The Incredible Determination of Jesus

CSG 2179

People of filial piety will think of
their parents first when something good
happens in their lives. In the fallen world
people think of their spouse first when
they see something good. However,
unless you buy something precious for
your parents first, you cannot buy some-
thing for your spouse.

CSG 1282

After the growth stage in the three-
day ceremony, the man is restored to
the upper position. That is why in mak-
ing love on the third occasion, the man
should be in the upper position. After
completing this, the husband and wife
should offer the prayer that they have
become an eternal husband and wife,
and an eternal family that belongs to
God and that is the heir of heaven. Only
then can they truly start their lives as
husband and wife. Only when that is
accomplished, can they boldly walk into
the Kingdom of God as a family com-
pletely restored through indemnity. It
is that difficult to achieve. Therefore, if
you do not know about this, it is impos-
sible for you to be restored. You cannot
be restored if you don’t know this. In the
world today, many churches claim that
they will go to the Kingdom of Heaven if
they believe in Jesus, but this is total non-
sense. They are not going to the King-
dom of Heaven but to paradise. Paradise
is the waiting room. (90-134, 1976.10.21)

Let Us Not Weaken Our Determination Toward Heaven

Sun Myung Moon
February 23, 1958

Abraham won the recognition of Heaven at the very moment he placed Isaac on the altar on the mountain of Moriah and was about to strike him with a knife. Isaac submitted before his father. Abraham also submitted before the Father, so they could head in the direction of the heavenly principles. After that, through Isaac and arriving at the time of Jacob, God was finally able to establish the standard that could substitute for Adam’s family and Noah’s family. Having done so, the seventy people, who were in the form of three generations of relatives, left the land of Canaan and entered Egypt.

On the foundation of achieving the shape of relatives in three forms on this earth through sons and grandsons, they could be sent into the satanic world and could enter Egypt. However, even after having created the environment from the individual level to the levels of family and relatives, they did not travel a smooth path. Those who represented the seventy followers again carried on the fight on the level of a people and stood on the stage of tribulation to form one people centered on God. You probably know that this is the 400-year period of ordeals in the palace of the Pharaoh.

The Israelites, who were chosen during this period of trials, should have felt remorse that their ancestors had held grudges against God and betrayed God’s will in the past. They should have returned to the heart of yearning for God again. The stronger this heart, the easier the way would have been for the Israelites to overcome the severe hardships in Egypt and unite to guide the 600,000 to the blessed land of Canaan.

Therefore, Moses, who was to guide the Israelite people suffering in Egypt, felt a deep concern that no one understood for forty years inside the palace of the Pharaoh. He was burning with the spirit of the people whom he loved. However, striking the Egyptian became the cause of his living a miserable life as a shepherd in the wilderness. Moses abandoned all the magnificent glory of the Egyptian palace. He had the determination that if he were to be confronted with a life of hardship in the land of Midian, he would maintain an unchanging heart and worry for the will of God, rather than love himself.

Moses was unshakably determined to break through the torment of suffering all kinds of ordeals and to cling to God, even if he were chased out by the people. Therefore, when the people experienced difficult situations and Moses entered that environment of affliction, the people could become united. God could work through Moses.

It is the method of God’s dispensation to raise a certain people as a chosen nation by driving people into tribulation on the world level and carrying on offensive tactics. Therefore, the Messiah, who is coming to construct the one nation centered on God, will face opposition before the chosen Israelites. This is the process of restoration.

In Adam’s family, Eve should have followed Adam, yet she struck Adam. Noah’s son, who should have followed Noah, struck Noah. Although the 600,000 Israelites should have followed Moses, they chased Moses out to the Midian wilderness. Because of this kind of historical experience, when Jesus came as the master, the chosen people rebelled against him, though they were in the position of a bride to him.

Jesus, who understood the laws of the heavenly principles, was hounded out by the Israelites and Judaism. Not only was he driven away by his own relatives, he was also driven away by John the Baptist’s group and the apostles who were following him. He was chased away by the three disciples who could not be traded, even for Heaven and earth. Who understood the situation of Jesus, who had to cling to them and guide them to Heaven? As Adam should have overcome any kind of wicked scheme and temptation of Eve from the same position as Jesus, Jesus was also in a position to win back the people. You should understand that in the same way that Moses led a sad life in the wilderness after being chased away by the people, Jesus would even be chased away by the world.

Jesus thought, “Even if the people and the religion betray me, no one will take away my undying devotion toward the Father. With the determination I have made, the betrayal of John the Baptist, the one chosen by Heaven, poses no problem. The betrayal of the disciples who are following me also poses no problem.” Furthermore, because he even had the determination that his body posed no problem, Jesus could not mourn even when his heart was broken. He could not express sorrow even when he felt sad. We have to understand that he had this fate of restoration.

Jesus had one determination toward God and asserted himself as an offering before the universe. He had the type of determination that could not be taken away, even if many millions of people of faith in the spirit world and Satan, who rules over the air today, were to be totally mobilized. This was the historical transition point.

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