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CSG 2164

From this viewpoint, what kind of
stance do you all need to take in meet-
ing this new age? Your conviction for the
dawning of the homeland must be burn-
ing in your chest more passionately than
any other thing. In other words, you have
to feel pride in becoming a flag bearer
who builds the homeland that God has
longed for six thousand years. You have
to take pride in bearing the responsibili-
ty for this incredible pioneering mission
as a member of the crack troops stand-
ing on the front line. Many people in the
past hoped for this mission, but even so,
it was not available to them. You have
to have a very solemn sense of responsi-
bility for having taken on this one-time-
only privileged mission.
So every aspect of your lifestyle, eat-
ing and sleeping, coming and going, has
to be for the establishment of the home-
land. How much do you think God has
been longing for you to step forward
and cheerfully, coolly declare you will
carry out this mission as an emissary
dispatched especially by God Himself?
Up until now, God has been mercilessly
pushed aside, heartlessly chased away.
He needs to establish the will of Heav-
en, the will He has never been able to
unfold, a will that presents its entire con-
tents on the basis of a complete national
foundation, the Will that can establish
the homeland. He has never been able to
fulfill this will even once.

CSG 1187

Alaska, where the ceremony of The
Ceremony of the Settlement of the Eight
Stages was held, is becoming famous. The
last time I came here I said I would build
a church at the North Pole. If the Sovi-
et Communist Party opposes it, I will
take the responsibility. I will build the
Unification Church at the North Pole.
You have to spend your life in order to
build the foundation of blessing for all
people of the world, but before you die,
come to our Church at the North Pole
and offer your devotion for forty days
and then you can die. Think about this.
An ideal city will be created in a world
of icebergs. Then, even though it will be
thousands of miles away, everything can
be supplied by the air. You should try
living like this. It would be a wonderful
thing. With the power of science today,
that would be nothing. We can use pre-
fabricated systems. So we will build an
airfield and try to live there, so what
problem could arise? We are creating
a base in the tourist area of Kodiak…
think about it. It will become a gate-
way unprecedented in history. (193-217,

To Whom Do You Belong?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 16, 1958

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