How Jesus’ People Will Triumph in the Last Days

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Numbers 22:2

2-3 When King Balak[a] of Moab and his people heard how many Israelites there were and what they had done to the Amorites, he and the Moabites were terrified and panicked. They said to the Midianite leaders, “That bunch of Israelites will wipe out everything in sight, like a bull eating grass in a field.”

So King Balak sent a message to Balaam son of Beor who lived among his relatives in the town of Pethor near the Euphrates River. It said:

I need your help. A huge group of people has come here from Egypt and settled near my territory. They are too powerful for us to defeat, so would you come and place a curse on them? Maybe then we can run them off. I know that anyone you bless will be successful, but anyone you curse will fail.

Richard:  This brings up the point of working under God’s anointing and Blessing.  All Unification that have not returned to True Father’s authority need to do so now.  All those who seek a successful marriage should follow God’s way and seek the Blessing of Marriage from the Unification Sanctuary pastured by Hyung Jin Moon.  Ultimately, those who are not adhering to God’s way and doing evil will be destroyed by their own evil doing.

Psalm 55

But what about those people
    who are cruel and brutal?
You will throw them down
    into the deepest pit
long before their time.
    I trust you, Lord!

Richard:  God is true and faithful altogether!

What Is God Going to Do with Exiled Humanity?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 30, 1958

The heavenly principles do not intend to destroy the people. Because this is the way history has flowed, in the last days, there must emerge, among these people, the phenomena in which faith and trust are shattered among the people. This is the time when Jesus comes again. Therefore, I am praying to the Father that there will emerge a group from among this people who can be persecuted on behalf of Christianity in line with the way Heaven has been controlling history.

If the doctrine of the world cannot swallow these people, who are being trifled with before the world fortune, then this people will swallow the world. What must it swallow then? It must swallow the doctrines of the earth. If this people can thereby have the magnanimity to digest the heavenly principles that represent Heaven, then they will dominate the world.

Therefore, you who are living in this society now, please do not despair! Do you have the desperate heart which can call out toward Heaven brokenly, “My Heavenly Father!” as you look upon the unbelievable situation of the society? If you do, then you will live.

Although Christianity was mercilessly massacred in Rome, in the end, it swallowed Rome. Although people thought that the proud Roman Empire would swallow Christianity without any hesitation, because Christianity possessed a more powerful three-dimensional force than the empire, it conquered Rome. Whatever it is, if it cannot completely devour and digest its opposition forces, it will be engulfed by a force more powerful than it.

Ladies and gentlemen of today, you have spoken through your own mouths that you have a great mission to fulfill on behalf of the people. You are assured that you will cope with that kind of mission. If this is indeed true, then though you stand in the position of being opposed by the world, you must stand in the position where at least Heaven cannot forsake you. You then will never perish.

No matter which country it entered, Christianity passed through a course of shedding blood for the sake of that country, with this kind of conviction. Accordingly, today we must also possess the same conviction and create the environment in which we can trust each other and live and die together. Therefore, today is the time when we must seek a gathering that has this conviction: that unless God changes, they will never change. Where is this kind of gathering? Where is this kind of church? This is what we must search for.

This kind of church does not exist. Therefore, God has been straining Himself to establish this kind of church on the earth, to find and raise an individual who can form this kind of gathering. However, because this is Satan’s world where the authority of Heaven cannot reach, God has conducted the providence of taking away from individuals. This is none other than the history of Cain and Abel that you have learned in the Principle. Although evil is supposed to strike the good first, in the end, the good suppresses evil and wins the victory. In other words, good has always been hit in the process.

What kind of man was Jesus? He was hit by individuals. He was also struck by the disciples, by the church, by the nation and by the world. However, he did not submit before any of these. He did not submit before an individual, a church, a people, a nation or the world. Thus, you have to understand that, even after passing through the historical and internal circumstances, because he had an unchanging heart of loyalty toward Heaven, Jesus could produce the miracle of resurrection.

We can survive by becoming a people who will not divide, even in many millions of years on behalf of humanity, centering on truth. Therefore, even if we are living in an environment where we do not have trust in each other, we must become people who can offer our lives centering on justice and can cling to the church that represents the heavenly principles and fulfills all obligations of loyalty. You are to manifest this kind of will today.

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