Your Relationship with Heavenly Principles

Rev 7

13 One of the elders asked me, “Do you know who these people are that are dressed in white robes? Do you know where they come from?”

14 “Sir,” I answered, “you must know.”

Then he told me:

“These are the ones
who have gone through
    the great suffering.
They have washed their robes
in the blood of the Lamb
    and have made them white.
15 And so they stand
    before the throne of God
and worship him in his temple
    day and night.
The one who sits on the throne
will spread his tent
    over them.
16 They will never hunger
    or thirst again,
and they won’t be troubled
by the sun
    or any scorching heat.

17 The Lamb in the center
of the throne
    will be their shepherd.
He will lead them to streams
    of life-giving water,
and God will wipe all tears
    from their eyes.”

2 Chronicles 29

12-14 When Hezekiah finished talking, the following Levite leaders went to work:

Mahath son of Amasai and Joel son of Azariah from the Kohath clan; Kish son of Abdi and Azariah son of Jehallelel from the Merari clan; Joah son of Zimmah and Eden son of Joah from the Gershon clan; Shimri and Jeuel from the Elizaphan clan; Zechariah and Mattaniah from the Asaph clan; Jehuel and Shimei from the Heman clan; Shemaiah and Uzziel from the Jeduthun clan.

15 These leaders gathered together the rest of the Levites, and they all went through the ceremony to make themselves clean. Then they began to purify the temple according to the Law of the Lord, just as Hezekiah had commanded.

Richard:  It’s great to hear the Word, but even better to put it into practice.

The World of Ideology Which We Seek

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
May 4, 1958

1 Peter 1

18 You were rescued[c] from the useless way of life that you learned from your ancestors. But you know that you were not rescued by such things as silver or gold that don’t last forever. 19 You were rescued by the precious blood of Christ, that spotless and innocent lamb. 20 Christ was chosen even before the world was created, but because of you, he did not come until these last days. 21 And when he did come, it was to lead you to have faith in God, who raised him from death and honored him in a glorious way. That’s why you have put your faith and hope in God.

22 You obeyed the truth,[d] and your souls were made pure. Now you sincerely love each other. But you must keep on loving with all your heart. 23 Do this because God has given you new birth by his message that lives on forever. 24 The Scriptures say,

“Humans wither like grass,
and their glory fades
    like wild flowers.
Grass dries up,
and flowers fall
    to the ground.
25 But what the Lord has said
    will stand forever.”

Our good news to you is what the Lord has said.


Father, since we have life, please allow the motivating force of that life not to be limited to ourselves alone. Since we have the power of the word, please allow that word not to come to a standstill on the individual level in us. Furthermore, Father, I pray from the bottom of my heart that You allow us to make that word and that power of life into an influence that can move Heaven and earth, going over the nation and sweeping over the world. Although we have tried to receive Jesus from a position of ease and have sought Jesus in peace, we know that we cannot help seeing Jesus appear as a figure covered in blood.

We who stepped forth seeking the Father did not know that the Father is not only the Father of glory, as we might have thought. He is also going through the crisis of the crucifixion. There are many people who wait eagerly for the Lord of glory today, but since there is no one who has the true will to follow the Lord of tribulation, Father, please forgive pitiful humankind. If we ever happen to meet the Lord of glory today, please guide us to think of the Lord who was hung on the cross and to be able to take charge of the body of the Lord who suffered that pain. By doing so, Father, I earnestly pray that You will allow us to receive the protection of Jesus, who stepped forward carrying the cross on his shoulder, after being rejected and pursued by the people of his nation.

Please guide us not to become like the foolish disciples who had nothing to do with the Lord of resurrection, though they had wished to be joyful by meeting him. Please allow us to be sons and daughters who can comfort Heaven by welcoming the Lord of resurrection. Father, I also pray from the depth of my heart that You allow us to be sons and daughters who can more than fulfill such a mission.

Father, please be present with the unworthy throng of people gathered here today. We are the group of people who should cross the hill of sacrifice now. As we come to understand that the Father has made remarkable effort to come seeking us, we begin to feel that we cannot help walking this path.

We are entrusted today with the comprehensive mission of indemnifying all historical debts, even if we are inadequate. Therefore, Father, please allow us to be able to do away with all that and carry out the mission with which we are entrusted.

