You Can Be Compared to Exhibits in a Museum

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Exodus 7

8-9 The Lord said, “Moses, when the king [a] asks you and Aaron to perform a miracle, command Aaron to throw his walking stick down in front of the king, and it will turn into a snake.”

10 Moses and Aaron went to the king and his officials and did exactly as the Lord had commanded—Aaron threw the stick down, and it turned into a snake. 11 Then the king called in the wise men and the magicians, who used their secret powers to do the same thing— 12 they threw down sticks that turned into snakes. But Aaron’s snake swallowed theirs. 13 The king behaved just as the Lord had said and stubbornly refused to listen.

Richard: This is exactly the same Rheama as two days ago. The King (Pharoah) represents the side of evil, the current “ruling elite”, represented by Joe Biden and the deep state. They are very cunning, but President Trump, representing the side of God and goodness, will prevail. God wants to emphasize this. That is why I received the exact same Bible Rheama two times in a row.

Isaiah 49

Now the Lord says to me,
“It isn’t enough for you
    to be merely my servant.
You must do more than lead back
from the tribes
    of Israel.
I have placed you here as a light
    for other nations;
you must take my saving power
    to everyone on earth.”

Richard: Amen and Aju!

Inherited Sin and Karma

1. The Legacy of Past Deeds

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Our ancestors, through the ages of history, all died after living a hundred years or less. If they thought and worked for the sake of the whole, for the benefit of the whole, what they did remains even after a thousand years. Yet most of them did not. They lived centered on themselves, and everything they did perished with them. Having fallen and committed sins continually, they created problems destructive to the whole. (200:91, February 24, 1990)
Human beings throughout history have committed innumerable sins. First there was the Original Sin committed by Adam and Eve… it is like the root. Even that root is of various kinds: a central taproot and peripheral roots. From that root has grown a trunk; it started small with but a few branches but now it has grown and sprouted tens of thousands of branches, all tangled with each other. The overall amount of accumulated human sin is so huge. How can it be forgiven? Yet this huge mass of sin is connected to each one of you. (258:84-85, March 17, 1994)
Who do we resemble, that we should look and act the way we do? Each person takes after his or her parents. Then, who do our parents resemble, that they should look and act as they do? They take after the grandparents. If we keep going back through the generations, we will eventually come to humanity’s first ancestors. We are the way we are, because of what humanity’s first ancestors were like. Who, then, did the first ancestors resemble that they became the way they were? This is the question.
    You naturally resemble your mother and father. If a person doesn’t resemble his parents, then there must be a trait somewhere a few generations back that was hidden until it made its appearance, according to the laws of genetics. Traits do not just appear without any connection or source.
    You may think that you are in control of the way you develop, but the fact is that thousands of generations of ancestors already came before you… So you can be compared to exhibits in a museum, where all the physical traits, qualities and values of your ancestors over thousands of generations are gathered in one place. They are the source of your appearance, personality and values. You are like exhibits put out by your ancestors, who are saying, “Look! This is our descendant.” Have you ever thought of it this way? Each of you is unique in the world. No matter how many men and women there may be under heaven, each of you was born a unique overall representation and fruit of your ancestors. (41:139, February 14, 1971)
You all have different ancestries. They took various paths and lived in various circumstances. Some were evil; others were good; they are all intermingled in your family tree. You are their fruits. Because of your varied backgrounds, you stand in different positions, with different merits. God is just and fair. But since each individual has a different background, can God really say, “All people are absolutely equal”? Is that a correct concept?
    It would have been different had there been no Fall. It would have been different if our lineages had all proceeded within the realm of God’s love. Certainly, we are all destined to find God’s love. However, since every fallen human being has to travel along a uniquely different life course in his or her quest to reach the ideal, we cannot expect to find equality among us.
    For the same reason, we can understand that people are bound for various destinations in the spirit world: heaven, hell, or the thousands of different levels in between. They are situated according to the accumulated good or evil of their own lives added to that of their particular ancestral line. (91:269-70, February 27, 1977)

Adam and Eve’s Family Had No Relationship to God

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Exodus 7

The Lord said, “Moses, when the king [a] asks you and Aaron to perform a miracle, command Aaron to throw his walking stick down in front of the king, and it will turn into a snake.”

