God’s Heart Towards Humanity

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CSG 1998

Thus, the Kingdom of Heaven on
earth would be built, and at the same
time we would become united with
God. We need God to come down to the
earth. We need to attend Him as the sub-
ject figure of the Kingdom of Heaven,
and thus establish one unified Kingdom
of Heaven on earth and in spirit world.
You need to understand that this is the
mission to be fulfilled by Unificationists.
On such a foundation, we would final-
ly become one with the Parent and be
able to live peacefully in the Kingdom
of Heaven. (79-83, 1975.6.1)

Isaiah 66

24 My people will go out and look at the dead bodies of those who turned against me. The worms there never die, the fire never stops burning, and the sight of those bodies will be disgusting to everyone.

To Whom Do You Belong?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 16, 1958

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Recognize How God Created You

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Ruth 4

13 Boaz married Ruth, and the Lord blessed her with a son. 14 After his birth, the women said to Naomi:

Praise the Lord! Today he has given you a grandson to take care of you. We pray that the boy will grow up to be famous everywhere in Israel. 15 He will[c] make you happy and take care of you in your old age, because he is the son of your daughter-in-law. And she loves you more than seven sons of your own would love you.

16 Naomi loved the boy and took good care of him. 17 The neighborhood women named him Obed, but they called him “Naomi’s Boy.”

When Obed grew up he had a son named Jesse, who later became the father of King David. 18-22 Here is a list of the ancestors of David: Jesse, Obed, Boaz, Salmon, Nahshon, Amminadab, Ram, Hezron, and Perez.

Richard:  The story of Ruth is about a non-traditional way of perpetuating the lineage.  You descendants are very important, especially once you are part of God’s Blessed lineage.

Matthew 13

34 Jesus used stories when he spoke to the people. In fact, he did not tell them anything without using stories. 35 So God’s promise came true, just as the prophet[b] had said,

“I will use stories
    to speak my message
and to explain things
    that have been hidden
since the creation
    of the world.”

To Whom Do You Belong?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 16, 1958

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As the Hope of the Father, convery Jesus’ Words

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CSG 479

We should clearly realize how holy
and valuable the love is that emerges
from the people created by God and who
were untainted by the Fall, that is: origi-
nal man and woman. (145-267, 1986.5.15)

Psalm 148

Sun and moon,
and all of you bright stars,
    come and offer praise.
Highest heavens,
and the water
above the highest heavens,[a]
    come and offer praise.

Let all things praise
    the name of the Lord,
    because they were created
    at his command.
He made them to last forever,
    and nothing can change
    what he has done.[b]

Oh, Father! We Welcome You

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 9, 1959

When Jesus was walking through the thirty-odd years of his life course, as he was being chased around from this village to that, he said, “Foxes have holes, and birds in the air have their nests, but the son of man does not have a place where he can rest his head.” (Matthew 8:20) The people of that time did not know that the words of Jesus, who clung to the lonesome heart and felt the torment, were words which represented the culmination of 4,000 years of the heavenly principles.

The Israelites did not know that Jesus was the embodiment of the life of re-creation and eternal life for which God hoped. They did not know that he was someone who was to realize the will for which humanity had hoped for 4,000 years.

Who is going to clear up and cross over this hill that could not be crossed over because of the lack of recognition toward Jesus? Even if you today are a pitiful group who is being chased around and have no place to rely upon, I hope that you will become the heirs who inherit the will of Jesus.

Now the time has come when we must appear before the people with the attitude that we are walking through the historical course of Jesus with a lamenting heart. Only when we can appear before the people and the world with this heart can we prevent the history of betrayal by Israel, the history of betrayal by Judaism, and all that the blood relations of Jesus blocked. Only then can we prevent the betrayal of the apostles and disciples. In other words, we have to be able to resolve all of this within ourselves.

Jesus distributed bread among many people on an empty hill near Bethsaida 2,000 years ago. Why did the people who ate the bread all perish? Why did the people who heard the words betray Jesus? Why did the disciples who followed Jesus through all the hardships of three years betray him? The reason they betrayed him was that they thought his words were only for the sake of that day. They thought the bread he gave out was only to fill the stomach for that moment. They did not know that the words Jesus gave should have been conveyed to the ends of the earth through them. They did not know that the bread Jesus gave out should be shared with the humanity of the world.

