We have a heavenly mission to restore the authority of goodness

Revelation 5

“You are worthy
    to receive the scroll
and open its seals,
    because you were killed.
And with your own blood
    you bought for God
people from every tribe,
    language, nation, and race.
10 You let them become kings
    and serve God as priests,
and they will rule on earth.”

2nd Chronicles 18

“We could ask Micaiah son of Imlah,” Ahab said. “But I hate Micaiah. He always has bad news for me.”

“Don’t say that!” Jehoshaphat replied. Then Ahab sent someone to bring Micaiah as soon as possible.

The Ideal Kingdom of Heaven, Our Hope

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
February 22, 1959

Matthew 3: 1-17

As we break apart the road of resentment that remains on earth, we must have a sincere desire to see the ideal world for which Jesus yearns in his heart. Only then can we meet the substance of that ideology.

After the first Israel perished, the second Israel, the Christians of the world, have worked hard to create that nation, race, land and authority, and are waiting for their leader to appear. Reality does not coincide with that ideal. There is no greater sadness than this.

What is a patriot? A patriot feels miserable when he sees the citizens of his nation in pitiful situations. He feels more pain than if his body was being dismembered when he sees his land trampled upon by other nations. He feels it more keenly than the leader of his nation when he sees the leader being treated unfairly and put in a miserable position.

What words are these about being brides who must meet the Prince of Heaven? We have the appearance of disloyalty, ugliness and sin and cannot even face the words. Therefore, we should have humble hearts. When we see the rights of the citizens of Heaven being infringed and Satan trampling this land, we must fight to recover them even if we die. We have a heavenly mission to restore the authority of goodness.

Christians today must realize that the time has come to eradicate the criminals of this earth through the ideology of conscience. You must know the day of appearance and hope Jesus desires. If there is a human being in a nation who possesses a heart of longing to see the land of ideology and its citizens, power, and leader such as Jesus yearned for, that nation will never perish. Such a person will have the heart to say, “I want to see that heavenly nation before dust fills my eyes, before my body disappears. I want to meet the citizens of that nation in order to fulfill the will of that person who went over the crisis of the cross with a heart of forgiveness.”

You must be able to say in your heart, “I want to build Heaven’s land. I want to recover the authority of goodness. I want to be loyal to Jesus.”

You who have gathered here must feel, to your bone marrow, the incredible fact that our fate will come to the historical point of demanding a firm resolution as the final age becomes more imminent. That time has come. For whom do you exist? It seems that you exist for yourself, but in actuality, you do not. It seems that you exist for your family, but you do not. It seems that you exist for your nation or the world, but you do not exist for them either. We can conclude this: our families, our society, nation and our world cannot become Heaven’s ideal world as things stand now.

Only by our being filled with a heart of longing and by fulfilling our responsibility can we meet the being of hope. After meeting him, how should we face him? When Mary Magdalene tried to clutch the resurrected Jesus, Jesus refused her. This is because Mary Magdalene had not gone through all the roads she was to walk and was not equipped with the offering she had to make. Jesus was telling us through that act that a person who has not fulfilled his responsibility and prepared his offering cannot appear before him. Therefore, we must prepare our offering with the victorious countenance of having walked all the roads and fought all the fights.

What is this offering? You must become that offering. God will face you according to the kind of offering you have become. God will meet you according to the kind of offering you are.

After going through all the roads and meeting God, what shall we do? We must receive the love of the Father. Moreover, after participating in the last marriage celebration and achieving a reunion of happiness, what shall we do? We must receive the love of the Father. This is the hope of humankind. The last project is to receive love.

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