Represent Only the Internal Heart of God

Just four days until the STAR Interfaith Leadership Training Conference November 24 to 26 in Harpers Ferry, WV.
This conference details the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual benefits of a lifestyle of sexual abstinence before marriage.  Your children under age 19 can attend with you for free!  What a great opportunity to discuss crucial issues with your children!
Informed choice between a lifestyle of sexual abstinence before marriage and one of non-abstinence is a crucial issue for societal stability and personal happiness.
This conference provides a practical and Biblical framework for understanding the benefits of practicing sexual abstinence before marriage and faithfulness within marriage.
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CSG 1932

Women get married and are tradition-
ally expected to wholeheartedly love and
serve their husbands. By receiving love
from their spouses, and giving birth to
children, women may shine and blos-
som through this dynamic relationship.
As mothers, women have the important
responsibility of nourishing their chil-
dren, bringing them up and educating
them. Likewise, we can say that island
nations also have similar roles to play.

CSG 1474

How great is the value of human-
kind? They are the only beings that God
would long for over tens of thousands
of years, leaning on his walking stick.
According to my observations, this fact
happens to be the basis for the creation
of the universe. Since God and human
beings related to each other as inter-
nal and external, vertical and horizon-
tal perspectives about the world of love
could be established. Both vertical and
horizontal views on the world of love can
come into existence once upper-lower
and left-right relationships are formed.
God can come to reside in the center
of them all. That place, which can bind
them all into one at the deepest core of
the heart, is the central place of the verti-
cal and horizontal. If they are not bound
into one, the standard of the vertical and
horizontal cannot develop into the ideal
form of love. The existence of the vertical
form alone does not guarantee the exis-
tence of the horizontal form. Therefore,
you should understand that God had no
other choice but to create human beings
in this form. (48-224, 1971.9.19)

Let Us Become Someone Who Can Hold Jesus’ Body and Mourn

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
April 13, 1958

This is how the human mind is. Today people are infinitely swayed and confused by the sinful world in which they live. However, by becoming one with the foundation of history and the foundation of the future in your hearts, you must establish the one principle that will never change. Moreover, when your internal standard and the standard of life confront some unfortunate reality, you must be able to overcome it and move forward. By doing so, you must become one with the heavenly works, one with the practical providential will and the providential plan for the future. Moreover, only when you can become a person who is qualified to cope with everything, centering on this, can you finally understand the heart of God.

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