Because the words and the bread that Jesus gave were his substantial embodiments, his intention was for them to give out his mind and body to the neighbors, the people, the nation and the whole of humanity. They were doomed, because they did not know this.

Now when you stand before the Lord or before the Father, you will feel the request, “Oh, my beloved son! I am giving you these words, so cherish them and become God’s beloved son!” Some of you will also feel, “Oh, my beloved sons and daughters! Become the substantial temple in which the Father can dwell during your lifetime!” Accordingly, you must feel that only the Father is the origin of your life. Only the Father is the origin of your love.

Do not despair because you do not have any friends, family or companion. If you have become someone who, as the substantial body of the Father, is immersed inside the heart of the Father’s love and life and who lives according to the will of the heavenly principles, please do not despair, because the words of the Father are with you. Even if we suffer many ordeals as we are driven about today, we must persevere. This is because we endure our hardships for the sake of the people and for the world.

Now if there are those who, feeling the torment of heaven and earth, pray and overcome the hardships that pierce into their bones, then they will become the friends of Jesus, friends of the people, and friends of the world. In this way they will become the masters of this world.

The problem is whether we stand inside God or outside God. God wishes to fulfill His hopes through our hearts. Therefore, everything in our lives, every place that we reside, all the injustice we suffer must be done for the sake of the Father. Even if our love is cut off, even if we are deprived of material things and friends, if we have the relationship that is for the sake of the Father, then we will not have any worry. More than the love of the earth, the life of the earth, and the people of the earth, if we have the faith of the Father, the life of the Father, and the love and hope of the Father, then no desire of ours will go unfulfilled. If all that belongs to the Father is with us, we can become substantial sons who can represent the many lives on this earth.


Become People of Substantial Faith by Becoming a Blessed Family


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Of course, the True Parents are in the
center and make a spiritual relationship
with everyone. Since there is only one
set of True Parents, however, they can-
not relate with everyone personally. That
is why the Blessed Families are the rep-
resentatives of True Parents and stand
in the position to relate with all people.
True Parents have the responsibility to
go over this nation and bear the cross on
the worldwide level. Therefore, the cross
of the people should be carried by the
Blessed Families who live locally as true
children of True Parents. All Blessed
Families must serve as the foundation
of a tribe and of a people in order for the
works of Heaven to gain victory based
on such a people.

CSG 1576

Today, Your son by the name of Moon
celebrates his seventy-seventh year in
this world. The era has come in which
we can connect the Sabbath year with
the number of a new beginning, rising
above the numbers seven and eight by
connecting eight number sevens based
on 7 minutes 7 seconds past 7 o’clock
of the 7th day of the 7th lunar month
in 1997, and my 77 years of age. Now,
therefore, Unification Church members
can form families inheriting the heaven-
ly authority and traditions of love, and
thus attend You and offer You a dwell-
ing place on the levels of nation, world
and cosmos. Through these families, the
foundation of the Sabbath in which You
and the True Parents can freely come
and go will be connected from the fam-
ily to the cosmos. The time is close at
hand when we will cross the boundary
that separates us from the simultane-
ous establishment of Your right of king-
ship on earth and in heaven, which will
allow us to achieve complete oneness
with You. In such a manner this work
has been accomplished. Continue reading “Become People of Substantial Faith by Becoming a Blessed Family”

Don’t Hold Grudges

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CSG 898

When God sees humanity dying in
hell, He becomes desperate, trying to
give them eternal life. Only then will His
responsibility as the parent of heaven be
fulfilled. If He were to say, “Ugh! Let
me eliminate everything,” He could not
stand in the position of a parent. There-
fore, this establishes the logic that God
even has to liberate hell. When a son sees
his parents desperately trying to save
him, he will say, “My mother and father
have done so much for me!” and repent
thousands of times for his sins. If there
is such a mother and father, the son will
repent till his bones melt and flesh falls
away. Because of the parents’ heart, such
a way can be made. (62-51, 1972.9.10)
Not even Satan can accuse God for
His love in trying to save humanity.
There is no rule preventing forgiveness
for the one who repents through the love
of his parents. Hell must also be liber-
ated through this kind of heart. That
is the way of a true devoted child, isn’t
it? Therefore, the Unification Church
believes that it must liberate even hell.
Why? It is because God has such a paren-
tal heart. (62-51, 1972.9.10)
Hell is the place where you can nev-
er escape once you are caught. Despite
this, you do not feel desperate about the
fact that your mother, father and rela-
tives are going to hell. You just think, “It
will work out somehow.” However, let’s
think seriously about your beloved par-
ents really going to hell. Human nature
is such that if your parents were to go to
prison, you would cry and do all sorts of
things to have them released. Then, even
more so, if you knew that your sons and
daughters, parents and relatives, broth-
ers and sisters – with whom you have
bonds made in heaven – were going to
go to an eternal prison, could you just
think casually about their fate? (34-266,

