Understand Jesus’ Grieving Heart

Join us for the STAR Interfaith Leadership Training Conference November 24 to 26 in Harpers Ferry, WV.
This conference details the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual benefits of a lifestyle of sexual abstinence before marriage.  Your children under age 19 can attend with you for free!  What a great opportunity to discuss crucial issues with your children!
Informed choice between a lifestyle of sexual abstinence before marriage and one of non-abstinence is a crucial issue for societal stability and personal happiness.
This conference provides a practical and Biblical framework for understanding the benefits of practicing sexual abstinence before marriage and faithfulness within marriage.
Register or find out more:  http://www.urbanlifetraining.org/index.php/281-star-interfaith-leadership-training-conference

CSG 1634

The Divine Principle explanation
set forth by the Unification Church,
that God is the Subject who has harmo-
nized dual characteristics, runs along
the same lines as the undeniable truth
drawn from results of scientific analysis.
When subject and object partners are
completely united, God’s power will be
with them eternally. Power cannot exist
where there is no subject or object. Then
how does God exist? He can exist eter-
nally because within Him is the power
that comes from a perpetual giving and
receiving relationship between subject
and object partners. (39-166, 1971.1.10)

CSG 2083

What are we to do, living in a divided
nation, with North and South bordering
each other along the thirty-eighth paral-
lel? The question is how will we go about
resolving this issue? That is, we must
suffer more than both the North and
South Korean people. Through hard-
ships, our patriotism will be solidified
to encompass the nation and become
the shortcut to save Korea. This is the
solution. It is the same for the unifica-
tion of the world of evil and the world of
good. Loyal patriots who are more faith-
ful than the loyal patriots of the world
of evil must emerge. This broken history
can be restored with the appearance of a
person who can demonstrate a stronger
allegiance to the world than that held by
our loyal ancestors. That’s how I see it.
(61-125, 1972.8.13)

Let Us Become Someone Who Can Hold Jesus’ Body and Mourn

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
April 13, 1958

What kind of person was Jesus? When we behold him, his were the eyes that observed the sung sang of God, who had passed through 4,000 years of history since the creation. His eyes watched over the many spirits who were in hell because of the mistakes of humankind. His were the eyes that looked with a sense of responsibility to alleviate the bitter grief of the spirits in heaven. Moreover, when Jesus was looking at the land on behalf of God’s sorrow, when he saw how the chosen Israelites and all humanity opposed him, Jesus’ gaze represented the sorrow of God, who had been mourning for 4,000 years since the fall of Adam and Eve.

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