A Nation can be Restored at Once when the Constitution is Fixed

Cheon Seong Gyeong  397

The family is the basic unit for per-
fecting the heavenly kingdom. The heav-
enly kingdom is the kind of place that
once you enter you do not wish to leave.
It is also a place where lives the one whom
you would want to see again even after
seeing Him a hundred times. If all peo-
ple desire to go there, desire to see Him,
and desire to live with Him, the world
will be unified. Our goal is to go towards
that place. But this will not be realized
all at once. First, the individual founda-
tion must be established, then the family
foundation must be laid, and then this
has to expand to a people, nation, and
world. (12-180, 1963.4.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong  1999

The homeland we need to reclaim
on earth is not an existing nation with a
certain history and traditions. It is com-
pletely different in essence from those
other nations. In order for us to be able
to inherit such a nation that stands on
a completely different level from others,
we need to become citizens with a sub-
ject nature rooted in ideology. That sub-
ject ideology should be in accord with
the ideology of the absolute Creator. The
Absolute Being desires the creation of
His own nation. Then centering on that
nation’s sovereignty, the citizens should
be united into oneness. Therefore, the
nation should take shape based on such
citizenship. (49-93, 1971.10.9)

Cheon Seong Gyeong  1196

If a head of state learned the Prin-
ciple, what would happen? It would be
only a short time before he saved the
nation. Now we are entering the era of
restoring the kingship. In the future, it
will not be necessary for all of the citi-
zens of a country to believe. If the presi-
dent of a country fixes its constitution
so that it is based on the Principle, the
restoration of that nation becomes pos-
sible at once. (198-242, 1990.2.3)

Cheon Seong Gyeong  1434-1435

2.1.2. Change of lineage

The three goals of restoration
through indemnity are the change of
lineage, change of the right of owner-
ship, and change of the realm of heart.
You have heard this before, haven’t you?
Since the lineage was defiled, unless it
is changed back to its original state, you
cannot be connected to the Kingdom of
God and be registered in it. The original
owner of the lineage is God. Through
the fallen lineage, everything was stolen
from God and His right of ownership
was subverted. This situation can only
be rectified by connecting to God’s lin-
eage through His love. That is why the
lineage must be changed. The lineage
was perverted through the fallen rela-
tionship of love. Since the lineage was
turned in the wrong direction, there
will be no path for humanity to return
to God unless the lineage is transformed.
(258-287, 1994.3.20)
From this time on, to whom should
everything belong? Until now, not one
thing could be said to belong to God.
Everything in the possession of the
devil must pass into the hands of God.
Through changing lineage and concur-
rently receiving the Blessing, you need
to return the right of ownership to God,
followed by the realm of heart. The realm
of heart is the clan itself. It is the rela-
tionship formed between related fami-
lies of the fourth to the eighth genera-
tions. That can be said to be one realm
of heart. Centering on the grandfather,
when you bring together the relatives,
the related families up to the eighth gen-
erations can be brought together. (272-214,
What should you do to meet True
Mother and True Father? You cannot
walk into their presence, just like that.
You are from a different lineage, aren’t
you? You cannot be bequeathed with
the right of inheritance before you are
registered. Until now, you have not been
registered. Have you had your names
entered into True Father’s family regis-
ter? It has not been done yet. Then when
can it be done? Registration does not
involve receiving the Blessing alone. The
position in which you have received the
Blessing is the completion level of the
growth stage. You still have the seven
years of the completion stage to fulfill.
That is how the Principle works. Cen-
tered on this Principle, we are carry-
ing out the work of restoration. (139-279,
2.1.3. Change of the realm of heart
There are conditions to be met in
order to pass into the Kingdom of Heav-
en. You cannot enter it unless you have
a family of your own. As long as you are
the sons and daughters of God, you have
missions to fulfill. After fulfilling those
missions, you are destined to meet True
Parents in the world of eternity. If you do
not complete this formula, it is not possi-
ble to meet them. When you are blessed,
the gates to the Kingdom of Heaven are
opened before you, but you cannot just
walk in like that. First, you need to do
everything according to True Father’s
instructions and be registered in the
position of having completed the mis-
sion of tribal messiahs. (250-112, 1993.10.12)
If you want to achieve mind and
body unity, you first need to recover the
essential love of God. You must real-
ize that you still have this task to ful-
fill. No matter what it takes, you need
to overcome this and attain this state; if
you pass on to the spirit world without
having done so, you will find yourself in
big trouble. From the perspective of this
logic of true love, we human beings are
to become one with it, and thereby enter
the realm of oneness; that is how God’s
life becomes our life, God’s love becomes
our love, and God’s lineage becomes our
lineage. Unless you have the mindset
that the world, which belongs to God,
also belongs to you, and have the heart
of a mother and father embracing the
universe, you cannot enter the Kingdom
of Heaven. (200-230, 1990.2.25)
All of you, why don’t you try offering
a prayer? The more you pray, the more
you will find yourself in tears. The closer
you get to Heavenly Father, the more you
will grieve and lament. You need to pass
through this stage and reach the point
where merely thinking of Heavenly
Father will make you dance for joy; but
you have not reached that stage yet. That
is why you still have to fulfill the indem-
nity conditions of the past and present.
You need to be in such a situation that
God longs for you. So, you who do not
possess the qualification that is hoped
for must fulfill the requirements which
will enable God and you to long for each
other. You should know that such a time
is coming.
Then, what should you do next? You
must long for the day when you will be
able to register as a family of God. More-
over, you should not be the only one
longing for that. All humanity must long
for such a day. (8-114, 1959.11.22)
All of you must inherit the right of
the true parent. Then, centering on the
right of the true children, right of the
true parent, and right of the true king-
ship, heaven and earth must be unified.
First, there would emerge the Kingdom
of Heaven on earth; secondly, the King-
dom of Heaven in the spirit world; third-
ly, the kingship and the realm of the
royal family. What is the realm of the
royal family? The Cain world is still in
existence. Therefore, we need to restore
the right of the eldest son in the Cain
world, and transform the Cain figure
from a son bound for hell into an abso-
Book 9 • Blessed Family 1436
lutely obedient second son, and take
him to the Kingdom of God. That is how
the realm of the royal family will come
about. If Cain had not fallen, he would
have become a member of the royal fam-
ily. However, up until now, he has had no
other place to go except hell, and so we
must make it possible for him to enter
the Kingdom of God.
That is why the realm of the roy-
al family emerged. Then what follows?
It is justification by attendance; that is,
you need to perfect the family life of
attendance. In other words, once you
are standing on a victorious foundation
centered on the Kingdom of Heaven on
earth and in spirit world, kingship, and
the realm of the royal family, you need
to practice a family life that serves and
attends True Parents and God. By form-
ing a vertical relationship with God, all
of you must be registered; that is, all of
you must occupy the position of ances-
tors. (274-183, 1995.10.29)
You need to remember that the favor
bestowed by the True Parents is a great
blessing that cannot be expressed in
words alone. It cannot be excha


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