Who Will Carry Jesus’ Shimjung of Golgotha?


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Cheon Seon Gyeong 291

You don’t know how rigid religious
dogmatists can be. Syria belongs to the
Islamic cultural sphere. I brought an elite
group of leaders from Syria to East Gar-
den and we shared the Divine Principle
with them. Our Unification Church is
not a branch of Christianity but its main
trunk. Because Jesus brought salvation
by being sacrificed in the role of the son,
Jesus himself must have parents, and
because Jesus did not have a son of his
own, his authority as a parent must be
restored. For this reason the term “True
Parents” is so wonderful.

Cheon Seon Gyeong 1498

The family is the horizontal founda-
tion in the form of a miniature world.
From the family stems the nation and
the world. What is the family? The fam-
ily is the horizontal miniature of the
world and is the objective standard to
the absolute center. Then what are indi-
viduals? They are the stepping-stones on
which the absolute center can reside. (26-
258, 1969.11.9)

Who Will Become the Friend of Golgotha?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 19, 1958

Luke 12: 26-43

In today’s world, however, there is communism, which does not believe in God. They claim that God does not exist, asking where He is. The right-hand thief appeared and befriended Jesus at the time of his death when Jesus was being smitten. Communism today commits massacres to fulfill its ambition. You should know that this massacre serves as a conditional sacrifice for being on the side of the democratic camp. Now that all humankind is driven to the course of the worldwide Golgotha, what should Christians who should go over this path do? They should first volunteer in front of the world to take the path. There have been those who were oppressed on the front-line of Christianity: Paul, who was persecuted by the apostles; the thief, harassed by the people; and the Protestants, denounced by the Papacy. Today we should always look around to see whether a people will appear who are being persecuted as a worldwide reformist movement. This is proven by history.

Now our Unification members should be oppressed by all the twentieth century ideologies and philosophies as a new reformist religion. We should be persecuted in this world of democracy and religious sectarianism. If there also is a country with the worldwide ideal, it should bleed before the world like the thief. Thus, Korea shed blood when the right and left clashed, with the fate of the world at stake through the June 25 War [the Korean War]. Considering this, it cannot be said that the Golgotha course of today’s democracy is dissimilar to the situation of the thief.

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