Jesus’ Love for the Father

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CSG 223

The Bible says that you cannot enter
the Kingdom of Heaven unless you are
like a little child. What does this mean?
Children only have their mother and
father. When they eat, when they sleep,
and at all times, they are with their
mother and father. Even when they grow
up and get married, they cannot forget
about their father and mother. They can
never forget these words.
God is our Father. God the Father is
the vertical father and the True Father
is the horizontal father. Therefore, you
have to learn Mother and Father’s lan-
guage and customs so as to be able to go
to your original hometown, or wherever
you go, and fit into that nation. What do
Parents wish to achieve through paying
all this historical indemnity? They wish
to liberate all people. Why? Because
God’s liberation requires the liberation
of humankind. (225-19, 1992.1.1)

2 Kings 7

About the same time, four men with leprosy[a] were just outside the gate of Samaria. They said to each other, “Why should we sit here, waiting to die? There’s nothing to eat in the city, so we would starve if we went inside. But if we stay out here, we will die for sure. Let’s sneak over to the Syrian army camp and surrender. They might kill us, but they might not.” 5-8 That evening the four men got up and left for the Syrian camp.

As they walked toward the camp, the Lord caused the Syrian troops to hear what sounded like the roar of a huge cavalry. The soldiers said to each other, “Listen! The king of Israel must have hired Hittite and Egyptian troops to attack us. Let’s get out of here!” So they ran out of their camp that night, leaving their tents and horses and donkeys.

When the four men with leprosy reached the edge of the Syrian camp, no one was there. They walked into one of the tents, where they ate and drank, before carrying off clothes, as well as silver and gold. They hid all this, then walked into another tent; they took what they wanted and hid it too.

The Heart of Jesus Who Must Restore All Tasks

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 23, 1958

When Jesus saw that the three disciples failed to stay up with him through the night as he was praying alone in the Garden of Gethsemane, why was he unable to chastise them? It was because he realized the heart of God, who could not chastise or judge, though there had been many people who had opposed Him in the 4,000 years. Similarly, you must experience the heart of Jesus that his disciples could not experience.

When Jesus was being whipped and bearing the cross on his shoulder, he could have held grudges against Heaven. Because he knew that God had been overcoming crises more difficult than his in the 4,000 years of restoration, Jesus could not become resentful. He did not even have room in his mind to think about anything but God.

When he was being nailed to the cross, when the nails pierced his hands and feet, when the crown of thorns was forced on his head and a spear was thrust through his side and extinguished his life, Jesus did not hold any grudge against the faithless people. On the contrary, with an intensely urgent heart, he bowed his head toward Heaven and felt deeply apologetic. This is the reason Jesus could become the Messiah for all humanity.

What did Jesus feel on the cross? Jesus could experience the tormented and sorrowful heart and situation of God over 4,000 years. In that moment, the heart of God and the heart of Jesus became one. Moreover, this oneness of mind and heart with God was fused forever. This is where Jesus stepped over the providential undertaking and the spirits in the spirit world in the formation stage dispensation could produce the resurrection of the growth stage dispensation. This was not simply a revolution on the level of the people; it was a revolution on the level of the universe. In addition, the people on the earth, who had hitherto believed in the Old Testament and had tried to hold fast to rituals and actions, could make a great transformation to conduct based on faith and belief.

Because the mind of God and the mind of Jesus could become one incarnation in the actual world of substance, God could forge a direct relationship with Jesus. Because Jesus could possess the same heart and enter the same situation as God on behalf of the earth, the works of God could have been performed directly centering on human beings. You have to recognize once more the Jesus that came as a substantial human being with this kind of cosmic mission.

Now you must pray with the same heart with which Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane. Although people today deserve to be sacrificed more harshly than Jesus was at Golgotha, if they have done some work for God they pray, “Oh, God, please accept our labors!” If they suffer even the slightest sorrow, they pray, “God, please take charge of my situation and comfort me.” When we see this, we can understand that the heart of God and the heart of human beings are so different in orientation.

There are many people of faith who are in this kind of situation. The same situation existed at the time of Jesus. The disciples, who followed Jesus, thought that Jesus would be satisfied with just them. They thought their wishes were all for which Jesus wished. Israel foolishly thought that the will of God could be realized only through their people. However, this is not how Jesus thought. Jesus’ ideology of restoration was such that after fulfilling the will, he wanted to transcend the people and go beyond the world to reach the eternal world. The twelve disciples who appeared before Jesus wrongly thought that the will of God could be realized only through them. You have to understand that this was the cause of historical misfortune and sorrow.

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