God’s Love Partnership

Numbers 21

…The Israelites left the desert and camped near the town of Mattanah, 19 then at Nahaliel, and then at Bamoth. 20 Finally, they reached Moabite territory, where they camped near Mount Pisgah[d] in a valley overlooking the desert north of the Dead Sea.

Richard:  We are leaving the desert behind and entering an era of prosperity.  That is based on our own responsibility to attend God and Christ.  There will also still be many battles to fight.

Ezra 1

King Cyrus gave back the things that Nebuchadnezzar[c] had taken from the Lord’s temple in Jerusalem and had put in the temple of his own gods. Cyrus placed Mithredath, his chief treasurer, in charge of these things. Mithredath counted them and gave a list to Sheshbazzar, the governor of Judah. 9-10 Included among them were: 30 large gold dishes; 1,000 large silver dishes; 29 other dishes;[d] 30 gold bowls; 410 silver bowls; and 1,000 other articles.

Richard:  This Rheama mirrors the first one;  people on God’s side will be taking control of those things that Satan has stolen.  This phenomena is also reflected in society in the Presidency of Donald Trump.



July 28, 1991
Belvedere, Tarrytown, New York

I clearly understood that I needed to settle in my hometown in Korea. Satan also understood, and worked through six successive Korean regimes to try to kick me away. But the seventh time Satan will no longer have power.

Now I am proclaiming messiahship. All people on both the left and right sides who don’t follow me in the future will have no hope. No satanic power can eliminate or erase what I have done. I am proclaiming the elder son-ship, parent-ship, and kingship, right? You have to know those contents clearly. Who is the elder son? It is Adam. Who are the first parents? Adam and Eve were the first, worst parents-and we are connected to them. How can the True Parents’ way appear? Only through true love. The first parents ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of evil, bequeathing their evil blood lineage to all generations. Contrary to that, you must follow the true love way. But your body is connected to Satan’s love, Satan’s life, Satan’s lineage! Is it easy to separate from Satan? It is so difficult.

The providential way of salvation is the restoration way. Restoration is recreation. When God created the world, there was only one concept. We have to go back to the zero point before creating God’s side. So the Bible teaches, he who wants to live will lose his life, he who can lose his life will gain it. What is the meaning? To want to lose one’s life means losing Satan’s life-cut from Satan. Otherwise there is no way for God to connect to you. Historically, evil prospered and goodness suffered. These directions are being exchanged. Now, good people will go up, bad people will decline. This is the crossing junction time, the zero point time. The free world has lost its way. Communism took the worst direction and now stands at the zero point.

The free world, with its brothership system, must follow parentship, otherwise there is no hope! You came from the worst parents and fought between brothers. Now, you must make a new history, whose contents are good parents, harmonious brothers, good tribes, good nations, good world. This is the completion of God’s original purpose.

When Jesus died he went to Paradise, but could not get into Heaven. You can go into Heaven only as a family, not as an individual! That is why we need the Second Coming. Is Jesus Christ coming on the clouds? Parentship was lost on the earth and must be regained on the earth.

Today you have to clearly understand that and take up your mission. Don’t take the wrong way! My mission is education, and I fulfilled that. Satan hid the truth, but I revealed everything.

So, where can the original true parentship, true kingship, and true elder son-ship be found? At the center of God’s palace, true Adam’s perfected family foundation. Adam’s body is God’s dwelling place. God gives love to Adam vertically and Adam gives love horizontally. God doesn’t need power, knowledge, or money. He can create those anytime. But one thing He can’t make, is true love. Love implies the existence of subject and object.

The established Christian world says, “Does an Absolute God need love?” But God says, “Like you, I need true love.” God needs an absolute love partner, just as man does. Man’s feeling is, “I want my love partner to be greater than me.” Also, we want our children to be greater than us, the parents. Where did those two desires come from, originally? From God. That means God also wants partnership and children-ship. No matter how absolute a being God is, He needs a love partner and children and He wants them to be better than God Himself. Why did God create humankind? For love partnership!!

We have to return to the original individual and family. What is that? That is the elder son-ship, parent-ship and kingship, right? Adam was meant to be God’s true love partner. How incredible! Once connected in true love, there would be no separation. For the first time in history, Reverend Moon has appeared and proclaimed clearly that Adam’s unified foundation is fulfilled in me! Unless you inherit that, even if the outside world becomes unified, you cannot connect to it. You have to go the reverse course, denying Satan’s concepts. Can you find true love through free sex and homosexuality? If children deny their parents, how can they connect to the vertical Parents’ love? How can a true love tradition be established? When parents deny their children or couples deny each other, no love tradition is established. Satan separated everyone, sending them to the bottom of hell. God had to look down on that kind of miserable situation. So no matter how difficult the situation was I found myself in, I had to persevere.

If intelligent people hear the truth for one week, they will turn around 180 degrees, no problem. Communist ideology is so strong, but in one week’s time Soviet leaders turned around 180 degrees. This is reality. The Soviet satellite countries recognize my desire to help them harmonize.

You must choose the way of repentance. The only remaining obstacle is pride, too much pride. Every minute the American national debt is rising. The American lifestyle shouts out, “We are high-level, proud people leading the world.” But they are spending too much money, and now, America is crumbling. You Moonies have been survivors, leading a humble lifestyle. I trained you like that. I never think of my own economic benefit, but try to solve the problems of mankind. So we have to go back to the original site-our hometown. I accomplished everything in America and became the victor, no matter how much persecution came against me. Now I have to go back to my hometown because I am over 70 years old.

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