10 Moses and Aaron went to the king and his officials and did exactly as the Lord had commanded—Aaron threw the stick down, and it turned into a snake. 11 Then the king called in the wise men and the magicians, who used their secret powers to do the same thing— 12 they threw down sticks that turned into snakes. But Aaron’s snake swallowed theirs. 13 The king behaved just as the Lord had said and stubbornly refused to listen.

a.  the king: The Hebrew text has “Pharaoh,” a Hebrew word sometimes used for the title of the king of Egypt.]

Richard: This is about Pharaoh. The modern day Pharoah is represented by Joe Biden. He has used cunning methods to attempt to gain power, but he will not succeed.

1 Chronicles 3

David’s other wives also gave birth to sons. Tamar was his daughter.


2. The Pervasiveness of Sin

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Is there anyone in the world whose righteousness is complete and perfect for all eternity? Who can be proud of his or her justice before heaven and earth? No such person exists. Is there anyone who, after finding a religion, has attained a self that will never deviate from the eternal way? You cannot confidently answer Yes. No one has such integrity that he or she can be eternally and inseparably united with Heaven’s principles. (4:135, March 30, 1958)
God is good; therefore human beings should naturally be good. However, we are people with many complications and impurities; we are unable to be good. Thus, there is a large gap between the God of goodness and us humans. When mud or grease sticks to your clean clothes, you want to immedi-ately wash it out or even cut it off, because you hate to see it. God feels the same way when He sees these dirty humans clinging to the hem of His garment. You do not need to know the Bible to realize that we humans are stained. (92:58, March 13, 1977)
Due to the fall, the relationship between God and humankind was completely severed. No matter how people try to return to God, they cannot. Likewise, God cannot relate with us—the gap is so wide.
    We are penned in behind a wall, confined behind a boundary line. What is that wall? It prevents us from approaching God, our Parent, to attend Him. It blocks even God from doing what He would want to do. That wall is a serious problem for religious people.
    That wall also separates each individual’s mind and body. That wall, with various historical contents, comes between husband and wife. That wall divides families, tribes, peoples, nations, and the whole world. It divides the spirit world from physical world. It stands between heaven and hell. Even if God dwells in heaven on His glorious throne, unless that wall is removed, people on earth can never surmount the walls that surround them on every side. This is the tragedy of human life on earth. (135:268, December 15, 1985)
The Fall meant that Adam and Eve, who should have become one with each other centering on God, instead became one with the archangel Lucifer, who was a mere servant of God. Instead of inheriting God’s lineage, human beings inherited the servant’s bloodline. Therefore, no matter how much fallen people call God “my Father,” they do not feel it as true to life. (91:242, February 23, 1977)
The family created by the relationship between fallen Adam and Eve had no relationship to God. That family became the root of God’s deep sorrow, and the base through which the enemy Satan could claim his rights and exercise his authority over humanity. One man and one woman caused the Fall, but its effect was not limited to that couple only. It extends throughout the cosmos and holds sway throughout all of human history. (46:196, August 15, 1971)
We human beings are still slaves to the fallen nature that we inherited from our first ancestors, Adam and Eve. We have not escaped that yoke. This is evidenced by the confessions of saints and sages. Although they spent their entire lives in fasting and abstinence and unceasingly pursued paths of incredible suffering, they invariably confess that they could not root out the desires of the flesh before they had to leave this world. Their confessions remain as pitiful cries to their disciples who still insist on following in their footsteps. (May 1, 2004)

If You Deviate from the Will of God, then Satan Will Accuse You

March for Trump: December 12th, 2020-Washington DC

Sample Letters to send to WV Congressmen re Election Fraud are here.

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Exodus 15

19 The Lord covered the royal Egyptian cavalry and chariots with the sea, after the Israelites had walked safely through on dry ground. 20 Miriam the sister of Aaron was a prophet. So she took her tambourine and led the other women out to play their tambourines and to dance. 21 Then she sang to them:

“Sing praises to the Lord
    for his great victory!
He has thrown the horses
and their riders into the sea.”

