Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done on Earth as It Is in Heaven

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Genesis 45

Since Joseph could no longer control his feelings in front of his servants, he sent them out of the room. When he was alone with his brothers, he told them, “I am Joseph.” Then he cried so loudly that the Egyptians heard him and told about it in the king’s palace.

Psalm 28

Don’t drag me away, Lord,
    with those cruel people,
    who speak kind words,
    while planning trouble.
Treat them as they deserve!
    Punish them for their sins.
They don’t pay any attention
    to your wonderful deeds.
    Now you will destroy them
    and leave them in ruin.

I praise you, Lord,
    for answering my prayers.
    You are my strong shield,
    and I trust you completely.
You have helped me,
    and I will celebrate
    and thank you in song.

Richard: Praise God!

Uniting Heaven and Earth

Human beings are composed of both spirit and body; hence we stand astride both the earthly world and the spirit world. With this unique endowment, we can be the mediators between the two worlds. instead of regarding the spirit world with fear, we have the power to exercise dominion over both worlds. saints and sages have been known to command the heavenly hosts to assist them in a righteous cause. even ordinary believers have this ability, by virtue of a human being’s status as lord of creation and God’s “vicegerent.”
    Native peoples have long understood this. through ceremony and dance they realize a living relation-ship with both worlds. through intense spiritual disciplines, Hindu yogis and ascetics of all traditions obtain the power to fly with the spirits and do miraculous feats. Christianity acknowledges dominion over heaven and earth in Jesus Christ, whose victory over death is the ground of salvation. Father Moon teaches that the Kingdom of God will be established through a grand unification of the spiritual and the physical dimensions of existence.

For he has made known to us in all wisdom and
insight the mystery of his will, according to his
purpose which he set forth in Christ as a plan for
the fullness of time, to unite all things in him,
things in heaven and things on earth.
    Ephesians 1.9-10

His movement is of Heaven, his stillness of
Earth. With his single mind in repose, he is
king of the world; the spirits do not afflict him;
his soul knows no weariness. His single mind
reposed, the ten thousand things submit—which
is to say that his emptiness and stillness reach
throughout Heaven and Earth and penetrate
he ten thousand things. This is what is called
Heavenly joy. Heavenly joy is the mind of the
sage by which he shepherds the world.
    Chuang Tzu 13 (Taoism)

The Sky blesses me, the Earth blesses me;
Up in the Skies I cause to dance the Spirits;
On the Earth, the people I cause to dance.
    Cree Round Dance (Native American Religions)

Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.
    Matthew 6.10

The ascetic bears fire, he bears water,
the ascetic upholds earth and heaven,
the ascetic sees all visions of luster,
the ascetic is called the Light.

Munis [yogis] with the wind for their girdle
wear the soiled yellow robe;
they go along the course of the wind
where the gods have gone before.

“In the ecstasy of Munihood
we have ascended on the wind,
and only these bodies of ours
are what you mortals ever see.”

The Muni flies through mid-air
while he looks at varied forms,
and he is of every deva
a comrade in doing good.
    Rig Veda 10.136.1-4 (Hinduism)

Heaven possesses yin and yang and man also
possesses yin and yang. When the universe’s
material force of yin arises, man’s material force
of yin arises in response. Conversely, when man’s
material force of yin arises, that in the universe
should also arise in response. The principle is
the same. He who understands this, when he
wishes to bring forth rain, will activate the yin in
man in order to arouse the yin in the universe.
When he wishes to stop rain, he will activate
the yang in man in order to arouse the yang of
the universe. Therefore the bringing forth of
rain is nothing supernatural. People suspect that
it is supernatural because its principle is subtle
and wonderful.
    It is not only the material forces of yin and
yang that can advance or withdraw according to
their kind. Even the way misfortunes, calamities
and blessings are produced follows the same
principle. In all cases one starts something
himself and other things become active in
response according to their kind. Therefore men
of intelligence, sageliness and spirit introspect
and listen to themselves, and their words
become intelligent and sagely. The reason why
introspection and listening to oneself alone can
lead to intelligence and sageliness is because
one knows that one’s original mind lies there.
    Therefore when the note of F is struck on a
seven-stringed or twenty-one stringed lute, the
F note on other lutes sound of themselves in
response. This is a case of things being activated
because they are similar in kind. Their activity
takes place in sound and is invisible. Not seeing
the form of their activity, people say that they
sound of themselves. Furthermore, since they
activate each other invisibly, it is thought
that they do so themselves. In reality, it is not
that they do so themselves, but that there is
something that causes them. In reality things
are caused, but the cause is invisible.
    Tung Chung-shu, Luxuriant Gems of the
    Spring and Autumn Annals (Confucianism)

