We enter Heaven Only as Couples and Families

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CSG 673

In the Unification Church, we nev-
er think that you can receive salva-
tion as an individual. We do not go to
heaven as individuals. Nobody can go
alone. That’s the rule. From the Gar-
den of Eden, Adam and Eve were to go
to heaven together. Were the husband
and the wife to go there alone? Couples
and families not united cannot go there.
That being the ideal, what kind of heav-
en would it be, if the father went to hell
and the mother to heaven? We must go
to heaven as couples, families, clans, and
entire nations. (50-61, 1971.10.30)

Isaiah 23

Its people have spread
    to distant lands;
its merchants were kings
    honored all over the world.
Who planned to destroy Tyre?
The Lord All-Powerful planned it
    to bring shame and disgrace
to those
who are honored
    by everyone on earth.

Richard:  I just got an image in my mind as I was watching a slide show of the massive flood damage in Houston Texas.  This is the very city where the lesbian mayor demanded that pastors give copies of their sermons to check for forbidden anti-homosexual content.  And now it has been hit be a literal flood judgement.  I pray for all those who lost their lives or have been displaced and lost their belongings. Continue reading “We enter Heaven Only as Couples and Families”

Defeat the Evil Spirit Controlling Your Body

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CSG 2102 

Previously, I said that we were to
go over the watershed, didn’t I? On my
seventieth birthday, outside spiritual-
ists came dancing and said, “Now Rev.
Moon has crossed the thirty-eighth par-
allel.” They are saying that I have crossed
the threshold. Now the world of happi-
ness is coming. This is how we should
overcome the 1990s. After having passed
over this, the Unification Church will be
able to make swift and unbridled prog-
ress. Now, on this, my seventieth birth-
day, we must indemnify seven thousand
years and the number seven, and must
pass into the age of the number eight.
Number eight is the number of libera-
tion and making a new start, is it not?
This is why America has declared the
collapse of communism and so forth.
Everything is completed. This is quite
curious. This happened on the seventh
and eighth after we had finished our
event. (199-96, 1990.2.15)

CSG 1263

The Fall occurred through the wrong-
ful marriage in the Garden of Eden.
Now the time has come for True Par-
ents to overturn this by marrying peo-
ple in the right way. The True Parents
will solve the trouble caused by the Fall.
Through them, hell can be eliminated
and the millions and billions of ances-
tors in the spirit world can be blessed in
holy matrimony. Through the founda-
tion of the families of descendants on
earth, centering on true love, they and
their ancestors in the spirit world can
unite into one vertically. Through these
family foundations, East and West will
be connected.
All of you should inherit a new lin-
eage. In order for that to be possible,
the Messiah comes as the father. He,
together with Eve, should restore this
new lineage through indemnity on the
victorious individual foundation that
transcends the world level where Satan
cannot intervene. Only when he has
accomplished this can humankind be
engrafted horizontally, centering on
the True Parents’ family and their true
spousal relationship. That is the reason
for having the Blessing Ceremony in
the Unification Church. The Unifica-
tion Church is unique. Where did the
lineage of the Unification Church orig-
inate? It originated from God. That is
why we dare the satanic world to oppose
us. When they oppose us, they will have
to pay compensation for damages. (169-37,

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God’s Will is Going to be Accomplished

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CSG 1827

What kind of age will the future be?
Why would you want to spend hours on
a plane? Instead, we will build a massive
steel column in the middle of the Pacific
Ocean and build a hotel. How diverse are
the functions of a helicopter? You can fly
anywhere you like with a press of a but-
ton. Yet, flying becomes boring, even
after three hours. So, we will fly for one
or two hours and then stay in a marine
hotel. It will be fantastic! We will build a
hotel on the Pacific Ocean. Then, it will
take only a few hours to get there, and
you can have lunch or go on a boat with
your family, or even go fishing. What a
wonderful life! (203-57, 1990.6.14)

Jeremiah 11

Some people plotted to kill me.
And like a lamb
    being led to the butcher,
I knew nothing
    about their plans.
19 But then the Lord told me
    that they had planned
to chop me down like a tree—
    fruit and all—
so that no one would ever
    remember me again.
20 I prayed, “Lord All-Powerful,
you always do what is right,
    and you know every thought.
So I trust you to help me
    and to take revenge.”

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Find the Spiritual Flame

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CSG 560

What is the pride of our Unification
Church? First is true love and second
is True Parents. These terms are found
only in the Unification Church, not in
the dictionary. Third is true children
and fourth is true tribe. These relate to
our four main goals. (203-103, 1990.6.17)

Jeremiah 5

The people have rebelled
and rejected the Lord
    too many times.
So enemies will attack
like lions from the forest
    or wolves from the desert.
Those enemies will watch
    the towns of Judah,
and like leopards
they will tear to pieces
    whoever goes outside.