2 Kings 12

But the priests never started repairing the temple. So in the twenty-third year of his rule, Joash called for Jehoiada and the other priests and said, “Why aren’t you using the money to repair the temple? Don’t take any more money for yourselves. It is only to be used to pay for the repairs.” The priests agreed that they would not collect any more money or be in charge of the temple repairs.
Richard: Misuse of public funds is a serious crime.

The Devil and His Activities

3. Satan the Accuser

When a man sins, he draws to himself numbers of evil spirits and emissaries of punishment, before whom he shrinks back in fear. Solomon was conversant with the mysteries of wisdom, and God set upon his head the crown of royalty, and the whole world feared him. When, how-ever, he sinned, he drew to himself multitudes of evil and punitive spirits, of whom he was much frightened, so that they could maltreat him and take away his precious possessions. In truth, a man by his actions is always drawing to himself some emissary from the other world, good or evil according to the path which he treads.
Zohar 1.53b (Judaism)

Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the lord, and Satan also came among them. The lordsaid to Satan, “Whence have you come?” Satan answered the lord, “From going to and fro on the earth, and from walking up and down on it.” And the lord said to Satan, “Have you con-sidered my servant Job, that there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, who fears God and turns away from evil?” Then Satan answered the lord, “Does Job fear God for naught? Hast Thou not put a hedge about him and his house and all that he has, on every side? Thou hast blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased in the land. But put forth Thy hand now, and touch all that he has, and he will curse Thee to thy face.” And the lord said to Satan, “Behold, all that he has is in your power.”
Job 1.6-12

And Satan says, when the issue is decided, “God surely promised you a true promise; I also prom-ised you, then I failed you, for I had no authority over you, but that I called you, and you answered me. So do not blame me, blame yourselves.
”Qur’an 14.22

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Satan is constantly accusing all people before God, as he did Job, in order to drag them into hell. However, even Satan cannot perpetrate his evil activity unless he first finds an object partner with whom he can form a common base and engage in give and take action. Satan’s object partners are evil spirits in the spirit world. The object partners to these evil spirits are the spirit selves of evil peo-ple on the earth, and the vehicles through which these evil spirit selves act are their physical selves. Accordingly, the power of Satan is conveyed through evil spirits and is manifested in the activities of earthly people. For example, Satan entered into Judas Iscariot (Luke 22.3), and Jesus once called Peter “Satan.” (Matt. 16.33) In the Bible, the spirits of evil earthly men are called “angels” of the devil. (Matt. 25.41)
The Kingdom of Heaven on earth is a restored world in which Satan can no longer instigate any activity. To realize this world, it is necessary for all humanity to eliminate their common base with Satan and not engage in give and take action with him. The prophecy that in the Last Days God will confine Satan in a bottomless pit signifies that Satan will be utterly incapable of any activity, since there will no longer be any counterparts with whom Satan can relate. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Fall 4.2)

Why doesn’t Satan release his claim on human beings? He asserts to God, “Didn’t You set up the principle of creation that dominion is based on love? Whether my love was lawful or unlawful doesn’t matter; I definitely loved Adam and Eve. Isn’t love the original basis for dominion? Since I loved Adam and Eve, I have a right to claim them [and their descendants] under my dominion. I will not relinquish my claim over human beings to You unless You love me more than I loved them.” (128:90, June 5, 1983)

God says to Satan, “Satan, when human beings were originally created you could not accuse them; you could not even put one finger on them.” Satan counters, “I already know that. However, accord-ing to the Principle, once we come to love someone, we should belong to that person for eternity. Isn’t that the law of love? I won humans by love, even though it was illicit love, so their relationship to me has to be eternal.” God retorts, “According to the Principle, since I created human beings, they should be My sons and daughters. The relationship you made with them was unlawful.” God is speaking out of truth, but Satan is also basing his argument on the Principle. (111:147, February 10, 1981)

