Center on Heaven’s Ideology

Exodus 16

19 Moses told them not to keep any overnight. 20 Some of them disobeyed, but the next morning what they kept was stinking and full of worms, and Moses was angry.

Mark 14

27 Jesus said to his disciples, “All of you will reject me, as the Scriptures say,

‘I will strike down
    the shepherd,
and the sheep
    will be scattered.’

28 But after I am raised to life, I will go ahead of you to Galilee.”

29 Peter spoke up, “Even if all the others reject you, I never will!”

30 Jesus replied, “This very night before a rooster crows twice, you will say three times that you don’t know me.”

Who Will Eliminate the Debt of 6,000 Years?

Sun Myung Moon
April 28, 1958

Who is responsible for the future? It is each of you today. God cannot be responsible. If God had been able to take responsibility, the long period of 6,000 years would not have been necessary. God does not carry out the responsibility and mission fully. We must carry them out today.

For that reason, Jesus came to this earth representing humankind. Centering on the soul and body, he had to liquidate all the debts of 4,000 years of history. There was not to be any debt subject to the ridicule of Satan after the time of Jesus. However, since Jesus died without being able to fulfill the will, many human beings have inherited that debt again as an unpaid burden. As you look back on this, you must realize that Jesus could not lift up his head before God and has built an altar of atonement, praying.

In this kind of situation, no matter how much one cares for oneself and tries to enjoy wealth and honors and revel in peace, he will not be able to feel happy. No matter how much one tries to satisfy himself, he cannot be content. You should know that the billions of faithful believers in Heaven and all humankind on this earth are anxiously longing for the one day when all of them can rejoice together.

Accordingly, each of you must realize that your hands cannot become tired. Behind your hands the blood which was shed in history has left its trace. What is more, even if your body may feel quick with life, you must know that this body is blotted with demerits and has been repeatedly torn. You should not just feel happy because there is something to feel happy about personally. Instead, you must know that your happiness was generated by the merit of the historical sacrifices made. On top of that, you must substantially feel that the tears and blood which Heaven shed, in the course of sacrifice, could fill the valley of this land. It all came into being because of you.

If we cannot alleviate the grief which overshadowed Jesus’ life, who then will be responsible for the historical sadness that pierces the depth of God’s heart? The more humans pursue the way of truth, the more awe-stricken they feel before Heaven. Because we are in a position where each has to pay off the debt individually, you must give for the sake of the individual. Furthermore, you should be able to give for the sake of Heaven. Such a course is left to you.

Accordingly, you will now feel your mind pointing you in a direction to expand further and further. The human who restrains such a mind and tries to move and live for his own sake or solely for the sake of his own family will not be forgiven. The person who moves forth, putting his own nation first, will also be struck down. That same result will apply in the case of the state. Therefore, the direction we have to take today is to become individuals who center on Heaven’s ideology and expand to the level of the family and the state, and even to the level of the world. Therefore, you must now live beyond your own level as an individual, for the sake of the tribe, the people, the state and the world. Going further, you must live for the sake of the resentment which has festered during the history of the 6,000 years. Heaven seeks this kind of individual, family, nation and state.

What is the reason? God, Who created the whole of Heaven, earth and all things, is the leading character who has to govern the whole of Heaven and earth. He is not a being who merely controls one province. For that reason, to become God’s sons and daughters who can call God their Father, you should at least give a thought to the world God is pursuing. You can make a connection with God only when you do that.

The many doctrines and thought systems up to this point are going through transitions. Once a united ideology is formed on the earth, this must build into a form of cosmic thought that can unite with God, the original being of the universe. This remains as the inevitable historical unifying point.

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