It is Most Important to Attend Jesus and His Representative on Earth

CSG 381

People like butterflies rather than
bees. It is because butterflies dance as
they fly. Everything that flies does so in
rhythm with a beat and with a melody.
Fast-flying creatures fly in time with a
beat; so do slow-flying ones. There are
various styles of flight, but, anyway,
everything flies according to a certain
rhythm. Also, the way deer run and
rabbits play in the mountains is musi-
cal. The way they hop around has a cer-
tain rhythm, and the way they eat also
has a musical quality. It is the same with
people; there is a certain rhythm when
we eat. These all express something
musically. If we think in this way – that
someone made this universe for me to
last for eternity and put it in place for
me – we should feel grateful to Him. We
should not think as an onlooker, as if
this were something to do with someone
in a neighboring village. There are high
mountains and low mountains. Do you
like there being high mountains with
low-lying land, or do you like only plain
and flat land? Having high and low is
better. Why is this so? It is because these
shapes assume a certain form that looks
as if it would dance. It is good when
these are in forms of all kinds and col-
ors, going up and going down, forming
all kinds of curves. Then, this creation is
Book 3 • True Love 382
like a dance. In nature, there are splen-
did dances and beautiful music; there is
wonderful artwork. So many such things
exist in nature. (87-321, 1976.6.27)

Ecclesiastes 5

 Don’t be surprised if the poor of your country are abused, and injustice takes the place of justice. After all, the lower officials must do what the higher ones order them to do. And since the king is the highest official, he benefits most from the taxes paid on the land.[d]

The Whole Universe is Searching for the One Day of Love
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
February 16, 1958

If Jesus comes again to this earth, who will he come as and where will he come? Jesus cannot immediately come to the fallen human world. Because he has to go through the course of restoration, he has to pass through the stages of Noah’s family and Adam’s family. In the environment of the people of faith today is the course of the historical fate to take charge of the situation of Jesus and move forward to the world level. However, the people of faith today are ignorant of this. If they are not aware of this, then no matter how much they believe in Jesus, there is no way for them to receive him.

The returning Lord comes as the master of the world. However, the returning Lord needs first a family, a tribe, a people and a nation centered on Heaven. Only then can he become the master of the world. This is the basic principle.

If Christianity today wants to represent the ideology of the Lord who is trying to restore the world, it must first think whether there is a family of God centered on Jesus that can become a foundation on the world level. If the heavenly tribe and heavenly religion are not prepared centering on Jesus and the transcendent foundation on the world level is not firmly laid, then who can say that he will not become the Jesus of sorrow when he comes again to this earth? You must never forget that historical fact is testifying to this.

The fortune of Heaven and earth is passing through you, whether you are aware of it, whether the people are aware of it, and whether the nation declines or prospers. All kinds of vicissitudes are passing through you.

What was the will of God, who has been working throughout the course of the 2,000-year history since Jesus? The will of God was to set up the one center through Jesus that could represent the whole heavenly ideology and materialize true love on earth. However, because that will was not fulfilled when Jesus died on the cross, the mission to fulfill that will remains with people on earth.

What must you do now? We must appeal to Heaven that since we have lost Jesus, Heaven must send the true person that belongs to the side of Heaven, the true leader who can possess all true things.

Because Jesus who came as the second Adam was killed, human beings again need the Lord who comes with the words that are hidden inside God’s heart, the Lord who comes to construct the kingdom of Heaven with the character of the kingdom of Heaven, the Lord who comes with the qualifications to rule over all things. This is the hope of humanity.

Now we must learn to be dignified before God, who is working His dispensation through the people He raises; otherwise, even if Jesus comes to this earth again, we cannot meet him. Next, you must remember that when Jesus came to the earth, those who were supposed to attend him caused his death and lapsed into the position of having fallen for the second time. They abandoned God, the Kingdom of Heaven, being true people, and they abandoned the whole universe. Therefore, you must always believe in the Lord and attend him. The Things Which the Leading Actors of the New Age Must Do

What must faithful believers do today? The most important thing is to build the Kingdom of Heaven through the love of Jesus. Where does the Kingdom of Heaven begin? It begins from understanding the love and character of Jesus and understanding the realm of dominion over all things in which Jesus can govern. Those who are ignorant of the love and character of Jesus and the realm of dominion over all things will not be able to find God.

When we look back at the 2,000-year history since Jesus, we can see that many Christian believers have carried on the movement to find God again. Therefore, the Roman Empire, which had severely persecuted Christianity, finally recognized it publicly. By eventually building the Vatican in Rome, their politics revolved around the Vatican, and in the end they formed feudal society.

However, during the Middle Ages, the Vatican became corrupt, and humanist thought infiltrated Christianity. After the Middle Ages, Christians lost God. In other words, many people were lost to humanist thought. Through the Enlightenment, historical materialism was born.

This is based on the philosophical thought of rationalism and empiricism, which emphasize human reason. Therefore, because of the trend of capitalist thought and historical materialism, the world has deteriorated into a place where materialism, which stresses the value of materials, is flourishing.

Jesus shouldered the mission to unite the whole dispensation on behalf of the will of Heaven. He came to this earth as the second Adam. Because our ancestors ostracized Jesus, we cannot escape the course of the history of sin. Therefore, we could not find God, true humanity and true material things. Accordingly, no matter how hard we struggle to find the true person, we cannot.


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