God has been fighting against Satan internally and against evil people externally, but in fighting He does not act capriciously in violation of His own laws. God never fights in a way that would violate the laws of the universe. Jesus also never fought outside the laws of Heaven.
Accordingly, when we wage the universal fight in the Last Days, we must understand the laws of Heaven and learn how to fight in accordance with those laws. Although you might not be aware of it, Satan also cannot be so insolent as to fight in a way that transgresses the laws of Heaven.
For this reason, when you set conditions of restoration and fight Satan, if you deviate from the Will of God, then Satan will accuse you. Even Jesus was not exempt. Whoever violates the principle, Satan will attack without mercy. (2:176-77, April 14, 1957)

Lust Requires for its Consummation Darkness and Secrecy

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March for Trump: December 12th, 2020-Washington DC

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Exodus 24

 Then Moses wrote down what the Lord had said.

The next morning Moses got up early. He built an altar at the foot of the mountain and set up a large stone for each of the twelve tribes of Israel. He also sent some young men to burn offerings and to sacrifice bulls as special offerings[a] to the Lord. Moses put half of the blood from the animals into bowls and sprinkled the rest on the altar. Then he read aloud the Lord’s commands and promises, and the people shouted, “We will obey the Lord and do everything he has commanded!”

Psalm 69

You know how I am insulted,
    mocked, and disgraced;
    you know every one
    of my enemies.
20 I am crushed by insults,
    and I feel sick.
    I had hoped for mercy and pity,
    but there was none.
21 Enemies poisoned my food,
    and when I was thirsty,
    they gave me vinegar.

22 Make their table a trap
    for them and their friends.
23     Blind them with darkness
    and make them tremble.
24 Show them how angry you are!
    Be furious and catch them.
25 Destroy their camp
    and don’t let anyone live
    in their tents.

The Human Fall

3. Corruption of Sexual Love

Lust requires for its consummation darkness and secrecy; and this not only when unlawful inter- course is desired, but even such fornication as the earthly city has legalized. Where there is no fear of punishment, these permitted pleasures still shrink from the public eye…
    Even the parental duty, done as it is in accordance with Roman law for the procreation of children, and, therefore, is both legally right and morally good, looks for a room from which all witnesses have been carefully removed. It is only after the best man and bridesmaids, the friends and the servants, have gone from the room that the bridegroom even begins to show any signs of intimate affection… Not even the children who have been born because it was done are allowed to be witnesses while it is being done. Yes, it is a good deed; but it is one that seeks to be known only after it is done, and is ashamed to be seen while it is being done. The reason can only be that what, by nature, has a purpose that everyone praises involves, by penalty, a passion that makes everyone ashamed…
    Now, in the Garden, before the Fall… the passions of anger and lust were never so roused counter to the commands of the rational will that reason was forced, so to speak, to put them in harness. It is different now, when even people who live a life of moral and religious self-control have to bridle these passions. This may be easy or difficult, but the bit and bridle are always needed. Now, the present condition is not that of healthy human nature; it is a sickness induced by sin…
    No one, then, should dream of believing that the kind of lust which made the married couple in the Garden ashamed of their nakedness was meant to be the only means of fulfilling the command which God gave when He “blessed them, saying: Increase and multiply, and fill the earth.” (Gen. 1.28) The fact is that this passion had no place before they sinned; it was only after the Fall, when their nature had lost its power to exact obedience from the sexual organs, that they fell and noticed the loss and, being ashamed of their lust, covered these unruly members. But God’s blessing on their marriage, with the command to increase and multiply and fill the earth, was given before the Fall. The blessing remained even when they had sinned, because it was a token that the begetting of children is a part of the glory of marriage and has nothing to do with the penalty for sin…
    We conclude, therefore, that, even had there been no sin in the Garden, there would still have been marriages worthy of that blessed place and that lovely babies would have flowered from a love uncankered by lust. Unfortunately, to show just how that could be we have no present experience to help us. Nevertheless, when we consider how many other human organs still obey the will even after the Fall, we have no reason for doubting that the one unruly member could have done the same, as long as there was no defiance from lust. After all, we move our hands and feet to their appropriate functions whenever we choose and with no rebellion on their part… But the peculiarity of the passion of lust which we are here discussing is that the soul can neither sufficiently control itself so as to be free of lust, nor in any way control the body when lust takes over the control of sexual excitement in defiance of the will. This defiance is precisely what makes both lust itself and the organs it controls such sources of shame. Saint Augustine, City of God14.18-23 (Christianity)

