Jesus Won Victory on the Cross

CSG 2079

Do you think the unification of
North and South can be achieved if
you work comfortably in South Korea?
Korea is the world’s front line and focal
point. As we see, all kinds of phenom-
ena are occurring here based on God’s
will. If you completely unite and move
South Korea, the spirit world will work,
won’t it? Who else can understand such
things? (165-215, 1987.5.27)

CSG 1087

When you use holy salt, you should
pray, “In the name of the Father, the
Son, the Holy Spirit, True Parents, and
myself,” and then sprinkle holy salt in
the shape of a cross (in the order of north,
south, east, and west). (9-78, 1960.4.11)

Let Us Be Persons of Forbearance

Sun Myung Moon
May 18, 1958

Matthew 24: 1-14

Although God has endured with patience for 6,000 years, the land He can rule has not yet been restored. Therefore, you must now restore the whole land through indemnity. You must create a new history and go forth seeking a new ideology. Accordingly, you who are placed in a situation like this must endure with more patience than anyone else.

You must then step forth looking for a truthful religion. You must step forth looking for the truthful sons and daughters of Heaven. You must find a man of faith who endures with patience and be in his service. You must wander and seek the denomination that knows how to endure with patience. You must know that the people with faith who march on toward Heaven today are entrusted with the mission to seek the race and nation which know how to endure with patience.

All religions until today have been established by people who endured with patience. Even in the future, the religion that endures with patience will guide the world. If you review human history, the person who endured with patience achieved victory. It happened not only in Heaven, but also on the earth. For that reason, you must understand that this land still laments, waiting to welcome someone who can care about God and establish integrity.

Christianity today has become a worldwide religion, because Christianity endured more with patience. When Jesus came to feel God’s heart, who had endured for 4,000 years, and when he came to think about all humankind enduring with patience in history, Jesus could not help but have patience even as his body was being crucified at Golgotha. That was why even when his hands and feet were being nailed to the cross, Jesus could pray for the sake of the people, “Oh, Heaven, please look at them with compassion.”

God showed the Shim Jung with which He had endured with patience before the presence of all humankind and Satan. Therefore, Satan, who could not be patient and could not endure, could not help but succumb. This was the standard path of enduring with patience that Jesus Christ showed us. Moreover, not only people on this earth but also every creation has demonstrated patience for 6,000 years.

In addition, because man fell, the effect was felt in the spirit world and in the angelic world. Therefore, you are left with the mission to be responsible for the lamentation that has pierced as deeply as the spirit world and that of all of creation and God, who demonstrated patience for 6,000 years.

Accordingly, you now must possess a resolution and determination to endure with patience, bearing such external worries and the cosmic responsibility in mind. Unless you can have such a resolution and determination, you will not be able to participate in walking the course of Heaven.

For that reason, you today must first comfort the bruised and sorrowful heart of Heaven before wishing to receive Heaven’s blessing and Heaven’s glory. Although God’s patience can more than embrace the whole universe, we today live in sinfulness in a sinful and evil environment. In a situation like this, we cannot be filial to God, who came forth enduring with patience for the sake of the universe. That is, we cannot show devotion to God, who has performed the providence of the 6,000-year history.

Therefore, you must now understand the heart and the will of God, who came forth ruling history until today. You must be able to be filial to God. You must possess the heart with which God endured with patience, during the unfolding of the dispensation for 6,000 years. That is, you who are faced with the last days are entrusted with the mission to welcome God in your mind and bear witness to Him before all humankind.

Who will be the true sons and daughters who can attend God and offer comfort to Him by resembling His patient heart of 6,000 years? God is waiting for these very sons and daughters to come forth. God exists, He who came forth enduring for 6,000 years to save humankind. He did not abandon those who betrayed Heaven and fell into the temptation of the archangel Satan. You today must understand the heart of that God.

You who are going forward today! Do you have the will to save this nation? Those of you who are gathered here today, do you truly have the mind that yearns for the bosom of Heaven? You must become figures who can shoulder the pain of the nation. That is to say, you must be resolved and determined to endure with patience under any tribulation and suffering. You must realize that unless you become a person who endures with patience, you will not be able to bear the responsibility for the nation.

As long as you have the will to save the world, you must first have the resolution and determination with which you can endure with patience, bearing on your body the sadness of the world and the world’s difficulties. If you do not have such resolution and determination, you will not be able to leave Heaven’s ideology in any part of the world.

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