God’s Determination

CSG 2116

Section 6. Our Original
Hometown and the Way to Enter
the Kingdom of Heaven
6.1. Hometown is a world of the
original creation
We are at a point of time when we
cannot hope to achieve world peace or
one unified world using human power,
wisdom, culture or anything else. Under
these circumstances, what is the main
problem? I believe that answering the
question as to whether God exists or
not is the most important issue. Once
all humankind clearly understands all
about God’s existence, they will clearly
understand the direction of God’s will.
When they understand this, the world
will become one world, a world of peace
and an ideal world. (56-131, 1972.5.14)

Richard:  It is really necessary to help everyone understand the nature of God and His Purpose and His Will.  We can know this clearly through the Divine Principle and the words of Jesus and Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Proverbs 6:3

My child, suppose you agree
to pay the debt of someone,
    who cannot repay a loan.
Then you are trapped
    by your own words,
    and you are now in the power
    of someone else.
Here is what you should do:
    Go and beg for permission
    to call off the agreement.
Do this before you fall asleep
    or even get sleepy.
Save yourself, just as a deer
or a bird
    tries to escape
    from a hunter.

Let Us Not Weaken Our Determination Toward Heaven

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
February 23, 1958

The laws of the operation of the universe are designed to follow the rules of the heavenly principles. If there is some providence in that operation for the fulfillment of the purpose of the whole, then God also must work through those laws of operation. Humanity must work through those laws of operation too. Now we must set ourselves before these people and think.

Have you ever reflected upon the purpose of the will of God, who is working for these people? Have you ever wondered about the determination of God, who is trying to awaken these people? If you have not, then you have to understand that you will be in the position of blocking the people from being guided to the heavenly principles. If there is some cause for grief in our hearts today, then these people cannot fight on with a united mind centered on the one ideology to tread the path they must travel. You must realize that it is the sorrow of God and humanity that the humanity of the world has not stood united before the heavenly principles.

You must objectively analyze and criticize the position you are in today. Today Heaven is asking us whether we can confidently step forward before the people with the prepared foundation of heart to connect with the heavenly principles. If God has the greatest hope toward human beings, then what would that be? It is fulfilling His determination to realize the will of creation on this earth. Before creating all things in heaven and earth, God made a determination and created all things based upon that determination. Because that determination has not been actualized in the world of creation, God has been suffering through a history of sorrow.

Now we who are aware of this fact must find something even if we must search every corner of this universe. That something is none other than the determination of God. We must find that determination and materialize it on His behalf. By doing so, we alleviate God’s grief and sadness.

Therefore, we must have the determination and make the assertion that we will stand in the course of a great revolution centering on this kind of will. Only then can the sorrow of God be put to rest.

God has been walking the toilsome historical course of letting people learn about the will of His determination, even as we were ignorant of it. We must understand that this is the history of the dispensation until now.

The Savior who represents this determination of God must appear on the earth. He must confront all the forces of evil and obliterate them. Unless some representative who can carry out this mission appears on the earth, the will of God will not be realized. The determination of God and the standard of human hope must one day become linked.

One person was sent as the one central figure whose purpose was to accomplish on earth the will that God sought for the people. God had worked strenuously for 4,000 years. He made that person walk through the path of conflict in all kinds of difficult environments. That person is none other than Jesus, whom we believe is the Savior. Jesus came to restore God’s determination of creation that could not be realized due to the fall of the human ancestors, Adam and Eve. To put it another way, God sent Jesus to this earth to set up a second Adam figure in this sinful human world and to reveal His determination before the whole universe.

For this reason Jesus insisted, “God and I are of one body.” God and Jesus are not two, but one. You have to understand that, based on this, the condition over which God could be glad was set. Jesus had such a firm determination that he could say, “God is my Father. Even if some oppose and block this, no one can seize the core of the determination I have.” In other words, he was prepared to offer his life when making this bold proclamation.

Jesus’ purpose in the last 2,000 years has been to reveal the determination of God to many believers. We who are living on earth today must understand that God has been toiling without rest for 6,000 long years to send Jesus.



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