to love the cosmos, world and nation. They must be the textbooks that reveal the future.
    That is not all. To become owners you need to learn the heart of parents, teachers, and God, and inherit the right of ownership. After joining the church, we are reborn, educated, and finally perfected. When we are fully matured, we will be able to understand everything. You will then say, “I want to stand in the position of the owner.” You will inherit everything, for that is what being the owner means. Wherever it is, it comes to the same thing. Such is the mainstream ideology. If you go this way, you will meet the true teacher, and if you go that way, you will meet the True Parents. All is the same. Hence, the Kingdom of Heaven is the same everywhere. (205-21, 1990.7.15)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1262

    The reason human beings need a messiah is so they can be saved. Then, what is the original starting point from which salvation can occur? It is returning to the point of contact with God’s love.
    However, the whole of humanity has become totally disconnected from God, and instead has become the embodiment of Satan. This is the exact opposite of God’s love, and therefore needs to be indemnified. Indemnity refers to the complete removal of the original sin. But the fundamental problem lies in the lineage. Any problems related to the bloodline cannot be resolved by fallen human beings. That is why humankind needs the Messiah. (35-159, 1970.10.13)


Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Absolute faith is not the place of self-affirmation, but of self-negation. (Way of God’s Will 3.2)

What is the most serious obstacle to entering the Kingdom of Heaven? An enemy called “I” is lurking about. “I” am the enemy. The reason why we pray and put effort into our life of faith is ultimately to be victorious over “me.” Our goal is to achieve the victory whereby we no longer face Satan’s accusation, but as long as “I” exists, it is impossible to completely break away from that condition.
     We should be able to deny this “I” in the name of God. We must totally deny ourselves. Only by total self-denial can we cut all the strings by which Satan has been pulling us. We should understand that something like the silk threads of a spider web connect us to Satan, who uses them to pull us. We have to cut them all with a razor. (122:13, April 26, 1982) Continue reading “Absolute Faith Is the Place of Self-Negation”

Suffering Must Be Endured with Consent

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2104

The path of God, who has been paving the way of the tradition of love, is one full of suffering. We have to walk this path because we are to inherit the tradition God has been establishing. I don’t enjoy watching you suffer. You should keep in mind that God has been preparing with painful efforts and devotion to bless you unconditionally. Glory comes only when you receive the inheritance in that place. Isn’t this so? Glory comes only when you inherit from your enemy. God dwells there. Since it has been spread through the cross, it must be reaped by going the way of the cross again. You should know this. Since it was spread through suffering, it must be reaped through suffering. (150-209, 1961.2.15)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1122

    When Adam fulfills his portion of responsibility he stands in the position of the first son. Then he can enter the position of true parents. This is the restoration of parenthood. It is the position of the king, the king of heaven and earth.
    The difficulty in restoring the right of the first son through True Parents’ battles with the satanic world cannot be compared to anything in the history of the world. Restoration of the right of the parent is like a puzzle. The restoration of the right of the king (kingship) has also been fulfilled in this difficult time in the democratic world. Think about that. When was it ever possible to speak of such things? Now, the atmosphere is such that people say, “This is great because Rev. Moon is saying it.” (217-45, 1991.4.16)


3. Trials Forge Character and Build Unshakable Faith

And you shall remember all the way which the Lord your God has led you these forty years in the wilderness, that he might humble you, testing you to know what was in your heart, whether you would keep his commandments, or not. And he humbled you and let you hunger and fed you with manna, which you did not know, nor did your fathers know; that he might make you know that man does not live by bread alone, but that man lives by everything that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord. Your clothing did not wear out upon you, and your foot did not swell, these forty years. Know then in your heart that, as a man disciplines his son, the Lord your God disciplines you.
    Deuteronomy 8.2-5

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Understand God’s Will and Live Accordingly

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1948

    Ancient civilizations arose on continents. Human civilization, which came forth from the riverbed of the Nile in Egypt, shifted to peninsulas and established a Mediterranean civilization sphere, in Greece and on the Italian peninsula. Civilization was transferred from the peninsula to an island, thus creating an Atlantic civilization sphere, centering on Britain, an island nation. Next, the island civilization, in Britain, crossed the Atlantic Ocean and established a miracle of modern civilization on the American continent, thus creating the sphere of the Pacific civilization. The flow of history has not stopped there.
    I am fully aware of God’s will to have this civilization cross the Pacific Ocean, blossom as a new island civilization in Japan, an island nation comparable to Britain, and then to establish here on the Korean peninsula, which corresponds to the Italian peninsula, an integrated human civilization, comparable to that of ancient Rome. This will become a new unified civilization sphere, adjacent to the Asian continent, which will lead to one world of harmony. (78-254, 1975.6.7)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1260

There can be no perfection in ignorance. Who did I say Satan is? He is the adulterer. I have made all this clear to you. Do you think you can go to the Kingdom of Heaven if you ignore this? Do you think you can be saved if you ignore it? There is not even the slimmest chance. What a set of ignorant people! If you could be saved by just believing what you are told to believe, people like you and I would have been saved a long time ago. We would not have to suffer like this. (188-230, 1989.2.26)

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Learning and Practice

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Whatever you conceive in your head, you should practice. It is not enough to only think it. Why do you need to act? When your actions are in accord with your words it creates a center, a place of unity between word and deed, and of unity between mind and body. (248:89, August 1, 1993)

Whatever you learn you must practice. You must practice it in all dimensions: in your vertical relationships, in your horizontal relationships, and in all four directions, widely and deeply. By so training yourself in this world, you will become adept when you go to the spirit world. (248:166, August 1, 1993)

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People Should Place the Public Good Ahead of Self-Interest