Only those who are absolutely sincere can fully
develop their nature. If they can fully develop
their nature, they can then fully develop the
nature of others. If they can fully develop the
nature of others, they can then fully develop the
nature of things. If they can fully develop the
nature of things, they can then assist in the trans-
forming and nourishing process of Heaven and
Earth. If they can assist in the transforming and
nourishing process of Heaven and Earth, they
can thus form with Heaven and Earth a trinity.
Doctrine of the Mean 22 (Confucianism)

tick to the One and the ten thousand tasks will
be accomplished; achieve mindlessness and the
gods and spirits will all bow down.
Chuang Tzu 12 (Taoism)

Since therefore the children share in flesh and
blood, he himself likewise partook of the same
nature, that through death he might destroy
him who has the power of death, that is, the
devil, and deliver all those who through fear of
death were subject to lifelong bondage.
Hebrews 2.14-15

If You Resolve and Act on Your Resolution for God, Good Spirits Will Descend

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Revelation 12

A war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels were fighting against the dragon and its angels. But the dragon lost the battle. It and its angels were forced out of their places in heaven and were thrown down to the earth. Yes, that old snake and his angels were thrown out of heaven! That snake, who fools everyone on earth, is known as the devil and Satan. 10 Then I heard a voice from heaven shout,

“Our God has shown
his saving power,
    and his kingdom has come!
God’s own Chosen One
    has shown his authority.
Satan accused our people
in the presence of God
    day and night.
Now he has been thrown out!

Richard: This indicates what is happening right now with the massive voter fraud and the censorship and blatant bias of mainstream media and social media against President Trump. Demonic forces have been thrown down from heaven and are working on earth. Yet they will not prevail!

Psalm 1

God blesses those people
    who refuse evil advice
    and won’t follow sinners
    or join in sneering at God.
Instead, the Law of the Lord
    makes them happy,
    and they think about it
    day and night.

They are like trees
    growing beside a stream,
trees that produce
fruit in season
    and always have leaves.
Those people succeed
    in everything they do.

That isn’t true of those
    who are evil,
    because they are like straw
    blown by the wind.
Sinners won’t have an excuse
    on the day of judgment,
    and they won’t have a place
    with the people of God.
The Lord protects everyone
    who follows him,
    but the wicked follow a road
    that leads to ruin.

Spirits of the Departed

  1. Spirits among Us

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

You are ignorant of the original life of God’s creation. You are unable to speak with confidence in the presence of the Creator, the spirits in heaven and all things on earth. Yet even at this hour, God and some spirits in heaven and on earth are helping you. (8:43, November 1, 1959)

At the peak of your spirituality, if you resolve and act upon your resolution for God, good spirits will descend from the spirit world and assist you. However, if your spiritual level drops, those spirits that had been assisting you will begin to leave, one by one. As they depart they are sorrowful, mournfully thinking that they might never again descend to the earth and assist earthly people. Indeed, once they leave you, it is hard for them to return. Act, therefore, to increase the number of spirits who can assist you. Then your work will make smooth and rapid progress, and heavenly fortune will be with you. (161:273-74, February 26, 1987)

Spirit people cannot come here and work just as they wish; their way is blocked. Only a few particular spirits can return to earth, unless earthly people through their religious life build a bridge enabling more to cross. (102:29, November 19, 1978)

