Unwanted Spears and Swords Will Block the Way

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Acts 19

While Apollos was in Corinth, Paul traveled across the hill country to Ephesus, where he met some of the Lord’s followers. He asked them, “When you put your faith in Jesus, were you given the Holy Spirit?”

“No!” they answered. “We have never even heard of the Holy Spirit.”

“Then why were you baptized?” Paul asked.

They answered, “Because of what John taught.”[a]

Richard:  Even if we don’t feel the holy spirit or God’s presence, we should know what to do based on our own conscience and portion of responsibility to follow God’s Word:  http://visionroot.org/resources/the-eight-books-of-holy-scripture/.

Habakkuk 1 -2

17 Will he keep hauling in his nets
and destroying nations
    without showing mercy?

While standing guard
    on the watchtower,
I waited for the Lord’s answer,
before explaining the reason
    for my complaint.[a]
Then the Lord told me:
“I will give you my message
    in the form of a vision.
Write it clearly enough
    to be read at a glance.
At the time I have decided,
    my words will come true.
You can trust what I say
    about the future.
It may take a long time,
but keep on waiting—
    it will happen!

The Path In Search of the Original Homeland Rev. Sun Myung Moon July 5, 1959

Luke 15: 11-32

The parents and brothers and sisters we long for live in the original hometown. There are mountains and streams we are dying for a sight of. The original hometown is such that not all creatures will welcome us in our eagerness to see it. On the way to see that place, you will feel that your life is sorrowful and that the path of your life is miserable. Yet since you are on your way to see the original hometown, even if you feel you have been wronged and feel vexed, even if there is a moment when you have to decide between life and death, you must not forget to think of the original hometown, shedding tears. Thus, you will not fall down. This is the path of our life. We must not forget that.

All sages in the world of mind and ideology wandered the path which leads to the original hometown. To find that world, they forsook all humanistic reasoning and severed all connections, even with the surroundings to which they were emotionally tied. Then they struggled hard. All of them struggled hard to walk this path; not to mention our ancestors, those prophets and sages who walked on behalf of Heaven, and Jesus, who came to resolve this. He set the goal of finding the original hometown after coming to a perfect understanding of it.

Jesus was not forced from the path by opposition. Jesus did not seek the silent mountains and streams to pray because he was afraid of rejection and oppression. Jesus did not fear the Roman tyranny and the path of the cross. On the path of life he had to go at all costs, he was prepared for such situations. He had to endure, and he was ready for every tyranny, every cross, every lonely path and pitiful situation he had to face.

Jesus felt the Shim Jung of the original hometown. Jesus was the Messiah, who had to assume the position and exercise the rights of the welcomed central figure of that original hometown. Therefore, the more he longed for the original hometown and felt the nearness of that world of the mind, the more miserable a heart he felt.

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Please Love All Things in My Place

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1540

Why have religious people fought
a losing battle until now? It is because
they have not had families, societies or
nations to back them up in their faith.
They were people without a nation. If they
had had a nation to support them, they
would have been able to survive within
its domain even if their own tribes had
opposed them. Yet, because this was not
the case, religious believers were persecuted wherever they went, and were
forced to walk the path of the sacrificial
offering, shedding blood time after time.
This was all due to the fact that they did
not have their own nation. If they had
had a sovereign and a nation, any time
they exclaimed, “You ignorant people,
this is the right thing!” they would have
been answered with a “Yes” from oth-
Chapter 3 • A Perspective on the Nation and the World 1541
ers; instead, they suffered because of not
having a nation. (56-159, 1972.5.14)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1146

If human beings fell by eating the
fruit of the tree of the knowledge of
good and evil as Christianity teaches,
then restoration could be completed in
one day. In this case God could just create something tastier and better than
this fruit and feed it to human beings
and this would become the condition of
indemnification, would it not? Theoretically speaking, that would be correct.
(38-164, 1971.1.3)

Longing for Eden

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
June 28, 1959

Genesis 2: 1-25

In the original garden of Eden, God could not have an hour of singing about nature and of expressing feelings toward nature with Adam and Eve. God must have desired to say, “Oh, my son, look at that mountain. I created it in this and this way. Look at that forest. I created it in such and such a way. All these I created for your happiness.” Why could God not do that? It was because Adam was still immature. However, you should know that God had an earnest internal heart which He wanted to express to Adam. We should understand that God could not express such things to Adam because Adam was still emotionally and heartistically immature.

