Who Will Fight Against the Hypocrites?

Cheon Seon Gyeong 290

Kim Il-sung is the false father. North
Koreans call him their parent, do they
not? Why has he appeared at this time in
history? The person who is the most vil-
lainous in all the communist countries,
the greatest of all devils, will appear.
However, I am called the True Parent.
The True Parent should be able to sub-
jugate the false parent through natu-
ral surrender. He should not be struck
down by force. God’s providence of sal-
vation and God’s victory or defeat is not
determined by force. If force were to be
used, everything would be over imme-
diately. If the communists had had their
way, everything would be over. The
fallen world, which used to show off its
mighty armies that created such a his-
tory of strife in this earthly world, and
which passed down Satan’s tradition,
will have a miserable end.
God, who knows such things, is try-
ing to bring Satan to surrender natu-
rally. He tells him to do everything he
wants. After letting him do everything
he wants, Heaven will be hit first and
then it will take it all away, saying that
the one who struck the side of justice
must pay for all the damages. When
Satan arrives at the end of the world, he
will be left with nowhere to go. He will
surrender at the end of the world. God
cannot bring this to pass by Himself.
Rather, He has to prepare a person on
earth who can inherit this task. This is
why He sends the Messiah in the Last
Days. (210-231, 1990.12.23)

Cheon Seon Gyeong 1019

3.1. Church leaders must practice a
public life
The person who is a leader of more
than a thousand people has been evalu-
ated and approved by the spirit world.
(18-223, 1967.6.9)
One does not start out as a central
figure with confidence. I, too, have nev-
er thought myself as being confident. I
realized that before I liked myself, I had
to like God and I had to like the one
whom God was seeking. How to possess
this kind of heart was my endeavor. If
I have that heart, there is nothing that
is impossible. You must have a mind to
make people happier and console the
sorrowful person. (70-170, 1974.2.9)

God’s Possession and Our Possession

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
November 9, 1958

Matthew 6: 16-34

The mind that desires to serve the thirty million Korean people before you serve yourselves, the mind that tends to think of all humankind on this earth before you think of yourselves, must seep out of you today. Going further, the mind that can cry, holding onto even one blade of grass, should be unconsciously exploding in the midst of your mind. Unless you have this Shim Jung, you cannot become God’s complete sons and daughters.

Such human beings are the fruit of God’s tears, the fruit of God’s pains. They are also the sacrificial offering on God’s bloody altar. In spite of this, human beings do not think about this and step forth asserting themselves shamelessly. The same goes on with all created things.

Who is the person to pioneer the path for these Korean people to walk? The people who beat the ground and weep bitterly, beating their chests for the sake of these people, must emerge. Who is to straighten up this fragmented religious scene? The young men and women who have burning a passion to grab hold of the religious scene should come forth prepared for a bloody battle, beating the ground and appealing to fight against the hypocrites.

Who are the people who will save this world? They are none other than you young men and women. You must think about this again.

Today’s Western material civilization is highly developed. With the continent of Egypt as the starting point, Western civilization has been shaped until now by going through the Assyrian, Babylonian, Greek and Roman civilizations.

Upon what did Egypt, which boasted of its civilization of more than 3,000 years at the time of Jesus, build its civilization? This is part of the history of religion.

The Egyptians worshipped a sun god and believed in a god called Osiris. They armed themselves with this faith and thought. With unified energy, they built a powerful nation and civilization. By adopting this religion as their policy and ideology, they consolidated an established format, and by leading the people toward that ideal standard, they created the Egyptian civilization.

Thus, the Egyptians established a standard they could maintain as a nation. Through that, they held sway over the world. Yet beyond their own people, they should have absorbed any good points that existed in other nations. If they had changed by sacrificing whatever they needed and accepting the better standard, they would not have perished.

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