Jesus Seeks His Bride

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 291

Essentially, what have we been try-
ing to do during the Old Testament,
New Testament, and Completed Tes-
tament Ages? We have been trying to
bring God inside us. Who is the root?
God is. God is the root of humankind.
Originally, True Parents were not the
root. True Parents also came from God,
who is the root. Before Adam and Eve
fell, they were in the position of God’s
son and daughter. But after their Fall, all
things of creation came to be in a high-
er position than Adam and Eve. This
happened because Adam and Eve fell.
Through the Fall, they sunk lower than
all things. Since all things became higher
than people, they have given their lives
for humankind. They have shed blood in
our place and through this, have worked
to reverse the positions. This is why, in
the Old Testament Age, offerings were
sacrificed to pave the pathway for the
sons and daughters to travel on.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1048

Within the church, you should know
how to discern who is Abel and who is
Cain. If there are two people, one is sure-
ly Abel and the other Cain; if there are
three, one can be the Abel figure, one can
be Cain, and the other can be in either
Abel’s or Cain’s position. You should be
able to clearly discern between the most
central Abel and Cain. (3-206, 1957.11.1)

Humankind Wanders In Search of the Truth

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
December 21, 1958

Matthew 7:1-12

Now is the time to break down the parental love, conjugal love, and children’s love that is not centered on Heaven. Christianity is to break down this kind of false love and teach the parental love, children’s love, and conjugal love centered on Heaven. That is why Christianity uses the words “bride and bridegroom,” “father” and “children.”

Fallen human beings have lost love. For the sake of such fallen human beings, Jesus came as the champion of love to restore heavenly love on the earth again. However, Jesus left for the spirit world unable to accomplish that task. That is why, having set up a spiritual standard of love, humankind is walking the course of restoring physical love. You must know this.

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