God’s Unifying Ideology

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Deuteronomy 28

The Lord will send you back in ships to Egypt on a journey I said you should never make again. There you will offer yourselves for sale to your enemies as male and female slaves, but no one will buy you.

Richard:  Sometimes we may feel that we want to go back to “Egypt”, and stop our walk of faith, but we must never do that.

2 Samuel 2

17The battle that day was very fierce, and Abner and the Israelites were defeated by David’s men.

Richard:  We are currently engaged in a fierce battle for God’s sovereignty: Watch my video blog, The Battle of Two Kingdoms:  https://youtu.be/EDwH7RHV24o

Let Us Establish the Glorious Original Homeland

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 6, 1957
Chung Pa Dong Church
Seoul, Korea

God is trying to carry on the fight between the two camps. Therefore, you will not be able to escape from the coming of the period of conflict, the purpose of which is to eliminate the darkness.

At this moment, when the period of universal and worldwide conflict is nearing, you have to understand that because you are not exempt from the laws of the heavenly principles, you will be swept up in fear as these two camps fight one another.

Even in such times, you must set the center which can prevent all the forces of darkness from sweeping over it, and you must step over it. Because you must keep pace with the twentieth century scientific civilization that is making tremendous leaps and also nurture your internal character, you must set the new reformative standard in the internal aspects. Even if everything is swept away, you should be able to cling on to the center and circle around in stability. If you cannot attain this kind of center, you won’t be able to become the last victor in the course of human history. In the end, you will have no choice but to be a failure.

The will of God is also moving through a progressive and revolutionary process. Before the Old Testament, God performed the works of building man’s relationship with the heavenly principles through sacrificial offerings. In the Old Testament era, He carried on His history of the dispensation based upon the laws.

If those laws had emerged as a unified ideology, and if someone had emerged who deeply felt that this was the will of Heaven, then the dispensation of restoration could have been greatly shortened. However, because this was not done, you have to understand that after setting the external conditions through the laws, God sent Jesus to set the external conditions through his physical body and the internal conditions through his spirit.

Until today, Jesus appeared only as the subject of faith. If it all ended there, then the dispensation of God would never see its conclusion. Only when the ideology of unification is established on this earth and its tasks are brought to pass can Jesus complete his mission.

To become a person who can establish and manifest the external scientific progress and form, you have to become one with goodness that can connect itself to the heavenly principles. You must do this from the position of having won and overcome all the battles of the age.

In the near future, the dark sphere of death will emerge as a trap on the world level. We must dismantle this and step over it. This kind of work cannot be done by the conscience or by ethical principles. Only by seeking and establishing the heavenly principles can we become linked to the new glory of the new garden.

Therefore, if religion, science, philosophy, and all fields of thought cannot make the connection with these heavenly principles in the last days, Heaven will strike them down with a rod.

Although John the Baptist, who appeared before Jesus had a higher intellect than Jesus, Jesus told him to follow him. This was because John the Baptist was centered on himself. Jesus, however, possessed the ideology of the heavenly principles that he could be eternally proud of. If there was a person who could establish and manifest the external scientific progress and the internal conditions as the one united ideology, then the united homeland centered on God would have already been realized.

It is good to set Jesus up as the goal of your faith. However, you must first become the embodiment of that faith and belief, and in your daily life you must be with Jesus. When you act after achieving this, the whole of nature should move, and the whole world should be able to rejoice. Otherwise, you won’t have any relationship with the glorious new homeland.

Even in the new homeland, there is one leader and his citizens. Therefore, you have to first become the citizens who attend that leader and construct the new homeland. You must be able to strike the forces of darkness which are preventing the construction of the new homeland.

What kind of fight lies ahead of us? Before Jesus lies the course of bloody conflict. In other words, in carrying out the mission at the growth stage, Jesus suffered through such a difficult course of conflict. Now for you who must complete the mission at the perfection stage, there will be a greater course of conflict. You have to think about this again.

In this kind of universal conflict, you must be victorious in using the external nature as your body and the will of God as the internal mind for the sake of unification. In this way, after taking the heavenly principles as your mind, you must bring into oneness the nature which has become your mind.

Each of you has a different fortune. Moreover, for each nation there is a fortune. Heaven has Heaven’s fortune. Accordingly, in the same way that the ideology of the individual must be made a part of the homeland’s ideology, the homeland’s ideology must be made a part of the heavenly ideology. Today our individual fortune must be absorbed by a higher fortune. Furthermore, our fortune must be made one with the universal fortune.



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