If Adam had been mature enough for God to express His heart, then God could have said, “Oh, Adam! Look at the flower in the garden. Look at the mountains and streams.” If our ancestors had lived that way, humanity would not struggle today in the misery of the realm of death.

Therefore, you should long for the original Eden. You should long for the world where God’s infinite love exists, where the emotion of eternal love can be harmonized, where all will be intoxicated in singing for eternity. In that Eden, all will take responsibility and pour out their effort, thinking that once they take responsibility, it will be of eternal value. God’s sorrow is not being able to find such a person. God, who works through the dispensation on earth, must find such a person.

Among the songs we sing, there are songs which have the content of the mountains, a stream and nature within. They exist to assist in raising our emotions. Everything is like that. How wonderful it would have been had the heart of Adam and Eve gone in the direction God’s heart wanted to go!

Now you should have such a heart. The person who has such an abundant mind and has experienced such a heart would be able to participate in the new age as a citizen of the new ideal Kingdom of Heaven.

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Our Past and Present Life Has Been Overly Insensitive and Unsentimental

Judges 6

14 Then the Lord himself said, “Gideon, you will be strong, because I am giving you the power to rescue Israel from the Midianites.”

Matthew 1

Jesus Christ came from the family of King David and also from the family of Abraham. And this is a list of his ancestors. 2-6a  From Abraham to King David, his ancestors were:

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah and his brothers (Judah’s sons were Perez and Zerah, and their mother was Tamar), Hezron;…

Longing for Eden

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
June 28, 1959

Genesis 2: 1-25

A world-famous scholar would have the sensitivity deep in his heart to harmonize with the heart of nature. Having the sensitivity which can be connected to nature, he would unexpectedly receive hints, inspirations or dreams. These phenomena would occur only when he was intoxicated in his research area.

History testifies that people of much love and emotion did great things. If there is a religious person who can call out “God!” when he looks at a patch of grass, harmonized with such an emotion, he would indeed be a great religious person.

In Buddhism today, many people pray for blessing in front of a statue of Buddha. The external difference between the subject and the object in this instance would be enormous. However, in the world of heart, there would be no difference. If they believe and connect to it as God by the feelings inspired there, then God does not abandon such minds. He fulfills their wishes. The phrase “a wish come true” originates from this.

When we consider these things, our past and present life have been overly insensitive and unsentimental. We have had a desolate cosmic view. You should feel sorrow about this. If you become a person who does feel sorrow about this situation, then you will be called “a new person” in the new world and will be able to take responsibility for the new age. I have confidence this is true.

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Love is the Key

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2082

The current goal is the unification of
North and South Korea. God is hoping
for a base in your families, the nation,
and the world from which He can enter
into His Sabbath by unifying North
and South Korea. This is the only way
to attend God. The unification of North
and South Korea, the integration of East-
ern and Western cultures, and liberation
of heaven and hell will come about when
we create an environment centering on
love greater than that for our father and
mother, husband or wife, and children,
and are willing to build a sacrificial altar
centering on that love. It can never be
solved without love. Love is the key. (170-103,

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1648

What should be done for action to take
place? It requires some form of relation-
ship. Plus coming together with another
plus will yield nothing. Only when it is
in a reciprocal relationship with a minus
can action take place. The origin of all
phenomena in the universe, rather than
being an existing force, began from a
certain action which then expanded to
form the world of harmony, and this
action could not come about with only
a plus component. It begins where plus
and minus have give and take, and so for
there to be action, there must be subject
and object partners. This is the way we
understand it, and accordingly, every-
thing has its respective object. (115-198,

Richard:  Very basic and very true!  God works through harmony.  Rev. Moon emphasized the precondition of a family having three generations united for that family to enter the Kingdom of God.