You must know, monks, that after the floods [that put out the conflagration that ended the last cosmic cycle] receded and the earth came back into being, there was upon the face of the earth a film more sweet-smelling than ambro-sia. Do you want to know what was the taste of that film? It was like the taste of grape wine in the mouth. And at this time the gods of the Abhasvara Heaven said to one another, “Let us go and see what it looks like in Jambudvipa now that there is earth again.” So the young gods of that heaven came down into the world and saw that over the earth was spread this film. They put their fingers into the earth and sucked them. Some put their fingers into the earth many times and ate a great deal of this film, and these at once lost all their majesty and brightness. Their bodies grew heavy and their substance became flesh and bone. They lost their magic and could no longer fly. But there were others who ate only a little, and these could still fly about in the air. And those that had lost their magic cried out to one another in dismay, “Now we are in a very sad case. We have lost our magic. There is nothing for it but to stay here on earth; for we cannot possibly get back to heaven.” They stayed and fed upon the film that covered the earth, and gazed at one another’s beauty. Those among them that were most passionate became women, and these gods and goddesses fulfilled their desires and pleasure in one another. And this was how it was, monks, that when the world began love-making first spread throughout the world; it is an old and constant thing…
    And the gods who had returned to heaven looked down and saw the young gods that had fallen, and they came down and reproached them, saying, “Why are you behaving in this unclean way?” Then the gods on earth thought to themselves, “We must find some way to be together without being seen by others.” So they made houses that would cover and hide them. Monks, that was how houses first began.
    [Now the people] seeing this thing of husbands and wives had begun, hated and despised such couples and seized them with the left hand, pushed them with the right hand and drove them away. But always after two months or maybe three they would come back again. Then the people hit them or pelted them with sticks, clods of earth, tiles or stones. “Go and hide yourselves! Go and hide yourselves properly!”
That is why today when a girl is married she is pelted with flowers or gold or silver or pieces of clothing or rice, and the people as they pelt her say, “May peace and happiness, new bride, be yours!” Monks, in former times ill was meant by these things that were done, but nowadays good is meant.
    Ekottara Agama 34 and Ch’i-shih Ching4(Buddhism

They Are My People, and You Were Cruel to Them

The Richard Urban Show:
#68 The Family Rooted In Absolute Sexual Ethics-Part 6-with Jamal Johnson
#67: Who Can Be Trusted on Voting Integrity: President Trump or Joe Biden?

Leviticus 15

Any man with an infected penis is unclean, whether it is stopped up or keeps dripping. Anything that he rests on or sits on is also unclean, 5-7 and if you touch either these or him, you must wash your clothes and take a bath, but you still remain unclean until evening.

If you are spit on by the man, you must wash your clothes and take a bath, but you still remain unclean until evening. 9-10 Any saddle or seat on which the man sits is unclean. And if you touch or carry either of these, you must wash your clothes and take a bath, but you still remain unclean until evening. 11 If the man touches you without first washing his hands, you must wash your clothes and take a bath, but you still remain unclean until evening. 12 Any clay pot that he touches must be destroyed, and any wooden bowl that he touches must be washed.

13 Seven days after the man gets well, he will be considered clean, if he washes his clothes and takes a bath in spring water. 14 On the eighth day he must bring either two doves or two pigeons to the front of my sacred tent and give them to a priest. 15 The priest will offer one of the birds as a sacrifice for sin and the other as a sacrifice to please me, then I will consider the man completely clean.

Richard: This passage indicates the root of the problem we are now facing with our nation and the election.
    Those who allow this fraud and crime of stealing the election have deadened their conscience through killing it, effectively, by justifying how it is ok to have sexual relationships without considering the welfare of the children that are present, substantially though the sperm and egg, but also in the spirits of those engaging in the sexual act.  
    The end result of this is infanticide, where you extend the effective murder of your conscience to the actual murder of the unborn child.  
    Within this murderous culture, the conscience is deadened.  The door is opened to a culture of crime.  The crime in this particular case is the attempted stealing of the election.


