You are Essential for the Providential Will

Deuteronomy 10

Moses said to the people:

10 The Lord told me to chisel out two flat stones, just like the ones he had given me earlier. He also commanded me to make a wooden chest, then come up the mountain and meet with him. He told me that he would write the same words on the new stones that he had written on the ones I broke, and that I could put these stones in this sacred chest.

Ezra 20

King Nebuchadnezzar[a] of Babylonia had captured many of the people of Judah and had taken them as prisoners to Babylonia. Now they were on their way back to Jerusalem and to their own towns everywhere in Judah.

2-20 Zerubbabel, Joshua,[b] Nehemiah, Seraiah, Reelaiah, Mordecai, Bilshan, Mispar, Bigvai, Rehum, and Baanah were in charge of the ones who were coming back. And here is a list of how many returned from each family group: 2,172 from the family of Parosh; 372 from the family of Shephatiah; 775 from the family of Arah; 2,812 descendants of Jeshua and Joab[c] from the family of Pahath Moab; 1,254 from the family of Elam; 945 from the family of Zattu; 760 from the family of Zaccai; 642 from the family of Bani; 623 from the family of Bebai; 1,222 from the family of Azgad; 666 from the family of Adonikam; 2,056 from the family of Bigvai; 454 from the family of Adin; 98 from the family of Ater, also known as Hezekiah; 323 from the family of Bezai; 112 from the family of Jorah; 223 from the family of Hashum; and 95 from the family of Gibbar.

The World of Ideology Which We Seek

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
May 4, 1958

Although God is moving toward the ideology, and our human consciences today also seek that ideology, this forking into two cannot continue in a unified way. There is an unavoidable reason for this. Though my conscience wishes to go as God tells it, it cannot. This is because one hill of fear remains for humanity to cross. Accordingly, unless you become able to penetrate and cross the hill of fear, you will not be able to make connection with the eternal ideology of Heaven.

In order for the relations between God and my mind to be set up in the center of God’s will, my mind and body must form such relations. My mind and body must stand in the center of the will. Centering upon my mind and body, such relations must be formed with the ideology of the will.

Once your conscience has become one, your conscience and your body have become one, and your body and the environment have become one, you must unite all things into one. Further, you must stand representing that center. Whether it is the heavenly world, the world of conscience, and/or the position of the body, you should be able to stand confidently. The fate remains of seeking those who can do so.

Therefore, human beings today are destined to go somewhere, even if they do not know where it is, even if they do not know for what they are to search. That is why the human mind tries to move toward the heavenly principles and the body tries to move toward the earth centering on itself. Heaven changed the earthly tendency of the body into pursuit of the heavenly principles, by driving many people into sacrifice throughout the long course of history. Now Heaven has come forth to lead the body of all humankind into one world of unification. Furthermore, striking even the conscience that tried to go forth in many different directions, Heaven has guided it to go in one direction, toward the one world of the ideology. Yet the people on earth today do not know this. Therefore, centering on the mind, a fight with the will of God will take place to rightly set up that direction. That is the fight between Satan and God, to seek one ideology centering on the conscience in the invisible world. It is the struggle between the Cain side and the Abel side in the visible substantial world. History has flowed on throughout this internal and external fight.

Since God is a being of personality with intellect, emotion and volition, He also has all feelings. God will certainly have one unified ideology of creation. That ideology will be one for the sake of Heaven, for the sake of all humankind, and for all of creation on this earth today.

Unless this turns out to be an inevitable fact, God’s ideology of creation will not have anything to do with us. God created so that He could enjoy Himself in relation to such a comprehensive ideology. At the same time, all created things could not but enjoy themselves.

However, because of the fall of humankind, such a world of ideology has not yet firmly taken root in today’s humanity. Such a fundamentally directive world of ideology has not yet taken firm root in relation to the body either. That is why God is driving today’s humanity to the path of the conscience internally, and into the closing of the age on a worldwide level, after having sought and set up an external doctrine. Today your mind pursues something. It drives and pushes you to direct your steps toward a certain place. You find that humankind today has no choice but to go to a certain ideological world in connection with me.

Although you who are placed in such a situation today feel insignificant, you are not small at all. You are very important. You are absolutely necessary for the creation of a new history of the universe. First, my mind takes such a position, then my body takes such a position, then the surrounding environment, in which I live, is in such a position.

For that reason, God has been pioneering a lonely path up to now to realize His will through a person’s internal conscience. God tried to consummate the will of the providence through one certain base point in human conscience, but humankind then lost the base point of that conscience.

However, since God’s will was to establish the truth for the sake of humankind and have humankind seek that lost base point, He has been making effort until now, through many prophets and sages, to link humans to the base point of that conscience, taking pains Himself. Because that effort is being made in the invisible, limitless world, the heart of the original character of humankind is moving toward it without us being aware of it.

As the last days approach, the person who has not completely established the standard of mind will not find his mind at peace, even if he is possessed of many good conditions. You must know that the world of reality is faced with the situation today where a change of direction must take place. That is why, after establishing the truth, God commands us to disconnect all self-centered authority and self- aggrandizing ideologies.

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