Longing for Eden

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
June 28, 1959

Genesis 2: 1-25

We understand that science is an area which attempts to explain principles, laws, theories and formulas of the created world. Literature would be an area of the deep, hidden sentiment in nature. Art is a concrete expression of the visible or hidden beauty in nature. Philosophy is an area that tries to explain the fundamental reasons for nature. Religion is above all these levels.

What should true religion and true religious people try to explain? It should be the clarification of the heartistic content which flows deep within nature. Religion should bear that responsibility.

Human civilization cannot be thought of apart from nature. We cannot talk about human civilization separated from nature. No matter how proudly human beings showcase their power and authority, without nature nothing is possible.

Nature makes our life valuable; it is absolutely necessary for our life. Therefore, if we do not feel the heart that flows in nature, we cannot enjoy true happiness and cannot reach the glorious position of having a relationship with God. You should realize this.

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The Lord Brings the New Truth

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2011
All of your comings and goings
should be for the sake of seeking that
nation, being its founding loyal patri-
ots, and restoring our homeland. Your
mind-set should be to shoulder such
a mission. You should think that you
have received instructions, as the secret
envoys of Heaven, to come to this evil
world today to fulfill this mission. Please
understand that without doing this, you
will not be able to establish your prestige
or dignity as a citizen of the nation we
have been seeking. (50-255, 1971.11.7)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1696

In general, people believe human
beings evolved from the animal world,
but this is a makeshift theory fabricated
from a need for an explanation. In order
to form a logical connection, the theo-
ry was invented as an expedience; there
is no way of knowing if evolution real-
ly took place. Did the basis of our mind
begin from the amoeba? What I am ask-
ing is: is the amoeba our mental ances-
tor? Evolutionary theory claims that
everything began and developed from
the amoeba. (117-68, 1982.2.1)

Sun Myung Moon
June 14, 1959

John 3: 1-15

What will God bring when He comes again? Since we know that God is not going to destroy the world but will come again with a new ideology, what will He bring? He will come with the great power of life and the authority of a new ideology. He will come with the origin of love. Such a person is called “the Lord” in Christianity.

We who have tread and walked the course of fallen history need the touch of life which is stronger and more permanent and eternal than anything we have enjoyed or experienced before. The place where we experience such a touch will be our eternal resting place, a place we would never want to leave.

The three disciples who saw the transfiguration of Elijah, Moses and Jesus wanted to remain in that place. Have you attained and experienced the state of heart where you feel, “This is my eternal resting place, the place of eternal happiness. This is where there is no beginning and no end”? When one appears with the great power of life to which all creation will bow their heads, he will naturally become the master of all things. In his ideological world, all things and even God would want to rest and remain. When his loving emotional heart wells up, all things should want to harmonize with it. Even God should want to rejoice with it. There is such a loving emotional state. If these contents are not fulfilled in the last days of human history, then God’s dispensation will end in destruction. The whole dispensation of God for this world would become a total failure.

God has been toiling until now, for He cannot allow such a conclusion. Therefore, we cannot deny that the garden of new life, new ideology, and new love will certainly come to humankind today.

Richard:  In other words, the Lord brings the New Truth (http://visionroot.org/resources/the-eight-books-of-holy-scripture/) when he comes.

Please Forget All Your Old Notions of Faith

Watch the latest Richard Urban Show:  Test the Spirits https://youtu.be/_iM3kr3U4E4.

Psalm 104

You built foundations
for the earth,
    and it
    will never be shaken.
You covered the earth
with the ocean
    that rose
    above the mountains.
Then your voice thundered!
And the water flowed
    down the mountains
    and through the valleys
    to the place you prepared.
Now you have set boundaries,
    so that the water will never
    flood the earth again.

Psalm 115

I pray that the Lord
    will let your family
    and your descendants
    always grow strong.
15 May the Lord who created
the heavens and the earth
    give you his blessing.

