Like God and the One Whom God is Seeking

Cheon Seong Gyeong 323

Our minds can be infinitely enlarged
through heart, rather than through
knowledge. A heart of love is so big that
it can more than embrace the universe,
so once we develop this original and
mighty domain, even God will want to
come and take naps there. Since we can-
not embrace God through our knowl-
edge, we must know how great a heart
of love is. (Blessed Family – 1053)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1019

One does not start out as a central
figure with confidence. I, too, have nev-
er thought myself as being confident. I
realized that before I liked myself, I had
to like God and I had to like the one
whom God was seeking. How to possess
this kind of heart was my endeavor. If
I have that heart, there is nothing that
is impossible. You must have a mind to
make people happier and console the
sorrowful person. (70-170, 1974.2.9)

Humankind Wanders In Search of the Truth

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
December 21, 1958

Matthew 7:1-12


Father, at this time when this year is drawing to a close, please allow us to have the Shim Jung of preparation with which we can usher in a new year, reflecting upon the old one. Please lead us to the place where we are grasped by the Father’s hands with a deeper and more sincere heart than last year’s, looking forward to the Father’s new glory in the new year, where we can connect to the Father’s situation. Please allow us to be led into Your bosom and to have the preparation and resolution with which we can follow You anywhere and everywhere.

Father, we know that our lives do not belong to us. We know that our ideologies and our loves do not belong to us. Please allow our minds, our bodies, and even our lives to arise from You. Guide us so that they will not be things that come from ourselves.

We know a man’s self-centered conceit can be maintained only as long as he wears his physical body. We have awakened to the fact that no matter how high a person may say he is, he is insufficient on his own and cannot exceed the limits of time. Please give us minds that can emulate the Father’s lofty and broad Shim Jung through comprehending Your heartrending situation. Father, I pray from the bottom of my heart that You let us have a mind to deny ourselves, of our accord, to resemble Your deep Shim Jung and prostrate ourselves in the presence of Heaven.

Father, since we offer our bodies as a sacrificial offering, please accept them. Since we have prostrated ourselves before this altar, please relate to us. Please do not allow anything of man’s sole making to thrive here; please do not let anything become rigid.

Please let us strive at least for this hour to bear the ardent Shim Jung with which You have come seeking human beings for 6,000 years, and the sentimental content that overflows from that Shim Jung. By allowing us to feel and experience Your bitter pain, let such a change come over our minds as to enable us to sob ceaselessly for You. Please let us bear the utterly sincere Shim Jung with which we can beat our chests as we grasp Your situation.

We learned that You have toiled through a historical course of 6,000 years of restoration providence to find a person, whom You had lost. We now know that You have led people through this historical course and that, walking a path of sorrow along with the Father, they have shed tears and blood upon Your altar. You have not been comfortable for even one moment. Please do not allow us now to exist for our sake, even when our minds get hasty. Please do not allow us to become self- centered, even when we are placed in an endless irksome position. Even if we are unspeakably lonely, indescribably persecuted, endlessly hounded after and treated with infinite injustice, please allow us to be Your sons and daughters who can stand in the place of the Father, not for our sake.

We know that as the mind cannot help connecting to the mind, life cannot help connecting to life, ideology cannot help connecting to ideology, Your love also cannot help connecting to love. Father, we know that eternal life has to be moved by life, and love has to be moved by love. Father, since that is the case, please manifest Yourself as the Subject of life as life, the Subject of love as love. We are experiencing the exhaustion of that life and that love.

Since we are in narrow circumstances in all ideological aspects, we are inadequate people who cannot protect even one day of life. We prostrate ourselves in sadness in the presence of the Father this day, bearing in our chests the bitter resentment of the fall, stemming from the loss of the ideology brought about by the betrayal of Heaven and earth. Father, please embrace these pitiful figures. If You abandon us, who is to take charge of us? If You do not seize us, who is going to? Since there are no leaders or teachers before us, I sincerely wish and desire that only You be with us.

When we face the fact that You make effort to comfort our minds whenever we encounter a difficult task or face a sorrowful situation, we cannot help telling You that we are very ashamed of ourselves in Your presence. Father, we know You shed tears after seeing us receive persecution along the path You commanded us to go. We are sorry. We are the ones who stepped forth, following in Your footsteps in response to Your calling us, “Come,” and we are prepared even for death. Therefore, Father, please do not let us step back from the face of death in fear. Beloved Father, I sincerely wish and desire that You allow us to be righteous heavenly soldiers and righteous heavenly sons and daughters who, even if the pain of being torn to pieces befalls us, can surmount all things and go forward as long as the Father’s Will and love remain.

Father, we know the reason You chased us out in front of the nation into a lonely position was that of Your grand providence. By personally striking us and working through us, please let us be the pivotal part of life that can penetrate the world of death. Please allow such a movement of life to be manifested, even on a lonely altar.

If there is a heavenly soldier who can penetrate the world of death, please let him make preparations in his mind whereby he too can express thanks. Do not allow him to hesitate on this final course. Please do not let the throng of people You called turn back at the sight of that course. Today we are on the course that faces the fortress of death. Father, please do not take away Your hands of power. Father, I pray from the depth of my heart that by giving the Word of authority, You will guide us and give us counsel until the day when we sing Your glory at last, having won the last victory.

Father, we know that You have toiled more than we have to seek and establish the course of the number forty and that the time of its realization is near. Now where will our minds and bodies go? Where will these people go? Where will humanity go? Since the fear of death sinks deeply everywhere we go, the time has arrived when young men and women of fervent blood are needed to lead these people forward, assuming responsibility toward Heaven. By giving counsel to Your sons and daughters gathered here, please let our flesh and blood become Yours. Let us be explosive substances of love, atomic bombs of love. Thus, please let us return everything as the Father’s, having won over the world of death. Beloved Father, I pray from the bottom of my heart that You guide us to be the elite soldiers with brave spirits who can more than bring the garden of victory in the new realm of re-creation ideology.

Father, since I pray ardently, please consider this people’s destiny with compassion. Many of Your sons and daughters will have to shed tears ceaselessly, feel endlessly sorry and be immeasurably contrite for the sake of these people. Among these people, there is a throng of selected people who are to cry for the sake of the heavenly principles, for the sake of the state, and for the sake of these people.

Father, please let national-level feelings of life and love explode in our minds. I ardently wish and desire that You allow us to be the sons and daughters who can continue toward You, holding onto these people as their brothers, their parents, and their friends.

Please look with compassion at humankind wandering about in a deep sleep. Please bless every place sons and daughters have gathered to build altars in Your presence on behalf of humankind.

Having assumed the Father’s task, please let us quickly attain the mind that can tolerate indefinitely, that can concede endlessly. We know that, for the Father’s task, the individual has to offer everything before Him, transcending life and all possessions. Please guide us to be able to care for one another, to hold one another in high esteem, and to embrace one another. Thus, Father, I sincerely wish and desire that You will allow Your works, which can restore the lost one world of ideology, the garden of goodness, to be manifested in the presence of all humankind, everywhere heads are bowed.

By mobilizing a billion faithful believers, heavenly soldiers, and numerous spirits in the spirit world, please halt and eliminate the influence of darkness and wrong. I wish for You to sit comfortably, You alone enthroned, and single-handedly take charge of the glory of the leadership position. I desire for You to embrace the lonely families and guide them through counseling. I pray all these words in the name of the Lord. Amen.

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