CSG 1345

Jesus shed his blood on the cross
because the seventy-two disciples and
twelve apostles totaling eighty-four were
disunited. Hence, every one of you must
substantially restore eighty-four peo-
ple through indemnity. Only on such a
foundation can you lead married lives.
The same was true for me. In order to
fulfill this, I blessed the 36 Couples, who
can be subdivided into three groups of
twelve each, representing formation,
growth, and completion. Strictly speak-
ing, they are three groups, but they can
be compressed into one; similarly, the
72 Couples. On that foundation, the 120
Couples were blessed, and on that basis,
the world could be connected. After
Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, didn’t
the 120 followers gather on the day of
Pentecost? They symbolized representa-
tives of the world. (122-117, 1982.11.1)

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Defeat the Evil Spirit Controlling Your Body

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CSG 2102 

Previously, I said that we were to
go over the watershed, didn’t I? On my
seventieth birthday, outside spiritual-
ists came dancing and said, “Now Rev.
Moon has crossed the thirty-eighth par-
allel.” They are saying that I have crossed
the threshold. Now the world of happi-
ness is coming. This is how we should
overcome the 1990s. After having passed
over this, the Unification Church will be
able to make swift and unbridled prog-
ress. Now, on this, my seventieth birth-
day, we must indemnify seven thousand
years and the number seven, and must
pass into the age of the number eight.
Number eight is the number of libera-
tion and making a new start, is it not?
This is why America has declared the
collapse of communism and so forth.
Everything is completed. This is quite
curious. This happened on the seventh
and eighth after we had finished our
event. (199-96, 1990.2.15)

CSG 1263

The Fall occurred through the wrong-
ful marriage in the Garden of Eden.
Now the time has come for True Par-
ents to overturn this by marrying peo-
ple in the right way. The True Parents
will solve the trouble caused by the Fall.
Through them, hell can be eliminated
and the millions and billions of ances-
tors in the spirit world can be blessed in
holy matrimony. Through the founda-
tion of the families of descendants on
earth, centering on true love, they and
their ancestors in the spirit world can
unite into one vertically. Through these
family foundations, East and West will
be connected.
All of you should inherit a new lin-
eage. In order for that to be possible,
the Messiah comes as the father. He,
together with Eve, should restore this
new lineage through indemnity on the
victorious individual foundation that
transcends the world level where Satan
cannot intervene. Only when he has
accomplished this can humankind be
engrafted horizontally, centering on
the True Parents’ family and their true
spousal relationship. That is the reason
for having the Blessing Ceremony in
the Unification Church. The Unifica-
tion Church is unique. Where did the
lineage of the Unification Church orig-
inate? It originated from God. That is
why we dare the satanic world to oppose
us. When they oppose us, they will have
to pay compensation for damages. (169-37,

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God’s Will is Going to be Accomplished

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CSG 1827

What kind of age will the future be?
Why would you want to spend hours on
a plane? Instead, we will build a massive
steel column in the middle of the Pacific
Ocean and build a hotel. How diverse are
the functions of a helicopter? You can fly
anywhere you like with a press of a but-
ton. Yet, flying becomes boring, even
after three hours. So, we will fly for one
or two hours and then stay in a marine
hotel. It will be fantastic! We will build a
hotel on the Pacific Ocean. Then, it will
take only a few hours to get there, and
you can have lunch or go on a boat with
your family, or even go fishing. What a
wonderful life! (203-57, 1990.6.14)

Jeremiah 11

Some people plotted to kill me.
And like a lamb
    being led to the butcher,
I knew nothing
    about their plans.
19 But then the Lord told me
    that they had planned
to chop me down like a tree—
    fruit and all—
so that no one would ever
    remember me again.
20 I prayed, “Lord All-Powerful,
you always do what is right,
    and you know every thought.
So I trust you to help me
    and to take revenge.”

