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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1960

America is the representative with-
in the religious spheres centering on the
spirit, but that spirit is now completely
missing. The Soviet Union sought an
ideal material world, but that material
world has become completely empty. So,
the opposite has happened. God made
it that way. For the sake of the external
body and internal life, the Eve nation
has the responsibility to nurture those
areas where the material and the spiri-
tual are falling into ruin. The mother
should connect these two. She should
revive America and the Soviet Union.
(201-219, 1990.4.19)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1219

I have been in and out of prison sev-
eral times, in both North and South
Korea. You must know this. Why must
we accomplish restoration through
indemnity? Why should we be separat-
ed from Satan? The reason we should
separate from Satan is in order to make
free the realm of the portion of respon-
sibility. Did Satan interfere with the life
of Adam and Eve before the Fall? You
cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven if
Satan has interfered with your life.
Where are you standing now? Your
conscience knows where you are. You
cannot deceive it. It knows where you
are going. (148-199, 1986.10.9)



July 28, 1991
Belvedere, Tarrytown, New York

I coined a new phrase – “forgetting concept age”. Even though I memorize some English in the evening, the next morning I can’t remember. As a young man I could study ten or twelve pages and clearly remember. I have to learn English because I have to pull young Western people back from Satan.

You are still young, so you have no excuse not to learn Korean. You should read Father’s speeches in Korean. Those speeches contain a wealth of knowledge and solutions to problems from the individual to the world level. Famous scholars are now studying Korean in order to read my speeches in the original language. Translating them into English is a shameful situation. Those famous professors will ask you how many years have you been in the Unification Church: “More than twenty years.” “Do you know the contents of Father’s speeches in Korean?” “No.” “Then you cannot claim to be disciples of Reverend Moon.” This is a serious issue, so I recommend that you please learn Korean.

You are so much younger than me. How can you be defeated? You have a good brain, so learning Korean in three years should be no problem. From now on, those who don’t understand Korean cannot visit me in Korea. Shall you make a promise or not? (Yes!) The Pacific Era is coming, but who will lead it? God needs someone like me, who follows Him no matter how much difficulty comes to me.

You now understand your course. The short-cut is true love. Even the highest saint needs a love partner. God knew, before He created man, that He needed a horizontal love partner. Man’s mission is to harmonize horizontally. Man stands on the East Coast and woman on the West Coast. Men and women should understand their need for a love partner, and meet in the center. No matter how many material objects a woman collects, if she cannot find a man, she feels no value. In the Garden of Eden, Adam was a man of action, and Eve wondered, “How can I unite with such a trouble-maker?” But through their give and take with God, they could begin to take steps toward each other. Overcoming one problem, they could take one step, overcoming something else, another step-toward the central position.

Where is Reverend Moon standing? Exactly in the central place. When you stand in that direct vertical line, God’s love will come down, uniting you into one. Man has initiating power and woman has receiving power. As you come to the center and revolve in loving actions, you make an eternal sphere of love. Even God will follow that absolute love. Eternal true love is the center, not God. The subject and object form a partnership centering on love, embracing forever. You will revolve eternally, faster and faster, like a merry-go-round.

We are reaching the historical terminal point. Your hometown is where you will find true parents, true couples, and true children. That is the only place.

Now then, return to your hometowns! There you will restore Adam’s victorious position. God wanted to connect in true love with the first parents-Adam and Eve, but could not.

Your grandparents are the same forever! Do you want to be separated from them? (No.) How about your parents? (No.) How about your spouse? (No.) How about your friends? (No.) You desire a completely unified family, surrounded by God’s true love, revolving in love eternally.

In Adam’s family, the Grandfather is God. Adam and Eve, centering on God, are the horizontal king and queen. God and True Parents unite vertically and horizontally into one through a ninety degree angle. Humanity receives God’s love through the ninety degree angle. Once the sphere of true love is created, everyone can connect directly to the center. There are no losers.

What is true love? Satan invaded true love. Illicit love will lead you to hell. Jesus said, “If you want to follow me, you have to deny your parents, friends and spouse, otherwise you are not worthy of me.” The simple conclusion is that you have to overcome fallen world love in order to attain spiritual life. Once you make that foundation, Satan’s love world will disappear and God’s love world will appear. This is the Messiah’s mission.

So read the Bible, because it will teach about denying yourself. Everyone has to go over Satan’s line. Even Christians are connected to Satan’s foundation. You received the worst love seed from Satan, through your sexual organ. You have to receive a new seed centering on God’s love. This is the main point of your tribal messiah mission. You must inherit God’s life, love and lineage. If you didn’t make that connection, you cannot go back to your original hometown, the ideal world. Is it clear now?

You have to fulfill that mission. It is your homework. Can you follow me, going over the mountain peak to the eternal site? In Korea, we are occupying the family site. Korea is the original nation, centering on True Parents. True Parents’ native home is in North Korea, so how can we let Kim Il Sung occupy it? He will automatically have to leave, because I made so many conditions. He is in debt. Now, North Korea is welcoming me.

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