16 The Lord has kept the heavens
    for himself,
    but he has given the earth
    to us humans.
17 The dead are silent
    and cannot praise the Lord,
18     but we will praise him
now and forevermore.
    Shout praises to the Lord!

Joshua 19

40-46 Dan was the seventh tribe chosen to receive land, and the region for its clans included the following towns:

Zorah, Eshtaol, Ir-Shemesh,[v] Shaalabbin, Aijalon, Ithlah, Elon, Timnah, Ekron, Eltekeh, Gibbethon, Baalath, Jehud, Azor,[w]Beneberak, Gath-Rimmon, Mejarkon, and Rakkon.

Dan’s tribal land[x] went almost as far as Joppa. 47-48 Its clans received this land and these towns with their surrounding villages.

The Person Who Will Serve the Grieving Father

Sun Myung Moon
May 24, 1959

Matthew 23: 1-39

From what position was Jesus chosen to be the king of kings? He was not chosen to be the king of all kings sitting on the throne of a luxurious palace, proud and happy before all people. On the cross, he held the misery of history and humanity. He was obsessed with wanting to become the instigator of God’s love to humanity. He was obsessed with wanting to have such a heart. That is why he could be the Savior of all humankind and the champion who shines brightly amid the world’s sad course of history. We should understand that he became someone of whom the course of suffering God has gone through can be proud. He became the prince who can stand forth on the sad and painful course of history and the future history of faith. Herein lies the reason numerous spirits who went the sad course of history before him have to serve Jesus as their Savior. For this reason, although Jesus came and went, humankind today serves him as their Savior. It will remain so in the future.

An individual who hopes to fulfill the desire of Jesus and become the bride should not be satisfied with a faith that centers on the self. In bearing the historic burdens and pains of Heavenly Father, in worrying for His sake and in place of Jesus, we should have the heart to offer our joy to Heavenly Father and take on His suffering and sadness as our own. Such a person can dominate heaven, earth, and even hell.

Therefore, please forget all your old notions of faith. Cut yourself off from the concept of going to heaven by faith. Please get rid of this concept of faith. Jesus lived without thinking of himself as the heavenly prince. Why should he have died if he thought of himself as the prince of Heaven? He did not think of such a thing. As someone responsible for this world’s pain and sadness, he left behind words of pleading, saying, “Father, do as You will.” Continue reading “Please Forget All Your Old Notions of Faith”

We Have to Experience the Sad Hearts of God’s Representatives

Watch the latest Richard Urban Show:  Test the Spirits https://youtu.be/_iM3kr3U4E4.

Jeremiah 11

The Lord said to me:

Jeremiah, the people of Judah and Jerusalem are plotting against me. 10 They have sinned in the same way their ancestors did, by turning from me and worshiping other gods. The northern kingdom of Israel broke the agreement I made with your ancestors, and now the southern kingdom of Judah[a] has done the same.

Richard:  The northern kingdom of Israel  can be likened to the Family Federation for World Peace.  The southern Kingdom (Judah) can be likened to the Sanctuary Church and the Rod of Iron Ministry.  Both have veered away from the teachings of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon: http://visionroot.org/resources/the-eight-books-of-holy-scripture/.

Jeremiah 33

25 Jeremiah, I will never break my agreement with the day and the night or let the sky and the earth stop obeying my commands. 26 In the same way, I will never reject the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob or break my promise that they will always have a descendant of David as their king. I will be kind to my people Israel, and they will be successful again.

Richard:  Yet, there is hope.  We can return to the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, centered on our conscience.

The Person Who Will Serve the Grieving Father

Sun Myung Moon
May 24, 1959

Matthew 23: 1-39

It is because of Satan that this world has become so. It is Satan who has led this world. It is Satan who has created the realities of this age. Today’s believers should be able to bear God’s pain and sadness and move forward with the authority of heavenly people to liquidate the relationship with Satan, who has caused this historical han. We should understand that God is wishing for one movement, one race, and one sovereignty to appear in this world which can accomplish that.

