Jesus Forgave the Disciples Who Rejected Him

Amos 2

Israel, the Amorites[c] were there
    when you entered Canaan.
They were tall as cedars
    and strong as oaks.
But I wiped them out—
I destroyed their branches
    and their roots.
10 I had rescued you from Egypt,
and for forty years I had led you
    through the desert.
Then I gave you the land
    of the Amorites.

11 I chose some of you
to be prophets
    and others to be Nazirites.[d]
People of Israel,
you know this is true.
    I, the Lord, have spoken!
12 But you commanded the prophets
    not to speak their message,
and you pressured the Nazirites
    into drinking wine.

Jeremiah 10

But you, Israel’s God,
    created all things,
and you chose Israel
    to be your very own.
Your name is the Lord

Let’s Be the Person Who Has the Heart of Jesus Christ

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
January 26, 1958

What then was God’s won han and sorrow for? Who would be the one who can represent the life of Jesus Christ who had lived on the earth, who can feel the heart of Jesus Christ who had testified to God’s will like his own heart and can inherit Jesus’ will in his place? God wishes to see such a person appear. Similarly, after losing the first chosen people of Israel, Jesus rose from the dead, pushing the grave open three days after his death and unfolding the gospel campaign for the sake of salvation of the second Israel. You should know that the people who were restored in this manner are the Christians scattered all over the world today.

Who are the Christians of the world today? They are the second Israel who is to restore the mistakes of the first Israel, and become the second chosen people.

In the meantime, because this one hope and the will of salvation are left to be fulfilled before these people and before the humanity, Jesus as well as God has unfolded the dispensation to attain the one will for which Jesus prayed on the cross. Now with who is this hope going to stop being a mere hope? You must realize that the stopping point is you who are the second Israel today.

We of today should restore the collapsed Israel that was to appear representing the 4,000-year-old history into a restored Israel, and the Israel that was rejecting Jesus into an Israel that welcomes Jesus. Although the Israel that proscribed Jesus who had represented God’s Shim Jung has collapsed, only when we who are the second Israel today can undo the ill feeling derived from the unjust treatment in place of God, will we be able to receive the returning Lord. Heaven is demanding this.

What then would be the greatest request directed to the faithful believers in the final days? Who would be the person that can receive the returning Messiah? It will be the son or daughter who feels and experiences the internal conditions of that throbbing heart of Jesus who bore fretful a Shim Jung. Only when such sons and daughters come into being on this earth can Jesus Christ’s han be resolved and God’s grief and resentment liquidated. Only then, you should realize, can humankind receive a single day of bliss.

Although Jesus regained the single day of resurrection, and he met, even after the resurrection, with the disciples who had proscribed, he did not rejoice. Even when Mary Magdalene, after the resurrection, tried to grab Jesus as she met him, he told her not to do so.

Though it was one blissful day, and one joyful moment, because they were ignorant of that background fact of historical sadness linked together, they were not able to establish one condition of bliss before Jesus for him. By understanding this, and by transcending Mary’s Shim Jung who tried to grab Jesus after the resurrection, you should fathom Jesus’ internal Shim Jung and see through his heart. By doing so, you should cultivate the qualification of being a victor who, after developing the qualification of being one central character, takes Heaven and earth upon his shoulder. You should become the people who possess God’s Shim Jung and Jesus Christ’s Shim Jung, which can tread upon any kind of Satan in the human world and step forward before Heaven.

Since Jesus offered the sacrifice of blood to fulfill the mandate of Abel’s blood in history, what will we have to do after that? Without putting an end to the fact that Jesus shed blood, by repossessing our minds and bodies as the blood of God’s living beings, we must become the qualified people having the heavenly Shim Jung that can work through that blood.

You should understand Jesus’ Shim Jung which bore the forgiving heart again, upon being faced with those who had proscribed. You should understand the Shim Jung that, when the disciples who had come forth with a determination to pin the faith upon each other’s sleeve and to go the road of life and death, being unified whether to die or to live, came forward proscribing him, treated them with a magnanimity right then and there and forgave them, rather than cursing, even if he himself had to go through the hill of death instead. You also should be able to feel Jesus’ Shim Jung who, rather than ascending to Heaven directly in solitude with a heart of bliss after resurrecting, leaving behind all the disciples who proscribed him, came to see the disciples who had rejected him.

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