Don’t Shun the Path of Golgotha

Psalm 74

By your power you made a path
    through the sea,
    and you smashed the heads
    of sea monsters.
14 You crushed the heads
    of the monster Leviathan,[b]
    then fed him to wild creatures
    in the desert.
15 You opened the ground
for streams and springs
    and dried up mighty rivers.
16 You rule the day and the night,
    and you put the moon
    and the sun in place.
17 You made summer and winter
    and gave them to the earth.[c]

Isaiah 3

Tell those who obey God,
“You’re very fortunate—
    you will be rewarded
    for what you have done.”
11 Tell those who disobey,
“You’re in big trouble—
    what you did to others
    will come back to you.”

Where Is the Refuge in Which Heaven Can Dwell?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
January 12, 1958

Among the people of faith today, there are those who are seeking a place to rest because they have received the blessing of God and are happy, but they must not do that. They still have the path of Golgotha before them. Therefore, you must now make the effort to follow the example of the life of Jesus, who crossed over the path of Golgotha. You have to clearly understand that in you lies the will of the heavenly principles by which you must stand in the reciprocal position to fulfill the will of Jesus and bring him peace and comfort.

Furthermore, when the words of Heaven and the embodiment of those words, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, as well as God, the subject of the words, can dwell in you, the purpose of the dispensation is finally realized. Only when you stand before Heaven as the representative of the value of the creation can God finally entrust all of His remaining tasks to you and rest.

When we think about how it is the course of the Christians to shoulder this amazing and gigantic universal mission, the people of faith must not just remain sitting down today. They must bring a movement of new life on the earth. However, you must understand that if in your progress on that path there is someone who tramples upon the holy of the holies of the words, in other words, the resting place for the words, then that person is your enemy.

Now you young people must go forward to fulfill what the ministers of the Christian churches are not able to accomplish. Many ministers today are guiding their flock to the wrong place. I am not saying this just to criticize the ministers and elders of the Christian churches.

This is the truth. Since they have misunderstood the will of God and have been trampling upon the flock of sheep, now the sheep are not to follow them. They are to seek other flocks of sheep and unite with them. You have to understand that it is the Unificationist ideology that has understood this mission and has been conducting this kind of gathering and movement.

Are there young men and women among you in whom life is throbbing? If there are, then you must attain the qualifications to go before the Christian ministers and elders today to testify to the heavenly principles. You must criticize their characters and judge them before the heavenly value. When you do that, Christianity today will be revived. You must have the uncompromising mind-set that whatever violates the heart of God, whether it is someone on earth or in Heaven, you will not tolerate it.

If you have entered the Unification Church today, you must transcend the religious concepts of Christianity. You must step above the skeptical concepts of the Christian faith. The position of the concepts of faith until now could not provide a place where God could rest nor a place where the substantial body of Jesus could be attended. You must have the audacity to step over them mercilessly and go beyond them.

You must not become like the young scribe in the Bible who came with some worldly conditions and tried to satisfy his own ambitions and greed. The position of Jesus who said, “Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the son of man has nowhere to lay his head,” (Matthew 8:20) is the way that Heaven takes and the path that the heavenly principles move along. You must abandon everything and follow that path. Only if you take these steps can you become the sons and daughters of the Father who can inherit the unfinished task, the representatives of the heavenly will.

When you look back at all the ancestors during the historical course, Noah suffered for 120 years, Jacob suffered for 21 years, and Moses wandered for 120 years. Moreover, Jesus wandered for the entire 33 years of his life. If you are already trying to rest and enjoy yourselves, you are robbers and thieves of Heaven. If we rest before Heaven does, we are thieves. Therefore, you must sympathize with the heart that cried out, “Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the son of man has nowhere to lay his head.” (Matthew 8:20) When you do that, Heaven will sympathize with you.

Moreover, you must feel the heart of Jesus who stayed up at night to pray for the sake of the Israelites and cried out that only God was his resting place. You have to feel deep in your bosom the heart of the bone- melting and blood-boiling pain of Heaven, which cannot be described in words. You must feel the heart that looked at the people and the world and shed silent tears.

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