12 Why did you celebrate
when such a dreadful disaster
    struck your relatives?
Why were you so pleased
when everyone in Judah
    was suffering?
13 They are my people,
    and you were cruel to them.
You went through their towns,
and stealing
    whatever was left.
14 In their time of torment,
    you ambushed refugees
and handed them over
    to their attackers.

15 The day is coming
when I, the Lord,
    will judge the nations.
And, Edom, you will pay in full
    for what you have done.

Richard:  Stacey got this exact same Rheama just four days ago. Obadiah is a book that is just 2 pages long. The chance of this being a coincidence is zero.
    God is very unhappy with the attempt of Joe Biden and the Democrats to steal the election. That attempt will not succeed. There will be grave consequences for those who are perpetrating this fraud. Those perpetrating this fraud are showing gross disrespect to those who have cast legitimate ballots. This is a blatant attempt to disenfranchise the hundreds of thousands of people who have cast their votes for Donald J Trump, only to have fraudulent ballots appear after the fact to cancel their votes.


1. The Identity and Mission of Angels

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

God created the angelic world prior to creating the physical universe. Then, with the help of the angels, God utilized the elements of creation to form human beings. (83:155, February 8, 1976)
Angels, like all beings, were created by God. God created them prior to any other creation. In the biblical account of the creation of heaven and earth, we find that God spoke in the plural: “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” (Gen. 1.26) This is not because God was referring to Himself as the Holy Trinity, as many theologians have interpreted the passage. Rather, He was speaking to the angels, whom He had created before human beings.
    God created angels to be His retainers, who would assist Him in creating and sustaining the universe. In the Bible we find many instances of angels working for the Will of God. Angels conveyed to Abraham important words of God’s blessing (Gen. 18.10); an angel heralded the conception of Christ (Matt. 1.20); an angel unchained Peter and led him out of prison and into the city. (Acts 12.7-10) The angel who escorts John in the Book of Revelation calls himself “a servant” (Rev. 22.9), and in Hebrews angels are referred to as “ministering spirits.” (Heb. 1.14) The Bible often portrays angels honoring and praising God. (Rev. 5.11-12, 7.11-12)
    Let us investigate the relationship between human beings and angels from the perspective of the Principle of Creation. Because God created us as His children and gave us dominion over all creation (Gen. 1.28), we are meant to rule over the angels as well. It is written in the Bible that we have the authority to judge the angels. (1 Cor. 6.3) Many who communicate with the spirit world have witnessed hosts of angels escorting the saints in Paradise. These observations illustrate the fact that angels have the mission to minister to human beings. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Fall 2.2.1)
In front of God, the angels were supposed to fulfill the duties of servants and serve as a protective fence for Adam and Eve. They were supposed to create a glorious environment for them to live eternally in God’s Kingdom. Then they would have lived happily with Adam and Eve in God’s love. In short, God created the angels and archangels for the sake of Adam and Eve. God, in His parental love for Adam and Eve, created the angels for their sake. (15:238, October 17, 1965)
Good spirits who passed away after living on Earth belong to the realm of angels in terms of their mission. Why? God created angels before creating Adam. Therefore, before the perfection of [the new] Adam on earth, good people are assigned the role of angels by a certain procedure. (76:324, March 15, 1975)
Men are in the position of an archangel—not the archangel who caused the Fall but a restored arch-angel.28 The angels in the Garden of Eden were given the mission to protect and nurture Adam and Eve to fulfill the ideal of God’s family, and assist them to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. However, they failed to fulfill their mission, and instead they became gangsters, following the king of hell. (281:313, March 9, 1997)
For this reason, the angels should come down to the earth and work hard, sacrificing themselves for the citizens of the Kingdom to be established by the coming Messiah. Through shedding sweat in this way, they can be restored. The spirit world is the world of angels, and the physical world is Adam’s world. Since both worlds have fallen under the power of the Devil, angels in the spirit world and “substantial” angels in the physical world should work for their liberation. Liberation is not possible only through the activities of angels in the spirit world. We need to create a substantial world of [people fulfilling the mission of] angels. (62:247, September 25, 1972)