What do we have to do to become so? Through the principle of restoration, we Unificationists understand that our life of faith must be based on our experience with God’s heart. God is not our Father in name only; we have to experience Him as our real and living Father. We have to bear the heart of eternal sorrow and cry in Heavenly Father’s stead, as He did when He observed the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

We then have to experience the eternal sorrow of God as He observed Cain murdering Abel. Every time our ancestors were sent to be responsible for the heavenly mission, Noah, sixteen hundred years after the fall, Abraham, four hundred years after that, Moses, four hundred after that, and Jesus, sixteen hundred years after that, we have to experience God’s sad heart as He watched them fighting it out in sadness and misery. Continue reading “We Have to Experience the Sad Hearts of God’s Representatives”

Establish the Central Figure of the New Age

Cheon Seong Gyeong 220

Bu-mo (parents) must have the char-
acter for bu (父), meaning father, first.
However, it is interesting to look at the
character for mo (母), meaning mother.
It is written by putting together two of
the characters for yeo, meaning woman
(女), upside down. This is very interest-
ing. Thus the character for mo, meaning
mother, puts two women together, albe-
it upside down. This is a mother. This is
why a mother should be someone with
the heart of heaven and the heart of
earth. In other words, a woman can only
be a mother if she is able to bring two
hearts together within herself: a heart
connected to heaven and a heart that
represents the women of the earth.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 547

“Beloved Heavenly Father, I thank
You for Your grace, and for having
shielded me in my struggles from my
childhood until now; during those years
I have been apprehensive of any humili-
ation or shame that Heaven might suf-
fer. Among all the good things on this
earth, there is nothing more precious
than connecting to Your original heart.
Knowing this, we must infinitely long
for that relationship. We must keep in
mind that those who experience Your
love will have no regrets even if they
forget about all the things of this world.
Now we must seek the ideal world, the
original homeland where we live by
Your love. We must prepare today on
earth for the day of our birth as liber-
ated children endowed with the author-
ity of freedom of our third life.

When We Should Stay Awake with Heaven

Sun Myung Moon
April 19, 1959

Matthew 25:1-13

Therefore, we who have the obligation to break this should be able to cry for the mind. As we cry for the mind, about what should we be worried? As we cry for the mind, we should be worried about God, who tries to hold my mind, and cry. As we cry for the body, we should be worried about God, who tries to hold onto my body, and cry.

You cannot break through unless you have the Shim Jung to pledge before Heaven, “I will go, although tomorrow’s sorrow is deeper than that of today; although tomorrow’s mistreatment is worse than that of today, and although tomorrow’s pain is greater than that of today. I will go even if I have to die.” Don’t you think so?

It is the same in the outside world. In order for a loser to succeed, he has to have new hope and determination in his heart. He can go beyond the level of failure only when a shock comes to his heart that is greater than his frustration and failure. Likewise, unless humankind receives a shock that is greater than everything in history and all the pains of the heart, they have no way to live. Considering that now is the end of the six-thousand-year history, Heaven must be calling upon us now more desperately than during the six thousand years. He must be crying out to humankind. His hope with us in this age must be greater than any Shim Jung and hope He has had with any people during the six thousand years. His situation and Shim Jung must be like this.

At this time then, when you must awaken yourselves and arise, how should you go about it? If you want to awaken yourselves, you should feel the heavenly Shim Jung. If you cannot take this responsibility on your own, then there should be someone on the earth who can take it. You should know this. This is how God works. At the time of Noah, He installed Noah; at the time of Abraham, He installed Abraham; at the time of Moses, He installed Moses; and at the time of Jesus, He installed Jesus. Thus, there should appear a figure who can be established in the last days. Continue reading “Establish the Central Figure of the New Age”

The Heart of Jesus at Golgotha

Watch my latest Richard Urban show:  Christ Has Already Defined His Kingdom and It Is Not the Rod of Iron Kingdom:  https://youtu.be/aMCMMaQdFps

Judges 3

Ehud went to the town of Seirah 27-28 in the hill country of Ephraim and started blowing a signal on a trumpet. The Israelites came together, and he shouted, “Follow me! The Lord will help us defeat the Moabites.”