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You Will Ultimately Succumb to Your Mind When You Die

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CSG 2291-2292

Your hope lies nowhere other than
in becoming the True Parents’ sons and
daughters of true filial piety. The True
Parents will become the king and queen
of all kings and queens under heaven.
Hence, this is the place where the cen-
ters of all hope – past, present and future
– can be brought to fruition. (46-167,
From the perspective of the Prin-
ciple, all forms of creation are to be
brought under dominion on the foun-
dation where true parental love has been
fulfilled; the most important question
therefore is whether you have definitely
fulfilled that love. (67-148, 1973.6.1)
For adopted children to advance to
the position of begotten children, the
jealousy the archangel felt at the time
of Adam and Eve must be indemnified.
To do this, spiritual children should
value and love the physical children of
their spiritual parents more than their
own lives. Next, they should restore
the satanic world. These are essential
points. What this means is that you can-
not enter unless you have loved my chil-
dren. Ask yourselves whether you loved
them from the time they were in the
womb. Have you loved me, God’s will
and the children of my body even more
than yourselves? The question is wheth-
er you loved them more than yourselves.
Jesus asked, “Did you love me more than
your own sons and daughters, your fam-
ily?” If you have not done so, you cannot
proceed, and should indemnify this fail-
ure for three years starting now. (127-128,

CSG 1184

The course of restoration must go
through eight stages, restoring the indi-
vidual, family, tribe, people, nation,
world and heaven and earth, and restor-
ing the love of God. But, this cannot be
accomplished all at once. Had Adam and
Eve not fallen, they would have naturally
perfected themselves, but because they
fell to the level of servant of servants at
the beginning of history, we cannot be
raised up through all the stages at once.
Thus, in the process of pioneering each
stage, continuous indemnity condi-
tions were absolutely necessary for each
course. By setting up these conditions,
we can separate from Satan. Because of
Satan, indemnity conditions are neces-
sary; if Satan did not exist, indemnity
conditions would not be required. (161-204,

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A Worldwide Christian Movement Must Emerge to Establish God’s Kingdom on Earth

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Daniel 11

18 Afterwards, this proud king of the north will invade and conquer many of the nations along the coast, but a military leader will defeat him and make him lose his pride. 19 He will retreat to his fortresses in his own country, but on the way he will be defeated and never again be seen.

2 Chronicles 34

31 After Josiah had finished reading, he stood in the place reserved for the king. He promised in the Lord’s name to faithfully obey the Lordand to follow his laws and teachings that were written in the book. 32 Then he asked the people of Jerusalem and Benjamin to make that same promise and to obey the God their ancestors had worshiped.

Richard:  Our current society, although ostensibly Christian, does not honor God in daily life int the proper way.  Rich and powerful bankers and oligarchs try to lord over the peon masses, so to speak.  Yet President Donald Trump is trying to break this wicked mold, and all holy hell is breaking loose as evil forces on both the left and right try to stop him.  We should pray for and support our President.

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Center Your Soul on God

CSG 2244

Had Adam and Eve matured and
married, they would have been unified
within God’s realm of direct love. Who
is the center here? It is God. When that
happens, human beings become the
bodies of God, who takes on a substan-
tial form. Had Adam and Eve been thus
unified, they would have become God’s
bodies, the parents of humankind, and
the center for God. If God – however
omniscient and omnipotent – were to
start experiencing joy without a partner,
we would call Him crazy.
We human beings are relation-
al beings before the absolute God. We
must become as one body through abso-
lute love. If God, Adam, and Eve had
become as one body, the children born
through Adam and Eve would have been
theirs and God’s simultaneously. If that
had happened, then, as God’s offspring,
they would have established on earth a
family, tribe, people, nation and world.
As there would be no one to sever their
Chapter 1 • God’s True Love Is the Motivating Force for the Creation 2245
relationship based on God’s eternal love,
their nation in itself would have become
the kingdom on earth founded on His
love. (54-64, 1972.3.11)

CSG 1205

In order for the Western Civiliza-
tion to come to Asia, a bridge must be
made. If the archangel makes an offer-
ing, it cannot simply become the pos-
session of God. Since all things were
lost through Eve, he must make the
offering having established unity with
Eve. What belonged to heaven was tak-
en and belongs to Satan, so by the prin-
ciple of restoration through indemnity,
the archangel nation on God’s side must
gather and bring all material things and
then make unity with Eve. It must be
grafted onto Japan, which is the Eve
nation. Why did Japan become an eco-
nomic power in modern times? In the
age of this dispensation, bridges must be
built. Japan will inherit all that belongs
to America. This has been taking place
in the period of 120 years, from the
Meiji Reformation until 1988. Try to
calculate it. This is connected to 1988.
During this 120-year period that ends
next year, Japan is to inherit everything
from America. (166-292, 1987.6.14)