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Truth Involves a Relationship with Jesus

CSG 1778

The devil, Satan, is in the position of
the chief culprit, who drove out the orig-
inal owner, seized his wife and is leading
even their children to their deaths. From
this perspective, is there a way to for-
give the devil, Satan, the enemy of God
and humankind? Ultimately, the devil,
Satan, became the adulterer in front of
love and in front of God. Could God for-
give him, therefore? If He forgave Satan,
it would have led the whole world to
destruction. Thus, can you all think that
you will simply be able to become God’s
sons and daughters as you are? You must
know that God and humanity must con-
tinue the historical path, being unable to
avoid the way of suffering and pain until
we reverse this situation. (53-338, 1972.3.6)

Luke 9

42 While the boy was being brought, the demon attacked him and made him shake all over. Jesus ordered the demon to stop. Then he healed the boy and gave him back to his father. 43 Everyone was amazed at God’s great power.

Richard:  There are many demons acting in today’s world, as actors like George Soros pay people to foment chaos.  Watch my video on George Soros fake race war:  https://youtu.be/yakcmGhAy3k

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The Archangel will Attack God’s Side

CSG 2210

From God’s point of view, you have
to become a person who can make the
internal heart of your people cry. You
should also be a person who can real-
ize the internal heart of the cosmos. The
filial sons and daughters who can lov-
ingly relate to God even in the posi-
tion of great misfortune must comfort
the heart of the unfortunate head of the
household, whether it is the king or the
parents. Then such a son and daughter
should single-handedly tackle all the
problems surrounding the situation and
solve them. Those having such a mind
of loyalty and filial piety will go to the
Kingdom of Heaven. People who think
that they can enter Heaven just by believ-
ing in Jesus shall in no way do so. These
people have vilified and persecuted us to
our exasperation and mortification, but
we cannot take revenge on them with
guns and knives. (19-300, 1968.3.10)

Psalm 37

Let the Lord lead you
    and trust him to help.
Then it will be as clear
as the noonday sun
    that you were right.

Be patient and trust the Lord.
    Don’t let it bother you
when all goes well for those
    who do sinful things.
Don’t be angry or furious.
    Anger can lead to sin.
All sinners will disappear,
    but if you trust the Lord,
    the land will be yours.

10 Sinners will soon disappear,
    never to be found,
11 but the poor will take the land
    and enjoy a big harvest.

12 Merciless people make plots
against good people
    and snarl like animals,
13 but the Lord laughs and knows
    their time is coming soon.
14 The wicked kill with swords
and shoot arrows
to murder
    the poor and the needy
    and all who do right.
15 But they will be killed
    by their own swords,
    and their arrows
    will be broken.

16 It is better to live right
and be poor
    than to be sinful and rich.
17 The wicked will lose all
    of their power,
but the Lord gives strength
    to everyone who is good.

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Jesus’ Determination

CSG 2183

Devoted children are people who love
their parents and children. The first page
is love, the process is love, and the final
page is love. The family cannot become
the core. Above the family there must be
a nation, and its core is the way of the
loyal patriot. What does that mean? It
means loving your nation. Loyal patri-
ots, saints, and holy sons and daughters
are the core; but what kind of core are
they all based on? Humankind has not
known that the core, the essence, is love;
it has never been explained clearly. All
of this means that the stable point upon
which we can settle in these Last Days
and in the future is nothing other than
Owing to this, spouses must love
each other in order to become children
of filial piety. You can become loyal
patriots after becoming people of filial
to love the family that channels love’s
life force. The way of loyal patriots is to
give love based on the life force of the
nation. The way of saints is to connect
love to the life force of the world. In this
light, the human moral concepts which
have been taught in the past become
clear. You have to know that this is the
right way. It is the way of saints to love
the world. This has set the standard of
human moral education, and now you
understand the correctness of such edu-
cation. (111-173, 1981.2.15)

CSG 1062

You have the responsibility to reach
the land of Israel with your family. Just
as the twelve tribes of Israel had to go
to their assigned areas in the land, you
are to march forward to take your fam-
ily and find the land of your inheritance
for your tribe. (35-302, 1970.10.30)

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