Richard:  God’s Kingdom has come on the earth and is emerging.  Will you participate or just sit by the sideline?
Contact me to host STAR Leadership Training at your location.

Ezekiel 13

10 Those prophets refuse to be honest. They tell my people there will be peace, even though there’s no peace to be found. They are like workers who think they can fix a shaky wall by covering it with paint. 11 But when I send rainstorms, hailstones, and strong winds, the wall will surely collapse. 12 People will then ask the workers why the paint didn’t hold it up.

Click below to listen to or download a recording of Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s speech “God’s Ideal Family Is the Model for World Peace”, the inaugural message of the Universal Peace Federation on September 23, 2005 at the Marriott Wardman Park hotel in Washington DC. Rev. Moon speaks extensively about the Peace Kingdom Corps.:

The Heart of Heaven in Relation to Elijah

Sun Myung Moon
March 15, 1959

Jesus was hounded by the religious order and driven away by the people. He was seen as a heathen by the religious order and as an agent of destruction by the law. He was driven away by his tribe and kicked out of his house. He was hounded even by the followers of John the Baptist. He was pursued by Satan even when he went out to the wilderness. That was not the end of it all. In the end, the whole was mobilized, and he was pushed onto the path of the cross, the path of Golgotha.

In spite of that, Jesus shed tears for the sake of the people who had treated him as a traitor. Though Jesus was treated as a heathen by the denomination of Judaism, he shed more blood and tears for the Israelites than any high priest. No one of that age was his ally; yet he was the friend of that age. In spite of being pursued as the traitor of the people, Jesus was a loyal subject. In spite of being treated as a heretic by the religious denomination, he was the faithful retainer of that denomination.

What kind of walk did Jesus experience? He had a ghastly walk during which he was torn, chased after, fell down, and bore the cross. That was not all. Reckless scoundrels hounded him, carrying whips in their hands. If Jesus had been like Elijah in such a situation, he would have prayed, “Father, I am the only one left.” Continue reading “The Heart of Jesus at Golgotha”

Old and New Treasures are Valuable

Matthew 13

51 Jesus asked his disciples if they understood all these things. They said, “Yes, we do.”

52 So he told them, “Every student of the Scriptures who becomes a disciple in the kingdom of heaven is like someone who brings out new and old treasures from the storeroom.”

Richard:  As we grow in understanding God’s word, our old understanding will be supplemented with new understanding.  Both are good and valuable.

Lamentations 1

Jerusalem speaks:

22 Don’t let their evil deeds
    escape your sight.
Punish them as much
as you have punished me
    because of my sins.
I never stop groaning—
    I’ve lost all hope!

Let Us Halt in Our Steps and Behold the One Who Is Protecting Us

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 8, 1959

Psalm 121

121 I look to the hills!
    Where will I find help?
It will come from the Lord,
    who created the heavens
    and the earth.

The Lord is your protector,
    and he won’t go to sleep
    or let you stumble.
The protector of Israel
doesn’t doze
    or ever get drowsy.

The Lord is your protector,
there at your right side
    to shade you from the sun.
You won’t be harmed
by the sun during the day
    or by the moon[a] at night.

The Lord will protect you
    and keep you safe
    from all dangers.
The Lord will protect you
    now and always
    wherever you go.


We the unworthy have come before the Father, who governs life and death. Father, please receive us. Please take us in accordance to Your Will.

Although we want to dwell inside the realm of life and offer praise to the Father, we are still bound by the sinful nature that dwells inside the realm of death. Father, You have been conducting the providence of restoration to guide us to the new realm. Please be present here in this hour and dismantle the realm of death. Grant the grace of life and resurrection.

Eternal Father, please allow this to be an hour when we can live our lives with the original value of creation. Allow us to become those who can sing praises to the supreme goodness of the Father.

Due to the fall of the first human ancestors, our connection of life to heaven and earth has been severed. The archangel, who should have offered praise on behalf of the angelic world, betrayed Heaven and failed to complete his responsibility. Continue reading “Old and New Treasures are Valuable”