When our ancestors entered the spirit world, they were judged guilty. Unable to make progress in the spirit world, they should again descend to earth and make restitution. It would be better for you not to follow the same path. (146:224, July 1, 1986)

In the past, a person who prayed and made numerous conditions of devotion could meet the deceased founder of his religion for a short time, but then they had to separate, because the religious leader had to return to the spirit world. However, now is the time when all spirits can descend to earth, to people of their respective religions. (161:199-200, February 3, 1987

How Is it Determined Whether we Shall Go to Heaven or Hell?

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Hebrews 13

11 After the high priest offers the blood of animals as a sin offering, the bodies of those animals are burned outside the camp. 12 Jesus himself suffered outside the city gate, so that his blood would make people holy. 13 That’s why we should go outside the camp to Jesus and share in his disgrace. 14 On this earth we don’t have a city that lasts forever, but we are waiting for such a city.

15 Our sacrifice is to keep offering praise to God in the name of Jesus. 16 But don’t forget to help others and to share your possessions with them. This too is like offering a sacrifice that pleases God.

Psalm 20

20 I pray that the Lord
will listen
when you
    are in trouble,
    and that the God of Jacob
    will keep you safe.
May the Lord send help
    from his temple
    and come to your rescue
    from Mount Zion.
May he remember your gifts
    and be pleased
    with what you bring.

May God do what you want most
    and let all go well for you.
Then you will win victories,
    and we will celebrate,
    while raising our banners
    in the name of our God.
May the Lord answer
    all of your prayers!

The Judgement

2. The Sorting, for Heaven or Hell

Teachings of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon

How is it determined whether we shall go to heaven or hell? It doesn’t matter how religious we are. The answer is simple: if we lived mainly for ourselves, we shall go to hell. On the other hand, if on the balance, even by just one percent, our life was mainly dedicated for a public purpose, we shall overcome hell and arrive in heaven. (75:330, January 16, 1975)

Is the standard of a person’s conscience able to receive the heart of Heaven one hundred percent? No, it is not that way at all. In fact, the conscience of a fallen person is oppressed by so many restrictions. Nevertheless, at the entrance to heaven, our hoped-for destination, stands a gate of judgment. (4:269, August 8, 1958)
It is a gate that only those who lived for the sake of others can pass through. There are guards at the gate. Please understand well that whatever I ask of you is to enable you to pass through that gate. (203:193, June 24, 1990)
Heaven is a vast world, and it consists of three levels. Who will go to the highest level? It is those who most lived for others. It is the law there. If you lived for others, then wherever you go, people will welcome you.
     However, for those who lived for themselves, the opposite scene will unfold. No matter where a self-centered person goes, the people will drive him out, saying “Huh! We don’t like your kind of people.” Everyone will reject a person who lived for himself, and everyone will welcome someone who lived for others. That is for sure.
     You should know clearly whether you are on the path to heaven or to hell. This is not my casual viewpoint. I know the spirit world. People lead all manner of lives on earth, but no one can avoid death. Those who lived for themselves will go to hell, and those who lived for others will go to heaven. At death people are sorted into these two worlds. (203:100-01, June 17, 1990

This Perishable Nature Must Put on the Imperishable

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Luke 11

52 You teachers of the Law of Moses are really in for trouble! You carry the keys to the door of knowledge about God. But you never go in, and you keep others from going in.

Psalm 41

You always heal them
and restore their strength
    when they are sick.