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Truth Involves a Relationship with Jesus

CSG 1778

The devil, Satan, is in the position of
the chief culprit, who drove out the orig-
inal owner, seized his wife and is leading
even their children to their deaths. From
this perspective, is there a way to for-
give the devil, Satan, the enemy of God
and humankind? Ultimately, the devil,
Satan, became the adulterer in front of
love and in front of God. Could God for-
give him, therefore? If He forgave Satan,
it would have led the whole world to
destruction. Thus, can you all think that
you will simply be able to become God’s
sons and daughters as you are? You must
know that God and humanity must con-
tinue the historical path, being unable to
avoid the way of suffering and pain until
we reverse this situation. (53-338, 1972.3.6)

Luke 9

42 While the boy was being brought, the demon attacked him and made him shake all over. Jesus ordered the demon to stop. Then he healed the boy and gave him back to his father. 43 Everyone was amazed at God’s great power.

Richard:  There are many demons acting in today’s world, as actors like George Soros pay people to foment chaos.  Watch my video on George Soros fake race war:  https://youtu.be/yakcmGhAy3k

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Examine Your Relationships with God and Others

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Joshua 19

40-46 Dan was the seventh tribe chosen to receive land, and the region for its clans included the following towns:

Zorah, Eshtaol, Ir-Shemesh,[v] Shaalabbin, Aijalon, Ithlah, Elon, Timnah, Ekron, Eltekeh, Gibbethon, Baalath, Jehud, Azor,[w]Beneberak, Gath-Rimmon, Mejarkon, and Rakkon.

Dan’s tribal land[x] went almost as far as Joppa. 47-48 Its clans received this land and these towns with their surrounding villages.

Joel 1

I am Joel the son of Pethuel.
And this is the message
    the Lord gave to me.
Listen, you leaders

and everyone else

    in the land.
Has anything like this
    ever happened before?
Tell our children!
Let it be told
    to our grandchildren
    and their children too.

Swarm after swarm of locusts[a]
has attacked our crops,
    eating everything in sight.
Sober up, you drunkards!
Cry long and loud;
    your wine supply is gone.

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Build the Ranks of Heaven

I was glad to attend the memorial service for Edward Abendroth yesterday, August 18th.  Edward died suddenly on August 10th when a car ran into him while bicycling.  Let us remember Edward and his family in our prayers, including his wife Aika Becker Abendroth.

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President Trump is Right on Charlottsville, VA protests:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6G92YR0HWNY

George Soros’ Fake Race War:  https://youtu.be/yakcmGhAy3k

CSG 1366

Currently the United Nations has
183 member states. Didn’t I bless 1800
couples? Similarly, in this period of
transition, 180 nations must be turned
around. The numbers 180 and 1800 sig-
nify the completion of the satanic num-
ber. These numbers come from six mul-
tiplied by three and four multiplied
by four. They are the numbers Satan
usurped from God, which is why we as
tribal messiahs were to originally restore
180 families; however, that number can
be reduced to 160 – they are providen-
tially equivalent. In fact, four times four
is the ideal number.
In the Seoul Olympics, 160 nations
participated. The number sixteen is also
involved in North and South Korea join-
ing the United Nations: North Korea, a
suzerain state of Satan, joined the Unit-
ed Nations as the 160th member state,
and South Korea joined as the 161st, sig-
nifying a new beginning. In terms of
indemnification, South Korea is stand-
ing in the lead. (272-284, 1995.10.8)

CSG 1398

Originally, through our achiev-
ing the Blessing of 36 Million Couples,
everything would be made flat. In order
for any water to flow into the sea, it must
reach that level first. What type of water
flowing into the sea flows in the slow-
est? The waters of the great rivers are
the slowest in flowing into the sea. Does
it look like that? It flows in as slowly as
possible because river water wants to be
absorbed completely by seawater, which
is the main body. Everything in nature
moves and continues to exist accord-
ing to the laws of heaven and earth.
Then why would we begin to make fast-
er progress after the completion of the
Blessing of 36 Million Couples? That is
because we have already reached the bot-
tom of the mountain and the terrain has
become flat. Since we have surmount-
ed the peaks of formation and growth,
in terms of the realm of Satan we have
reached the point of surpassing the top
of the growth stage. Isn’t our next goal
360 million couples? That would be the
realm of completion. (288-148, 1997.11.27)

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