Please allow us to be able to establish the people of this nation, first, before the Father for the sake of this nation, the world, Heaven and earth. Father, I also sincerely wish and desire that You allow us to be sons and daughters who can do more than that.

We hear the howling sound of sin and evil left during 6,000 years of history. We are aware that we are to cross into the position of the ancestors of goodness, after having passed through the position of Adam and Eve. Therefore, Father of love, I pray from the bottom of my heart that You will raise us as the pillars of Heaven who will tread and step over all things in reality and build a new world.

Although we have sought the Father until now to receive consolation, please allow us instead to be the people who can attend the Lord from now on, he who represents the Father who comforted us. Father, I also sincerely wish and desire that You guide us so that all the strength and ability with which we strive to carry out this mission can be sustained until our hope is attained.

Please allow all brothers and sisters gathered here today to be able to experience the fretful Shim Jung in the bosom of the Father. By doing so, I sincerely wish and desire that You allow us to be sons and daughters who can comfort the Father with the Shim Jung of a person who has experienced everything. Ardently soliciting this, I pray all these words in the name of our beloved Lord. Amen.

The title of today’s speech is “The World of Ideology Which We Seek.” I will speak briefly upon this topic.

You are leading a life today, forming a connection with society and the world based on your individual self. Yet when you come to think about yourself, you come to realize that you have a mind and a body. Further, you begin to realize that there is the land on which we live, as well as your mind and body. On the basis of this, are the courses we have to walk and the environment we seek prepared? No, they are not. Our mind wishes to follow in pursuit of a higher ideology. If you attach importance to the body, you will experience that the body is also moving toward a certain ideology which runs counter to the mind. Next, if you look carefully, getting away from yourself, you know very well that this land is also moving toward a certain grand ideology.

Will everything end with this? No, it will not. Furthermore, since Heaven, earth and human beings exist, though they may seem three different things, they are all moving toward one goal within one realm. Since God, who created all things in the universe surely exists, they all belong to God; yet Heaven is presently in a position that has nothing to do with “me.” I myself am also out of synchronization with my own ideology. Furthermore, this land is not in a ready state where it can attain Heaven’s comprehensive ideology. We can see this very well as we look at today’s reality in society and the world’s trend of thought.

All things were originally part of the ideology of the Creator. They were to take up a united action and direction on one unified course and move toward one goal. Because such a will could not be attained, this has remained an issue human beings have to resolve today. The vast majority of people cannot think like this. For that reason, as we live our day-to-day life or as we seek ourselves, we feel that our mind and body are wandering about seeking that something in their respective ways.

In addition, when you look at the world today, this world is also gasping for breath, seeking that something. You are experiencing this fact within your realm of life. Can all be resolved with the visible things belonging to human beings on this earth? Things are not made that way. God the Creator moves, having put forth one certain grand ideology in relation to human beings and the created things. You know this already.

When you look at yourselves today, what lies ahead of you? The world of ideology God has been seeking, the world of ideology that is centering upon your mind and body, lies ahead. You cannot help acknowledging you must proceed toward that world.

As I look at myself today, I realize that I relate to Heaven and to the earth. In view of the comprehensive providence concerning this land, each of you today must reflect upon whether your mind can honorably relate to Heaven and to the one Unificationist ideology, according to the heavenly principles. You might not be able to respond with confidence that you can.

Since God exists, the unified world of the comprehensive ideology, for which God wishes, should also exist. Since God has carried out the providence until now, there must come a time when the Unificationist ideology is attained on this earth. This is a logical consequence.

If that is the case, with reference to the goal of the ideologies of Heaven and earth becoming one, the important issues are what kind of position you are in, what kind of environment you are in, and in what position is the life you are leading today? Yet the human mind tries to depend on Heaven without realizing it. The body tries to rely on the land without knowing it. For that reason, though I appear whole, I am striding forth on a forked road. This is caused by the human fall.

Therefore, you must now become one with the ideology of the heavenly principles. You must equip your body with the qualifications to become one with the Unificationist ideology the world seeks to attain. That is the reason ideologies emerged as introductions in the course of history. When we come to look at the present countenance of the world, we can easily see that the world is moving toward becoming Unificationist in form or shape. Following such a trend, our mind is also entertaining a yet unknown worldwide will. Our mind is always responding to the grand ideology of trying to live together as one individual, as brothers and sisters and members of one family.

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