The Passage Beyond

At the moment of death, the passage into the next life is a nearly impenetrable mystery. published accounts of near-death experiences by people who have been resuscitated from clinical death may give a clue. they report passing through a tunnel into another world, meeting a being of light, and feeling great warmth and accepting love. While these people did not, by definition, die, they may have experienced the first stage of the passage. Who can know how it ends?
     What can be known with some certainty is that there is survival after death. in fact, many people who die do not at first realize that they are dead, as they continue to experience themselves as conscious, sentient beings.
     Physical death is but a transition to a higher stage of existence. it is the putting on of a new body, like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Father Moon calls it a second birth, by analogy to the birth of an infant who must leave the comfortable world of the womb. as the womb nourished the fetus until birth, when it is destroyed and the baby leaves it for life on the earth, the physical body nourishes the soul until death, when it expires and the soul departs for life in the spirit world. hence there are three stages of life: in the water-world of the womb, in the air-world of earthly existence, and in the spirit world where we breathe an atmosphere of love.
     Therefore, death is not something to be feared. on the other side it is celebrated as the soul’s birthday. the chief issue is whether we have adequately prepared our soul with the spiritual faculties to exist comfortably in that world. there, nothing matters but one’s ability to love.

  1. The Second Birth

1. The Second Birth
For this perishable nature must put on the imper-
ishable, and this mortal nature must put on
immortality. When the perishable puts on the
imperishable, and the mortal puts on immortality,
then shall come to pass the saying that is written:
“Death is swallowed up in victory.”
“O death, where is thy victory?
O death, where is thy sting?”
1 Corinthians 15.53-55


One who identifies himself with his soul regards
bodily transmigration of his soul at death fear-
lessly, like changing one cloth for another.
Pujyapada, Samadhishataka 77 (Jainism)

Look upon life as a swelling tumor, a protruding
goiter, and upon death as the draining of a sore
or the bursting of a boil.
Chuang Tzu 6 (Taoism)

Have you seen the seed which you emit?
Is it you who create it, or are We the Creator?
We have decreed death to be your common lot,
and We are not to be frustrated from changing
your forms
and creating you again in forms that you know
And you certainly know already the first form
of creation:
Why then do you not celebrate His praises?
Qur’an 56.58-62

There is birth, there is death, there is issuing
forth, there is entering in. That through which
one passes in and out without seeing its form—
that is the Portal of God.
Chuang Tzu 23 (Taoism)

The world beyond is as different from this world
as this world is different from that of the child
while still in the womb of its mother. When the
soul attains the Presence of God, it will assume
the form that best befits its immortality and is
worthy of its celestial habitation.
Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh 81
(Baha’i Faith)

The silver cord is snapped, or the golden bowl
is broken, or the pitcher is broken at the foun-
tain, or the wheel broken at the cistern, and the
dust returns to the earth as it was, and the spirit
returns to God who gave it.
Ecclesiastes 12.6-7

As a man passes from dream to wakefulness, so
does he pass from this life to the next.
     When a man is about to die, the subtle
body, mounted by the intelligent self, groans—
as a heavily laden cart groans under its burden.
     When his body becomes thin through old
age or disease, the dying man separates himself
from his limbs, even as a mango or a fig or a
banyan fruit separates itself from its stalk, and
by the same way that he came he hastens to his
new abode, and there assumes another body, in
which to begin a new life.
     When his body grows weak and he becomes
apparently unconscious, the dying man gathers
his senses about him and, completely withdrawing
their powers, descends into his heart. No more
does he see form or color without.
     He neither sees, nor smells, nor tastes. He
does not speak, he does not hear. He does not
think, he does not know. For all the organs,
detaching themselves from his physical body,
unite with his subtle body. Then the point of
his heart, where the nerves join, is lighted by
the light of the Self, and by that light he departs
either through the eye, or through the gate of
the skull, or through some other aperture of the
body. When he thus departs, life departs; and
when life departs, all the functions of the vital
principle depart. The Self remains conscious,
and, conscious, the dying man goes to his abode.
The deeds of this life, and the impressions they
leave behind, follow him.
      As a caterpillar, having reached the end of
a blade of grass, takes hold of another blade and
draws itself to it, so the Self, having left behind
it [a body] unconscious, takes hold of another
body and draws himself to it.
     As a goldsmith, taking an old gold
ornament, molds it into another, newer and
more beautiful, so the Self, having given up the
body and left it unconscious, takes on a new and
better form, either that of the Fathers, or that of
the Celestial Singers, or that of the gods, or that
of other beings, heavenly or earthly.
Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 4.3.34-4.4.4 (Hinduism)

Lay Up for Yourself Treasures in Heaven

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Matthew 15

16 And he said, “Are you also still without understanding? 17 Do you not see that whatever goes into the mouth passes into the stomach, and so passes on?18 But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a man. 19 For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, fornication, theft, false witness, slander. 20 These are what defile a man; but to eat with unwashed hands does not defile a man.”