Cheon Seong Gyeong 565

You should think that you might possibly die soon, perhaps within a year. Therefore, you should make all preparations during this short time. You should live with such thoughts. The shorter the time you think you have, the happier you will be, and the less you have to lose. Your sincere preparations during this time become the building blocks of your home for your eternal life. Have you ever loved God with such a short time in mind? You want to become one with Him and love Him, but you can not. God says to you, “Love Me!” If you die after having lived this way, then you will become the master of eternal life.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 570

The path connecting God’s Kingdom on earth with His kingdom in heaven is the path of true love. Consequently, the path an individual takes and the path a family takes should all be connected and their directions consistent with each other.
    Therefore, everything a person does in his lifetime is permanently fastened to his rear end as a record of his performances done for the sake of true love. Thus, when a person goes to the spirit world, he naturally comes to dwell at the level corresponding to the meritorious achievements he left behind in his lifetime. (211-287, 1990.12.30


The Primary Ens of Education

1. The Primary Purpose of Education: to Cultivate Virtue

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Moral education teaches the norm that people should place the public good ahead of self-interest. (24:212, August 17, 1969)
All people live with a desire for goodness. Therefore education should teach: “Before you love God, you must love human beings.” “Live for all humankind.” “Love people and live for their sake.” “You were born for the sake of others, not for yourself.” (64:20, October 22, 1972)

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More than 25,000 People Starve to Death Every Day

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1976

On the Korean peninsula, the Republic of Korea is destined to battle and triumph over communism. When it does, the Republic of Korea will play an active role in the world. However, if it is defeated by communism, the Republic of Korea will disappear without a trace. The Vietnam War is a prime example of the tragic fate that awaits you after defeat. North Korea represents evil, while the Republic of Korea represents good. The devil controls North Korea, while God sides with the Republic of Korea. In this manner, the Korean peninsula is becoming a region in which good and evil are in the sharpest confrontation in the world. All the evil in the world will perish when good overruns and defeats evil in this area. Throughout providential history, God has been eagerly waiting for the Korean people and the free people of the world to come together and achieve a complete victory. (129-331, 1983.12.14)

Richard: We are seeing a separation of good and evil like never before. This is a necessary for God’s providence to progress.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1188

As viewed from God’s original ideal of creation, the eldest son should come from God’s side and, of course, the second son should also come from God’s side. Due to the Fall, the position of the first son was taken by Satan, and the position of the second son went to God. This has to be made right. Thus, when we consider the story of Esau and Jacob in the Bible, Jacob united with his mother and received her help. He gave Esau the pottage of lentils and bread in exchange for the birthright of the first-born son. Until today, we could not understand why Bible history is the way it is. With the appearance of the Unification Church, its meaning was clarified for the first time. (134-304, 1985.8.16)


1. Charity is an Expression of God’s Love and Draws Us Near to God

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Parents suffer when one of their children are sick. When one of your siblings is hurt, you feel pain. When seeing people suffering from poverty or war, a saint feels their suffering more intensely than his own difficulties. Forgetting his own circumstances, he gives all he has to help them. This way has been bequeathed as the standard of morality the world over, in all ages and nations. It is the philanthropic spirit, the love for humanity. (186:74-75, January 29, 1989)
When you see gaunt children playing on the street, underfed and wearing tattered clothes, you should hug and embrace them as you would your own children. You should feel ashamed if you do not want to do that. You should feel more shameful than would a parent who abandoned her child feel should she catch a glimpse of him on the street. Seeing him as she passes by the town, where years before she had left him on a doorstep or perhaps in the care of a nanny, she cannot hold up her head. That is the bond of heart. If your own children were that gaunt, wouldn’t you embrace them and shed tears until your bones melt? (46:281, August 17, 1971)
While walking on the street, if you see an old man with a hump in his back you should think, “My Father might have such an appearance when He visits me.” When you see the rough and swollen hands of a laborer, you should think, “My Father who is searching for me might look worse than him.” When you meet a beggar, you should be able to bow your head, thinking, “He is not a beggar, but actually my Father.” Know that God’s heart dwells in each of these miserable and pitiful looking people. You should love them, regardless of your situation and social position, shedding tears with the heart that each of them is your own father. Only then, can you meet God. (8:345-46, February 28, 1960)
At lunch time, if you should see an elderly person who is in distress because he does not have enough money to buy food, take him with you to the cafeteria and treat him to a good meal. Serve him as you would serve your grandparents. (215:109, February 6, 1991)
I cannot forget those who visited me when I was lonely in prison and comforted me in my miserable plight. I might forget about my family members or relatives, but never those who sought me because of the bonds of true love. (63:208, October 14, 1972)
Once I rescued a prostitute, a young girl who had fallen into that pitiful situation. I loved her as my own sister; I remember it as if it were yesterday. After listening to her story, I wept with her and truly uplifted her. That kind of deed is greater and more precious than prayer. (May 1, 1977)
I have studied the ocean industry because I know it is a way to feed the starving people of Africa. For twenty years, steadfast, without letting up, I have worked hard to pave this road. I made my own nets, built boats in my own factories, and created my own methods of fishing. The waters off Africa have an abundance of fish. If only the people of Africa could harvest them, they would have food to spare. How then could they possibly die of starvation?…
Sixty thousand people starve to death every year [this is a typo; it should say day] mostly in Africa. Ask your own conscience. These people are starving due to the want of food, whereas here in America you eat so much that you become as plump as a cow and then have to work hard dieting and exercising to reduce that weight. Should you not be punished by God? (261:307, July 24, 1994)
However, this is just an estimate.  This problem needs to be addressed, and it is doable to fix this problem.  One of my favorite hunger relief charities, which we donate to is Kids Against Hunger.