Jesus Forgave the Disciples Who Rejected Him

Amos 2

Israel, the Amorites[c] were there
    when you entered Canaan.
They were tall as cedars
    and strong as oaks.
But I wiped them out—
I destroyed their branches
    and their roots.
10 I had rescued you from Egypt,
and for forty years I had led you
    through the desert.
Then I gave you the land
    of the Amorites.

11 I chose some of you
to be prophets
    and others to be Nazirites.[d]
People of Israel,
you know this is true.
    I, the Lord, have spoken!
12 But you commanded the prophets
    not to speak their message,
and you pressured the Nazirites
    into drinking wine.

Jeremiah 10

But you, Israel’s God,
    created all things,
and you chose Israel
    to be your very own.
Your name is the Lord

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