Set Your Mind for the Spiritual Side and Make Your Body Obey Your Mind

Cheon Seong Gyeong 961

The grandfather’s position has to
become the grandchild’s position, the
father’s position has to become the son’s
position, and the son’s position has to
become the father’s. The positions will
be reversed. Therefore, with the return-
ing Lord as the axis, Adam becomes
the first father, Jesus becomes the sec-
ond father and the Lord at his Second
Advent becomes the third father. Now
the returning Lord has indemnified the
failures of the first and second fathers,
and has risen up to the perfection stage
… the sons and daughters of these three
categories of children not only live
in this world but also live in the spirit
world. (236-330, 1992.11.9)

Richard:  Spirit world should seamlessly connect with the physical world.  Now this has been made possible by the restoration brought about by Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 629

3.4. The organization of the spirit
world (hierarchy)
Why is the spirit world still incom-
plete? The hierarchy of the spirit world
was originally designed to be connected
centered on God, True Parents, and true
children, but that hierarchy does not
yet exist in the spirit world or on earth.
In other words, the organization of the
spirit world is to be the hierarchy cen-
tered on True Parents, and at the same
time the philosophy heralding the Adam
untainted by the Fall, but it has not been
established yet. So far, the center of the
hierarchy has been occupied by the Bud-
dhist group, the Confucian group, and
the Muslim group.

Richard:  This scripture is from 1987.  The first scripture above, from 1992 indicates that this has now been restored.

Rev Sun Myung Moon Speaks Jan. 8, 1976 Jacob House
To the Mobile Fundraising Team Workshop

You are headed for Heaven if you have your body obey your mind’s command. The other way you are headed for Hell or darkness. That’s why the Bible says to love God with all your might, sincerity and heart and that if you gain your life you will lose your live and if you lose your life you will gain your life. The same applies to everyday life for you. Being young you may be distracted by getting letters from an ex-fiancé. It is better here. Mind over body or flesh over mind. All life is in a battle against that evil power. Every day I repent if I have eaten more than just to satisfy my appetite. If you work hard for all you can eat until you are full. You don’t have to repent. This also goes for sleeping too.

I never forget. When it’s 12 a.m. most people are almost sleeping. In Korea, other people pray for me and work so hard so how can I sleep. At that moment pray to God “I have a physical body so I must rest for the next day”. If you have experience as parents you know my heart. If it’s windy, rainy, slippery, and cold I think of you and pray for you. Because of my parental heart you don’t hate me when you are persecuted.   People are responsible for many other people must be dedicated. I must work harder when I remember you, keeping my energy and zeal. I am in a more difficult position than you. I am in a position of responsibility for you and all mankind. You just obey me. What you do is unilateral. My mission covers the whole world. I must reach God and associate with Him on the whole word level. When you’re exhausted you complain. What type of person are you with such an easy job? When I was young I didn’t complain or get exhausted. I faced persecution to the point I was on the verge of death. Here they can’t kill you no matter what. It is an attitude of mind. Have your mind headed for the spiritual side. An order from your mind is obeyed by the body. That’s all you must do. Fear that if you make a mistake followers will take that example from you. Fear being an ill example. If you are a leader of others it is more difficult to set a good example. Avoid committing mistakes. You are setting up an inherited land of your nation. Up to the moment you have not been thinking like this..

I think of this as Father’s land; there is no difference between America and Korea.  I am older and serious about what to leave behind to set an example. I will pass to spirit world before you. Before long a channel will be open for brothers and sisters and nephews. Make them proud of you rather than ashamed. Are you setting up channels? Yes! Sooner or later, in your coming too, without you knowing, Heavenly Power is at work. Parents come in, ashamed of you for not doing much or making mistakes. Multitudes will come in to belong to the movement. Those who come in late will find you in leading positions and regret not coming long before.

I have already sent out first generation members to 120 countries for three years or more. Don’t you imagine jets fly to visit? In the near future people will regret not belonging to the movement earlier. I have paved the way so you can be world leaders on a small scale. In the future you will find the way paved to all corners of the world. If you are ready you will be welcome in every possible mission. This is possible for those born in this age. Father says this is wonderful. Be prepared now, not when it is too late. Be determined to do anything for your nation, no matter what the obstacles. You can be a great leader if you are determined to restore the world. You can lead the whole world. Which? World? You are greedy. Before you can become world leaders what we do in America is training. Without a doubt you will great world leaders after training here.  If I say it is difficult in Korea I will become a more dynamic leader on a larger scale. Be with a strong mind and influence the mind and spirit of America. Influence all of the Democratic world, then absorb communism. The goal is restoration of not only America but the whole world, including Moscow. People are afraid Rev. Moon will rule over the whole world.  But I will conquer the whole world in the name of God, not for me. Are people scared if just anybody talks about conquering the world? No. They are scared because they know I will do it. I am not American or the president or anything but they know when I say it I will bring it to pass. People are scared because of the many bright young people are under me. They visualize the future of the church and cannot help being scared. It is more natural for them to be scared than us. I want you to be determined to build a strong mind and character. Dash forward with double strength and regret that you had to come back.

How much I have thought about these issues in the past. Have I found anything more wonderful? f I’m bright. I can escape. I am more than confident. I have searched the earthly and spiritual worlds and found this most worthwhile. This path is a terminal point, a tollgate for all to go through. If you don’t go through this path in your lifetime you will come back to the earth plane. That’s why when you give your whole life to this mission your will never for a moment be regretful.  I told you this story because I want you to be so determined to carry out your mission.  

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