Psalm 7

8 Our Lord, judge the nations!
Judge me
    and show that I
    am honest and innocent.
9 You know every heart and mind,
    and you always do right.
Now make violent people stop,
    but protect all of us
    who obey you.

Preparation for Eternity

2. Store Up Treasures in Heaven

Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth,
where moth and rust consume and where
thieves break in and steal, but lay up for your-
selves treasure in heaven, where neither moth
nor rust consumes and where thieves do not
break in and steal. For where your treasure is,
there will your heart be also.
Matthew 6.19-21

Men who have not led a religious life and have
not laid up treasure in their youth perish like old
herons in a lake without fish.
Men who have not lived a religious life and have
not laid up treasure in their youth lie like worn-
out bows, sighing after the past.
Dhammapada 155-56 (Buddhism)

O shrewd businessman, do only profitable
Deal only in that commodity which shall
accompany you after death.
Adi Granth, Sri Raga, M.1, p. 22 (Sikhism)

Beautified for mankind is love of the joys [that
come] from women and offspring, and stored-
up heaps of gold and silver, and horses branded,
and cattle and land. That is comfort of the life
of the world. God! With Him is a more excel-
lent abode. Say, Shall I inform you of something
better than that? For those who keep from evil,
with their Lord are Gardens underneath which
rivers flow, and pure companions, and content-
ment from God.
Qur’an 3.14-15

Relatives and friends and well-wishers rejoice at
the arrival of a man who had been long absent
and has returned home safely from afar.

Likewise, meritorious deeds will receive the
good person upon his arrival in the next world,
as relatives welcome a dear one on his return.
Dhammapada 219-20 (Buddhism)

Leaving the dead body on the ground like a log
of wood or a clod of earth, the relatives depart
with averted faces; but spiritual merit follows
the soul.
Let him therefore always slowly accumulate
spiritual merit, in order that it may be his
companion after death; for without merit as his
companion he will traverse a gloom difficult to
That companion speedily conducts the man
who is devoted to duty and effaces his sins
by austerities, to the next world, radiant and
clothed with an ethereal body.
Laws of Manu 4.241-243 (Hinduism)

And [Jesus] told them a parable, saying, “The
land of a rich man brought forth plentifully; and
he thought to himself, ‘What shall I do, for I
have nowhere to store my crops?’ And he said,
‘I will do this: I will pull down my barns, and
build larger ones; and there I will store all my
grain and my goods. And I will say to my soul,
Soul, you have ample goods laid up for many
years; take your ease, eat, drink, be merry.’ But
God will say to him, ‘Fool! This night your soul
is required of you; and the things you have pre-
pared, whose will they be?’ So is he who lays
up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward
Luke 12.16-21

I see men of wealth in the world—
acquiring property, from delusion they give not
out of greed a hoard of wealth they make,
and hanker sorely after more sense pleasures…

Heirs carry off his wealth;
but the being goes on according to kamma.
Wealth does not follow him who is dying,
nor child or wife, nor wealth or kingdom.

Long life is not gained by wealth,
nor is old age banished by property.
“For brief is this life,” the wise say,
non-eternal, subject to change.

Rich and poor feel the touch [of death],
fool and wise are touched alike.
But the fool, as though struck down by folly,
prostrate lies,
While the wise, touched by the touch, trembles
Wherefore better than wealth is wisdom
by which one here secures the
Majjhima Nikaya 2.72-73 (Buddhism)